Oh, My

I know my job here is to try to cheer everybody up after a loss and I’ll do my best, but let’s be honest: tonight was a major league bummer. And the bummer-ness can be summed up with two photos. This one:
And this one:
When I saw Tex grab his hammy in the fifth, I went numb. I think I even stopped breathing (sort of). You just never want to see an injury to one of your best players. Not anytime, but especially not when you’re fighting for a chance to get to the World Series. And while I haven’t heard the results of the MRI, I can’t imagine they’ll bring good news for him or the team. 
Onto the photo of AJ after he gave up the homer to Molina in the sixth. How did things go so horribly wrong? The Good AJ had shown up after all, and I was so relieved to see him pitching well with the crowd cheering his every strike. But – and cover your eyes if you don’t like me second guessing our manager – I wouldn’t have let him go back out for the sixth. He hadn’t pitched in forever and five innings of two-run ball would have allowed him to feel somewhat vindicated, to have 50,000 people on his side and, most importantly, to notch the win. Instead, Grady Little Joe Girardi pushed it and the result was awful.
And speaking of awful, what happened to Boone Logan all of a sudden? (I won’t even get into Joba or Mitre.)
All this agony might have been avoided if the hitters had done their job. They kept letting the Rangers’ pitchers off the ropes, and it was frustrating to watch.
So we lost. And now it’s up to CC to save us tomorrow – and for me to end this post on some happy notes.
* The pizza wasn’t lucky but it was delicious.
* There was more thunder and lightning here but my power didn’t go out.
* A Red Sox fan called me bad names on Twitter and I took the high road by not calling him bad names back.
* Patrick Wilson, the actor who sang “God Bless America,” is very handsome. (I loved him in the movie “Little Children.”)
* There’s a very good chance we’ll win Game 5.
Good night.


  1. mikeeff

    the saddest game since the elimination game in 2007. girardi grossly missmanaged, you hit the nail on the head. even though he got through the 5th. there were some hard outs. didn’t he notice the sharp single from Molina earlier? or was his head up..i mean in his binder? yes, the hitters should have driven in tons of runs. 3 against the likes of hunter is a disgrace. anyway, i’m going to the game tomorrow and hoping for a big turnaround…

  2. crzblue2

    Sorry Jane but I am glad you look for the silver lining.
    I got drenched walking from work to the train station. I can’t believe how hard it was raining in those 15 minutes. At least they are not having rain back East.

  3. mickriot

    Jane.. you hit this right on the money.The Yankees one away from elimination! But we have our Big Guy on the mound for game 5.If the Yanks win they go back to Arlington.Phil Hughes gets all the pressure then.St. Rita patron of baseball will be needed for sure..never will give up on the Yankees!!!
    Thanks Jane for all you do !!!

  4. colombiano2386@yahoo.com

    This loss was even more heartbreaking than last night if only for the fact that AJ was actually pitching very well for us and a bomb went off in my stomach when he gave up the 3 run shot to Molina. Jane, I agree Girardi’s decision to keep him out there was very questionable. Regardless, we still would’ve had a chance had the offense did its job. Cano is the only one doing anything remotely good with his bat. 2-13 with RISP tonight, yuck. The less said about the bullpen the better. Mitre, in particular, is absolutely useless and I hope Girardi is smart enough to never use him again. He is like a human white flag. Here’s hoping for the best from CC tomorrow now that he’s on normal rest. I don’t want to think too far ahead on a possible Game 6 and 7 until we get there.

  5. devilabrit

    We could be feeling your pain tonight, with Blanton pitching who hasn’t pitched since sometime in September. Tough to lose someone like Tex, lets hope its’ a minor things and they’re just be cautious.

    Good lick tonight, it’d be nice if both LCS’s went the full 7 games.


    Phillies Outside

  6. bgalaxy@verizon.net

    thanks for keeping us sane. your response to me yesterday was so kind and helpful. the reality with the positive is helpful today. it sure was a bummer and hard to watch and we likely done but we sure could win today and i’d say the same for the two after that. suddenly i want game 7 even against lee.
    i really liked everyone who posted yesterday about loving the team and not booing. i never got the booing your own team and the mean spirited fans. i don’t boo at games. i never think my team is trying to be bad. i am may be sad or mad but i try to support them and i was pleased to see others who felt the same way.
    just trying to take one game at a time and remember we could win today and then who knows from there.

  7. ooaooa

    Tried a little reverse psycology yesterday. Wife had turkey burger like you and I had man burger like Michael (no fog or thunder here). I figured you with the pizza and me with the burgers would be a grand slam. Yuck! Have already gotten several messages from Sox fans. I have reminded them that those games being shown on NESN are Sox Classics, not live games. I have told them it is still better to have played in October and lost then to not have played. I agree about AJ. He had 5 good innings and that should have been enough. Its an uphill battle for sure but “it ain’t over till its over”. I wonder if anyone who entered cup cake contest picked Rangers?

  8. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Little Miss Sunshine had a moment of dark humor last night. When Tex went down, she turned to her husband and said “At least we won’t miss his bat.” What a blow though! LoHud reports he’s out for the season. I’m sure no one is surprised. I really think that impacted the Yankees that inning.

    Poor AJ- he was pitching a great game! I didn’t have an issue with AJ going out for the 6th. What bothered me was that 1- they asked him to intentionally walk a batter. Here you have a guy who has struggled with command all year and you ask him to do something that messes with pitcher’s command. 2- They didn’t pull him after that intentional ball that almost went to the backstop. It was obvious he was losing it. If I could see that 100 miles away, why couldn’t the Yankee coaches? (I liked your Grady Little reference above)

    ARod looks very anxious at the plate. . He looks like a panther when he’s hitting well. He’s like a big cat, knowing it can easily catch its prey. Now he’s squinting and looking very uncomfortable.

    During the regular season, teams go through ups and downs. When your hitting and pitching are both okay, you can win. When one is going really well, and one not so great, you can still win. When both aren’t doing well, you lose. During the regular season, it all evens out. During the post season, there isn’t time. Right now the pitching isn’t looking great and the bats aren’t either. Hopefully, tonight will be different.

    I can’t say enough good things about Jeter. He pulled himself together and elevated his game when he needed to. And Cano is fabulous.

    I know now why I am not a professional athlete. If I was on the Yankees, I’d probably think “who wants to make that trip to Texas?” and lose on purpose.


  9. ladyjane303

    Trying not to be disheartened, trying to be optimistic. But like all of us, my spirits deflated when I saw Tex go down. His bat was ice, but his glove was magic. AJ was doing just fine at the beginning. We had our chances, but we blew it again. The old RISP curse is back (did it ever leave?) We’re not going to win anything without some hitting. Going to listen from my office this afternoon – if there’s another Texas massacre, better to not have to watch it. I refuse to think my season could end today. Let’s go CC, let’s go Yankees!

  10. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Thanx for trying, Jane. Nobody can pick us up after that disaster, but as always, you do your best.
    It’s the first time I can recall knowing that a series was over before the game itself was over, and with the losing team still ahead. When Tex went down…despite his series oh-fer…it was done. His fielding stabilized the infield, now a rudderless ship. May as well put Golson in RF…since NOBODY is hitting (except Jeet now), at least we’ll have a good outfield, which we’ll need to chase down all the missed grounders and upcoming gappers today…don’t get me wrong, love CC, and he had a great year, but Whitey and Gator and Allie Reynolds wouldn’t help now, with the bullpen ERA of what: 27.00? (3 runs per inning sounds about right); the team batting about .100; and of course .000 with RISP (infield grounders and sac flys don’t count, boyz, esp. when you’re losing games by a touchdown or more).
    I’m proud of Son #2. Despite all the wrenching arguments at home (nevermind), he apologized, settled down, and stayed loyal & true. I wanted to go to bed right after FatBoy Molina’s crusher, and DEFINITELY when it got to 7-3, but he shamed me into staying up, right to the very bitter end. And even tho’ we got no runs (AGAIN) in the 8th, the fact that they actually threatened was great to see, to vindicate his faith and humble me. Then, during that (latest) shameful 9th inning, I explained who Meat-Tray was (he doesn’t follow the team daily like we do), and also explained what a “Pig Pitcher” is (Exhibit A: Meat-Tray). He was angry that GradyLittle Girardi would “give up” like that…but the entire (lack of) pitching makes me ANGRY…we’ve given up 5, 7, 8, and 10 runs…how many today, TWELVE?? (nine or 10 after CC leaves…)
    For those faithful loyalists who are going to the game today, my wish for you is that maybe somehow there’s one last home win left in this team, so it’ll end in Texas. Gawd, that’s awful to type. But in Jersey Bob’s words, all of Cashman’s Disasters have finally come home to roost. Esp. in that Javy Vasquez Memorial Barnyard of Pig Pitchers. Cluck, cluck. Oink.

  11. rrrt

    Jane, clearly someone has put some sort of hex on both our teams, because they are both suffering from the same lack of offense. And Josh Hamilton is to the ALCS what Cody Ross has been to the NLCS – it’s as if they’ve both been doing some soul-selling. I hope tonight things turn around for you!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  12. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    So now it’s 3 in a row or the season ends. Ugh, I don’t know which would be harder for The Yankees to handle… losing in their own stadium in front of their own fans or to lose in Texas and get to see The Rangers celebrate full out.

    The loss of Tex (defensively, anyway) cannot be overcome. The bats…where are they? AJ was much better than I expected him to be. Given how well he didn’t I can’t question Girardi’s leaving him in for the 6th inning.

    I’m not saying that the season is over for sure, but you can’t keep letting the opposing team rack up double-digit runs and expect to come out ahead.

  13. nyyfaninvt

    This is the only place I could come to make myself feel the slightest bit better about last night. For a while it looked like my prediction would come true, but alas . . . I really don’t like anchovies.

    I’m a little stunned at how bad our luck has been. Tex’s hamstring is the most obvious example but how about Berkman’s homerun (I think it hit the foul pole and even the TBS announcers said it might have. Yeah, I listened to them sometimes, my husband didn’t like the radio disconnect – I was getting used to it). And Swisher being hit by that pitch and not getting the call (not that he tried – I think he wanted to be the hero and hit a grand slam – instead he popped up and instead of a run we had an out.) How many near-homeruns have we had in this series? The baseball gods are just not smiling upon us.

    My husband thinks he has an idea that will bring us luck. He’s wondering if any of you ladies have found it lucky to put on a Yankee jersey and seduce your husbands.

    I think he’s hoping the Yankees will lose and get it over with because as long as they play like this he’s not getting any action. Nothing personal, I’m just in no mood:(

  14. peggy3

    I’d like to say Good Morning to Jane and my fellow baseball fans but for me ….it’s not that good .. :o(.

    The Stadium was electric and really behind AJ with every pitch last night. Not just clapping but standing and screaming on every 2 strike count and remarkably AJ was responding. I was really happy for him …I wanted him to have a good game for both his sake and the team. I actually was shocked how the fans got behind him and how loud they were with each pitch. I was in total shock when Benjie hit that homer and I felt just awful for AJ who really put his all into the game. Knowing AJ hadn’t pitched since the beginning of October why did Joe push him when Joba was ready to go? AJ went from walking off to cheers which would have done wonders for him ….to boos (which I thought was unfair by the fans after he did pitch so well after such a long time between starts). Except for Robbie the hitters literally have disappeared (although DJ had a few good at bats last night). The runners left on base, the collapse of the BP and now losing Tex (he might not be hitting but his defense makes up for it by saving the them runs) is killing the Yankees. I can’t believe how poorly they have played in this series and how the Rangers have simply outplayed them throughout and in every facet of the game. The game was so exciting for the first five innings …not so much for the rest. It was embarrassing seeing so many fans leave a playoff game but I can understand the frustration …I felt it myself but I always stay till the bitter end …no matter what the score. I’m there for the wins AND the losses no matter how heartbreaking they may be.

    Anyway ….it’s not looking too good right now but as Yogi would say .. “it’s not over till it’s over” . The big guy is on the mound and hopefully will pitch much better on short rest plus he’s at Yankee Stadium where he’s had a tremedous record. It’s one game at a time now ….if the Yankees can pick up their play it could become interesting and hopefully come down to a 7 game series.

    Here’s to the boys in pinstripes …Go CC !!!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

    P.S. …Did you hear about the crazy guy who is in love with Cameron Diaz and charged Alex on the field because Alex is dating her? Alex really should have stayed with Kate. Maybe he would be smashing homers and hits like he did last year in the playoffs. Seems Cameron has sapped all his energy. Do you think Cameron might be a succubus???

  15. Jane Heller

    It was a very sad game, Mike, and it did have the tone of the elimination game in ’07. I was there and I remember the way the crowd turned dead quiet and stayed that way (well, until some people started chanting “Torre! Torre!” since it was likely his last game in pinstripes). I think, even with his binder, Girardi forgot that Bengie Molina is not JOSE Molina, the one who can’t hit. Why bring back AJ for that inning, have him walk Murphy and then pitch to Molina? Made no sense to me, much like having Cervelli catch made no sense. And then the offense not getting to Hunter? Really? Even after all those hard hit balls? Sigh. Knowing you’ll be there today is a comfort. Cheer your lungs out.

    Emma, the rain here has been incredible. Rained during the game and all night. More expected today. Don’t the weather gods know it’s October in California, not January?

    Mickriot, I’m so glad CC will be on the mound today but I’d still like to have St. Rita Patron of Baseball there to help our hitters. Somebody needs to whisper in their ear and say, “Please hit like you did in May, June, July and August!” And you’re welcome. My pleasure to be here. Thanks for your comment.

    A bomb went off in my stomach after Molina’s homer too, Leo. (And it wasn’t the pizza.) You could see the shock on AJ’s face too. Just such a shame that the cheers turned to boos for him. And yes, the RISP situation has been ugly for awhile now, well before the playoffs started. As for Mitre, I think we’ve seen the last of him as a Yankee. I don’t know he made the roster in the first place.

    Peter, sorry about your loss yesterday. I didn’t watch the game but I was surprised when I heard about it. Good luck tonight. I wish Tex’s injury were minor, but he’s done – a huge blow.

    You’re welcome, Barbara. I can’t tell you how coming here this morning and read all your comments is helping me too. I feel like we’re a little family and can console each other/celebrate with each other. Isn’t it interesting how we went from dreading a Game 7 against Lee to praying for it? But you’re right – it’s one game at a time. We need today. And we’ll go from there.

    Sorry your reverse psychology with the food didn’t work, John. Nothing did, it seemed. So today’s lunch menu (the game will be on at 1 pm here) will be pot luck – literally. You’re right about the contest. If the Yanks are eliminated, there will be no winner in the cupcakes contest (everybody said the Yanks would win except for Rays Renegade, who picked the Rays), and I’ll have to devise another way to award somebody those tasty treats.

    Melissa, I couldn’t even find black humor in Tex’s injury. Bat or not bat, his defensive work has been superlative and the thought of Berkman or Swisher at first is terrifying. But it is what it is, and the Yanks either have to rise to the occasion or go home. That simple. I agree completely about AJ and the intentional walk to Murphy. Yes, I would have pulled him after five, but if you’re going to bring him back for another inning, why have him mess up his rhythm with that walk? PLUS, it’s customary for the manager to come get the pitcher after the walk, so he gets a big ovation. Why not have Robertson pitch to Molina there? A-Rod does look like he’s pressing. Even his defense has been a little spotty. (What was with all the double clutching on everybody’s throws last night?) Jeter really has picked it up, and as you say Cano is just our MVP, period.

    I’m with you, ladyjane. The air went out of me when Tex went down. I kept saying, “Oh no. Please no.” I hope listening from your office will result in you jumping up and down at your desk – in joy – and we’ll be able to talk about a Game 6 in the next post.

    I’m glad your son shamed you into watching until the end, Dave. Now he also needs to shame you into stop saying the series is over. It isn’t! And tell Jersey Bob to stop filling your head with nonsense. ALL of Cashman’s acquisitions haven’t been terrible. Thames and Berkman were good pickups, as was Kerry Wood, not to mention Granderson, whose season turned around better late than never. And while Vazquez didn’t work out, Boone Logan sure did – at least until the last couple of games. You did read that Melky was released by the Braves, right? We gave up nothing in that trade.

    Jeff, everybody said I should have rubbed that fan’s nose in his team’s non-participation in the playoffs, but it wasn’t worth the energy. He was so hateful – a cretin of epic proportions. And yes, the Yankees are still breathing. On a ventilator but still alive.

    I couldn’t believe Cody Ross had another big game, Sue! At least Josh Hamilton is a bona fide MVP candidate, but Ross came out of nowhere. Incredible. I don’t know about a hex on our teams, but if ever we needed that positive visualization it’s now.

    I think losing in their own stadium would be harder, Diane. I’m sure, given the choice, they’d love the chance to send the series back to Texas. But losing Tex is an obstacle that will be difficult to overcome, especially given the team’s collective RISP woes. But let’s see what happens. You never know.

    Audrey, you raise a great point about all the “bad luck.” The Yanks haven’t played well offensively and the pitching has been atrocious in some cases. But there’s a lot of luck needed to win these series, and the Yankees haven’t had any. Cano’s homer made it out, but Berkman’s didn’t. And that Swisher at bat nearly drove me nuts. We saw the ball hit his pants. Why didn’t he argue and take first base? It was as if he didn’t feel it or something and nobody ran out to argue the point. Just weird. Your husband’s idea cracked me up. I’m laughing as I type this, and that’s a great thing, given my mood. Tell him thanks. My husband will thank him too. Sex is the lucky charm! LOL.

    The crowd did sound electric, Peggy. Really charged up for every pitch. That’s why the boos threw me after the Molina HR. Talk about a turnaround. Joe did have Joba warming and then didn’t use him until later. I was mystified. And you used the perfect word for the bullpen, which has been soooo good this year: collapse. Very disheartening. Yes, the Rangers have totally dominated us in this series. No question. But Yogi was right, so we’ll see what happens today. And yes, I did see the crazy guy who ran on the field. Well, I didn’t SEE him, because the cameras never show us that (which makes no sense; I’m not going to go out and do the same thing just because I saw it). I guess A-Rod should have kept Kate Hudson around.

    Bengie’s replacement might not be doing well for you, kaiser, but your team is managing without him. Congrats on yesterday’s win.

  16. junojen

    Hi, Jane! Long time no banter. I had to laugh at your Grady Little reference. And the injury to Tex? Dare I say it? I feel your pain (times about FIVE).

    I will have the game turned on in my office this afternoon. One of the perks of my job – a flat screen on the wall. Shh… don’t tell anyone!

    Take care, Jane…


    P.S. Thank you for identifying Patrick Wilson. I missed his introduction. I completely agree with you and I think he needs to be cast opposite Cameron Diaz in “An Ex to Grind.” Just my two cents…

  17. ftyankeefan@aol.com

    I was at a Broadway show last night, so thankfully I didn’t see the game. Of course I was heartbroken with the results.
    I have to believe that we will win today. I haven’t given up. Besides I don’t think I could bear watching the Rangers celebrating on our turf. GO YANKEES!

  18. Jane Heller

    I hope the show was good at least, Freya. It would please me to know that somebody had a nice time! I’m sure it was heartbreaking to find out the results, but today’s a new day. Only a few hours until game time.

  19. nyyfaninvt

    My husband will appreciate your support for his idea, Jane. Very much.

    We are about to take off to visit my daughter, who is at college in western PA. We are taking the NYS thruway most of the way so I should be able to listen to the game, especially since we are stopping for the night at my sister’s house in Rochester. I’ve got Yankees Radio Network affiliates from Syracuse and Rochester written down and ready to be punched into the radio. My thoughts and prayers will be with our Yanks and all the She and He-fans on this board. God bless all.

    Go CC, Go Robbie, Go Yankees!

  20. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Losing Tex was big and my heart sank when they sent Thames out to right field. I’m sure the hamstring injury is related to his broken toe. Whenever you’re injured and have some pain, your body compensates by changing your gait. That could have caused some weakness, or just a different stress in the hamstring.
    His solid play at first is so important.

    But who knows? Maybe Nunez will come in and get a important hit – weirder things have happened!

    I hope I get to see the National Anthem. It’s being sung by Kelli O’Hara who was absolutely sensational in South Pacific.

    Whatever happens, we should be happy and proud of the guys in pinstripes. They played got to the playoffs despite a TON of injuries (FIVE of their starting line up! Granderson, Posada, ARod, were long-term, Swish, Gardner PLUS Andy), a pitcher who was lost for most of the year, and no real 5th starter.

    Like I said earlier, every team has its ups and downs. If you happen to hit a down in the playoffs, it’s hard to win. Let’s hope they can step up their game and go for it!


  21. Jane Heller

    Enjoy your visit with your daughter, Audrey. There are lots of Yankee fans in upstate NY, so you should be getting John and Suzyn most of the way. Safe travels and God Bless our boys!

  22. Jane Heller

    Hey, Jen. Yes, it’s been awhile. Hope all’s good with you and that even though you’re working (love the fact that there’s a flat screen in your office) you’re still writing too. I thought Patrick Wilson was dreamy in “Little Children.” I’d like to see him play any of my male characters!

  23. colombiano2386@yahoo.com

    Now to try to be a little positive. This series is far from over. I hate to bring this up because I’ve been doing well of blocking it out of my memory but the 2004 and 2007 Red Sox in the ALCS those years both overcame 3-0 and 3-1 deficits to win the series. 2004 humbled me and showed everyone that anything is possible in baseball. The Yanks are capable to make it happen and win this series as well; they just need to start playing better; hitting with RISP, starting pitching going deep in the games, and the bullpen can’t screw up. There’s no room for error now. Ugh now time to bang my head against the wall in the hopes I can forget about 04 until the media graciously brings it up every chance they get.

  24. Jane Heller

    No sammich, Paul. I may not eat at all, given how nauseated I was from last night’s game. If the Yankees win, I’ll go have a steak. How’s that!

    Glad you’re being positive, Leo. It helps to hear that. The Yankees are certainly capable of playing better. And do yourself a favor: don’t listen to the media drones. They’ll only make you crazy!

  25. James Buxton

    I don’t have the pleasure to know any of you in person, doesn’t matter, knowing I’m not alone in this hope surrounded by sadness is really comforting, you are my Yankee family and I’m glad for it. Watching Tex get hurt was horrible, the 3-run shot from AJ was like watching a dear friend get smashed by a truck, he was doing very well. I’m not an expert, but even I knew that move from JG was bad. I could go forever, but all of you said it before me. During the game we’ll be again united hoping and cheering and wishing the best to our guys. As Yogi said “it’s not over until is over”.

  26. Jane Heller

    I think you’re right about Tex’s injury, Melissa. He said as much to the media. When your body breaks down, it eventually tells you to stop playing and making it worse. Last night was the “worse.” We’ll always be proud of our Yankees, win or lose.

  27. Jane Heller

    Yes, we are a Yankee fan family, James. No matter what happens we’ll be here for each other. The game is about to start and I’m pumped up. We can do this!

  28. Jane Heller

    So happy right now, James. We live another day. I will enjoy writing tonight’s blog post a lot more than last night’s.

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