The Nominees For The 2010 She-Fan Video Award/Twitterette (WINNER UPDATE)

I had to be dragged kicking and screaming to Twitter last year. I figured the last thing I needed was yet another social networking site, having already jumped into the Facebook experience as well as interacted with other baseball fans on this blog. But something surprising happened after my first few tweets: I fell in love with Twitter. I enjoy the immediacy of it, the brevity, the ability to read what everybody’s talking about all over the world, the rush of learning breaking news before it appears elsewhere, and, of course, the chance to connect with a whole new cast of Yankee fans. 
Thanks to Twitter, I got to meet face to face with several of those fans, some of whom were gracious enough to submit to the She-Fan Cam. I present their videos to you now and ask you to take a look at these four terrific women and vote for the 2010 She-Fan Video Award/Twitterette. Here they are…
(Drum roll)
1) Amanda (Twitter name @amandarykoff). Back in January, she was visiting her newborn nephew in Santa Barbara and stopped by my house for a “tweetup” – my very first. She discussed football in the video – a subject that would normally make my eyes glaze over – but she was so entertaining and enthusiastic about it that I wasn’t bored in the slightest. She really knows what she’s talking about, doesn’t she?
2) Stephanie (Twitter name @stephsamps). I was in Tampa for spring training in March, and she and I had arranged a tweetup at Steinbrenner Field. It was an unseasonably cold night in Florida and I was shivering and ready to bolt. She, on the other hand, was happily telling me all about her sightings of players whom she gets to see often since she lives there. There’s no question she loves her Yankees.
3) Denise (Twitter name @SunnySoCal). She and I had been tweeting about how we wanted to meet up at a Yankees-Dodgers game in LA in June. So she drove up from San Diego and I drove down from Santa Barbara and we sat together and had a blast, even though the Yankees lost. (A.J. had one of his meltdowns.) To say that she has a crush on A-Rod is an understatement, but she showed remarkable restraint in the video.
4) Gayle (Twitter name @gcf123). She’s a season tickets holder at the Stadium – lucky girl – so it was no fluke that she was there the September day I was at the game and we finally got to meet. How she manages the country’s top musical artists and travels around the country with them and yet still finds time for her Yanks is a testament to her fandom. She made some very accurate predictions in the video, btw.
So there you have it – the nominees for the 2010 She-Fan Video Award/Twitterette. Can you pick a winner, people? Even those of you who aren’t Yankee fans? Yes, of course you can. And this time only ONE VOTE per customer. None of this, “But I like two of them.” Just one!
Next up will be the big showdown for the 2010 She-Fan Video Award/Best Yankee Fan Video Period. Get ready for a very tough field.

After a day of voting, we had a three-way tie between Denise (@SunnySoCal), Amanda (@amandarykoff) and Gayle (@gcf123) for the 2010 She-Fan Video Award/Twitterette. Golden fans go out to each of them!
Gold.Fan 010.jpg
Gold.Fan 010.jpg
Gold.Fan 010.jpg
You liked all four nominees, naturally, but in the end this race was almost too close to call. So congratulations to Denise, Amanda and Gayle and thanks to Stephanie too. You were all such great interview subjects. You guys rock.


  1. Jane Heller

    Gayle is very smart about baseball, ladyjane, plus she’s very generous with her tickets from what I hear. Maybe someday she’ll let me sit with her. lol. Sorry you lost to Emma in the previous category but you were called “a real cutie” by one of the commenters. That has to bring some consolation, right?

    Hey, Meredith. You voted! (She’s another twitterette, everybody, and someday I hope to have her on the Cam.)

  2. scofid

    What an awful feeling! You buy a ticket for a baseball game. You make sure that you spend a little extra for a good seat. You pay a premium for parking and of course you make sure that you have a first class dinner before the game. After you’ve spent hundreds of dollars to get where you are, you see that A.J. Friggin’ Burnett is on the mound! AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!

  3. Jane Heller

    If you’re talking about the Dodgers game, Scott, I knew in advance that A.J. was pitching, but it was fun seeing the Yankees nevertheless. And luckily, I didn’t spend hundreds of dollars on tickets or dinner.


    I have to vote for Amanda because of her physic abilities concerning Curtis Granderson and Kevin Long. Her comments about Curtis were spot on!



    i vote for gayle. it was hard not to pick amanda with her k.long comments but there was a lot of football and i’m voting with the pure baseball video with the good predictions and lot of knowledge by gayle. thanks for giving us something to do while we wait for cliff.


    It is difficult to choose among so many beautiful Yankee fans, but since I have always appreciated enthusiasm, I have to cast my vote for Amanda. Now let’s sign Cliff Lee and trade Vazquez and chamberlain for the Freak, Tim Lincecum (spelling?

  7. Jane Heller

    I was wrong this time, Paul. I was betting you’d vote for Stephanie for some reason, but you fooled me and went with Denise.

    Amanda’s comments about Grandy and Kevin Long were very prescient, Melissa – especially since she made them in January before we even had a glimpse of what could happen.

    Thanks, Diane. Stephanie it is.

    Gayle does have a lot of baseball savvy, Barbara. And yes, I’m trying to get everybody through this dull period of non-baseball anything!

    Yup, Amanda was my first tweet-up, Jeff. Who knew they were even called that? I was such a newbie about all this stuff. LOL.

    Got it, singingtoastmaster. I’m putting you down for Amanda. Just one point of correction: Vasquez is not a Yankee anymore so he’s not ours to trade.


    Hmmm…very tuff to decide…four knowledgeable and very enthusiastic fans…but I agree with Diane, my musical soul sista, and am voting for Stephanie.
    Guess I just like her level of enthusiasm — not that any of them aren’t enthusiastic — but I liked how she described the players…dunno…maybe it was her smile…?
    I remain in constant awe of how all you ladies (and gents) manage so many diverse social networking things. As for me, just handling e-mails and gettin’ to/thru this blog most days is enough to deal with…got a Facebook account with no face (prob’ly better that way), so that tells you all you need to know about my technological ineptitude…but carry on, She-Fan, to ever-greater techno-networking triumphs…and Good Luck to all…!!

  9. abby1306

    I vote for Gayle. I like the way how she talks. =)
    I am pretty new to Twitter, but I like the thought of tweetups….lol. Maybe one day (I try to travel to the States every year, either to NYC or to Cali or both…) I am fortunate enough to meet you Jane. 😉


    Wow this is soooo tough! Love Amanda the Grandy (and football) fan; I agree with Denise, I’ve had a crush on A-Rod forever myself, and hanging out in Tampa during the spring is right up my alley. BUT, my vote goes to Gayle, as I am partial to the right field view — almost every game I have attended at the new Yankee Stadium has been in the right field bleachers, right behind the Toyota sign on top of the Yankees bullpen. She seems like someone I could really enjoy watching a game with and talk Yankee baseball.

  11. Jane Heller

    Stephanie does have a great smile, Dave. She was very upbeat despite the cold night. I know what you mean about the social networking stuff. It’s fun and even useful but what a time waster – the perfect distraction for a writer who should be spending her time writing!

  12. raysrenegade

    Since I am a male, I guess I have to also add the attractive portion to my voting decision.
    Reason for that is that every one of the She-Fans listed have a unique and great take on the pinstriped ones.
    No matter if they are faithful Yankee Stadium visitors, or the kind of fans who venture up for a InterLeague contest..It is equal at this point in my voting.
    But, Denise is a cutie, and that always get my vote…I am such a tool for an atractive woman.
    Forgive me ladies.

    Rays Renegade

  13. Jane Heller

    Thanks for taking the time to vote for Amanda, James. I know you’re really busy at work. Tell your boss we need you here too!

  14. Jane Heller

    A vote for Gayle, Nadine. And a vote for Twitter, which is how I met you! One of these days I hope you’ll come to CA so we can have a tweetup and I can put you on the She-Fan Cam hot seat.

    Definitely a tough call, Roseann. But I’d like to sit with Gayle too. She said her seats are in Swisher territory, so how much fun would that be?

    You’re not a tool, Renegade. HAHAHA. If Denise is The One, then so be it. Maybe I can arrange a cozy tweetup for you two kids. LOL.

  15. James Buxton

    I’ll go with Amanda, she knows what she’s talking about, and I like her enthusiasm. I love your awards Jane, and sorry again for the absence, but you know, sometimes is hard to work eight hours a day without Yankees Baseball and a demanding boss.

  16. crzblue2

    OK, so since I cant see the videos at work, I’ll watch when I get home and make my vote. I remember Denise but is not fair to vote without seeing the other nominees.
    Oh and Jane, I love Twitter. I love getting the latest news there giving us a litle tidbit and clicking on a link. I also love how it alerts me of train delays and other local news.
    Thanks again to all that voted for me in the prior nominees and thanks to my singing buddy, Lady Jane!

  17. Jane Heller

    Hey there, Susan. I love seeing you on here. I’m sure Denise appreciates your vote. 🙂

    Yes, you should give all the nominees’ videos a look before voting, Emma. But I’m closing the “polls” later this evening so better hurry.

    How cool is that, Melissa! I was so excited when I heard the news. Three Yankees out of nine is pretty damn good.

  18. Jane Heller

    HAHA, Peter. Denise as a flasher. She’ll love that. Her iPhone is very cool though, I agree.

    Emma, I’ll probably wrap this up about 8 o’clock tonight.


    They were all great, but I thought Amanda was particularly knowledgeable and articulate. so, I vote for Amanda.


    They were all great, but I thought Amanda was particularly knowledgeable and articulate. so, I vote for Amanda.

  21. Jane Heller

    Thanks for taking the time to vote, Ellen. I agree with your assessment of Amanda and, with her football and baseball knowledge, she’s a double threat.

  22. crzblue2

    I made it home on time to vote!
    I got to go with the bleacher fan Gayle. That is where I sat when I went to Yankee Stadium two years ago. Too bad I did not know anything about her then. Got to love her dedication being a season ticket holder. My second choice was Denise.

  23. Jane Heller

    Aaah, Emma. I was hoping you’d break the tie between Denise and Amanda. Instead, you created a three-way tie with Gayle for even more drama. Thanks for making it home in time to vote.

  24. Jane Heller

    You did, Emma. More drama thanks to you! Stephanie did have great stories about her sightings of Yankees and she tells them with such enthusiasm and love.

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