Mood Swings Before Game 6

I woke up this morning feeling so happy and relieved that the Yankees had escaped death. Well, not death death, but you know what I mean. I went about my day with a smile, an extra spring in my step, not even getting upset when I received yet another junk fax from some company selling a trip to Cabo San Lucas. I ran into a Dodger fan friend who congratulated me on the Game 5 win.
“Your guys sent the series back to Texas. Great job,” she said.
“I know,” I said, beaming with pride. “They really fought back under extreme pressure.”
“Of course,” she added, “they’re still facing elimination tomorrow night.”
And that’s when my mood took a dive. It wasn’t that she told me something I didn’t already know. It was just that I didn’t want to hear it. I was content to remain in my bubble.
I went home and started watching the Phillies and Giants, thinking of all the reasons I don’t want our season to end and how Phil Hughes has to pitch the game of his young life.
“What’s wrong?” Michael asked me as I sat there in the fetal position.
“I’m worried about tomorrow night,” I said. 
“But it’s still tonight,” he reminded me. “You’ve got 24 hours to get nervous.”
“True,” I acknowledged, “but -“
“You think the players are obsessing about tomorrow night?” he cut me off. 
“No, they’re probably out having a good time with strippers and stuff.”
“There you go. If they’re not concerned about it, why should you be?”
I hate when he’s right. Still, I felt better reminding myself that the guys who will actually be playing the Rangers aren’t as nuts as I am. I jumped up and started making dinner, vowing to enjoy this night and worry about tomorrow tomorrow.
Speaking of dinner (we’re having roast chicken), I want to alert everybody that Cooperstown Cookie Company is having a terrific promotion – a $100 spending spree giveaway that requires only that you fill out a brief survey. So take two seconds and enter on their site. You could be eating lots and lots of yummy cookies.


  1. antonella

    I for one enjoyed the off day, maybe because these last 3 games have been ABSOLUTELY torturous on my soul, BUT I can’t help but think about tomorrow. I can’t lie & say I’m not nervous because I’m SUPER nervous and from the looks of it Arlington is expecting rain both Friday/Saturday [50%/60%] I just hope the guys are ready, I’ll have my blood pressure meds near by tomorrow.

    PS- this is my first post EVER on any type of blog!

  2. Jane Heller

    Hey, Antonella! You left a comment! (Everybody, she’s a fantastic Yankee fan, so give her a special She-Fan welcome.) So there’s a forecast for rain tomorrow night and Saturday? Ayayayi. That could really complicate things, especially with the pitching (not to mention my social calendar). And yes, I think we’ll all have our blood pressure meds ready. Heart monitors too.

    It’s like having something exciting and terrible hanging over your head, A.J.. That’s how it feels to me anyway. And while I agree about off days, especially after a win, at least this time it’s the same rest for both sides.

  3. antonella

    From the article I read, they said that the rain could HELP the Yankees because it would make CC available for 50-60 pitches if things go downhill. We don’t have any room for error. Have you guys seen the interview with Swisher saying he’s sick of talking about Cliff Lee? LOL I couldn’t help but giggle a bit.

  4. Jane Heller

    I haven’t seen the interview, but he’s not the only one who’s sick of talking about Cliff Lee. LOL. We all are!

  5. devilabrit

    LOL- I am not sure what would make me more nervous, the fact that your heading to Texas for the final 2 games, or that the guys faces Texas tonight were all out at strip clubs last night….:-)

    Good Luck tonight, hope Hughes pulls this one out of the bag…



    Hi Antonella! Glad you posted a comment!

    The Phillies/Giants series has been phenomenal – talk about mood swings! Peter, I don’t know how you can take it!

    I have decided to remain calm. I have faith in this team. As I posted the other day, they had a season of injury, players not performing up to standard and unexpected things happening, as well as deaths to important people. 26 other teams are now watching these games on TV. Our guys got this far, now it is up to them to take it all the way. As I wrote “players not performing up to standard” above, I suddenly realized how Jeter has just pulled himself up this month. He really is amazing.

    We know we have the talent, but in baseball, there is also a little luck involved. With that in mind, here is the song for today:

    The Lord above made the Yanks to be the champions,
    No matter where, in a stadium or a dome.
    The Lord above made the Yanks to be the champions-AND
    With a little bit of luck, With a little bit of luck,
    When they hit the ball the runners will get home!
    With a little bit…with a little bit…
    With a little bit of luck, they will get home.



    Welcome, Antonella! We need all the Yankees fans we can get.

    We’re all nervous about tonight and hopefully tomorrow. C.C. is committed to pitching in relief on both days so it should be interesting. If there is a team in the majors that can make this kind of comeback it IS Our Yankees.

    Haven’t been able to see any of the NLCS since Cablevision lost Channel 5 but I probably wouldn’t have watched much of it anyway. Still, San Fran seems to be poised to go to The World Series although they are going to have to win in Phillie, which is no easy task.

    All of us will be sitting in front of our tv’s tonight screaming as if we were at the game. Hope we will be screaming in delight. GO YANKEES!!!

  8. ladyjane303

    Yes, I’m nervous about tonight, but I have to have faith. As much as I wish we had a healthy Tex, having Cano in the #3 spot is a good change. Swisher’s comment (actually, I think it was more of a little outburst) about not wanting to talk about Lee was spot on. And I LOVED Hughes’ attitude: “They beat me once, but I’m not gonna let them do that again.” We WILL win tonight, and Andrew Eugene Pettitte will be great tomorrow. What are you having for dinner tonight, Jane? I know turkey burgers and pizza are out. Since Wednesday’s game was too early for dinner, maybe you shouldn’t eat until this one is over 😉 By the way, I stopped by Crumbs this morning and there were no Yankees cupcakes to be found – bummer.
    Welcome, Antonella!

  9. Jane Heller

    I’d be nervous even if the Yanks were playing at home, Peter. But congrats to your Phillies for hanging in last night. What an exciting game. I’m sure you’re relieved to be off the hook and heading back to Philly.

    Roast chicken is very healthy though, Paul. You can’t quarrel with that one. As for tonight’s meal, I haven’t decided but it won’t be a repeat of anything I’ve tried before. I’m done with those “lucky” foods.

    Little Miss Sunshine is in top form today! Thanks, Melissa, for the song and the faith in our team. I think luck is a huge factor, and I hope we get some (otherwise known as mystique and aura – may they travel to Texas). Jeter has picked himself up and even more importantly I suspect he’s been a leader in the clubhouse, keeping everybody loose and business-as-usual.

    Aaaaaagh, Jeff. You mentioned the year that shall not be mentioned! If I blink my eyes, will it go away?

    Diane, having another lefty named CC in the bullpen gives me great comfort, although it would be nice if we didn’t have to use him (I didn’t like the way the Phillies’ use of Oswalt ended up the other night). Hughes needs to pitch us right through to Wood and Mo. That’s my scenario. I just hope the weather doesn’t play too big a factor in the pitching. It’s sounding more and more dire. Sorry you’re caught in the Fox-Cablevision mess and haven’t been able to see the NLCS. They’ve had terrific games. And yes, we’ll all be screaming. I’ll be able to hear you across the country.

    I loved Hughes’ attitude too, ladyjane. He sounded very determined and it made me feel better about his start. He kept using the word “adjustments” so it sounded like he’s not interested in a repeat performance. Dinner wise, I’ll wait until later to figure it out, but it definitely won’t be turkey burgers or pizza! Maybe I’ll just starve until it’s over, as you say! Do you think Crumbs has sold out of the cupcakes? They had them earlier in the week. Well, maybe you’ll win the contest and get some freebies.

  10. ladyjane303

    This just received from another She-Fan in my office. A prayer for the Yankees:

  11. Jane Heller

    HAHAHA! I love that prayer, ladyjane. It’s amazing what creativity is emerging as a result of this series. On Facebook several Yankee fans have come up with prayers, poems, you name it. Thanks for sharing this one. I will repeat it many times today, on bended knee.


    WOW…are we ever getting PASSIONATE today!!
    First up — Antonella, may I be the latest to welcome you to the blog! Yup, it’s great to just read all this stuff…but even more fun to contribute, no matter how much/little…
    Melissa, my fair lady! GREAT job on your song!! You take me back to the days when I lived in the NY area…dear ol’ Dad (gone 5 years now) was a HUGE fan of musicals, and he dragged our whole family down to Broadway to see that one…MUCH more fun that I expected…and AAA-Men, let’s have a “little bit o’bloomin’ luck” tonite, luv!
    Tell It To The Rain (while we’re talkin’ musicals…a Jersey Boys reference I can’t resist)…so often it seems to be a bad omen for our Bomberz, but somehow I think NOT this time… forget Jersey Bob (I hear Jane cheering)!
    I have another ol’ buddy, from college, who calls me most days at work, and we talk beisbol and oldies and godknowswhat. But he rarely ever even uses a computer, let alone all this stuff. Ol’ Don gets “feelings” about games, teams, and series — and he’s usually right. After Game 5, he told me: “The Rangers are in trouble.” I know him well enough to not even ask why.
    So we’ll all be in our (hopefully) lucky places tonight. On game days, I NEVER wear any Yank gear — bad mojo — and ALWAYS use the left door, or the left-hand entrance if there’s a choice (well, the W is the left-hand column, and besides, I’m a southpaw) — sit in the same sofa position at home, sip on some ice water, and don’t say JACK — worked like a charm for Minny and LCS Game 1, and then got away from it — so, let’s go with what works — eh what?!?

  13. Jane Heller

    Melissa, somebody posted that excerpt on Twitter the other day and I thought it was something every Yankee fan should read! Thanks for always sharing the good stuff.

    Wow, Dave. You’re even more superstitious than I am. I never think about which door or entrance to use and that kind of thing. Food and clothes, yes. Places to sit during a game. Check. Ice water? No talking? O-kay. But if it worked before, by all means do it again!!!!

  14. peggy3

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans….

    Are you ready for some BASEBALL ??? Are you ready for a Yankee win ??? I say Amen to that …and…speaking of Amen …here’s another version of the prayer that I copied from a poster on the Lohud Blog…

    “Our Father who art in the Bronx, Baseball be thy game.Thy will be done..The playoffs won..In the field as well as in the bullpen..Give us this day, our bats and gloves, and forgive us all of our errors, as we forgive those who homer against us..Lead us not into defeat, but help usto beat the Rangers.In the name of the fans, Mr. Steinbrenner,Mr. Sheppard, Mr. Freddie Sez” and in the name of the YANKEES….AMEN!!”

    Some of the posters are also changing verses to songs and coming up with some pretty good stuff.

    Tonight all positive thoughts should be focused toward
    the Yankees in Texas. Let them know the fans are with them with great vibes. I’ll be cheering with my Yankee
    Meetup friends at Foley’s in NYC … Let’s Go Phil !!! Let’s GOOOOOO Yankees !!! On with the Chase for 28 !!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!!

  15. peggy3

    Happy Birthday Robbie !!! May you get a Game 7 for your bday … :o).

    Hey Antonella…welcome aboard the She-Fan Blog. It’s the
    BEST !!!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  16. antonella

    I feel so welcomed, thanks guys!

    I have a good feeling abt tonite.. I just lit a candle so the baseball Gods will help us conquer our goal!

    Also, Happy Birthday to Robbie Cano.. He turns 28 today.. I hope we keep “Mission 28” alive on his 28th birthday!

  17. antonella

    I feel so welcomed, thanks guys!

    I have a good feeling abt tonite.. I just lit a candle so the baseball Gods will help us conquer our goal!

    Also, Happy Birthday to Robbie Cano.. He turns 28 today.. I hope we keep “Mission 28” alive on his 28th birthday!

  18. antonella

    I feel so welcomed, thanks guys!

    I have a good feeling abt tonite.. I just lit a candle so the baseball Gods will help us conquer our goal!

    Also, Happy Birthday to Robbie Cano.. He turns 28 today.. I hope we keep “Mission 28” alive on his 28th birthday!

  19. Jane Heller

    I like that version of the prayer too, Peggy, although do we really have to forgive those who homer against us? LOL. I especially like that the prayer includes Freddy Sez along with the big names. Have fun at your meetup tonight and GO YANKS!

    Oooh, it’s Cano’s birthday? Thanks for the reminder, Antonella. May he get the greatest present ever by hitting 3 homers and winning the game for us. (Not sure where I came up with the “3” but it sounded good.) Keep that candle lit.

  20. travelingbballbabes

    I think it’s a little ridiculous to be discussing Cliff Lee when we have Colby Lewis to get through first. I am confident in Little Phil, but nervous. Not for Phil, but for the offense. They need to capitalize on what they did in Game 5 and keep scoring runs. Andy Pettitte pitched a great game (blown by the bull pen, but that’s not the point) with the exception of his first inning mistake to Josh Hamilton. You cannot let 2 runs get you down. You NEED to support your pitcher. STRESS!!!


  21. Jane Heller

    I agree, Serena. There’s no Cliff Lee unless we win tonight, so what’s the point of looking ahead. The issue of RISP is huge, so here’s who we need to step up: A-Rod. I want to him some power from him or, at the very least, a timely hit or two. Stay calm!

  22. Jane Heller

    Posada will be the hero, Mike? Works for me, but as I type this the Yankees don’t have a hit yet!

    Thanks, Jenn. Congrats on your win last night.

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