The Second Day After…

I went to another movie screening. Yesterday’s film was a very good distraction and helped me forget that THE YANKEES AREN’T GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES, so I was looking forward to this morning’s offering. It was “The King’s Speech,” which is coming out in December and will – I guarantee it – be nominated for Best Picture come Academy Awards time. It’s hard to imagine Colin Firth not giving a great performance and he doesn’t disappoint in the role of King George VI, a man with a horrible stammer who nevertheless had to reassure a country at war.

the-kings-speech1-530fp092110.jpgHere’s the trailer.

Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter are terrific too, and the director told us after the screening how meticulously he researched the story to insure its authenticity. Two thumbs up from me. Tomorrow night I’ll be seeing Clint Eastwood’s “Hereafter.” And then it will be on to Wednesday night and Game 1 of Rangers-Giants. I’ve decided to jump on the Giants’ orange-and-black bandwagon.
The Dodgers are sort of my “second” team after the Yankees, because of Mattingly, and I know it’s heresy for Dodger fans to root for the hated Giants. But Michael’s brother and cousins live in SF and I live in California, and it’s hard not to be caught up in the excitement of castoffs like Cody Ross making it all the way to the big event. That said, someone needs to explain to me why Brian Wilson and other members of the bullpen have those dyed black beards.
It must be some solidarity thing? Like: “Let’s all do this and see if it’s lucky for us?” And I get why Sandoval is called “Panda,” but isn’t that what everybody called this guy?
I guess you can have more than one “Panda” in baseball. What you can’t have more than one of is “Mo, “Jeet,” “Tex,” “A-Rod”….Uh-oh. I’m feeling sad again. Better go watch a movie or something. How is everyone else doing? Do we need a group hug?


  1. southernbelle

    Jane: Is this some kind of message saying you miss Jose Molina and want him over Francisco Cervelli? I didn’t even know his name was “Panda.” I remember Joe Girardi calling him “Hosey.” LOL. The withdrawl pains are bad Jane…where will this group hug take place?


    Yeah, I do so believe we do…need that group hug thing, that is…so here’s my squeeze…!
    Jane, you are so great at distractions, and finding something new and really fascinating to take the mind off the bad stuff. That movie looks REALLY good…my mom & her family being such Anglophiles, I can’t believe I never knew about George VI’s problem. And seeing the actor who is one of the evil pirates in all those Pirates Of The Caribbean movies, all scrubbed up…wow, too too much! Some fine fine actors all around…
    I’m totally in the bag for the Giants, guess you knew that. Even in 2002, when they were favored, and everyone was hating on Barry, I rooted for the GIANTS…just like I did in 1989. I love the town, I like the team. That’s it. Now, maybe if McCovey’s line drive had been a foot over Bobby Richardson’s head in Game #7 of the ’62 Series, I’d feel totally different…but I don’t. And we east coasters aren’t conflicted like you SoCal folks — so Go Jints! Dallas? NEVER.
    After taking all the expected family crap about How Great it is to have new teams in there, and ding dong the Yankee Witch is dead, well, there’s no Big Red Philly Machine either. Son #1 is ecstatic; he said he hates NY and Philly. Well, fine…every dog has their day. Son #2, the fellow Yank fan, dealt with it OK, but resented how the Texas yahoos were all chanting “Yankees Suck” at the end…to his view, the Bosox fans have earned that right, sort of, but not a bunch of Dallas Cowboy fans that are desperately seeking a substitute in their empty lives. (Go NY Giants too!!) Or something like that…I may have embellished a bit.
    Keep those great movie reviews coming, and let’s hope for a competitive Series. My most sarcastic comback has been: “Well, wait ’til the DALLAS Rangers get into the World Series, and face a team with a REAL pitching staff.” Sorry…

  3. Jane Heller

    First, on the group hug, it will occur at precisely 12 o’clock noon (ET), so open your arms and get ready for a squeeeze!

    Got that, yankeepaul?

    Bill Monbouquette? Your baseball knowledge is breathtaking, Paul.

    No hidden message, Virginia, although – and I know you’ll hate to hear this – I do think we need a new backup catcher in place of Cervelli. He’s not the guy to take over for Posada. I’m hoping Jesus Montero will fill that job. And yes, Panda was another name for Molina. You know, like Kung Fu Panda. Group hug at noon!

    Be ready at noon, Dave. Hugging commences then. I didn’t know about King George VI’s stammering either, but the director was there for a Q&A after the screening and he told us some amazing stories about the King and his speech teacher. Apparently, they remained friends until their death, even though the teacher was a commoner and it wasn’t “done” for royalty to fraternize that way. Speaking of which, another fascinating part of the movie was the abdication of the throne of George’s brother, who married Wallis Simpson and forced George to become King, making his stammer that much worse. Really interesting stuff but not a dusty historical piece. Feels very contemporary somehow. I’m with son #2 on his Yankees thoughts. (Don’t know how you put up with the others. I’d run away from home. LOL.) I think you’re right about the Giants. Since we don’t have a traumatic history with them, it’s pretty easy to root for them.

    I remember your pessimism, Diane, but I knew you were really expecting the Yanks to be in it all the way. It sucks, no question. I’m so sorry you, like others, are stuck in the Cablevision/FOX situation and can’t get the World Series. I guess the ratings will be down, true, but it should be a good series.

    I do like Clint, Jeff, but I heard “Hereafter” was kind of boring and not very Clint-like so I’m not expecting much. Funny you mention your soft spot for Helena. The director said after the screening that he had pictures of her on his bedroom wall when he was a teenager – big time crush.


    I’m still not over the devastating end to the season. As pesimistic as I was the whole last week, in my heart, as a Yankees fan, I truly thought we would make it to The World Series.

    Congrats to Cheshirecat for the cupcakes – something positive out of a sad ending to the 2010 season.

    I’m glad your days have been filled with uplifting events, Jane. Just keep us entertained through the off season and hopefully it will go fast.

    Well, at least I don’t have to worry about Channel 5 not being on Cablevision – I can catch Glee on line after the fact and there’s no need for me to see The World Series this season. Wow, no Philadelphia and no Yankees??!!! I’m sure viewing is going to be way down this year.


  5. ladyjane303

    I’m surprisingly ok (maybe in denial), but a group hug never hurts. Pulling for the Giants, too, having lived in the Bay Area for several years. One thing I will say – this World Series is going to be so much better for my health than any one that Yankees (no matter if they win or lose) are part of.
    Love Colin Firth, and I hear great things about the movie. Looking forward to seeing it.

  6. Jane Heller

    Glad you’re doing OK, ladyjane. You obviously are more sane than the rest of us. LOL. I do agree about watching games when the Yankees aren’t in them; they’re much easier on our nervous systems. If you love Colin Firth, you’ll love the movie. He’s just great in it. Geoffrey Rush too.

  7. cheshirecat9

    I was actually doing pretty well. There are some good things going on in my life, I won free cupcakes, I consoled myself with thoughts that I wasn’t really 100% confident in this team and didn’t expect for them to make it anyway… then this obnoxious Red Sox fan who works on my floor comes up to me and says (with a hideous smirk on his face), “What happened huh?” And it totally got me upset again. I just read the blog so I missed the group hug, but I am sending out good vibes to the universe for you guys and accepting it back.

    I too am rooting for the Giants. They have New York roots, I love San Fransisco and they are not the Texas Rangers.

  8. westcoastgirl

    Welcome to the Giants side of baseball! 🙂 The Yankees took a tough fall to the Rangers, but I hope the World Series will still be exciting for you this year!


    I have entered a 12 step program for the withdrawl. I’ll let you know if it helps.

    I am rooting for the Giants if I have to choose.
    I don’t really care for anything from Texas, not their hair, not W, not Nolan Ryan, Dr. Phil and espeically not the Rangers….ok Cliff Lee if he’ll leave the damn state. (wink wink)


    Aaah, I feel better now after that group hug. I am mourning the loss of Yankees baseball, but I’m okay with the fact that they didn’t get into the series. They did well to get where they were. It was interesting to read the LoHud blog about the Yankee locker room and hear names like Randy Winn and Chan Ho Park. It was quite a season!

    Don’t forget that Dave Righetti is the Giant’s pitching coach and Roberto Kelly is their first base coach, so we have connections there! And ya gotta root for a team with a guy named Buster.
    (Anyone remember this: “Does your shoe have a boy inside? What a funny place for a boy to hide! Does your shoe have a dog there too? A boy and a dog and a foot in a shoe.”)

    The movie looks very good – I’d probably watch Colin Firth in just about anything. My husband is English and we lived there for a few years. Most Americans are not aware of just how important a role the Royal family played in WWII in England. Many city dwellers evacuated, but the King and Queen chose to stay in Buckingham Palace in London, which received direct hits during the Blitz. They were a constant source of comfort and “keeping a stiff upper lip” for the British. They visited air raid shelters and those whose homes had been bombed. They were really beloved because of this. (My husband’s parents lived in Southampton, which is a port and both had their houses destroyed by bombs. Luckily, most of us can’t imagine it!)

    Thanks for the movie reviews Jane- it sort of helps us all realize that life goes on.


  11. crzblue2

    Hi Jane,
    Sorry to you and all the Yankee fans but when you look back, you’ll see there are so many good memories of your team.
    It doesnt matter that the hated Jints are in the same division as the Dodgers, I just can’t root for them. Is a nice baseball story for either team though. I’ll be hearing/watching the first three games from LA and the rest from NH as I leave early Sunday for a business tirp there.

  12. Jane Heller

    You did win the cupcakes, cheshirecat, so at least something is going right in your world. The Crumbs person told me your gift certficate has gone out to you, so let me know when you get it. As for the Red Sox fan, why not just turn the question back on him and ask, “What happened to your team, huh?” lol. Good point about the Giants: they’re not the Rangers.

    Thanks for the welcome, westcoastgirl. Your Giants are a fun team to watch. You must be really excited about being in the Series. Happy to hop on the bandwagon.

    I think we’re all in various phases of a 12 step program for yankeeholicism, Peg. Is there a cure? Let us know if you find one.

    Interesting perspective on the royal family and their role in the period depicted in the movie, Melissa. You and your husband will really enjoy it and you should read about how the director discovered previously hidden letters written by the king’s speech therapist. Fascinating stuff. As for Dave Eiland, Cashman made it very clear it was he who canned Eiland and Girardi had no say in it. Lots of rumors flying around about why he was canned, but most think it was related to the “personal leave of absence” he took during the season.

    No doubt we Yankee fans have many great memories of the season, Emma. We were the best team in baseball for awhile there. I can understand why you wouldn’t root for the Giants. It would be like asking me to root for the Red Sox! Safe travels to NH.

    Small market peasants. Lol, Matt. It will be fun to see new faces during the Series, which is why the old argument about the Yankees buying their way in every year is full of holes.

  13. kaiserthegreat

    I’m not sure all the bullpen guys are dying their beards black. I think Wilson dies his black because it gave him the ability to have the most saves of any other player this season. I’m not sure why it works that way, but so long as he knows. Zito branded Pablo the Kung-Fu Panda, probably because of his resemblance to the Jack Black version. I didn’t realize there was another player nicknamed Panda as well. Interesting. I’m not sure we’ll be seeing a lot of Pablo in the WS, but ya never know.Welcome to rooting for the Giants! It’s fun! (Torturous, but fun!)

  14. Jane Heller

    I saw a couple of other relievers with black beards, didn’t I, kaiser? Anyhow, I’m sure Wilson did his because he has ESP when it comes to how to get the most saves. lol. I think the “torture” signs are funny!

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