She-Fan Exclusive: Cliff Lee Is NOT A God!

On the heels of Suzyn Waldman’s groundbreaking interview with Nolan Ryan, which preceded the Yankees’ win over the Rangers on Friday night and could only be seen here, I happened to be milling around the Rangers’ Manhattan hotel today, stumbled across Suzyn entering Cliff Lee’s suite, and shot the following footage of them with the She-Fan Cam. I think Yankee fans will all breathe a sigh of relief that Lee is not, in fact, a superior being. It turns out that, despite the breathlessness of the media, he is a fallible human who might even lose Game 3.
On a more serious note, like all Yankee fans I was saddened by the death of “Freddy Sez,” who brought his pan and spoon to every game in the Bronx and encouraged us to bang away in support of our team. He was the ultimate fan and a sweet guy. RIP, Freddy.
Freddie Sez



    “do you have disgusting toe fungus . . .” Oh Jane, you are hilarious! I was feeling a little down about our guys in pinstripes, but this cracked me up.

    So sad to hear about Freddy Sez. Hope there are lots of spoons and pots at the Stadium tomorrow night.


  2. Jane Heller

    I’m glad I cheered you up, Melissa. I was kind of gloomy today too. The fog and rain are getting to me. We haven’t seen the sun in a week and probably won’t for another week. We have “May Gray” here and “June Gloom,” but it’s never like this in October. So weird. Anyhow, yes, very sad about Freddy. So many Yankee icons have died this year. I think the Yankees should wear a patch on their unis for him too. He really was the consummate fan.

  3. James Buxton

    I bet he got disgusting toe fungus at least once in his life!!
    You are a genious Jane, and I admire the way you endure the bad performances, I’ve learned to be a much better fan thanks to you. By the way, I’m ordering “confessions” this week, a good friend is coming to Mexico in november and will bring some stuff from amazon, your book included. I never knew Freddy, but I’m sad to hear that another Yankee icon has gone all the way to Yankee heaven. I’m wearing a black band in his memory.

  4. Jane Heller

    I’m not so sure I endure the bad performances so well, James, but I’m better than I used to be – mostly by trying to find humor in everything. How exciting that you’ll be able to read the book in Mexico! Thanks in advance to your friend for bringing it. Freddy was such a fixture in the Bronx, year in and year out, that it’s hard to believe he won’t be there. He looked very frail the last time I saw him but he always had a smile for his fellow fans.

  5. YankeeCase

    Freddy died…..?!

    That really sucks… I wonder if they’ll do anything before the game? I doubt they’d show it on TBS, let alone get half a mention about him. Guess we’ll have to check the YES pregame.

    What a character he was. He was as much of a tradition as the Bleacher Creatures’ Roll Call, and Enter Sandman being played when Mariano comes in, and everything else you expect from a Yankees’ game. People always smiled when they saw him. I’ll miss hearing that pan being banged, both at the games and in the telecasts…

    (did he say elvis andrus’ weird left ear?!)


    i miss the rhythm of the regular season already. a game a day and each game matters but it is not so crucial as each of these games feel. more relaxing. somehow i didn’t freak out saturday but i know i’ll be nervous tonight. if only lee could be human. the non pitchers duel saturday night made me hope if halliday and linecum can be ordinary, can’t lee? just hoping for andy to be great and the bats to be clutch.

  7. dj2jd5jm7

    Thanks for finding the humor; I think it helps all of us get through.

    I too am missing the regular season, a game every day. I said something on Thursday about already going into baseball withdrawal.

    So sorry to hear about Freddie. Apparently many of the Yankee icons are needed for the World Series up above. I say “Go Yankees! Let’s get #28 for the boys!” (and for all of us She-fans too, of course)

    Here’s hoping to see a great game from Andy!!

  8. Jane Heller

    I’d love to see the Yankees make a special deal about Freddy, YankeeCase, but they have a complicated history. Freddy started going to every game after he retired completely on his own. Then they let him in for free because he was such an “attraction” and fan favorite. When the new Stadium opened, I seem to remember there were hurt feelings when he was refused admittance there. Many of us were outraged that they wouldn’t let him in and that the Yankees had gotten too highfalutin for the likes of real fans. But the PR was bad enough that they rectified the situation, and Freddy was back as an honorary fan, pan and spoon and all. I know he’ll be rooting from above. (Yup, Elvis’ weird left ear.)

    These postseason games make me crazy nervous too, Barbara. With the regular season there wasn’t so much emphasis and importance placed on each one. But now? Each one is a must win. I agree that if Halladay could be vulnerable, so could Lee. It gives me hope. But mostly I’m sick of hearing about how superhuman Lee is (hence the video). We have a pretty damn good pitcher on the mound tonight too.

    The menu is planned and the burgers will be grilled, John. It’s still foggy and rainy today, but Michael will get out there with a rain slicker and make those rally burgers! This is do or die! And if, by some chance, the Yankees lose, we will switch to something else for tomorrow.

    You’re welcome, dj. Part of me is going into baseball withdrawal and resisting the time of year. The other part is preparing for the end of the season and looking ahead to life without baseball. I have work projects to tackle and I’m trying to convince myself that it’ll be good to have the time to do that. And yes, we need a great game from Andy! He’s been our hero so many times over the years. I know he can do it again.


    “One, two, three…let’s hit Mister Lee…
    Three, four, five…bats come alive!”
    That’s the tune I was hummin’ this morning (it’s from an old ’50s hit by The Bobettes, children), tryin’ to “Ac-Cent-Chu-Ate The Positive” for tonight. Hey, look, can it be any worse than last year, when he didn’t even break a sweat? (Never mind, don’t answer that). Guess I’m pretty calm for this game, ’cause seemingly Nobody gives us a chance to actually WIN. All-righty then. And, to boot, I have to miss all the early innings ’cause it won’t rain soon enuf and I gotta umpire the late games (nobody ELSE wanted ’em… but this is the LAST year for that)! By the time I’m done, it’ll likely be the 4th/5th/6th, depending on how dandy our Andy can be (and after all, LCS rules state we’re not allowed to score in the first 5 innings…are we?)
    So I’m just hopin’ that Dandy Andy can keep it down to a two-run deficit or so, before I can get to the car and turn on the radio. Anything better is GRRREAT!! But as much as yours truly, Mr. Pessimist, wants to whine, Friday nite restored some faith & hope in the unknown…as Yogi said it best, “In baseball, you don’t know nothin’.” Amen.
    P.S. your posting also forces another tune out, from Mr. Curtis Mayfield: “Freddy’s dead…that’s what she said…
    Spoons and pots, they define him
    A Yankee fan, he’s sublime, him…
    A terrible blow, but that’s how it goes…
    If you wanna beat the Yankees, why?
    ‘Cause Freddy’s dead…”
    RIP with all your (and our) pinstriped heroes, Freddy…


    What a crazy weekend. The come-back win was amazing and I thought it set the tone for the entire series. Game 2 was disappointing, especially since it seemed to be setting up like it would end exactly the way Game 1 did.

    Now we must depend on Andy who is generally lights out in the post-season — and I doubt that rest would be a negative for him.

    Dave, this was the best song parody you ever wrote. Thanks.

    Okay, everybody — knowing that we are all baseball fans and that most baseball fans are mad superstitious, let’s all remember to do or say or wear whatever it is that we need to guarantee a Yankees win tonight! GO YANKEES!!!

  11. Jane Heller

    Yes, kaiser. I did know that Freddy had a website. I was on it when my book came out.

    Thanks, Paul. Maybe it’s time I traded in the blog for stand up? People could either applaud or throw tomatoes at me.

    Dave, given how long these games have taken so far I think you’ll make it home before the second inning. Seriously, they’ve been really slow – like Yankees-Red Sox – and I’m not sure why. Yes, the Yanks always take a lot of pitches and TBS probably shows more commercials compared to YES, but still. Thanks as always for the songs, especially the tribute to Freddy.

  12. Jane Heller

    Right, Diane. We will do whatever it takes to bring mystique and aura to the Bronx tonight. Lucky food. Lucky seats in the house. Lucky caps/shirts. You name it. Consider it done.

  13. peggy3

    Howdy Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans….

    I hope Cliff Lee is a DOG tonight ….then turns around to a
    GOD when he plays for the Yankees next season … :o).

    Good luck to Andy and the boys ….BEAT LEE in game three !!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  14. peggy3

    Sad news about Freddie as he was such a long time part of Yankee history. They have an exhibit at the Hall of Fame that shows some of the loyal fans of different teams who did quirky things at the games …I forget what it’s called. Freddie definitely should be added to the exhibit. I read that his pan is in the HOF.

    Rest in Peace Freddie ….show the Good Lord one of your signs, let him hit the pan and put a good word in for the boys and the upcoming games… :o) .

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  15. Jane Heller

    I hope he’s a DOG too, Peggy! LOL. I bet the players are so sick of answering questions about Lee in their media sessions. Joe too. Andy’s getting left out of the conversation, and it’s just silly.

    The funny thing is, Sue, I don’t even watch the Jersey Shore. I just know about it – and Snookie – because how can you not? Yes, I hope Freddy will provide angelic assistance tonight. Congrats on your win last night.

  16. Jane Heller

    Freddy’s pan is in the Hall of Fame, Peggy? That’s so great! Maybe they could put one in Monument Park too? OK, maybe not Monument Park but somewhere in the Stadium. There’s a museum, right?

  17. peggy3

    Yes Jane …I think the Yankee Museum would be a perfect spot for it …along with one of his signs.

    I also read that he has a pan in Yogi’s Museum too

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  18. peggy3

    Jane …I’m going tomorrow and hoping to see Mr. AJ pitch a gem (or at least a good game). I just hope they kick some
    Lee butt tonight.

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!


    I am going to miss seeing (and hearing) Freddy. He was such a special part of the Yankee Stadium experience. I hope the Yankees find a way to honor him.
    In the meantime, we really need to win tonight’s game!


    LoHud reports they are going to have a moment of silence for Freddy and have some of his stuff on display. Fans will be able to hit the pan. They will leave it on display throughout the post season and then put it in the museum.
    Your gal on the scene (well on the internet)

  21. Jane Heller

    I agree, Freya, and you’ve been to a lot more games than I have. I was going to fill you in on the Yankees’ planned moment of silence for Freddy tonight and their exhibiting of his pots and spoons, but I see Melissa beat me to it!

    I think you and I must read LoHud at the same intervals throughout the day, Melissa. Now if only I got the YES pregame show here in CA, I’d be a happy camper. I’m dying to see the festivities, but maybe TBS will do us a favor and show them.

  22. angelsgirl012

    ahahahahahaha that was hilarious! xD such light hearted humor too 🙂

    Sorry for the loss 😦 it sure was tough out there! Cliff Lee had a great night!

    aww that’s a sweet picture of you and Freddy. I think it’s awesome that he had that much passion and love for the Yankees and for the game. We need more people like that for sure

  23. Jane Heller

    Freddy did have a unique passion for the Yankees, Mimi. He was at every single game encouraging fans to cheer – no matter how old and frail he was. I really enjoyed the moment of silence for him before the game last night and the way people were chanting his name.

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