Never Mind That Boxing Match I Mentioned Yesterday

I had no idea that HBO/PPV was charging $60 to order it. What a rip off. One fight costs $60 but you can buy nearly 162 MLB games on cable for not much more? I’ll stick with baseball – and movies.
Today, as part of the Santa Barbara Film Festival’s Cinema Society group that I belong to, we had a screening of British director Mike Leigh’s new film “Another Year.” There are no car chases, no special effects, just a quiet character study of a middle-aged married couple and their eccentric, down-on-their-luck friends and family members. Scheduled for release in December, it features a performance by actress Lesley Manville that’s sure to get attention at Oscar time. Here’s the trailer.
Tomorrow we’re seeing “The Social Network,” and writer Aaron Sorkin, along with the cast, will be on hand for a Q&A afterwards. I’m really looking forward to meeting Sorkin – and to asking him about his forthcoming movie version of “Moneyball.” How do you make a film about Billy Beane and the Oakland A’s? I guess I’ll find out.


  1. blithescribe

    Oh that sounds like so much fun! Both the last movie and the Social Network. I am really excited about Moneyball and would love it if you post any details about the movie itself or the making of it that Aaron Sorkin is willing to spill. Did you watch the West Wing? I am picturing that level of witty, passionate, beautifully written dialog but about baseball. There is even plenty of fodder in the book for Sorkin to do the “How I came into this line of work” origins conversations he clearly loves and wrote so eloquently for the West Wing, An American President and Charlie Wilson’s War, though I would be surprised – but highly amused – if he finds a way to work in one of his Gilbert and Sullivan references.

  2. southernbelle

    Jane: My little brother used to get the WrestleMania pay-per view and it cost $50. What a rip off. They would always show what happened at Wrestlemania the next week anyway for free, lol. I heard the Social Network is really good. Hope you enjoy it!

  3. Jane Heller

    I have so many questions for Sorkin, blithescribe. He’s such a brilliant writer for all those credits you mentioned. The trouble with these Cinema Society receptions after the screenings is that the guest gets surrounded by people with questions and you kind of have to wait your turn and wrangle your way in. But I will give it my best shot. Sorkin is actually from Scarsdale, where I grew up, and I know his uncle very well. So I’m hoping that gives me an “in” in terms of a conversation starter. Will let you know.

    I’m sure you’d have LOTS of questions about Moneyball, Paul. I thought of you when I wrote the post. Chances are he’ll only want to talk about Social Network, but you never know. Will check out your post today and see what the “shout out” is.

    Why would anyone pay to see WrestleMania? That would be my first question, Virginia! Oh well. Each to his own, I guess. I’m looking forward to seeing Social Network. It’s been out awhile, but I was waiting for Sorkin to come before seeing it.

  4. raysrenegade

    Wild how the high dollar aspect of “Pay-Per-View” bewilders some of us. I know I grew up with that button on my cable remote removed by my parents, and it was not to keep me from the Adult programming.
    Still remember playing some astronomical fee to watch a Mike Tyson fight that ended faster than the boxer’s ring introductions.
    Wild how they are promoted as “Must See” events that seem to never live up to their potentials. But we still click that button on the remote and buy them anyways.
    Guess it could have been worse, could have paid $ 500 for a ringside ticket and got some ill-timed sweat in my beer.

    Rays Renegade

  5. Jane Heller

    You’re right, Renegade. I could have paid $$$ to sit in that stadium in Texas to watch the fight. It actually sounded like a good one last night with Pacman coming out on top.

  6. crzblue2

    I hope you will do a video inteview with Sorkin Jane. You know there was a part taped at Dodger Stadium from the movie Moneball. I found out too late that they were asking for extras.
    Going to the Laker game tonight!

  7. Jane Heller

    I don’t bring the She-Fan Cam to these screenings, Emma. They’d confiscate it the second I walked in the door, given the sensitivity over piracy issues. Didn’t realize they shot some Moneyball at Dodger Stadium. How cool would that have been for you to be an extra!

  8. Jane Heller

    I didn’t do you proud, Jeff. I’ll explain in the post I’m about to write, but suffice it to say that Sorkin didn’t stick around for the reception after the screening so I couldn’t ask him about Moneyball or anything else!

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