The Day After….

Luckily, I didn’t have to sit around moping about the Yankees and what might have been. I had a full plate of previously scheduled activities, thanks to my membership in the Santa Barbara Film Festival’s Cinema Society. This morning’s screening was “127 Hours,” the forthcoming film from Oscar-winning “Slumdog Millionaire” director Danny Boyle. Opening next month, it’s based on the book by Aron Ralston.
You know. The guy who was trapped by a boulder while hiking in Utah and had to amputate his own arm? Not a very uplifting story, you’re thinking, but think again. Boyle has taken Ralston’s harrowing experience and, while preserving the suspense and drama of the ordeal, actually manages to find humor in it and force you to come away feeling that life is worth living! Here’s the trailer. 
James Franco gives a performance that’s sure to get him nominated for an Oscar. So unless you have a wicked case of claustrophobia watching people in tight spaces or can’t deal with one very graphic scene (you can always hide your eyes during it), I highly recommend the movie.
Afterwards, there was a reception for Danny Boyle. So I spent the afternoon mingling, eating tasty hors d’oeuvres and trying to forget that my team would not be playing Game 7 tonight.
I was doing fine until someone tapped me on the shoulder and said, “So much for your Yankees. May they rest in peace.” 
I whirled around and said, “They’re not DEAD. They just lost.”
I must have put some serious attitude on my response because the person moved away very quickly and started talking to another guest. Obviously, I need to do a better job of getting a life than I thought. 
Tonight is a friend’s birthday dinner. I had told her I couldn’t come, thinking there would be a Game 7, but now I’ll be in attendance. I will try to smile a lot and not snap at anybody. I really will.


  1. rrrt

    Jane, sorry about your Yankees last night. Glad you had stuff to do today to keep you busy. Day started out good here – daughter scored a goal in her field hockey game and her team won, son had two hits and a walk in his baseball game and his team won. Was hoping for the trifecta tonight with the Phils, but they suffered the same fate as your guys. Similar issues – too many stranded baserunners, not enough clutch hits, pitching good at times but not great. Damn.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  2. beckers46

    Jane, sounds like you had a nice day. I also had to bring out my Yankee attitude today. We had a big store meeting at work this morning. All my co-workers were rubbing the Texas win in big time. I had to remind one girl that her beloved BoSox didn’t even make the postseason. One girl is brand new to the store. She’s from Texas, and she had the biggest grin on her face when she saw me. She’s been very shy, but she opened up big time over the win. I was in awe to find out that she was a she-fan. I also got to mourn with fellow Yankees fans. At the gas station this morning, and at the grocery store this evening. We’re all saddened that we won’t be seeing Yankee pinstripes in the fall classic. Jane, I’m so thankful I read your book and found your blog. It definitely has been the highlight of my year. I got a little choked up when all my baseball friends on twitter started saying their goodbyes last night. Very depressing! Well, I’m looking forward to all the offseason blog posts and tweets. Good night, fans! – Becky 😀

  3. Jane Heller

    Sue, I was just about to drop by your blog to say I was sorry about tonight’s outcome. I know how disappointed you must be. At least you had wins for both kids! Condolences. Sincerely.

    I did have a nice day, Becky. And it got even nicer at my friend’s birthday dinner. There was a TV in the restaurant and we all watched the Phillies and Giants. There’s something to be said for watching a game that doesn’t make you a nervous wreck. Glad you found people to commiserate with about our Yanks. I’m thankful you discovered the book and blog too, and I felt the same way you did on Twitter last night. It was very cyber-emotional!


    Weekends are usually just too busy to blog in…and after Friday nite, it was just too hard…yes, my head knew that this team couldn’t overcome the loss of Tex and The Specter of Lee…but let’s not go there anymore…
    Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, life goes on. That movie DOES look very impressive, and inspiring. Thanx once again for giving us something outside the box to ponder & appreciate.
    Now to something a little more pleasant, if not for the few Philly bloggers. Misery loves company, but…
    “San Fran-cisco! San-Fran-Cisco! You’ve Got Me…”
    So goes the very first (and I say very best) hit tune by The Village People. Bizarre…amusing…who expected THEM when they arrived? Like these Giants. Remember when I told you about the ESPN poll — that NO state in the USA picked them to win the WS (let alone get there), including Cali itself…so I am very happy for them. Much to consider, too: they are, after all, THE mortal enemy of our ancient rivals, the Dodgers. They WERE, after all, from Noo Yawk. And they embody what a feisty, scrappy team with some excellent pitching can be…much like the ’02 Angels, who beat them (when they were favorites) in that Series. Besides…what a marvelous place, City by The Bay. I expect them to be massive underdogs…and the ratings will be in the toilet…but since they’re playing DALLAS…a city I can NEVER support…at last, from my corner, a team to cheer for this week!

  5. Jane Heller

    I’m with you on the Giants, Dave. With our boys out of it, I didn’t think I would care one way or the other about the World Series. But it’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement about the Giants if you live in California. Last night, as I wrote to Becky above, we were at a restaurant and the TV had the game on. Everybody got up from their tables and gathered around to watch and cheer on the Giants, and I have to admit it was fun. I have friends in SF and Michael has family there, so they’re all beyond happy. Even my Dodger fan friends, who would otherwise despise the Giants, were rooting for them last night. The Rangers will be tough – we know that all too well – but they’re a scrappy bunch. And they may not have antlers but they have the Freak, the Panda and the black beards!


    I still have a slight pain in my tummy every time I think of baseball. Sigh.

    Somehow losing in the away uniforms was easier than losing in pinstripes.

    The end of the Phillies/Giants game was baseball at its best. The entire season rested on one pitch. The only way it could have been bigger was if that was game 7. What a great series they had and a great way to end it. (Sorry Phillies fans, I know it hurts, but from a baseball perspective, it was great!)


  7. Jane Heller

    The NLCS really was a great series, Melissa. Except for the Yankees’ big comeback game, our series wasn’t nearly as competitive. Last night’s game had so much tension and strategizing, plus a few beanballs. I’m actually looking forward to the World Series now to see how the Rangers and Giants will match up.

  8. antonella

    Oh Jane, you handled that person very well.. people are always quick to remind you abt the ‘bad’ but they’re nowhere to be found when the Yankees win [& they’re riding in the bandwagon] lol
    NOW the Giants/Phillies game had me SO nervous.. it was a great series. I don’t think it’s going to really HIT until the WS starts & the Yankees aren’t there. I may cry then.

  9. Jane Heller

    Antonella, I’ll probably get all sad again when the WS starts and we’re not there, but for now I’m looking forward to it. California is in a tizzy over the Giants, so I’m bandwagoning. LOL.

  10. angelsgirl012

    Oh Ms Heller, I would have barked the same thing… I thought your reaction was pretty reasonable I mean who says that? May your team rest in peace? Uhhh lol

    😦 I hope you enjoy the rest of the postseason though! The World Series is always a thrill 😀 And plus there’s only a few baseball games left until it’s all over 😦

  11. Jane Heller

    Danny Boyle is a great director, Paul. If you’ve liked his other films, you’ll like this one too. He’s also a hoot despite the dark subject matter.

    You will feel better tomorrow, Jenn. One day at a time. You know the drill. Try going to a movie!

    We baseball fans all have no choice but to enjoy the World Series, Mimi. It’s all we have left of the season! Can’t wait until Game 1.

  12. raysrenegade

    I remember vividly the numbing feeling of the first few days after my team was eliminated from the postseason. Hard to focus on watching anyone else play and looking more forward to mid-February.
    Great thast you had a few events to channel your angst and energy into, plus a chance to possibly see the early screening of a possible Oscar winner.
    Got another film for you to check out….”Chasing 3000″ which stars Ray Liotta about two brothers remembering a wayward trip to see Roberto Clemente hit number 3,000 one summer.
    It is not Yankees baseball, but is a great baseball film shown in limited markets this year.

    Rays Renegade

  13. Jane Heller

    Keeping busy has been a good distraction, Virginia. Try not to think too much about what might have been. I know it’s hard, but they’ll be back in the mix next year. That’s the great thing about being a Yankee fan.


    Hi everyone. So it’s 2 days after our season ended and friends continue to call to see if I’m ok. My response has been “well I didn’t kill myself” and they laughed. I’m actually very touched with how many people care. Everyone who knows me, knows how much I love the Yankees. It’s really very empty without them, so I’m watching Yankee classics on YES and feeling nervous when the game is close. My son thinks it’s hysterical that I get so tense when the ending is obvious. Yes, you can officially call me “nuts.” I probably won’t get to watch the World Series because Fox and Cablevision haven’t come to an agreement. So I am really in baseball withdrawal mode.

  15. YankeeCase

    I remember hearing about this in the news when it happened and thinking that it was such a sad and depressing story. We’re so used to hearing death in the news that maybe we’re almost desensitized with death toll numbers, and so hearing about some guy cutting off his own arm to survive sounds just downright disheartening. But putting his story out there for everyone to see will highlight the will to live this guy had. Like you said Jane, it doesn’t appear to be an uplifting story at first, but the trailer shows it might be otherwise. It looks pretty good. James Franco always has great performances, so if this is Oscar worthy that’s saying a lot.

    Btw, way to keep those Yankee haters in check!

  16. Jane Heller

    If I remember correctly, you blogged about “Chasing 3000,” Renegade, and said it was worth a look. I’ve got it on my must-see list now. I do love Ray Liotta.

    Freya, isn’t it nice the way our friends – especially the ones who don’t follow baseball – check in to see if we’re OK? I love that. And I’m sure you’re not the only one watching Yankees classics on YES and cheering as if you don’t know the outcome. If I got YES out here, I’d be doing the same thing. Sorry you’re caught in the FOX/Cablevision mess. I cannot believe they haven’t settled it by now. Disgraceful.

    The story does sound sad and depressing, YankeeCase, but as I said it turns out to be anything but. The hero will do whatever it takes to survive, which is uplifting, but the movie is also very funny in parts. I recommend it. And yeah, trying to keep the Yankee haters in check seems to be a full time job. LOL.

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