Nominees for 2010 She-Fan Video Award/MLBloggie (WITH WINNER UPDATE!)

Gold.Fan 010.jpg
In the absence of actual Yankees news and to provide a distraction from the tedious speculation about Jeter’s new contract, I’m hosting the annual She-Fan Video Awards early this year and you’re going to vote for the winners. Why wait until December when there are so many worthy candidates right now? In fact, when I pulled out the She-Fan Cam and sorted through all the vids from 2010, I realized I had to create separate categories for the award, just like the Oscars and Golden Globes do, instead of narrowing the field down to five nominees total.
So the first category is She-Fan Video Award/ MLBloggie, which means that the nominees either write their own blog on this site or comment on mine. Got it? Good. Here, then, are the nominees. Their fate is in your hands…
(Drum roll)
#1) Sue of the MLBlog “Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts.” Yes, she’s a Phillies fan, but consider these mitigating factors. In the video, which I shot during a spring training game at Bright House Field in Clearwater, she makes fun of her own players (Utley, Werth) and expresses her desire for a Yankees-Phillies World Series. It didn’t happen for either of our teams, obviously, but at least she wanted another crack at us. Take a look.
2) Harold, the Yankee fan father of Friend of the Blog Barbara. He took the time to drive up the Florida coast to hear me speak at a library, so for that alone he deserves consideration. And let’s not forget he’s been a Yankee fan longer than almost anybody who reads this blog. Sure, he was pessimistic about the Yanks’ chances to repeat in 2010, but let’s face it – he was right.
3) Emma of the MLBlog “Crzblue’s Dodger Blue World.” She’s a Dodger fan (duh), but she went out of her way to escort me around Dodger Stadium in June when the Yanks played there. She walked me up to the level where Peggy was sitting and waited while I left a note, and then she marched me up to the top level to find Jane, her fellow nominee in this category. Plus, she sang “Happy Birthday” to Jeter in the video.
4) Jane, the Yankee fan who leaves comments here as “ladyjane.” I had met her at Yankee Stadium a while ago, but this year she flew out to LA to see the Yanks play the Dodgers. She was the one who told me it was Jeter’s birthday. She goes to tons of games in the Bronx. She’s passionate about our boys. And – wait for it – Mo once handed her a baseball, which means she practically touched a god.
There you have it- four nominees, each with his/her own connection to this blog. Cast your vote for the 2010 She-Fan Award/MLBloggie by leaving a comment here and a winner will be crowned or, rather, fanned.
Gold.Fan 010.jpg
Next up: The Nominees for the 2010 She-Fan Video Award/Twitterette.
Yup. Congratulations to Emma of “Crzblue’s Dodger Blue World” for taking home the golden fan!
Gold.Fan 010.jpg
The competition was getting tight there at the end. Harold jumped out to an early lead, then Emma started racking up the votes, and then Harold had a late surge. But in the end you guys picked Emma from among four excellent nominees – no easy task since Harold, Ladyjane and Sue were great in their videos too. Thanks to all for participating and making this off-season a little less ho-hum for me. The next category will follow shortly.
Meanwhile, I’m putting in my two cents about another gold award: the Gold Glove. Fingers crossed for Tex, Jeter and Cano. Gardner’s a long shot, but stranger things have happened.



    ok i am clear that i am completely biased but i have to vote for my dad. he was so happy that he was even considered and he has been a yankee fan for so long and he was so happy to meet you (and i so wished i had been there!) and he is so dear to me. thanks for including him!
    in other news i feel like when i plant things in the garden and look three times a day to see if anything has changed. i look on the web three times a day to see who we signed. i guess looking won’t make cliff lee and derek and mariano sign any quicker but i sure am curious.


    I am with Barbara–her dad is a no-brainer. Anyone who has stayed that loyal yet able to keep things in perspective with his preseason predictions wins hands down. I wish you’d do a talk in the midwest, specifically Iowa, so that I could drive to meet you! Can’t wait to see the next category.

    As a side note, my almost 5 year old daughter walked to the tv in the kitchen at the end of last week and said, ” Let’s see if the ball game is on.” Her response to my saddened reply was “Oh no! I can’t believe it’s over!” My sentiments exactly.


    and i wish for a talk in boston!
    i’m with your five your old. i can’t believe it’s over. i watch all of the other sports but none with the same passion. this means i’m missing the joy but there sure is less angst!

  4. Jane Heller

    Barbara, your dad is such a lovely man and I don’t say that lightly. He has a very kind, generous way about him (Harold, are you blushing with all this flattery?) and he knows his Yankees. Speaking of which, I’m with you on the watching and waiting. I keep checking online to make sure I haven’t missed some cataclysmic announcement. People keep saying the Cliff thing won’t be decided until after the winter meetings in December, but I’m not so sure. And Jeter and Mo? Who knows. Anyhow, one vote for Harold!

    And there’s another vote for Harold, medicap325. I’d love to come to Iowa to give a talk (preferably not when it’s snowing – lol). If you’re in touch with a local library or group that invites speakers, by all means let them know I’m up for a gig. As for your daughter’s reaction, it breaks my heart! But it’s good to know you’re raising a real she-fan. 🙂

  5. Jane Heller

    Barbara, what I said to medicap goes for you too. If you’re plugged into your library or a women’s group in the Boston area, see if they reach out to speakers. I listen to all invitations!

  6. tracyfarr

    Howdy from Texas, and I have to agree that Harold is the man! Sue kind of rubbed me the wrong way when she spoke ill of beards (me being a guy of the bearded persuasion) and Emma and Jane, although they have this wonderful “Abbott and Costello” vibe about them … well, I think I’d rather sit next to Howard up in the bleachers. He’s a lifelong Yankee fan that tells it like it is — win, lose or draw. Yep, come to Texas, Harold, and I’ll buy you a beer and a hotdog to go with it!

  7. raysrenegade

    Got to vote for Sue and Emma in a tie.
    Sorry ladies but I think both of you are a great example of what a female fan can bring to the game of baseball.
    Doesn’t always have to be about the stats or even pitching mechanics, sometimes a poiint of view different from the norm is what is needed to see the true potential.
    So Sue and Emma both get a vote from me.
    Sorry everyone else nominated, but I got to stick with my familia.

    Rays Renegade

  8. Jane Heller

    Sue, how did your comment get all the way at the top there? (This blog is so weird sometimes.) For what it’s worth, I totally agree about the beard thing. As you know, Michael has one and he keeps it trimmed (when I remind him to). It feels like Brillo but at least he doesn’t look like the Unibomber. Do I take it that you’re voting for yourself?????

    Howdy, tracyfarr. Thanks for voting. That makes three for Harold, who does tell it like it is. Maybe he’ll take you up on that beer and hot dog.

    That’s an emphatic vote for EMMA, Jeff. LOL. The race has officially tightened up!

  9. Jane Heller

    Yes, you’re keeping it in the family, Renegade, which is very loyal and noble. Sue and Emma will each get a vote from you, although I’m instituting a new rule for the next round of nominees: No ties or double votes. Just one to a customer or else people will start saying, “I like them all…”

    A no-brainer for Emma, Randy. Wow. That’s decisive. This is getting interesting.

  10. rrrt

    Hmm, I thought I left another reply a little bit ago, but my system must have hiccupped, as it doesn’t seem to be here. But yes, Jane, I will cast my vote for me. Politicians vote for themselves, so I guess I can too. 🙂
    Harold looks a little bit like Joe Paterno (that’s who my son thought it was at first), though thankfully he doesn’t have JoePa’s nasally voice. Emma and Jane’s rendition of “Happy Birthday” was a nice touch. Good luck to all of us!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  11. Jane Heller

    A vote for Emma it is, Mike. You’re a very good cheerleader!

    My comments hiccup all the time lately, Sue. I think I leave them only to find they’re not there. *shrug* Good, I’m glad you voted for yourself. Why not?


    Another county to be heard from…
    Cast my vote for Harold, SVP. The ladies are great…it’s fun to see them again, and reconnect faces with bloggers — but as an Old Goat myself, who really treasures talking to and listening to Even Older Yankee fans (and Harold looks mahvelous, too!)…he’s my man.
    He makes me think of my only two personal memories of Joe D. The first one — as a kid, watching an Old-Timer’s Game at The Stadium in the early ’60s — it was the one and ONLY time I got to see Joe D, in a uni, at his position in the field. I’d heard so much about him already, even at that tender age — so, how good WAS this guy? Then a ball was hit to him in CF. It was deep enough that he had to go back on it — and I still remember the effortless glide to his stride, running it down with the greatest of ease, still after being retired a decade or more. I just remember seeing that, and thinking WOW. I get it now…
    Then there was the day I met Joe D — sort of. Back in ’79, there was a baseball card show somewhere in Northern Va. — I loved that stuff, and DiMaggio was the featured attraction! But I didn’t go to shows, really — when I got there, I found out that you could get an autographed picture of Joe D — but it would cost you $10. I’m ashamed to admit that $10 was a lot of $$ for me back then — and it kinda bugged me that he charged $$, ’cause that was a bit unusual in those days — so I passed. But every man of Harold’s age got in line and walked up to Joe D like they were taking communion at church — and were TWICE as reverent. They’d have kissed his ring if he let ’em. So, thanx too, Harold, for stoking those memory embers…


    Well, I love them all, but I will follow your rules Jane. Though Harold is great and I love when he comments, I have to go with one of the new “core four” ladyjane. She flew 3,000 miles to get to that game- what a fan!

    This weekend, our son had a college swim meet upstate, so we used that as an excuse to head out and after the meet go to Cooperstown. We spent yesterday morning at the Hall of Fame. Great time of year to go, no crowds! The exhibits were great. I don’t know why they didn’t have you in the women’s exhibit Jane.

    After seeing all the artifacts, I have decided that all the records are meaningless. If you look at the equipment they used back in the day, how can you compare? The Babe’s bat is like a fence post – even a pitch from Mariano would never break that club. Some of the modern hitters probably couldn’t even swing it. And how players managed to catch balls with the gloves they used is beyond me.

    Any of you who have a chance to get to Cooperstown, I urge you to go.

    We kept talking about the bats, and when we got to the modern era part, my husband said “Look at that bat – it’s all dinged up. None of the old ones are like that.” I just said “It’s Paul O’Neill’s” So we both had a laugh about how it had probably be used on water coolers as well as baseballs.

    Because you can spend hours in the hall, they stamp your hand, so you can go out and return later. When we got home, our other son noticed the stamp and asked us if we’d gone out to a bar.


  14. ladyjane303

    I think I have to vote for myself and Emma, just because we were brave enough to sing on camera, ha, ha. Thanks for the votes, Eddie and Melissa.


    They’re all great choices, but Emma is my favorite. She’s just too adorable, and a Dodger fan who sings Happy Birthday to Jeter deserves kudos.
    Jane, if you ever book any appearances at any book stores, libraries, etc. in the NY Metro area, please mention it in a post, as I would love to attend! Bookends in Ridgewood, NJ is a great place for authors and their fans to meet (Jorge and Laura Posada were there this past summer)


    Its a tough choice, Jane, but I have to vote for Lady Jane.

    The Sunday Newsday cracked me up…they are already counting down…so it said “98 days til pitchers and catchers”. Love it.

    There is some news, acording to today’s paper the Yankees have already reached out to Lee’s agent today. That didn’t take long.

  17. peggy3

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans…

    Just a hit and run (I’ve been soooooooo busy) but I wanted say hi to everyone and cast my vote for the She Fan Award …

    I vote for LadyJane since she is part of our blog Core Four (as dubbed to us by Dave). I was lucky to have the opportunity to meet her at the Stadium along with Melissa & Eddie (YankeeCase). I wasn’t lucky enough to meet Emma when I was at the Dodgers game because of their “restrictions” of where you can go at the games. I was in the upper level and not allowed down on the lower levels…it’s even worse than Yankee Stadium. At least you can go to any level at the Stadium just not to the seating area. I missed out on seeing Jane, LadyJane & Emma that day … :o( …BUT …Jane left a lovely note at my seat and had this strange man tell me she stopped by to say hi …LOL. (She was on the lower level and allowed to come up to the peasant area. Unfortunately, I was walking around and missed her visit)

    I’m happy to see the Hot Stove start and the Yankees jumping right into the fire with Lee. I’ll be very happy once they get DJ & Mo signed. It’s less than two months till Christmas (I can’t believe it …feels like I took the tree down only a few months ago). Once Christmas comes it’s approximately a month and a half till P & C’s….the countdown to Yankee baseball once again ….YIPEEEE !!!

    Have a great day one & all…..

    Go Yankees 2011 !!!

  18. Jane Heller

    OK, YankeeCase. You can vote for both Emma and Ladyjane because I didn’t specify for this round that it was one vote for one nominee. But in the next round, you’ll have to pick one! They were pretty cute in that video, weren’t they?

    I knew you’d pick Harold, Paul. Just women’s intuition, I guess.

    A vote for Harold from the DC/MD district, Dave! So you actually saw Joe D? How come I never went to an Old Timers day and saw him? I feel deprived. Waaah. Must have been quite a thrill. Love your description of the men who got his signed picture and the reverence they showed. Very vivid.

    Ladyjane it is, Melissa. She did fly across the country to see her Yanks so that definitely deserves a vote. How great that you worked in a trip to Cooperstown this weekend. I imagine it’s a perfect time to go without the summer crowds. (I spoke to the person there who handles books, and she said they would “consider” ordering mine when they re-stock in February. Hmm.) Interesting about the bats and gloves and the differences in equipment between the “old days” and now. I laughed at your reference to the dinged up bat and O’Neill. HAHA. And, of course, your son’s remark about the stamp on your hand is priceless.

    Understandable and acceptable, Ladyjane. You were both very brave to sing on the Cam. It didn’t even take much goading on my part. LOL. Well done. But for me, it was your “brush” with Mo.

    Thanks for the vote for Emma, Roseann. Actually, I did a signing at Bookends in NJ (GREAT store) for one of my novels and would love to go back. They treat authors so nicely there. But I didn’t really tour for the She-Fan book – just isolated signings. One of these days I’ll be back there.

    Ladyjane it is, Diane. You guys should meet up at a game sometime. You’d really like each other. Love the Newsday countdown. They must be dying for Yankees news once the off-season starts. With the GM meetings coming up, maybe we’ll get some. Usually nothing happens until the Winter meetings in December, but the Lee thing could get interesting faster.

  19. Jane Heller

    Thanks for dropping in, Peggy. I hope you’re settled back home and all the boxes are unpacked and in the dumpster! That’s right. As one of the core four, you did meet up with Ladyjane. I’m still bummed that we were two ships passing in the night (well, it was day) at that Dodger game. Very silly rules they have there, but we tried. I can’t believe we’re talking about Christmas. We haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet! I’ll be going to my friend Rhonda’s again this year. (Remember the “food fight” over the Yankees in previous years?)

  20. Jane Heller

    I didn’t see your comment there, westcoastgirl. So a Giants fan is voting for a Dodgers fan. Now that’s reaching across the aisle. Good job.

  21. peggy3

    Jane …

    How could anyone forget the food fights ..LOL. I say go prepared this time…. bring Yankee cupcakes to sling…:o).

    Three great things about Thanksgiving all starting with the letter “F” ….Family, Food and a Four Day Weekend !! (I guess another “F” for a lot of people would be football but not me…).

    As far as the home …just about finished. A few more pics to
    hang and it’s done …THANK THE LORD !!!

    Go Yankees 2011 !!

  22. Jane Heller

    I WILL go prepared this time, Peggy. You never know who might say something unpleasant at the table. LOL. Glad to hear the move is almost done!

  23. Jane Heller

    Hey, Nadine! So glad you’re here. Thanks for voting. Harold probably thanks you too. 🙂

    Another Giants-Dodgers alliance by going with Emma, kaiser. Sweet.

  24. devilabrit

    This was a tough one, I feel obligated cause Sue is a Phillies fan and she P’d people off which is always extra points in my book, but then Harold is way too cool to be a Yankee fan for as long as he has, and then there’s Emma, who is such an adorable Dodgers fan… I think I have to give my vote to ‘EMMA’ mostly because I think she’s still in NH which has gotta be worth the extra points…:-)

    I wanna know if your Mum is going to get a nomination in a category, cause she was by far the coolest this year on your shecam, so I hope you find a category for her!


    Phillies Outside

  25. Jane Heller

    I love trying to follow your thought process, Peter. LOL. So in the end, you’re going with Emma. Got it. And yes, my mom will be in the final category. Not to worry!

  26. Jane Heller

    I hope you enjoy the videos when you get home, Emma. You’re very popular with the commenters, as you can see!

  27. crzblue2

    LOL having fun reading the post and the comments! Thank you that have voted for me. I can’t watch videos at work so I’ll watch when I get home.
    Thank you all that have voted for me! You are all so sweeeet! even the Giant fans. See? We can all get along!
    I vote for Lady Jane and I for being brave enough to sing 😉 I keep getting a request to sing “Far, Far Away”
    After I went up, I was thinking that I should have taken Jane’s tickets and brought you to the Loge level. the ushers do let me go because you know they really don’t know where I sit and there is an usher in my level that gives me an escort if I need to go to any level.
    After reading all these comments here, I want to meet Harold!


    I must vote for Harold. He reminds me so much of my dad (except he’s better with names than my dad was!) I went to so many Yankees games with my dad (who passed away last August) -the last one was last year, the playoff game that went until 1:18a.m. in the morning -and we stayed until the last pitch. I just love listening to the old faithful fans talk about those old times at the stadium… He’s the man!


    Been a Yankee fan since 1941. I just cannot vote for a Doger fan nor a Phillies fan and I am reluctant to support soemone who doesn’t truly believe with his whole heart and soul that the Bronx Bombers will take it all. Besides, Jane is a real cutie so my vote goes to her.
    By the way, Tommy Henrich was one of my favorite players and so was Mike Milosovich.

  30. Jane Heller

    Thanks for voting, singingtoastmaster. Sounds like you’re devoted to our boys and have been for a long time. And yes, Jane IS a cutie. Maybe you’ll have a tougher choice in the next round, which will feature Yankee fans exclusively.

  31. Jane Heller

    Thanks for the vote for Emma, bluedog98. She does bleed Dodger blue.

    They’re tough choices, I know, blithescribe, but Harold is a worthy vote for sure.

    Ah, that’s a very sweet endorsement for Harold, Ellen. I remember that you and your father went to games together, including that playoff game that lasted into the wee hours!

    Welcome, jmsinner. No lack of bias necessary here. We vote how we vote and the adjectives you used to describe Harold must certainly have him blushing.


    Hi Barbara,
    We are at it again – that cosmic connection thing. My dad (who died last September) was also a huge Yankee fan and I always say the Yankees (and my love for the game of baseball) was his gift to me.

    Every time some rule comes up that I don’t understand, I’m sad that I can’t call him. He was 87 when he died and still knew all the rules of the game and could explain them.



    First time on this blog after hearing about it for years from Barbara. Despite my source, I feel clear my vote is unbiased (let me at least pretend).

    Harold is without a doubt my vote for the She-Fan Video Award. Captivating, adorable, knowledgeable and Barbara’s dad! Clearly – the winner despite the other lovely contestants.


    ok. this is so much fun. watching people vote for my 82 year young dad just warms my heart. i never thought i’d hear anyone say he’s the man. he is the reason i am a completely dedicated and some would say insane, addicted fan. the yankees were his gift to me.
    ps still waiting for cliff to join his friend cc.

  35. Jane Heller

    Glad you’ve been enjoying this, Barbara. Your dad is way popular! I’m about to announce the winner momentarily.

  36. Jane Heller

    Not to horn in on your conversation with Barbara, Melissa, but just wanted to say that Ellen (etoubman) shares the same feelings you two do about your dads and how they’ve shaped your fandom. Such a wonderful bond. Lucky ladies all.

  37. tracyfarr

    Hey Sue, I’ve got to agree. If a man’s going to wear a beard, it might as well be trimmed — unless you’re in a three-man rock/blues band and your name is ZZ. (Hmmm, I think I better go trim my beard.)


    melissa and ellen, i am thinking of you and thinking how hard it must be to have baseball in your life after your dad passes. my brother had als for 13 years and after he couldn’t talk, we e-mailed daily and it was hard to enjoy baseball and all sports without the daily e-mail that were almost all sports related after he died. but baseball also is my happy escape so mostly it still worked as my happy escape but it sure is nice to have someone to share it with.
    and melissa is you don’t know a rule, which i imagine is very rare, you have a whole pack of people here who will happily let you know.

  39. crzblue2

    WOW!! I won!?? REALLY? Woohoo! I really thought Harold would win. It must have been very close. I love all the videos but then again Jane does a great job doing this just like her writing.
    Thank you Jane! Thank you so much everyone that voted for me!
    I still can’t believe it! :-))
    Thanks again!

  40. Jane Heller

    Congratulations, Emma. I wish I had an actual prize to give you, but hopefully all the nice comments from your fans will do the trick.

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