Top Ten Reasons Why Dave Eiland Was Fired

Cashman said Eiland’s dismissal had nothing to do with the Yankees’ pitching performances in the playoffs, so that’s not it. And he refused to say whether it was related to the mysterious “personal leave of absence” that kept Eiland away from the team for nearly a month. So we’re left to speculate on our own, and in my case that’s a dangerous thing. Herewith some theories…
#10 He had a secret Twitter account under the name @Joba_Rules_Are_Stupid.
#9  He repeatedly told Mo that the Panamian skirt steak at Mo’s New York Grill was tough and overcooked.
#8  During Game 6 of the ALCS, he picked up the phone in the dugout and called 1-800-FLOWERS.
#7  He refused to wear a jacket and tie on the flight back from Texas.
man.bathing suit.jpg
#6  He acted huffy because the Yankees wouldn’t let him sing “God Bless America” during the season – even though Haley Swindal got to do it.
#5  He had T-shirts printed up that said, “Javy Vazquez belongs in the National League.”
#4  He teased Jonathan Albaladejo that he looked like Lurch in the Addams Family.
#3  He deliberately miscounted the number of innings Phil Hughes pitched this year. Oops.
#2  He invited Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens to the same cocktail party.
And #1 (Drum roll) He was the one who gave A.J. the black eye.


  1. beckers46

    Funny stuff, Jane! Maybe he did give AJ that black eye. All this time we thought it was JoPo. I have mixed feelings over Dave Eiland’s dismissal. I thought he made some great improvements with the staff. However, we had a lot of bullpen woes this year. When Andy went on the DL, there were some issues with the pitching rotation. Hmmm, I’m not sure what to think. I wonder who else may be on the chopping block. I guess we’ll soon find out. Have a great night, fans! – Becky :0)

  2. Jane Heller

    I never know how to rate coaches in general, Becky. Last year the pitching was great and Eiland was a hero. Kevin Long is considered a genius but the offense was asleep in the postseason. What does it all mean? No idea. I’d love too see David Cone as Eiland’s replacement though.

  3. YankeeCase

    So yeah, that came out of nowhere… One can only think it has to do with the personal leave in the middle of the season. I still wish I knew what that was all about, but I can definitely respect the fact that they won’t talk about it.

    David Cone? I don’t know, but I guess we’ll see. He really is a smart guy, but I heard he’s pretty intense in the clubhouse. I wonder how that would translate in a teaching and coaching role. But then maybe that’s exactly what this staff would need to stay consistent. Robertson looked like a scared puppy when Eiland would visit him on the mound, but more often than not he’d finally get it turned around.

    Fellow Yankee fans, take some solace in the fact that the New York Football Giants went down into the heart of Texas and beat the snot out of the Dallas Cowboys last night! They embarrassed them in their own house (mansion?) on national TV (it wasn’t as close as the score makes it seem), broke their quarterback’s (Romo) collarbone, and pretty much ended their season in week 7. And you know how much they love their football in Texas.

    Now let’s see if the old New York Giants can do something about their Rangers… (i only hope i’ll be able to watch it!)

  4. devilabrit

    Too Funny… and I was convinced there would be a couldn’t eat a Taco Bell XXL Chalupa, it’s going to be fun finding ways to amuse ourselves as this World Series plays out…


    Phillies Outside


    During his personal leave, he said he was hiking the Appalachian Trail, but he had really gone to Argentina with Minka Kelly.


  6. beckers46

    Hahaha! Good one, Melissa! Don’t get me started on Minka Kelly. I would love to see David Cone take over as pitching coach. I think it would be cool to see the pitcher of a perfect game coach for the catcher of his perfect game. When Girardi became manager, I remember everyone talking about him bringing back old Yankees to help coach. That would be really neat. I think I read somewhere that Scott Brosius coaches college baseball. I would love to see him in the dugout as a coach. Hmmm, who else? Have a great day, fans! – Becky 😀


    Great analysis, Jane. Newsday seems to think it does have something to do with the time he took off, saying it had something to do with A.J.’s implosion. I always had the utmost respect for Eiland, the way he carried himself and the way he dealt with the pitchers. We’ll see what happens. I don’t think Coney is going to be his replacement but I hope it’s not the bullpen coach – I think he’s fine there but I don’t think he has what it takes to be the main pitching coach.

    Still no Fox for Cablevision clients – I’m sure its a big to-do but I can’t help feeling it’s more Fox’s fault than Cablevision’s. We’ll see what happens.


    Ten reasons that are as good as any, Jane. After all, no man is an Eiland…(couldn’t resist that)…
    You could say that AJ was actually the one giving a black eye to Yankee pitching…or that there was no counting on, um, accounting for, Phil…or when Albaladejo said “You Rang?”, well, they rung him up…thank you, Thing…!
    But mostly I wanna tip my cap to YankeeCase, who hit the nail right on that Dallas head. LOVED it…and we here in D.C. ain’t exactly NY Giants fans…but for one night…YES!!
    I amused myself coming into my gov’t building here, which is infested with Dallas Cow-pie fans, by telling them, “Hey — you still have the RANGERS!” You see, these front-runners either (a) don’t follow beisbol, or (b) don’t even know about the team — whose stadium is RIGHT NEXT DOOR, because (c) NONE of them have been to Dallas, let alone Texas. They just jump on and off the bandwagon. So, thanx for giving the opportunity to vent. Now let’s settle down and hope that the ol’ N.Y. ‘Beisbol’ Giants — now in San Fran — can solve the Riddle of Mr. Lee and TCB tomorrow night!!!

  9. Jane Heller

    They’d never get the job to Coney, YankeeCase. It was only a wish of mine. Guidry was the last former pitcher to get the job, in my opinion, because Cashman is a fan of guys with coaching experience, not playing experience. I’ve heard several names being tossed around and the interviewing process will begin once they get Girardi’s contract nailed down. But how ironic that the Yanks and Red Sox are both looking for pitching coaches. Is a bidding war possible? Wow, that’s some description of the takedown of the Cowboys by the football Giants!

    Oh, you’re right, Peter. I should have included a Taco Bell something. My bad. Next list.

    I saw the skirt steak when I went to Mo’s restaurant, Paul. It looked good and I was sorry I didn’t order it. My mother’s burger, on the other hand, was tough and overcooked!

    HAHAHA, Melissa. That belongs on the list for sure.

    As I said to YankeeCase, Becky, Coney was more of a hope than an actual possibility. He was a tremendous pitcher and had the respect of a lot of guys. But I’m sure Cashman is looking for someone with bona fide coaching cred.

    I have an idea what the real reason is, Jeff, but I figured I wouldn’t slander the guy by posting an unsubstantiated rumor here. What a gal, right?

    I’m not wild about Mike Harkey becoming the pitching coach either, Diane. He’s fine where he is, I guess, but we need somebody who’s not only a pitching guru but can manage all the needs and egos of the players. I can’t believe they haven’t settled that stupid Fox/Cablevision mess yet! They have one more day/night before the World Series, so somebody better step in and knock some heads together.

  10. Jane Heller

    No man is an Eiland. Why didn’t I think of that, Dave? Perfect. As you know, I’m clueless about football, but I’m feeding off the enthusiasm shown by you and YankeeCase about beating the Dallas Cowboys. If it made you too happy then I’m happy too!


    Hi Jane and fellow baseball fans. Great blog as always it was very funny. That skirt steak looks mouth watering. I live close to New Rochelle and I regret to admit I’ve yet to dine at Mo’s restuaraunt yet. I’ll keep it in mind for today (today’s my birthday, officially turning 24 exactly 1 hour from now) but the prices are a little steep and I don’t want my mother to break the bank. Unfortunately, as others have already said here, still no Fox yet here in NY. I know I’m not alone in saying that even though the Yankees aren’t in the WS, I and others don’t want to be deprived of being able to watch it. Go Giants (both football NY and baseball SF).

  12. Jane Heller

    Happy Birthday, Leo!!!!!! I hope you celebrate and have a great day, even if it doesn’t include a trip to Mo’s. I wish I could wave a magic wand and get the Cablevision thing to go away. I read today that each side is still pointing the finger at the other, so it doesn’t sound as if there’s a resolution coming imminently. But they could settle it before Wednesday night’s game. Have hope!

  13. peggy3

    Hey Jane and Fellow Baseball Fans….

    That list gave me a chuckle…I feel bad for Eiland and I’m sure there’s a lot more to the story but it’s none of our business. I wish Dave E. well and a bright future ahead.

    Well ….the season didn’t end quite like I would have wanted it to… :o(. At least when I say wait till next year …it’s a sure thing that the Yankees will be competitive and hopefully in the mix once again for a WS championship. How awful it must be for the fans of Pirates, Royals, etc. who really have no hope …wait till next year means another losing season for these teams. Maybe someday it will turn around for them but it sure doesn’t look like it in the near future. In this day and age to be competitive you have to spend which many teams aren’t willing to do. You have to invest not only in the major league club but also the minors and be willing to part with big bucks to sign talent in both
    the minors & majors not to mention the international signings too.

    In my humble opinion the blame goes all around for the poor showing in the ALCS…managing, hitting, pitching. I’m not about to throw stones at anyone …I’m just hopeful things will be discussed and implemented by ownership, yankees management and coaching for an even better season next year. All in all I enjoyed the games this season and had every hope the Yankees would win the race in the Chase for 28. 1996 the Yankees won …lost in 1997 and then won the next 3 years …here’s hoping this group continues that pattern. Win one ..lose one…win three …I’ll sign up for that any day… :o). As I always say or lose ..I’ll ALWAYS love My Yanks !!!!

    Good luck to those in the WS …I really don’t care who wins and probably won’t watch much of it but I will check in from
    time to time to see how the games are going. It’s too hard for me to watch the WS when the Yankees aren’t playing. Now I can finally catch up on all the shows I DVR’d.

    Only about 3 1/2 months till Pitchers and Catchers and the way time has been flying it will be here before you know it …..THANK THE LORD !!!

    Go Yankees 2011

  14. Jane Heller

    Hey, Peggy. I knew you’d surface one of these days. I hope your unpacking has been going well and you’re settled back into your home sweet home. Yes, spring training will be here sooner than we know and the Yankees will get right back to work!

  15. raysrenegade

    We all know the real reason Dave is looking for a job.
    No longer could the Yankee brass overlook he pitched for the Rays back in 1998-2000.
    But got a great Eiland fact most people do not know. Eiland was Kevin Costner’s pitching body double in his baseball classic film “For The Love of the Game.”
    But I still think the old Rays connection finally caught up to him….Maybe the Yankees need to do a more complete background check in the future.

    Rays Renegade

  16. peggy3

    So Jane …did you think I jumped off the Empire State Building??? ..LOL. It’s tough losing but as I have found out with the fire …there’s a lot worse things in life.

    That’s exactly what’s kept me from writing… UNPACKING !!! It’s like I moved to a new place much work getting it all back in shape. I have to hang all the pictures and whatevers… AGAIN !!! I decided I’d do one room at a time (I have six) and give all the unnecessary junk the heave ho. I just donated 4 HUGE bags of stuff to St. Mary’s. It’s slow going but it will look great once it’s all done…..hopefully in another week or so.

    I’m sure you will keep us going with the blog till Spring Training is upon us and I truly thank you for that as I love reading this blog even if I don’t write on it everyday. You have some terrific posters which makes it that much more

    Some of the good things that happened this season for me…went to see the Yanks play the Dodgers (unfortunately never got to meet up with you), I did get to meet Becky in Baltimore, Jane, Melissa & Eddie at the Stadium…all friends of the blog …which was really terrific. I went to so many great games (as well as some stinkers). I got to see the emergence of Phil Hughes who will do better in the playoffs with more experience and development of his secondary pitches. I was able to witness an MVP season by Robbie. I got to sit in the Legends Seats for ONLY $14.00 (a true miracle We didn’t win but I can say I had
    a great time this season and I’m one lucky lady which goes without say because ….I’M A YANKEE FAN !!!

    Everyone enjoy the offseason because next season will be
    a wild ride …once again …

    Go Yankees 2011 !!!

  17. Jane Heller

    Ah, Renegade. You figured out the Eiland mystery. It was his Rays background that got him booted out of Yankeeville. Makes perfect sense. lol. GREAT piece of trivia about him being Costner’s body double for the movie. Who would have known that but you? I’m tipping my cap to you.

    Peggy, I can only imagine how much work you’ve had to do getting back into your place. Having moved many times over the course of my life, I don’t envy you with all the boxes and figuring out where everything goes. I still can’t get over that you managed to snag a Legends seat at the Stadium for $14.00. That was such a great story!

  18. antonella

    haha! this is hilarious!
    all jokes aside, I think he MAY be the one to blame for AJ’s black eye. Even though, Cashman says that the playoff performance had nothing to do with it, I think it played a small part.
    In other news: The World Series begins tomorrow & I’m not excited, I may still be depressed. LOL

  19. Jane Heller

    I kind of believe Cashman on that, Antonella. He was pretty convincing. And yes, the World Series does start tomorrow night so I want you to put aside your depression and root for the Giants. It’ll be fun. You’ll see.

  20. antonella

    I’ll cheer for them. I REAAAALLY hope they win.. I can’t take anymore Cliff Lee talk. You’d think Houston didn’t have a baseball team [even though the Astros went from being LASTros to becoming a semi-decent team at the end of the season]
    I had rescheduled some school observations because I told my professor the Yankees would be in the WS & I couldn’t miss the games.. LOL needless to say.. I’ll be doing these observations ON TIME. lol

  21. Jane Heller

    I would have rescheduled work around the Yankees too, Antonella – or at least tried to. Sorry the excuse didn’t pan out for many reasons! Must be so weird for Houstonians since they absolutely do have a baseball team but it’s getting eclipsed by the Rangers. Maybe the Astros need to put “Texas” in their name too.

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