Yanks-Rangers Game 2: It Was All My Fault

Don’t blame Huuuughes for today’s defeat. While it’s true that he looked like he was throwing batting practice and forced the offense to attempt yet another monumental comeback, this one’s on me. I did not grill the lucky turkey burgers.
My excuse is that it’s been really foggy here – like this foggy.
I can’t even see the grill out the window. Plus, it was still afternoon here when the Rangers were hitting bombs off Huuuuughes, and who wants to eat burgers at 3 o’clock? So I didn’t do it, and the Yankees lost. I’m sorry.
On the other hand, maybe lucky food had nothing to do with this loss. I say that because Audrey, Friend of the Blog, baked lucky Yankees cupcakes and we still played like dead people. (Here’s a pic she sent me. Yum.)
Audrey's cupcakes2.JPG
OK, let’s get down to basics. For the second game in a row, our starting pitching stank up the joint and it’s a little scary. These are the guys we count on to give us innings, keep the opposition off balance, get hitters out. They can’t be having trouble with command, mechanics or whatever the hell else was the problem. The bullpen has been a bright spot and Cano is on fire, but can Dave Eiland please fix whatever’s wrong with our rotation? I don’t want to hear about the extra rest anymore. I want Andy to come out with killer stuff in the Bronx on Monday night.
I know, I know. I’m supposed to be grateful that we gained a split in Texas. But I was kind of enjoying the constant yammering about how the Rangers hadn’t won a postseason game at home – ever. I was hoping to keep the monkey on my back.
Well, on their back. Anyhow, I’m switching over to FOX now for the NLCS so I can forget about that fiasco. Ugh.


  1. YankeeCase

    No turkey burgers, Jane?! Ugh…! (lol…) Well we both dropped the ball, because I was at work and I couldn’t get my full focus on the game. Plus I’d look really foolish if I went through my toe crossing, gyrations, and intent staring at the screen in public…

    At least I’ll have Monday night off, and maybe I’ll get lucky and find cheap tickets to the game.

    We’ll have Andy in game 3, so that’s good news. But then they’ve got Cliff Lee. He’s sorta looked less than invincible lately (besides his last two games!) and this will be the 87th time we’ve seen him in about a year, so hopefully the guys have figured him out by now.

    We just have to put this game in the ‘You were supposed to lose’ file. If I remember right, Lewis hadn’t pitched against them this year, and we know how great they’ve been against pitchers they’ve never seen. And then Fat Elvis showing he’s Slow, Poor Baserunner Elvis, along with baseball karma kicking in and sending hard line drives right to Ranger outfielders. I guess it’s what we get for stealing game 1. We knew this wouldn’t be easy…

    But the bullpen was great again, huh? They just need to avoid having to use them so early.

  2. nyyfaninvt

    Remember, most of us said this series would go six games and you can’t get to six games without a couple of losses. Plus, if we were to sweep we fans would be in the same position we were in last week – waiting and waiting for our Yankee baseball to resume.

    As for Phil Hughes – well, I don’t want my daughter to marry him anymore, so he’s lost out big time. Seriously, that was a disappointing performance after the stellar game he pitched a week ago but what bothered me most was our boys inability to get the runners in. How many chances did we have to rally that we blew? Too many to blame it all on Hughes. My MVP pick Teixera better start playing offense, that’s for sure. If I were his wife he would be getting the cold shoulder tonight, no doubt about that.

    We’ve left Texas with a split and now we’re home, where so many play-off dreams have come true. Lucky turkey burgers and cupcakes are nice but they don’t have half the magical power of Yankee Stadium. Things will look better on Monday.


  3. YankeeCase

    Well Audrey, I’d gladly take a few days off from Yankee-watching if it meant an early entrance into the World Series… 😦

    Meanwhile Jane… I’m missing out on what is supposedly an awesome NLCS game 1 so far because of the Fox holdout (extortion?). I’m watching NASCAR instead! Shouldn’t this be illegal?! (not NASCAR! lol… not really a fan, but i’ll watch any sport, lol. Go Jimmie!!)

    If Fox has the exclusive rights granted to them by MLB and the NFL, shouldn’t those leagues be majorly ticked they’re holding fans hostage? Shouldn’t this be considered some sort of breach of contract? Ack!

    I’m mad… I’m gonna go play NHL on Playstation!

  4. raysrenegade

    You are not at fault for today’s loss in any way, but you can blame a certain Rays gremlin for the first 5 runs.
    My friend who is a female sightseeing spot for the wayard Hughes made a trip to the Dallas/Fort Worth area for her job this weekend and…..went out to dinner with a certain pitcher before his start.
    Now I know she was in the stands Saturday, so you can put the blame on her since Hughes is now 0-3 with her in the standing when he hits the mound.
    Nothing like a little Rays karma to bite you on the booty when you least expect it…maybe.

    Rays Renegade


  5. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    We had to be somewhere today, so I DVR’ed the game and we just watched it (and no, we didn’t know the score ahead of time). When we were done, we tried to watch the NLCS, but it was already finished.

    I have a degree in math, so I think we should look at this in a logical fashion.

    A = CC , a big game pitcher, did not win his start
    B = Hughes, who’d allowed no runs in Texas, did not win his start
    C = Hallady, who last time out threw a no hitter, did not win his start

    If A, and B and C are true that leads us to conclude D.
    D = Lee, the Rangers’ ace, will not win his start.

    (By the way that doesn’t actually resemble any math ever used in any classroom anywhere ever, but I like the “logic” behind it anyway)

    Jane, I don’t care how foggy it is on Monday, you’d better grill those turkey burgers! Did you read the very funny story on loHud about Joba? When the Yankees started their rally last night he was watching in the clubhouse. No one wanted to move and jinx them. Joba had to pee really bad, but wouldn’t get up.

    Eddie, it sucks that you can’t watch the baseball you want. I don’t understand how it is legal for providers to say they are carrying channels and then all of a sudden, they don’t have them for you. That is just wrong. And the “Slow, Poor Baserunner Elvis” remark cracked me up!

    Audrey, love the cupcakes! And I also thought to myself that I thought we’d go six, which means we have to lose a couple.

    Now I’m mad at the TBS guys for being unfair. They should not be telling me that Darren Oliver’s mom is worried about his performance. I don’t want to feel sympathy for him and his mom. I want our guys to annihilate him and for me not to feel bad about it!


  6. Jane Heller

    I hope you do get tickets for Monday’s game, YankeeCase. I want as many of us to be there as possible, so there can be first hand reports of the action. You’re right about Lewis. A few of the guys had faced him way back, but he’s been pitching in Japan more recently so he was basically a “new face” and we know how the Yanks do against new faces. That Fat Elvis play annoyed me, especially after he got the hit and raised my hopes. But there were other blown chances, so I don’t put it all on him by any means. I’m so upset about the Fox/Cablevision thing on behalf of everyone I know who’s affected – and that includes my mother. I would think MLB could find a way to broker a deal, given that these games are the centerpiece of their entire season. It’s just mind-boggling.

    Audrey, I’m with YankeeCase. I would gladly have traded the time off for an opportunity to be in the World Series as the result of a sweep. But I’ll settle for winning the ALCS however and whenever it happens. So your daughter won’t be marrying Hughes after all? LOL.

    Yup, A.J., a split was perfectly respectable. Lee is a formidable pitcher, no question, but as YankeeCase said, we’ve now faced him many times so I would hope the hitters will be ready on Monday.

    Oh, not that woman again, Renegade. Didn’t you promise to tie her to a chair if she tried to sit in the stands while Hughes was pitching? Come on! I rely on you for these matters!

    I like your logic, Melissa. It’s very….logical. LOL. The aces haven’t been especially ace-like, so it’s time for Lee to go down! I did read the item about Joba and laughed, because it reminded me of myself. How many times have I “held it in” because I didn’t want to budge! I find it hard to believe the fog won’t have lifted by Monday but the weather has been just plain weird here. Very dangerous driving conditions, so I’m eager for the sun to poke through. Don’t feel bad for Darren Oliver. His dad was a ballplayer, so he and his mom know how it all goes.

  7. mikeeff

    i had to take to my bed after this loss. pathetic I know..and I have nothing of interest to add…except Cliff Lee is going down on Monday. my vibrations are telling me this.

  8. Jane Heller

    Were you really that upset, Mike? I checked out the NLCS game, then had a perfectly nice dinner and afterwards watched “The War of the Roses,” one of my favorite movies from the ’80s. I’d forgotten how good Kathleen Turner was back in the day. Sure hope your vibrations are accurate.

  9. YankeeCase

    I always aim to crack people up Mel! 🙂

    I definitely don’t blame the Big Puma for the loss, Jane. But that play was the very essence of why we lost, blown chances. I can think of at least three line drive outs that would’ve been big run scoring hits for the Yanks. And for whatever reason, the fly balls really died out there on the warning track. Well, except for Robbie’s monster shot. Robbie knows BOOM!

    But hey, that’s baseball. And champions don’t inherit their titles… They earn them.

    I really do wonder if MLB is getting any sort of heat over missing the NLCS and potential World Series games in a good chunk of the NYC tri-state area though…

  10. colombiano2386@yahoo.com

    Yeah, I’ve been wondering myself if MLB and NFL have any grounds to take action in this dispute because millions of fans missed the NLCS game last night and millions more will miss the NY Giants game today. I must admit that I was so ********** when I commented on it on Jane’s previous blog entry I may have seemed biased towards Cablevision. But reading up more on this, News Corp also gets equal blame for this. I can’t stand this corporate greed on both sides.

    Well as for the ALCS game, the less said about it the better. Hughes was terrible and gave us no chance to win. The offense went 1-11 with RISP. The ump’s strike zone was god awful as well but it didn’t matter much considering how the Yanks played. Now moving on, I hope that the extra rest was beneficial for Andy since he had an injury while the other 2 didn’t and he pitches us a gem on Monday. There’s little room for error as we’ll be facing Lee.

  11. devilabrit

    It definitely makes it hard to keep coming back from deficits that the starting pitchers are giving up.
    I’m still torn on who I actually want to win the series, but still I wanted Hughes to put up a good start and get the win yesterday, but it seems he was following on from where CC left off.
    Back in NY for the next 3 games, should make things a little better, although the as the Phillies found out yesterday, you can still play bad at home.


    Phillies Outside

  12. Jane Heller

    I hear you on all those fly balls, YankeeCase. I actually kept yelling at the TV, “Stop hitting fly balls! We need gappers!” After the game, Girardi was asked if he’s worried about the lack of offense. He cited the comeback inning from the night before and said he thought the guys were taking good swings. But A-Rod needs to start popping them out. Tex too. And Swisher seems to be striking out more than usual. Calling Kevin Long!

    You summed up the game perfectly, Leo. Hughes was terrible, throwing meatballs, and the boys were bad with RISP. I agree about the strike zone too, although, as you say, it was irrelevant in the end. I have faith in Andy, given his experience in big games. I really think he’ll be our hero.

    Monday night should be interesting, wetfeet. But your horses will be on our turf now. I don’t see many horses in the Bronx.

  13. Jane Heller

    It seems that home field advantage isn’t much of an advantage this year, Peter. I was surprised the Halladay/Lincecum match-up wasn’t a scoreless affair.

    All the broadcasters swing whichever way the wind is blowing, Paul. You know that. On TBS, they were saying the Yankees were invincible one day, then the Rangers were the team to beat the next. They all get carried away.

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