Curtis, Martha and….Me?

This clip I took of today’s Martha Stewart show featuring our own Curtis Granderson will probably get disabled by YouTube for some violation or other, but in the meantime take a look.
I was watching Martha’s intro of Grandy and did a double take when she explained that she first met him at the Stadium on Opening Day. Then she said:
“I sit in Jane Heller’s seats, your banker. She’s right there at home plate.”
I sat in those exact seats for the 2000 World Series, thanks to an invitation from “The Other Jane Heller,” and they’re not at home plate. They’re better – front row at the on-deck circle with no umpires or catchers obstructing the view.
As for the segment with Grandy today? Let’s just say he was adorable, even when Martha mentioned how she never “dozes” when she’s at a game because she’s afraid she’ll get hit with a ball or broken bat. Excuse me, but if you’re sitting in the best seats in the house, you’re NOT allowed to DOZE!
The other thing is, Curtis Granderson is supposed to be on Michelle Obama’s fitness committee to stop child obesity and Martha makes him cook macaroni with about ten tons of six different kinds of cheese, not to mention cornbread with more heavy cream than a dairy. What’s that about? 
Oh well. It was fun seeing one of my favorite Yankees, speaking of which CONGRATULATIONS to Jeter, Tex and Cano for winning Gold Gloves! How cool is it that there were three Yankees among the nine AL recipients and that Robbie’s is his first GG. Very happy for all of them.


  1. raysrenegade

    Still think that Banker Jane should be posturing your name around town. You are a well known Yankee She-Fan and also a published author.
    Unless New York ever prints their own money, you got her by the…cover jacket.
    Guess in my mind you are the popular Jane Heller, and that is not just for your screenplays or visits to Tampa, Florida each Spring.
    But then I am MLBlogs biased.

    Rays Renegade


    thanks for this. i had to work and couldn’t see the martha show so this was fun. he is very cute and his smile always makes me smile. i am happy for the gold glove infield especially robbie’s first gold glove.
    speaking of the other jane heller, i was reading a kids’ book the other day, that was dedicated to the inspirational jane heller. i think it was called green glass sea. was that you jane heller or yet another jane heller?

  3. Jane Heller

    Everything’s relative, Renegade. The Other Jane Heller gets to be the private banker for all the Yankees AND gets those great seats, so I’d certainly change places with her – for a season anyway.

    The segment with Grandy was cute, Barbara. Martha asked him to whisk some ingredients together and he thought she said “whisp.” So then he made sure to understand all the different tasks she was giving him – whisk, stir, blend, etc. Funny. Plus he talked about how he goes home to Chicago for Thanksgiving and his mother makes the meal, then at 10 pm his buddies come over and he cooks a meal for them! There’s an “inspirational Jane Heller?” I doubt it’s me but how interesting that you came up with another one.

  4. Jane Heller

    I agree about Grandy, beantownbirthdays. He really did come on strong in the second half and I give him props for going to Kevin Long and saying, “Help me improve.” As for the Yankee birthday cakes, sure – ask Martha!

  5. beantownbirthdays

    You gotta love the Grandy Man! He remained upbeat through some tough times during the 2010 season and by the end of the year and during the playoffs, he and Cano were carrying the team offensively.

    Didn’t know Martha was a Yankee fan. You think she’d be interested in making cakes for my Yankee birthday celebrants?


    Curtis Granderson is very high on my list of the Yankee players that I love. He is really very special. I watched the show today and now Martha Stewart is high on my list because she too loves the Yankees. When she said she sat in Jane Heller’s seat I thought wouldn’t that be great Jane if that was really your seat.
    On another topic, I saw a very good documentary the other night called “Jews and Baseball.” Not much in it about the Yankees, but there’s a lot about the Detroit Tigers, Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants. Sandy Koufax gave a rare interview. Check it out.

  7. Jane Heller

    He’s special, Freya. I agree. There’s something so personable about him, not to mention he’s fun to watch in the field and on the bases. Glad you were able to see him on the show today. I read several reviews of the “Jews and Baseball” doc and it sounded interesting, mostly because of the Koufax interview. I’ve got it on my “To-See” list.


    I jumped a little in my seat when they said “Jane Heller,” but I remembered there was another one.

    I find Martha very grating. She doesn’t seem to have a real personality and I thought she was rude to Curtis. He was trying to say something at one point and she kept interrupting him. He never did get to say what he was going to, and I would rather hear him than her.

    And yeah, Jane, all that cheese and cream? Goes straight to your arteries.

    Curtis was his adorable self though. What a lovely young man.


  9. Jane Heller

    I found Martha very grating too, Melissa. I kept groaning every time she’d say something dumb – like “So I understand you took special lessons with the batting instructor?” Lessons? Like Grandy was a fifth grader? And she did interrupt him a lot. He was trying valiantly to keep up with her cooking tasks but all I wanted was to hear him talk! What a lovely man indeed.

  10. Jane Heller

    Yeah, I do, kaiser. He had the fewest errors in the league for shortstops and while his range isn’t what it used to be I think his accuracy counts for a lot.

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