Tipping Our Cap to Lee And Calling Him Our Daddy

No, Cliff Lee is not a god. He’s not even the best pitcher in the major leagues. But he owns the Yankees, and his performance tonight only highlighted the point. He made the hitters look like Little Leaguers (no offense to the kids below, who could probably have done a better job).
Was Lee really that good or did his whole aura mess with the Yankees’ heads? Probably both. He threw strikes and they couldn’t hit them. At all. It was a shame because Andy pitched great, minus the mistake to Hamilton. He was everything we could have hoped for and more, and he deserved better. What was Dave Robertson doing in the ninth giving up all those runs? Why wasn’t Mo in there with the score at 2-0 to hold the Rangers down and allow the Yanks to score in the bottom of the inning? I have no idea. I’m hoping the beat writers will ask Girardi and I’ll read about it in the morning. In the meantime, I’m retiring the “lucky” turkey burgers and planning a menu change for tomorrow night: last year’s good luck charm during the World Series.
PIZZA GM. 4.jpg
I guess I should have figured things wouldn’t go well. We’ve been having uncharacteristically rotten weather here in SoCal with rain and fog day after day, but tonight was the capper: a rare thunderstorm with vicious lightning. We just don’t get that stuff here, so naturally the power went out in the house about six times during the game, leaving us in the dark.
The Yankees must have felt like they had a power outage too. They certainly looked like it. If I were Girardi, I’d have a team meeting before Game 4 and say the following in a really loud, authoritative voice:
“You’re the Yankees, the reigning World Champions of baseball. You’re playing in Yankee Stadium in front of 50,000 fans who paid big bucks to come and cheer for you. You need to remember who you are, how you played all year long, how much you want to move forward into the next round, and, above all, how the layoff between this series and the ALDS is not an excuse for mediocrity. Oh, and She-Fan will be clogging her arteries with cheesy, greasy, fatty plaque by having pizza on your behalf. The least you can do is win the game for her.”


  1. A.J. Martelli

    OMG. So disappointing. Lee is our daddy. I guess that’s it. Jane, I am so nervous about the rest of this series. If we get to Game 7, I seriously pray the Yankees can figure something out; some way to beat Lee. I’m a little worried about the hitting, because they have just been switched off. Not to mention Enigmatic A.J. pitching tomorrow…arrgh. Hope our boys can get it right in Game Four.


    Also, that little league team in the picture looks a lot like mine when I played!!


  2. Jane Heller

    Aw, that Little League picture of you does look like you could have been in the one I posted, A.J. So cute. Yes, tonight was disappointing but not completely unexpected. I’m not even thinking ahead to Game 7 though. A lot can happen between now and then, so I’m focusing on tomorrow’s game. A.J. might surprise us.

  3. YankeeCase

    Where the heck has the anchovy-mushroom pizza been then if it was so lucky?! Jane, you need to scarf down those slices! We all need to make sacrifices to make this thing work! My crossed-up toes are killing me!

    I’m not calling anyone my daddy except YankeeCase, Sr. We all thought this might happen. Andy was amazing, keeping it at 2-0 to the eighth, though it was odd not to see Mo at the end. Even though it wasn’t a tie game, I just thought you have to go with your best with a small deficit. Then again, he is 40 and probably wouldn’t pitch three potential days in a row.

    I just wish for so many things from this game. I wish Andy didn’t make that first inning mistake. I wish Logan didn’t give up that lead-off double in the ninth. I wish the April version of David Robertson hadn’t decided to show up. I wish Alex really crushed the hell out of that ball in the fourth (it looked like such a good swing!). I wish our hitters were a little more aggressive with pitches close to the plate, although Swisher’s at bat in the fourth was amazing, minus the strikeout. After the tenth pitch the crowd was giving him a standing ovation. The TBS gang dropped the ball in recognizing NY fans’ sports smarts here. Work Cliff Lee, make him battle for everything, and most important, get that pitch count up! But, thinking about it, all the applause probably hyped Swish up and made him swing at a low breaking ball…

    But again, we all knew this might happen. I was hoping either they would slap Lee around early to knock him out, or that Andy would keep it close and we’d do some damage to their bullpen. It never got to that. But even though this game drove me into a depressed state, forcing me to make a late night trip to McDonald’s and eat $15 worth of ‘food’, and tempting me to finish off that bottle of Jack, there is a silver lining in our gloomy despair…

    If AJ manages to keep things close, and we can beat Tommy Hunter, then it’s a tie series with CC on the mound on Wednesday. Hopefully we could finish them off in game six in that scenario before we ever see Lee again. Not to put down Tommy Hunter, CJ Wilson, and Colby Lewis, but youse guys ain’t Cliff Lee!

    Jane, are you starting to think that this Jesus Montero kid better make Seattle forever regret not making that trade? And make all of Yankee-dom happy we were made to wait a few months to get Lee in pinstripes?

  4. devilabrit

    I think you had a good point there, I believe some pitchers just get in the heads of the players and then they end up making a good pitcher look outstanding. Although I am not sure how much help Lee needed last night….


    Phillies Outside

  5. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Lee was great and so was Andy. I got a little sick of the TBS announcers referring to Lee as HE, as if he were a god. Obviously they didn’t see the interview you posted.

    Eddie, I yelled so loud when ARod hit that ball (“Go out, go out!”) that I got a sore throat.

    And now I’d like to say something to the Yankee bats:



  6. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Anchovies and mushrooms? YEESH. Oh well…chacun a son gout…whatever works, Jane…!
    Nothing worked last nite, of course. Think your night was bad? Well, of course it was, with all those power outages. But you had company, Ms. Misery. Before I even got to my car to turn on the radio, here was my evening:
    (1) walk back to a parking lot that my wife had nagged me into using (a public lot, not a metro train lot, so it’s free…but with signs warning that if you park here all day, you’ll get towed) — and of course, guess what, car not there. After all the expected fun & games, whatever $$ ‘saved’ by parking “for free” was obviously lost, and then some…
    (2) hurry home, wolf down dinner, change clothes to go out & umpire. Who tonite? They never tell you in advance. O-boy, the Big-Boy Rednex…who argue every other ball & strike, and many other hassles…2 1/4 hours of No Fun Aloud. So glad it’s ending…but not just yet, of course…
    (3) get off the field, get to the car. It’s already the bottom of the 7th. Strike three, called. Oh yes; plenty of those. 2-0 felt like 12-0. How depressing…
    (4) get home…Son #2 is pacing the house like a panther. Big fight with Mom: gee, I miss all the fun (not exactly). In the process of defending her, her POV & restarting the arguments, oh BTW, there’s another hit and another hit and another hit and MORE runs. Who’s pitching now? Who cares…but none of that improved any attitudes.
    So, how can it get any worse? Oh yeah…A.J.’s pitching. And BTW…Jersey Bob called at 7AM to rant and rave. He has a pal, former All-American CF at Oklahoma…big Yankee fan…they’re both convinced that Posada is doing something to tip off the hitters. Not each pitch, but the sequence of pitches, or something like that. I’m too stupid to offer an opinion, but it’s not the first time to hear that song of many sour notes. Maybe Cervelli is just what we need; but who knows, Yogi?
    I have only one last question: Tommy Hunter. Have our Bombers EVER faced this guy before? Oh, I do hope so…’cause otherwise, we may as well be facing CATFISH Hunter, circa 1973. With Dooley Womack. And thanx again, TV networx, for having NO games whatsoever for a week, when we’re hot, followed by 2 GAMES IN 24 HOURS (that really helped Texas regroup) and now 3 more games in 48 hours. Gosh, I hope all the NL fans and you west coasters haven’t been in any way inconvenienced…
    Here endeth the rant. Sorry.

  7. nyyfaninvt

    The good AJ will show up tonight – in fact, he will be so good that he will turn around this series and the Yankees will come alive, win the next three straight and waltz right into the World Series.

    That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

    I have to say something about pitching today and how tiresome it is to coddle the relief guys, let alone switch them every couple of batters. I understand the theory and realize that, sometimes, it even works. But I think it’s made the game so mechanical and – dare I say it – boring. All the time spent waiting for the new pitcher to warm up just kills the interest and the fun. If Nolan Ryan starts a new trend with his retro pitching philosophy I, for one, will appreciate it.

    In last night’s game I am thinking specifically of Kerry Wood, who was sharp as a tack. Why couldn’t he have come out and pitched the ninth? If someone like Cliff Lee can throw 130 pitches why can’t Wood throw 3o? I know, he’s the eighth inning guy. So what? I just think the whole thing is over analyzed and over managed and I don’t like it.

    As for Cliff Lee – he is a great pitcher and seems like a decent man. I hope and pray he is in pinstripes next year. But even if he is, I do not want to hear the kind of hero worship we were subjected to last night. I was absolutely sick of hearing about him and I would have felt the same way if a Yankee player was being praised inning after inning. It would behoove TBS to remember that there are a lot of fans from both sides watching and we Yankees fans really didn’t need to have our noses rubbed in it as much as we did. I’m through with those jerks. Tonight I’m listening to John and Suzyn, I don’t care if I know everything five seconds ahead of time. A small price to pay to be rid of those nitwits.

    Now go out there and win Yankees – go AJ!!

  8. ooaooa

    As much as I love cake, Pizza is my bestest loved food of all. Hailing from NY you must know best pizza is found only on the east coast. We have several good places in my home town and Pepe’s and Salley’s are only 20 minutes away in New Haven. I could eat pizza every day. We are in real trouble if pizza doesn’t do its thing. Thunder storms, fog, what next? You’ve got it all AND your ground shakes! All yee of little faith, fear not for the good AJ will show up because I want to win cake!

  9. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    I was devastated by last night’s loss, Jane. I’m not usually a negative person but I think its over. Andy did such a great job and has nothing to show for it. I agree there was a shot at coming back in the bottom of the ninth if it was still 2-0 — I assume Lee would have come out but there was a chance anyway.

    I truly hope that Girardi changes the plan and starts C.C. on short rest tonight instead of A.J. Being out of the rotation for such a long time cannot be good. I don’t know – I just don’t know. Someone out there please help our Yankees!!!

  10. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Checking back in. Thanks, Jane, for your long reply to my selfish rant…you knew I needed that! And extra-special thanx for the Tommy Hunter Report. I do feel better now that I know he’s not TOTALLY unknown to our bats.
    My head agrees with Diane. I’m sick about it, but it was clear to me at the outset that we HAD to win BOTH games in Texas, so we could absorb The Expected last night, and not be clinging to “Boom-Boom” Burnett tonight. But in my heart…oh wait…a little bit of humor first…? AJ reminds me this year of a forgotten CUBS pitcher named Oscar Zamora. He was so bad…(how bad was he, Johnny?)…that Cubbie fans had their own song, to the tune of “That’s Amore” —
    “When the ball hits the wall
    And the runners touch ’em all,
    That’s Zamora…”
    Okay, I’ve had my fun. Let’s just try to remember…Don Larsen was about as journeyman a pitcher as our Yanks have ever had on the hill for a critical postseason game. The year was 1956. The Series was tied, 2-2; and what did Yogi say? Well, I think we all know how THAT went…!

  11. peggy3

    Hey Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans….

    I’m with Eddie …I’m not about to call anyone the Yankee’s Daddy….even if Cliff has been just amazing against the Yankees in the playoffs. He’s been great against everyone in the playoffs…not just the Yanks. I was happy that Andy pitched terrific too. I’m hoping he has another year left in him and stays with the Yankees. He pitched better than well enough to win …such a shame the offense let him down. Last night’s game was a tough one to watch and for once I’m happy I wasn’t there.

    Tonight I am going to the game and I’m hoping AJ can stick it to all the naysayers. He did it before…he can do it again. If he can win this game and give CC & Phil a chance to redeem themselves ….I like the Yankees chances. It’s not over till the final out of the playoffs and I’m hoping that final out is in the Yankees favor. I’m hoping they get to the World Series but if they don’t I’m thankful for another year
    of terrific baseball. We are so lucky to always be in the midst of things unlike fans of teams who are perennially at the bottom. Win or lose I’ll ALWAYS love My Yanks !!!

    I believe in AJ AND the Yankees ….I sure hope you do too…

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  12. Jane Heller

    Who said anything about anchovy-mushroom pizza, YankeeCase? I wouldn’t put an anchovy down my throat if you gave me World Series tickets. (Well, maybe I would.) Anyhow, it’s pepperoni and mushroom, so there. And I didn’t bring it out because the turkey burgers worked for the ALDS so I figured I’d go with them for awhile. Time for a change, clearly. On to baseball. I don’t agree about Mo. So what if he’s 40? He’s our best and we might have come back in the ninth if he’d been out there. I don’t believe in saving people for later in the postseason. I wish Andy hadn’t made that first inning mistake to Hamilton too. Can you imagine if we’d had a 0-0 game? That Swisher at bat was incredible, and it made me think we were working Lee and about to get to him. But no. I did have thoughts about the Seattle non-trade during the game, I admit. I’m not sure it was ever about Montero. It seemed like the Mariners wanted more and we weren’t as close to a deal as we suspected. If Cashman had really wanted to trade for Lee, he would have made it happen. I think he made a half-hearted attempt, it didn’t work out, and here we are.

    I think the Yankees are awestruck by Lee, Peter. Not that he isn’t amazing, but there were many, many pitches that were right down the middle – fastballs – and they couldn’t hit them. I know he changes speeds and arm angles and all that, but still.

    I’ve been trying to restrain myself about the TBS announcers ever since my initial rant, Melissa, but we’ve been hearing the hype about Lee for days and that’s what I mean about him getting in the players’ heads. If we were hearing he was a god, they heard it too. Love your image and wake-up call!

    No anchovies, Dave. (See above to YankeeCase.) What a night for you. Your car got towed? You had to settle a domestic dispute? Who has time for baseball? LOL. You need to lock yourself in a room alone with the TV for tonight’s game. No distractions. As for “Jersey Bob” or whoever he is, if Posada is tipping pitches, how does he explain Andy’s brilliant outing? Or all the brilliant outings by other pitchers Posada has caught? I agree that he has troubles throwing runners out and it’s a real issue, but give the guy a break. In answer to your last question about Tommy Hunter, I had an email from Melissa (the other Melissa who doesn’t leave comments as often). She said to tell you this: In his only start against the Yankees (Sept. 11), he gave up two runs in five innings, striking out eight, in a no-decision. He’s allowed 21 home runs in 128 innings, including one by Curtis Granderson. Lefties hit .272 against him and righties .231.

    I like your scenario, Audrey. I’d stick with it too. And I know what you mean about the coddling of pitchers. Kerry Wood was pitching well, granted. But he hasn’t been used for multiple innings with much success this year. My issue was the UNDER-managing by Girardi this time. Once he saw that Dave Robertson didn’t have it, where was the quick hook? Why let the game get out of hand? And yes, the hero worship about Lee was hard to take last night. But during our power outage after we lost our cable for awhile, we switched over to John and Suzyn by necessity and I was surprised how negative they were. They kept saying it was over before it was over! Very depressing! So they weren’t exactly a refuge. Maybe they’ll be more upbeat tonight. Hope so!

    Yes, John, our weather in California has it all – except for one thing: snow. And that’s why I live here.

    I do think Lee thrives on the pressure and excitement of the postseason, kaiser – the very definition of a “big game pitcher.”

    Lee was devastating, Jeff. I’m still scratching my head trying to figure out how. He’s a strike machine, I know that. So it’s easy for hitters to get behind in the count fast. I just couldn’t believe how often he got the hitters to actually swing and miss! He doesn’t throw 100 mph!

    Oh, Diane. Don’t say it’s over. Come on, you know the Yankees can come back. They’re only down 2 games to 1 and have 2 more games at home. Yes, it’s a crap shoot with A.J. on the mound tonight, but that’s the plan. CC on short rest would mean Hughes and Pettitte on short rest too, and that’s not happening. I hear your plaintive cry for help and I wish I could DO something to help our guys!

  13. Jane Heller

    I disagree about Lee, Peggy. He owns the Yankees and there’s no shame in saying it. He struck out 13 batters last night. He dominants them. I’m not saying that’s always been the case or always will be the case, but it’s been that way for two years straight – yes, in the postseason. I also feel that A.J.’s job isn’t to stick it to the naysayers but to prove that he can still pitch. He’s been awful. He needs a win to redeem himself and pick his teammates up. I do agree that it’s not over by any means. Still a lot of baseball to play, and CC and Hughes can certainly do better. We will prevail in the end! (I sure hope so anyway.)

  14. colombiano2386@yahoo.com

    I had to sleep off this loss. It was just so disappointing even if it was somewhat expected. It’s a shame that the one mistake to Hamilton was the game decider and it was so early. Barring that, Andy did a good job keeping us in the game and matched Lee the rest of way with zeros across the board. I just wish we were able to get a run in which probably would’ve done wonders to boost the team’s confidence and do good things. Gardner getting the single and stealing second was a great opportunity to do so but alas, nothing came out of it. Robertson was just BAD and effectively killed any chance of the Yanks pulling a comeback. I hope it was just a slight hiccup and he can bounce back. Jane, I hate mushrooms on my pizza but I’ll share the burden with you if it’s the real lucky charm. Crossing my fingers for good AJ to show up and the bats light up against Hunter. Barring the offensive explosion in the game 1 8th inning. Oh yes, I’m a little late since you posted this in your last blog entry but RIP Freddy. I hope he has a spoon and pan in heaven for good luck.

    Oh and YankeeCase, I just wanted to comment about the part of your comment on Jesus Montero. I believe he will pan out and make Seattle regret not taking the trade, especially if he pans out as our future catcher. His bat is major league ready now and he’s improved his defensive abilities as he used to be really bad. He’s the prospect I’m most hyped for and the one I’ve been looking up the most. I’m happy Seattle didn’t go through with the trade. Good for the Yankees though especially if they’re able to sign Lee this offseason and have him AND still have Montero.


  15. peggy3


    I’m not saying he hasn’t dominated us in the playoffs ….that’s easy to see but I’m NOT calling ANYONE the Yankees Daddy …that little title in my mind will always belong to Pedro by his self admission. As I wrote …Cliff has been TRULY amazing ….

    If AJ should happen to win tonight …it will redeem him to some extent but it will also shut up the naysayers who said he shouldn’t be pitching. I agree with Joe on this …that he should pitch tonight with CC going tomorrow. The nastiness that has been directed to AJ is disgusting. Seriously …do the fans think he wants to pitch terrible?? AJ is AJ and we knew that when we signed him. He’s like the girl with the curl …when he’s good he’s very, very good but when he’s bad he’s horrid …unfortunately this season has been more of the horrid but I’m hoping he gets a fresh start tonight and carries it over to a World Series win (YES …I believe we will be there) and a much better season next year. I understand frustration …believe me I get very frustrated but never to the extent of viciousness that I have heard & read from so called Yankee fans. It literally turns my stomach.

    I’m with the team to the happy or bitter end and I’m pulling
    big time for AJ …not just for the team’s sake but for his too.

    As Dave said …rant ended … :o)

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  16. Jane Heller

    The pitch to Hamilton was a killer, Leo, and I know Andy must wish he could redo it. He was terrific otherwise. Gardner’s steal was encouraging. But in the at bat where he tried another head-first slide into first base but was called out this time, I had a sinking feeling, as if things wouldn’t go our way. If we win tonight with the mushrooms on my pizza, you can decide if you want to go that route for Wednesday. They’re not bad, seriously! LOL. Yes, sad about Freddy Sez. There was a nice obit in today’s NY Times about him, although not in the obit section for some reason.

    Barbara, what can I say to cheer you up? I’m glad the Girardi speech made you smile but I want you to look forward to tonight’s game and not be too upset. We’ll all be with you and no matter what happens (and I really do think the Yankees will win), it’ll be OK!!!!!

  17. Jane Heller

    Oops. Didn’t see your second comment there, Dave. Peggy’s either. Sorry to both.

    Dave, love your story about Zamora. LOL. And you’re right to remind us of Larsen. People said, “Why is he pitching?” Let’s hope AJ has the same magic or at least a little of it.

    Peggy, if you’d rather leave the “Daddy” expression to Pedro, that’s cool. Whatever feels right to you. But I don’t know which fans you’re talking about when you use the words “disgusting” and “stomach turning” to refer to comments about A.J. Maybe you’re on another blog and see something we don’t? One of the things that’s been a real turnoff on Twitter lately has been fans attacking other fans for saying/feeling the way they do. I’d certainly hate to see that here. We’re all in this together.

  18. peggy3

    Jane …

    NOT ON HERE !!!! This is the best blog ever with very respectful fans from all teams. I’m talking about radio &
    TV shows and other blogs.

    Everyone has a right to say what they want but if you saw some of the things I have I think you would agree it’s just
    downright disgusting. That’s why I haven’t been reading
    much anymore. It takes a lot to get me upset and it’s not just what is said about AJ but about the other players and the team in general…by our OWN fans.

    Everyone on here is COOL and knowledgeable…. most of all YOU …that’s why I love this blog. I’m sorry for the confusion.

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!!

  19. Jane Heller

    I agree, Paul. You go with your best in that situation, in my opinion.

    I’m glad I haven’t been seeing/reading all the things you have, Peggy. Sounds awful. On Twitter you see a lot of fans attacking the team but also each other. There’s a relentless debate about who’s a “true fan,” and it gets really tiring. I do try to keep this blog a lighthearted, supportive environment, but there are times when I’ll rant if if I think the team deserves it.

  20. peggy3

    Jane …

    So true about not only attacking the team but each other. It’s so silly …everyone is such a “brave” soul on a computer. As far as a “true fan”….everyone has their own ideas. For me it’s that I stick with the team through thick and thin even if I don’t like some of the aspects of what is going on. I’m not in the clubhouse so in truth …what do I truly know?? Being an armchair manager is easy …being the real thing ..not so much. Same goes for the players ..not as easy as it looks.

    My other idea of a “true fan” is the fact that fans can criticize, get upset but I draw the line at stupidity and nastiness. Of course I’m not a fan of booing either …I was totally embarrassed when the fans booed Javy & AJ at the ALDS game introductions. I wasn’t the only one either …many people around me made the same comment. It’s different if they want to boo Pavano or some other Twin but their own players?? Pretty sad IMO. As I have said before…do they really think these players wanted to have a bad season? I think they gave their all but it just didn’t work out this year.

    A “true fan” doesn’t have to attend every game or even watch it …just be there for their team in good AND bad times. I’ve been there for almost 50 years and have seen it all. For what it’s worth ..no matter what …I’m still a Yankee fan and will be till the day I die (which I hope isn’t too soon ..haha).

    Now for the matter at hand ….GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YANKEES !!!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  21. Jane Heller

    You’re so right about people being “brave” on the computer, Peggy, and having the nerve to say things they would never say to someone in person. I agree about the booing too. I may yell at things the players do while I’m home watching on TV but I could never imagine booing a Yankee at a game. I remember vividly when people booed Wang during the ’07 ALDS when I was writing the book. I wanted to crawl in a hole!

  22. peggy3


    I was at that final game against Cleveland in ’07 ….it was soooooooo hot in OCTOBER !!! I think it was in the 90’s at game time. Everyone was sweating in their Jersey’s. The weather was awful ..the outcome of the game even worse and the booing of Wang was uncomfortable to say the least.

    I’ve actually been at the games where the fans booed Jeter and even worse … MO !!! This might be where I say ..could they possibly be “true fans” booing two Yankee icons?? I probably was at a game where The Mick got booed too but I guess I was too young to remember.

    Let there be no booing tonight …only cheers …AND ..this my final post today. I have monopolized the blog with my boredom ….LOL … sorry … :o(

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  23. nyyfaninvt

    I have to agree with what you said about Girardi under-managing last night, Jane – I was surprised by that also since usually he is very quick to call in a new pitcher. But I wonder if that constant substitution gets in the pitchers’ head too. Maybe Wood always falls apart after one inning because he doesn’t expect to go more than one. I don’t know, obviously I’m speculating and Girardi is much more knowledgeable about all of this than I am but I just don’t like this whole modern culture surrounding pitchers.

    I’m right about AJ tonight. He’s going to elevate his game and so will the rest of the team. Really. I promise. Otherwise I’ll eat an anchovy.

  24. Jane Heller

    Oh, God. I remember how hot it was on that October night, Peggy. It was a hot October, period, which is why there were midges in Cleveland! Yes, let there be no booing tonight – only cheers and tears of joy!

    The whole culture of pitching has, indeed, changed so much over the years, Audrey, that relievers see themselves in specifically defined roles and that’s it. I remember back in the day when guys threw a zillion innings and nobody paid any attention to pitch counts. But as my husband always reminds me, most of those pitchers didn’t have long careers because their arms fell off. On the other hand, you have starters like CC, Lee and Halladay who can and do pitch complete games, so who knows. Anyhow, I’m clinging to your promise about tonight. No anchovies!

  25. davidwhitney167@comcast.net

    I know I said “No way” to the good AJ showing up this series but now I want to take it back and vote for the good AJ. I will gladly sacrifice the cupcakes and in fact bake some AJ cupcakes for him with hideous tatoos on them if he will only throw strikes.

  26. Jane Heller

    HAHA, David. We all want the Good AJ to show up tonight, cupcakes or no cupcakes. Maybe if he knew you were planning to bake some for him, he’d really get motivated!

  27. raysrenegade

    Cliff Lee has done that too a lot of people this year.
    Coming into the post season, the Rays had a 2010 dominance on him, but we forgot to read his post season manifesto that called for his dominance over the enitre American League.
    Could have been worse, his buddy C J Wilson, who will pitch next is also a crafty and skilled southpaw, but is easier on the hitter than Sir Cliff.
    Best case scenario, Lee doesn’t pitch again in this series.
    Worst case, he does!

    Rays Renegade


  28. Jane Heller

    I remember that you guys did pretty well against him in the regular season, Renegade. I guess he turns it up a few notches when it really counts.

  29. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Actually Jane, it was me, the verbose Melissa who sent you the email. They wouldn’t let me comment this morning and you know how I am about information.

    This blog is great – everyone is respectful, even when we disagree. Every once in a while, I put sports talk radio on in the car and I’m disgusted by what fans say about “their” team.

    I always think I cannot really judge any baseball player because I am a woman and despite my amazing 100 mph fastball, they won’t let me play. ; – )

    Really though, how can any fan really judge any of these guys? They are doing something none of us could do and have a lifestyle so different from ours, we might as well be a different species.

    And I agree with Peggy – fans just cheer their team on. As Yankee fans we are so lucky to have a team that is in contention every year.

    Okay, time to go watch the pre-game on YES.


  30. Jane Heller

    I must be losing it, Melissa. I could have sworn we had two Melissas – you being the regular commenter and another who posts here occasionally. Too funny. Sorry you couldn’t get on earlier today. I had trouble too. I don’t think it’s about judging a player so much as it is appreciating those who are successful and being frustrated by those who aren’t. They’re all trying their best and they all have talent or they wouldn’t be in the majors. But you’re right – in many ways they are an entirely different species than you and I. I’m off to watch the pregame on TBS since I don’t get YES. Boo hoo. Let’s go Yankees!!!!

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