Congratulations To The Giants and Their Fans

Is there anyone (besides Rangers fans and probably most of the Dodgers’ fan base) who didn’t find things to like about the 2010 Giants? They played like champions and became champions, just the way it should be. They made me enjoy this World Series, despite the lack of guys wearing pinstripes. Their pitching was spectacular. Their defense was strong. They had the perfect mix of rookies and veterans. (Why didn’t we pick up Aubrey Huff?) And would anyone have predicted that they’d outhit Texas? Just a great, great job in winning it all tonight. A special congrats to my brother-in-law Mark, who has rooted for his Giants for a very long time.
(Sorry about the postage stamp, Mark, but it’s all I could find. You need more pix on your Facebook page.)
What to say about Cliff Lee? For most of the game it looked like he and Lincecum would continue to put zeroes on the board. I kept wondering which team would blink first. But Lee was vulnerable yet again. Maybe his price will plummet?
And, finally, I guess I have to comment on the unfortunate person who happens to be the Rangers’ CEO. His team was fighting for its life in the World Series today and yet he went on his local ESPN radio station and picked on…. Yankee fans? According to Mr. Greenberg, we’re “violent” and “apathetic” as well as “an embarrassment.” Nice. At some point during the day, MLB scolded him and he apologized to Hal Steinbrenner and Randy Levine, dubbing us “passionate” instead. He’s entitled to his opinion, of course. But I’m sick and tired of being dumped on. It was amusing when Joe West called the Yankees and Red Sox “pathetic and embarrassing” because our games last too long for his taste. And it was startling that Kristen Lee called out Yankee fans for their boorish behavior during the ALCS in the Bronx. But enough now. Leave us and our team alone or you’ll have me to deal with. I’m not violent or apathetic, but I can dole out some choice words if pushed.


  1. antonella

    I’m so excited for the Giants. I almost shed a tear for them when they won [ALMOST being the keyword]. Last year I was a crying fool when Mo was able to get the final out. So congrats to the Giants :)Now, Mr. Greenberg *tsk tsk tsk* you should have been worried abt your team being down 3-1 & not abt what Yankee fans are doing. Yankees “people” said they would comment when the World Series ended, I’ll be waiting on a response tomorrow then. Funny how things happen though, trash another team & you get sent home that same night. Oh well.. how many more days until spring training?

  2. antonella

    I’m so excited for the Giants. I almost shed a tear for them when they won [ALMOST being the keyword]. Last year I was a crying fool when Mo was able to get the final out. So congrats to the Giants :)Now, Mr. Greenberg *tsk tsk tsk* you should have been worried abt your team being down 3-1 & not abt what Yankee fans are doing. Yankees “people” said they would comment when the World Series ended, I’ll be waiting on a response tomorrow then. Funny how things happen though, trash another team & you get sent home that same night. Oh well.. how many more days until spring training?

  3. cheshirecat9

    Congrats to the Giants. I am glad they won. I am even more glad that my coupon for my free cupcakes came in the mail today! I am thinking of saving it for when we sign Cliff Lee and then having a party.


    Jane! It’s me! 😀 I had a superstition about commenting here during the playoffs (see how well that worked out?) because of something that happened in 2004… then I was a bit p.o.ed to comment, (I mean, could they have put up a fight a little? except the first game I guess.) Anyway, I was rooting for the Giants. One because of history. Two because the Rangers beat us. Three cause Barry Bonds is no longer on the team muhahaha. Also it was hilarious seeing George W. Bush’s team fail….bad luck maybe? This is an amazing day. Can you believe the Red Sox (as much as I hate to say it) White Sox AND Giants all won a World Series in the same decade? Cubs fans just got a bit more depressed…if that’s possible. I guess the Indians are next. Lee can still dish it out, but you’re right, I didn’t think about his price going down. It could be bad too I guess if more teams want to bid. I remember last year he was stellar in game 1 but game 5 they figured him out a bit more. But see! A team of pretty much nobodies and throwaways (cept the Freak) won a World Series, we don’t need an all star team to win a WS. As for the Ranger’s guy, I just ignore that stuff now. When the Yanks won the World Series, we bought it; our team payroll is too high, the red sox one is 170 million, pretty close to ours; when Jeter pretended to be hit, he was called a cheater and more, even though everyone else does it…. Whatever the Yanks do is wrong apparently. But you do sound very scary…. You have the power Jane! Shut these haters up! 😀

  5. Jane Heller

    I was excited too, Antonella. The Giants just seemed like a decent bunch of guys, and after all those years in SF without a championship it felt like their turn. I doubt there will be a response from the Yankees to Mr. Greenberg now that he “apologized.” The whole contretemps will go away as the media turns to our search for a pitching coach, etc. Definitely bad juju on his part though, given his team’s fortunes.

    Yay! So glad the coupon arrived, cheshirecat. But save the cupcakes for Cliff Lee? That’s will power!

  6. Jane Heller

    Welcome back, seindsfeld. I didn’t think anyone was more superstitious than I am, but you win. I don’t really think Lee’s price will go down. (I was just kidding.) He’s still one of the premier pitchers in baseball, and the money he gets will reflect that. As for the hate stuff, I get it when other fans feel that way. But a chief executive of another team? Totally out of bounds, even if he was referring to what happened to Mrs. Lee; you can’t condemn an entire fan base because of a few jerks.

    Congrats, kaiser! They did it! You must be doing a happy dance right now.

  7. YankeeCase

    Well Jane, just like I predicted, huh? Guess you can call me NostraYankeeCase…

    Congrats to the original New York baseball club on winning the World Series! It took them a while, but they finally got it done for the city of San Francisco. And its great to think that after Texas beat a team in a city with transplanted New Yorkers (the Rays), and then they beat our iconic Yankees who represent NY around the world, that it was the old New York Gothams originally formed in NY over 127 years ago that finally were the ones to take them down. They moved away but are still standing, and standing tall tonight!

    It’s funny seeing this rag-tag collection of ‘throwaways’ and ‘rejects’ coming together the way they did. San Diego looked for sure as if they were going to win that division. It looked like Lincecum had a lost season. It looked like another mediocre year since the departure of Bonds. But somehow they put it together just in time. The hottest team usually wins it and I thought it was the Phillies’ to lose. They had an amazing second half, going 44-15 at one point! So who did these Giants think they were to try and contend?

    Though the Giants are ancient rivals to the Yanks, we can afford to put the past behind us. They beat us in our first two World Series trips, but we finally got them back in The House That Ruth Built. This was after they kicked us out of the Polo Grounds because the Yankees were becoming the top draw there. The Yankees went on to continue returning the favor by beating them the next four times they met in the Fall Classic. So I think we’re even…

    They’ve only met twice since ’62, so old hatchets were buried long ago. So it really is ok to root for the Yankees’ older brothers now. The Yankees can say :

    “We’re both much more mature than when we both lived at ‘home’. We’ve both moved on, and even though we’ve found more success, it doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate all our successes as family. Congratulations to you, the San Francisco Giants, World Champions of Baseball! (by the way, our little brothers, the Mets, stole your old hat…)

    Oh, and Texas’ CEO should learn how to properly master his craft and not resort to ‘Survivor’ style tactics to influence Lee’s decision on where to go next year… Bad mouth a whole fan base because you don’t want him to go somewhere else? That’s total bush league. (does he even know what the word ‘apathetic’ means? how does he go from calling us apathetic, and then turn around and call us passionate? wha-?!) But they do like to say that everything is bigger in Texas, don’t they? Well then he’s the biggest *(insert your own appropriately inappropriate insult here)* in baseball, right? Maybe he should focus on keeping his team from going bankrupt again next year…

  8. beckers46

    Congrats to the Giants! They deserved the win. I was sad that our Yanks were not in the Fall Classic, but I love baseball. How can you not watch the World Series? I did scout for future Yanks, lol! We can now offer Cliff Lee less money. No more blank check for him.

    My grandfather is a big Giants fan. He took my grandmother on their first date to the Polo Grounds back in the day. The rest of the family roots for the Yankees. My granfather dislikes the Yankees big time. He used to commute from the South Bronx to New Jersey for work. He would always be stuck on his way home in Yankee game traffic. When a Yankee game ends, the cars are bumper to bumper on the GW bridge for a few hours. He would curse the Yanks for creating this traffic. To this day he still dislikes the Yankees because of all the traffic he had to wait in.

    All these years my family and I have rubbed in every Yankee World Series win. This morning was his turn. He is on cloud 9 over the Giants win. I love hearing his Polo Ground stories. He loves sharing that he saw Willie Mays play. I love hearing his stories, but I love more rubbing in Yankee wins. Ha!

    Have a great day, fans! Looking forward to all the baseball awards being announced. I really want Robbie Cano to win MVP. We will see. – Becky :0)


    I’m happy to say that I didn’t watch an inning of the World Series this year. I read about the garbage that was said about The Yankees fans and I have to wonder why the focus is still on The Yankees when two different teams are in the World Series…hhmmmmm.

    Also read about Lee – I guess there’s some doubt about his ability to withstand the pressure of The World Series. Will that make him a little bit cheaper for The Yankees? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

    Okay, Jane…now let’s focus on your books and the movie. Where are we and what can we look forward to seeing and/or reading??? GO HELLER!!!

  10. Jane Heller

    You did predict the Giants would win last night, YankeeCase, so nice job on your part. The hottest team does take the Series, and the Giants managed to get hot and stay hot. The Rangers’ CEO used the adjective “apathetic” to describe Yankee fans because he saw many leaving early when Texas was beating us at home. Of course, he was sitting in the VIP seats where the “playoff fans” often sit and they do leave early when the Yanks are getting blown out. It bothers me too. But why he would open his mouth at that particular time is just silly.

    As I said to seindsfeld, Paul, I was kidding about Lee’s price dropping.

    Very gracious of you, Emma, to put baseball first and be happy for the Giants. I know they’re bitter rivals. They just played better this year. What can you say?

    I always scout of future Yanks too, Becky. LOL. I sit there watching games and go, “Why don’t we have him? And him?” It’s funny. Congrats to your grandfather. I love the story of how he took your grandmother to a Giants game on their first date. He must be a happy man today. Yes, let’s hope Robbie is the MVP and CC wins the Cy Young!

    You’re happy about not watching the World Series, Diane? It was a fun series. But each to her own! As for the garbage said about the Yanks, our team and fans always seem to be in the middle of things, even when we don’t see it coming. So weird. Lee had no trouble withstanding the pressure of the World Series. He was brilliant last night. He just happened to blink first and threw a mistake pitch to Renteria. Now you want to know about my projects? Now that baseball is over, it’s time for me to get serious about work. I have a few things brewing and will write about them here very soon. I appreciate your asking. And, of course, I value your support:) GO DIANE!

    It was very fitting to have a great pitcher’s duel in the last game of the Year of the Pitcher, Leo. Exactly right. Your fellow Colombian, Renteria, was indeed the surprising star of the Series, although I might have given the MVP to Lincecum for winning those two games. And yes, last night brought an official end to the baseball season and for that I’m very sad. I don’t watch the other sports, so for me it’ll be a long wait until spring training. But we’ll get there. It goes faster than we think.


    Hi Jane and fellow Yankee/baseball fans. Game 5 was incredibly fun to watch. The pitchers duel up to the 7th was riveting and just excellent baseball. All it took was a couple homers to break off the duel and aside from that one mistake, Lincecum was utterly brillaint with 8 IP and 11 Ks. He easily could’ve had yet another shutout for his team. How fitting is it to cap off the Year of the Pitcher with having the team with arguably the best starting pitching staff become this year’s WS Champions? From all the perfect games, no hitters, Galarraga’s place in history with his almost perfect, Halladay’s postseason no hitter, etc. I’m happy that, as YankeeCase wisely put it, these “throwaways” and “rejects” all came together with the regulars and exciting new blood like Posey, Bumgarner, etc to win it all. As a fellow Colombian, I was very proud to see Renteria rep Colombia well and win the WS MVP. Here’s hoping sometime in the future the Yankees can find a future good Colombian player to add in addition with the Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, and Mexicans we have already. Sigh now the baseball season is officially over and I have an empty feeling in the pit of my stomach. I only casually watch the other sports (football more than the others) so this offseason will drag for me as it always does.


    This game is always teaching us something, ain’t it?
    Hard to add much of anything to all the excellent postings already there…YankeeCase did a GREAT job going back over all that history…I still remember having my heart in my throat as an 11-year-old, watching the 9th inning of Game #7 of the ’62 Series, then dancing all the way home after it was over…still one of the greatest endings ever, CLEARLY the most dramatic final out…and with all those incredible superstar Giants for all those decades…how did it not happen…?
    And how bitter it must have been to lose TWO World Series to two IN-STATE rivals, one right across the Bay (like Yanks-Giants of old woulda been), and another when they needed just a handful of outs…but it all washes away.
    Nothing to say about the Tex-A** executive. Yes, the Yankee fans at the ballpark can be lewd & crude, and the hi- roller casual fans that just show up for the playoffs can be apathetic — so it goes all over. I confess I’ve been wrong to tar all Philly fans with the same brush — this blog has a devoted fan or two that have put the lie to that…but it’s all too easy to do from the outside lookin’ in…
    So you rejoice today for people like “Mister Nov-Edgar” (wish I’d thought of that one!), and Cody Ross, the would-be rodeo clown (sounds like a job for Swish), and Mr. Red Thong, Aubrey Huff (he wore it EVERY GAME in the playoffs — I don’t wanna know any more) — all that awesome pitching, and beards, and hope our boys can find some of that in the months & years to come. Still proud of ’09, and ’62, and oh, about 25 others…but it’s all all right now…

  13. rrrt

    Well, I must be one of those rare few who are not Rangers or Dodgers fans who didn’t find anything to like about the Giants. Some teams just rub me the wrong way, and they’re one of them.
    The Rangers CEO apparently needs to stop and think before opening his mouth. Hard to believe someone in his capacity would be dumb enough to say things like that on the air.
    I will not say anything bad about the Yankees, because I don’t want to incur your verbal wrath! 🙂 Reading a very interesting biography of George Steinbrenner right now. I’m only up to the mid-70’s, but how anyone managed to work for him and keep their sanity is beyond me. (that doesn’t count as badmouthing, does it?)
    Countdown to next season starts now.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  14. Jane Heller

    HAHA, Dave. I hadn’t heard the “Mister Nov-Edgar” line. Love it. Very happy for Aubrey Huff (in spite of the thong), who’s been kicking around this game forever and finally has a ring to show for it. But it was the pitching that was hard to beat. Oh to have the young arms of Lincecum and Bumgarner, not to mention Cain. If everybody there stays healthy, they should do well for years.

    Maybe the Giants rubbed you the wrong way because they beat the Phillies, Sue? I know we Yankee fans felt that way about the Rangers. Which Steinbrenner bio are you reading? Harper’s or Golenbock’s? Either way, George could be a tyrant, no question about it, and no, you’re not badmouthing. LOL. I would have lasted 10 seconds in his employ. He was not my favorite person during that era, and I cringe when I think of some of the things he did. But he also built a winning franchise and for that I’ll always be grateful.


    As a FORMER Rangers fan and new Yankees fan, I cannot wait until next season when the Yanks beat the living daylight out of the Rangers. That team was so embarrassing in the Series, to just lay down and quit like they did. Trust me Yanks, you do not want to sign Cliff Lee. Let Texas keep him and put their false hopes in his overrated, overhyped nonsense. GO YANKS!

  16. Jane Heller

    Welcome to the Yankees family, dambirdee. On behalf of Yankee fans everywhere, we’re happy to have you in the fold. In their defense, I don’t think the Rangers quit as much as they were handcuffed by the Giants pitching. And sometimes hot teams go cold. That’s what happened to the Yankees. So you think Cliff Lee is overrated? He’s still the best free agent pitcher available right now.

    Yup, we’re tipping our caps, Jeff. The Jints did it. Now they get to celebrate with a big parade on Wednesday. The city of SF is beyond excited.

  17. Jane Heller

    Did the Giants owner look like Orville, Renegade? I guess I wasn’t paying attention by then or turned the TV off. Oh well. Balking at signing Cliff Lee? I doubt there would be much of that from Yankee fans. He may have lost last night but he was spectacular enough for the Rangers to win the game. Definitely the top dog this winter.

    Oh. My bad, Sue. I meant the Madden book. (I got my sportswriters mixed up.) It got good reviews, as I remember. Lots of colorful anecdotes in it, I’m sure.

  18. Jane Heller

    Oops. Didn’t see your comment in there, Jenn. That Rangers guy was wrong to paint an entire fan base with such a broad brush – particularly since it was an unnecessary distraction during the World Series. I hope he learned his lesson.

  19. raysrenegade

    First order of business for the G-men this off season…..Get the owner a fashion re-do so he doesn’t look like the ghost of Orville Reddenbocker on camera.
    Maybe the Rays principal owner Stuart Sternberg can bring him a pull over sweater option to the Winter Meetings.
    I am sure more than a few Yankee faithful will balk a bit at wanting to add someone like Cliff Lee to their rotation, but if you really consider his overall seasonal plus post season records combined, hew is still the top dog this Winter.

    Rays Renegade

  20. rrrt

    Jane – yes, the NLCS defeat has a bit to do with it. 😉 The Steinbrenner bio I’m reading is neither of the ones you mentioned; it’s by Bill Madden. It was the one my local Borders had on display. It was a toss-up between that and one about Charlie Finley (another well-known tyrant); maybe I’ll read that next.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts


    Hurrah for the Giants! They did great. Lincecum pitched an absolutely amazing 8th inning. Maybe 8 pitches? Just phenomenal!

    I have to admit that I teared up when they presented the World Series Trophy. I was happy for the Giants, but I was really crying because 1- it is the end of baseball season and 2- the Yankees were no longer the world champions.

    But HOLY COW (as Rizzuto would say!) there are a lot of ex Yankees associated with SF. There’s an article here:

    And I hope Edgar Renteria’s eye is okay after Bochy almost blinded him with the MVP trophy.

    Very nice work by SF. They can be proud. They also handled the win with grace and class. I have to say they stole my heart when the beat the Braves and paused in their celebration to honor Bobby Cox when he came out on the field.


  22. devilabrit

    They say any press is good press, if at a time when it should have been about the Giants and Ranger they want to push the Yankees to the forefront, so be it. It’s kind of sad that when they are in a hole they can but bash another team helps them feel better I am sure… but alas as good as this WS was it lacked red or blue pin stripes…:-)


    Phillies Outside

  23. A.J. Martelli

    Great blog as usual, Jane. There was a lot to like about the Giants this year; they reminded me of the ’96 Yankees a little bit. They deserved to win it all and be the last team standing.

    And I’m right there with you on the Rangers’ CEO. Leave the Yankees alone and focus on your own team. I’ll have a nasty blog and some choice words of my own to write about if he starts up with us again!

  24. Jane Heller

    Did you tear up when they presented the trophy, Melissa? I expected to, but I guess I’ve already made peace with the Yankees not being champs anymore and the end of the season. Writing about my angst over both on this blog must have helped me “work through” my issues. lol. Yes, a lot of ex-Yanks on that Giants team so it’s nice to know they’ll get rings. OMG, so I wasn’t the only one who noticed that Renteria nearly got hammered by the trophy! I think I yelled, “Hey, you could poke his eye out!” As for SF, my family members up there are ecstatic and can’t wait for the parade tomorrow.

    The Series did lack the red and blue pinstripes, Peter. I would have greatly preferred a rematch between our teams, but it wasn’t to be this year. Let’s hope we’re both back in it next year.

    So your new fave is Posey, Virginia? He’s pretty cute, I agree. Which rookie catcher do you mean on the Yankees? Montero or Cervelli?

    I don’t think the Rangers’ CEO will open his mouth again, A.J. Even if he hates Yankee fans, I think he’s smart enough to know it’s not cool for the chief executive of a team to slap down the fans of another.

  25. giantfan

    Jane, thanks for the comments regarding the Giants’ World Series win. I was surprised by Mr. Greenberg’s comments to say the least. It may have been the heat of the moment perhaps. Not all fans in every ballpark are perfect either. I saw a lot of it, especially when the Giants played at Candlestick Park and against rival teams like the Dodgers. I often stayed away and would see other teams like the Phillies, Cubs or Mets.I’ve been to New York City several times and four times, I’ve attended Yankees games. Like the other 25 ballparks (23 cities) I’ve attended, I’ve never had problem with the fans and their behavior. Unfortunately, it’s a small amount of fans that ruin it for everyone else.Whether Cliff Lee ends up in Yankee pinstripes, remains in Texas, returns to Philadelphia or is somewhere else will remain to be seen.I saw today where the television ratings were tied for the lowest ever for a World Series but both teams who were in the Fall Classic were success stories in different ways. It should be an interesting off season.

  26. Jane Heller

    Congrats to you, giantfan. You must be so excited. Your team played great and deserved the championship. I think we all agree that there are bad-apple fans of every team, and if given enough alcohol they can ruin things for the rest of us. But to generalize and trash Yankee fans on the eve of what turned out to be the final game of the World Series was just dumb. Yes, indeed. It should be an interesting off-season. Enjoy the parade tomorrow.

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