Now We Know: We’re Going To Arlington

But where, exactly, IS Arlington? Yes, I’m aware that it’s in Texas, but where? I figured I’d better check since our boys will be flying there.
OK, so it’s not in the Panhandle. And it’s not near the Mexican border. It’s not even in the vicinity of Austin or Houston or El Paso. It’s kind of close to Texarkana, which is an actual place not a country-and-western song, and is, therefore, practically in Arkansas, home of Cliff Lee, as well as A.J. and Moseley. What’s it like in Arlington? According to Wikipedia…
Arlington is a city in Tarrant CountyTexas within the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, the seventh-largest city in Texas and the 49th largest city in the United States.[3]

OK, so it’s not that small, and our Yankees will find plenty of places where they can amuse themselves.
Located approximately 12 miles (19 km) east of downtown Fort Worth and 20 miles (32 km) west of downtown Dallas, Arlington is home to the Texas Rangers’ Ballpark in ArlingtonCowboys Stadium, the International Bowling Campus (which houses the United States Bowling CongressInternational Bowling Museum and the International Bowling Hall of Fame), the headquarters for American Mensa, and the theme parks Six Flags Over Texas (the original Six Flags).
Cool. They can go bowling if they need to get away from it all, not to mention hop on a roller coaster.
According to the American Lung Association, Dallas has the 12th highest air pollution among U.S. cities. Much of the air pollution in Dallas and the surrounding area comes from a hazardous materials incineration plant in the small town of Midlothian and from concrete installations in neighbouring Ellis County.

Uh-oh. So they won’t be able to breathe. And the last thing CC needs before he makes his start on Friday night is to be exposed to hazardous materials. He’ll have enough trouble staying away from the BBQ joints. But the real hazard, as far as I’m concerned, is Lee and we don’t have to worry about him for awhile. I was hoping we’d play the Rays and we’re not. So we’ll have to get used to the following:
* Relentless close-ups of Nolan Ryan.
* Vlad Guerrero swinging at balls on the ground, in the air, off the top of his head.
* Replays of Josh Hamilton winning the Home Run Derby.
* Neftali Feliz’s “cheddar,” as David Wells and Dennis Eckersley dubbed his fastball.
The Rangers are an excellent team and I congratulate them for winning their series. But just like the highly anticipated new FOX show “Lone Star,” they should prepare to be cancelled after just a few episodes.
P.S. Now that our opponent is known, it’s a good time to enter the Crumbs cupcakes contest or amend your predictions. Click here for details. The deadline for entering is Thursday at midnight, PT.


  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    It’s gonna be a Big Time in Big Texas! They like their hype Big too. Dallas is running the show in them parts. So I’d imaging they’ll be trying to make their own Big splash. As a matter of fact, they just signed a Big deal that will pay them Big Money to the tune of $80 mill a year over 20yrs for their TV rights. You know I was just jerkin’ chains with “Grimace”. No salary cap! We need better owners making smarter decisions (like Nolan) instead of more mechanisms to protect Baseball from Bad owners making bad decisions. anyways…Spent 2 yrs over there; went to the Six Flags a couple of times. Went to old Arlington Stadium; the world’s largest ongoing bleacher section. That place was so yawn inspiring.
    But good luck…Let the games begin.


    Having Tampa and Texas go to game 5 for their ALDS was a great advantage for New York, Jane. As you already said, we’ll be avoiding Lee until Game 3 so the Yanks just HAVE to take advantage of that. Wilson and Lewis are talented but the Yanks can beat them as long as Sabathia and Pettitte give us the quality starts that they are capable of. I also would’ve liked to see the Rays advance for a great competitive ALCS against the 2 best AL teams with the Yanks winning of course but it is what it is. The wildcard is Burnett. He should be facing Hunter so that game can be totally winnable for us if bad AJ doesn’t show up. I think the ALCS will go to 6 games with the Yanks coming out on top.

  3. blithescribe

    Aw, it’s so cute to see a Yankees fan bracing for “relentless” coverage of another team’s past deeds and minutiae…all teasing meant only in good fun, of course.

    Wow, the ALCS should be a really good series! With no real underdog to root for here (my default if the Angels aren’t in the mix), I’m just looking forward to some seriously great baseball. Of course, with the Rangers going to five games and Cliff Lee pitching today, I think the Yankees definitely have the edge.

  4. cheshirecat9

    “Relentless close ups of Nolan Ryan.”. Hahaha. You crack me up Jane. I thought it was nice the Rangers celebrated with Ginger ale so that Josh Hamilton could be in the club house. My stupid cable went out yesterday (have to find another forum to complain about how horrible time Warner is) but supposedly the repair guy is coming Friday morning so I should be good to see the games this weekend.


    cliff lee scares me. i never thought i’d have to take the rangers seriously but their era and their batting average were both quite good this year. so i’m nervous but i guess that is just barbara being barbara as they say in these parts. the most comforting things i read was that when we were swept our real pitchers didn’t pitch.
    so let’s hope that the layoff got us healthy and not stale–cc doesn’t pitch well with lots of rest. let’s hope we can pitch and hit well and the bullpen stays good and the good aj appears.
    now that the schedule is released, i am trying to figure out what plans i should rearrange to watch the 4pm games.


    I wish I could post your clip art of hands clapping. I’d like to give a round of applause to the Rays. They played so hard, so well, for so long this season. I’m disappointed that they lost. There was nothing they could do against Lee last night. So here’s to the 2010 Tampa Bay Rays – a worthy opponent who played well and were dapper dressers on the side (the blue plaid was inspired!).

    I was wondering why Texas was using Ginger Ale! The way the players were acting, it seemed to me that they didn’t really know how to celebrate. Guess they don’t have the experience the Yankees have.

    Jane, as someone who has been doused with champagne, which do you think is stickier and worse to be soaked with: champagne or ginger ale? And why aren’t they discussing this important question on Sports Center?


  7. nyyfaninvt

    Okay, that 4 p.m. Wednesday afternoon game does not work for me so I guess the Yankees are going to have to sweep so as to eliminate that unfortunate conflict. As a back up plan I will have to look up Yankee radio stations in the Syracuse/Rochester area.

    While watching the game last night I started thinking about the AL MVP and, though I realize that contest is not yet over, I think if it were decided today Robbie Cano should be the clear winner. Josh Hamilton has not played well in the post-season and though I realize he was injured in September and is probably still recovering, Robbie has continued to contribute to his team throughout the ALDS. If he just keeps playing the way he has I think he deserves that award hands down. It seems with every at bat Hamilton’s chances fade and he’s even making mistakes in the field.

    AL MVP – Dont’cha know, it’s Robbie Cano!


    Jane, any team that has Nolan Ryan’s name attached to it scares me a little. I grew up watching him pitch and man, he was great. Now, on to the series…I’m happy that they had to go the full five to get there, but I’m even happier that Lee pitched the final game and went the full 9 innings. C.C. won’t have to pitch against him — let’s just match AJ up against him for the first go-round and see what happens — if we are expecting to lose to Lee and if we are expecting to lose behind AJ and if we are not expecting to sweep, it seems like the logical choice.

    Really looking forward to Friday – I have to admit I’m going through withdrawal not seeing our guys. GO YANKEES!!!

  9. peggy3

    Hi Jane and Fellow Baseball Fans …

    I haven’t been able to post as I have been crazy all weekend and this week moving back home…FINALLY !!! It’s still one big mess at the moment (I could go on the hoarder’s show because it looks that bad ..haha) but at least I’m HOME !!! I don’t have a computer set up yet either so I have to do all my reading and writing from work.

    I was at the game on Saturday and it was GREAT !!! Hughesy was just terrific, the crowd was roaring, the place was rocking and I finally got to see the clincher of a series. I’m going to the second game at the Stadium for the ALCS so I’m hoping that’s the clincher too. I watched part of the game the next day on TV and was surprised how muted the sound of the crowd was …it’s so much louder at the game. Anyway …BRING ON THE RANGERS !!! Let’s have a Texas Baseball Massacre by the Yankees …Go TEAM !!!

    Here’s my entry for the Yummy Yankee Cupcakes …

    1) Which team will win the ALCS? YANKEES (of course)

    2) How many games will the ALCS go? FIVE (5)

    3) Who will be the ALCS MVP? Alexander Emmanuel Rodriquez

    4) Will a manager or player get ejected during the ALCS?

    NO – they all know it’s too important not to get tossed

    5) How many appearances will Mo make? FOUR (4)

    6) Will the Good A.J. show up? YES – 2 runs, 4 hits, 8 K’s,
    2 walks (How’s that for FAITH in AJ !!!)

    Good luck to everyone but most important of all …GOOD LUCK TO THE YANKEES !!!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

    P.S. Ray …sorry about the Rays. I’d say better luck next
    year but I know they have so many players going free agency that it will be tough for the Rays to compete next year….BUT…you never know …right?

  10. ladyjane303

    We got the best scenario – the other ALDS went the full 5, we don’t have to see the other team’s ace in game one, and our guys have time to rest their battered bodies (though not enough to get rusty with the long layoff, please). I’m feeling good about our chances vs. the Rangers. Unfortunately, I’ll miss most (if not all) of game 1 – theater tickets bought without consulting the post-season schedule (duh) – but I’ll be checking in on my Blackberry as often as possible. Go Yankees!

  11. Jane Heller

    I’ve heard the current ballpark there is really nice, Mike. If I weren’t otherwise engaged, I’d try to fly there for a game. But I’m hoping the Giants will get in and if the Yanks make it through there’s a chance I could go to SF for a game.

    Well, Leo, it will only be an advantage for the Yankees if we take it! It’s certainly a break that Lee won’t be pitching Game 1, but that means CC will have to win his start. And Wilson is no slouch. Actually, I’d start A.J. against Lee since we have little chance of winning that game anyway.

    I understand that fans of other teams think the Yankees hog all the coverage, blithescribe, but most of the time it’s negative coverage and we get a little sick of it. Somehow, the other team is always the underdog and we have to hear heartwarming tales of their incredible feats and exploits. So yes, I’m throwing a couple of jabs. I hope you’re right and the Yankees do have the edge, but the Rangers looked pretty pumped up to me. I just hope the week off for the Yankees doesn’t make them come out flat.

    My pleasure cracking you up, cheshirecat. But seriously, how many times did we need to see Nolan and his wife in their box? Was TBS hoping he would cry? Sorry about your cable. I’d go nuts if mine went out, but you still have time before Friday so they’d better fix it!

    I think it’s perfectly reasonable to be nervous about the Rangers, Barbara. They won their division by a wide margin. They now have pitching and defense to go along with their powerful offense. I’m scared too! Cliff Lee just needs to have a bad day when we face him, that’s all. Maybe he’ll oversleep or something. lol. As for the 4 o’clock games, they’re killers for me because they start at 1 here – right smack in the middle of the day.

    Yes, a big round of applause for the Rays, Melissa. I stopped by Renegade’s blog last night to offer my condolences. This is the problem with a 5-game series: anybody can win and even the team with the best record in baseball is vulnerable. So now you know why the Rangers were celebrating with ginger ale. I thought it was a very classy gesture so Hamilton could join the fun. Did anyone see that piece on him on Bryant Gumbel’s Real Sports? Apparently, the Rangers hired a guy to shadow him wherever he goes during the season so he won’t have a relapse. I get his wife will take over once the season ends, but the whole thing sounded a little tricky to me. To answer your pressing question, ginger ale is stickier but champagne stings the eyes like crazy!

    Audrey, if I’m not mistaken the AL MVP contest IS over. What a player does in the postseason isn’t supposed to count when the sportswriters vote. So it doesn’t really matter how Hamilton plays now. I still think Cano deserves it and hope he wins, of course. And I’m with you on the 4pm/1pm start times. They really do throw things off!

    I totally agree about matching Lee up against AJ, Diane. I wrote that above. (Great minds think alike. lol.) I’m really looking forward to Friday too, although I would have rather played the Rays and opened up at the Trop. I have to adjust my thinking and get with the program.

    Peggy, congratulations on moving home – finally! Of course it’s a mess there, but you’ll take your time and get it in order when you can. The important thing is you’re there. Now if only you could still get room service. LOL. Lucky you going to the second game at the Stadium. It did sound loud on TV on Saturday, but I know it can’t compare to being there. Scream and cheer for all of us. And thanks for your contest entry. I like your optimism about A.J.

    Buying theater tickets in October or making ANY social plans is risky, ladyjane. I took a look at my calendar this morning and will have to do some rearranging myself. But I hope you’ll enjoy whatever show you’re seeing and not feel conflicted. I’m a little worried about the layoff, especially for guys like Tex who are streaky. And will the pitchers be sharp? I’m trying not to drive myself crazy thinking about this! It’ll be whatever it is. (Doesn’t that sound zen?)


    Ohh, boy. And now for something completely different…
    Don’t know what to think. Was back & forth trying to decide which poison to pick, esp. last nite. The Rays, again? Or Lee, Lee, Lefties, and more Lee? Never easy. A few more biased comments…
    (1) There’s an Arlington, Virginia too — right outside D.C. –wish they were playing there!! Never been down to that part o’Texas, but everyone here either LOVES Dall-*** (we have WAY too many Cowboy fans) or HATES it, as any good, red-blooded American Washingtonian should…once upon a time, Redkins-Cowboys was mentioned in the same breath with Yanks-Bosox. But I digress…
    (2) Nolan Ryan. Yes, a great pitcher — but he lost a lot of games too, and other than that cameo on the ’69 Mets, never Won The Big One. Hope that’s symbolic. One of my best college buddies, a HUGE beisbol fan from Milwaukee (yes, they do exist) commented when I told him all about the media-love of Ryan these days: “Yeah, okay…but he’s REALLY an a**-hole.” From someone who would know…
    (3) Run run run run…I am afraid…VERY afraid…anybody notice those goofy antler-signs the Rangers were making, like after Nelson Cruz bashed a double off the wall, then stole 3rd on the first pitch, and cruised home after a bad throw? Well — allegedly the antlers are NOT moose antlers (sorry, Audrey; I guess Boris Badenov and Bullwinkle are still back in Frostbite Falls) — but DEER antlers — BECAUSE they run the bases like deer. Against who? Senor Rag-Arm, and Signore Rag-Arm Junior? Worry worry worry.
    But it wouldn’t be me without all this worrying pre-game; no need to mention Mr. Lee again — let’s just hope that Mister Thames & company are up to the challenge!!!
    P.S. Hey, Debbie — Welcome Home, lady…gotta feel great!


    Of course, I meant PEGGY. A thousand apologies. Just got back from Carolina, and my brain is southern fried…

  14. Jane Heller

    There was no good poison to pick, Dave. That’s the conclusion I came to, even though I wanted to face the Rays; I thought we should have an AL East series. But onto Arlington. Yeah, I saw the antlers. Well, we had to cope with the homer hankies in Minnesota. And we handled the thunderstiks in Anaheim. So I guess we’ll be up to the challenge of the scampering deer. We have the ability to run too, with speedsters Gardy and Grandy at the top of the list. Debbie? LOL. I’ll chalk that up to your southern fried brain. I’m sure PEGGY will too.

    I agree, Paul. Nolan would have jumped out of his seat and thrown one high and tight at Washington. His mantra is to let the pitchers go until their arms fall off.

  15. raysrenegade

    Arlington is a great part of Texas just outside FortWorth/Dallas. Amazing food, great people and even a few million baseball fans ( or so it seened last weekend).
    Your Yankees better watch out, the Rangers beat the Rays at their own game in the ALDS.
    They devised a plan of playing small ball tha eliminated the Rays and sucked the oxygen right out of our lungs.
    I will be an outside observer to the rest of the postseason, but will have an eye towards the A L.

    Rays Renegade

  16. Jane Heller

    Renegade, I know you don’t usually read the comments here, but take special note of those from Melissa and Peggy. You have friends here and we’re sorry for your team. Yes, the Rangers did play small ball against the Rays, but I think anybody would be handicapped by Cliff Lee; if you don’t get on base, you can’t run, steal, etc. I hope the Yankees will represent the AL East well in the Rays’ absence.


    Peggy!!!! Hip, Hip . . . Hurray for you getting back into your house! That must feel great. Hope your cable is working okay so you can watch the games that you don’t get to.

    The mess can wait until after the Yankees win the World Series. Then you should just invite us all over to help you.

    Enjoy being in your own space again.


  18. peggy3

    Thanks for the good wishes Jane …you KNOW I’ll be cheering for the group at the game on Tuesday. Imagine …if the Yankees sweep …AJ would be the winning pitcher of the final game … :o). Go AJ !!!

    I’ll be going to a Yankee Meetup again for the first game of the ALCS on Friday night. We had a blast the last time especially with the win. This time it’s at another place in the city on 2nd Avenue (talk about another disaster ..that area is a mess with the subway line going in and will be for quite a few more years…places are going out of business due to the construction…but ..the bars always thrive..naturally). I hope this Meetup turns out like the last one …with a WIN !!!

    Hey Melissa …..It does feel great …even in the MESS !!! My daughter knows what a nutjob I am about neatness so she can’t believe I’m staying there. I can’t go to bed if there’s a cup in the sink All the painting should be done by tomorrow and then I can finally get organized. Of course ..nothing comes before My Yanks. I do have my TV up and running….if I didn’t I wouldn’t stay there …haha. The computer and phone have to be hooked up which will be done on Friday. Anyway …it’s home sweet home …

    Also ..Dave ….you can call me Debbie, you can call me Peggy …just don’t call me RAY !!! (I think you remember that

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  19. Jane Heller

    Peggy, I’m glad you’re not superstitious like I am. I wouldn’t have deviated from the last meetup place you and your friends went to (Mantle’s, wasn’t it?) because it resulted in a win. But hopefully the new place will be just as lucky. I know how yucky that whole Second Avenue thing is. I stayed at a hotel there when I was writing the She-Fan book and it was noisy and impossible to navigate. Good for you for giving the bars there some business!

  20. peggy3

    Jane ….

    I’m not superstitious at all ….if the Yankees are going to win …they will. It’s all on them …not some lucky place, food, clothes …etc.

    I love Mickey’s but some people complain it’s too expensive to meet there often …I don’t drink so it doesn’t bother me but those who do spend a small fortune while there. The other little places we go to have more reasonable drink prices as well as food prices. We usually do Mickey’s for the first meetup of the season, a few inbetween and then the World Series. I’m hoping we are there for the World Series again …

    Speaking of Mickey …a female writer ..forgot the name…has a not so nice book out (or coming out) about the Mick. I’ll think I like my memories of him and I’ll forego reading it.
    Just as a didn’t read Selena Roberts book on Alex …which happily turned out to be a complete flop for her and her career. That’s what you deserve when you trash people …at least in my opinion.

    Go Yankees 2010 !!

    P.S. …can you tell I’m bored at work today


    I just posted to Rays Renegade about my feelings for the Rays and it made me think of Dave, so with apologies to Willie Nelson, this if for the Rays, who have been on our minds since April:

    Maybe the Yanks didn’t beat you
    Quite as often as they should have
    Maybe the Yanks didn’t defeat you
    Quite as often as they could have
    Little plays you always went and done
    And you won all the time
    You were always on my mind
    You were always on my mind

    Maybe we didn’t hold the lead
    All those sultry summer times
    And I guess I never told you
    You’ve got a strong starting nine

    If I thought of you as second best
    Rays I’m so sorry I wasn’t kind
    You were always on my mind
    You were always on my mind

    Tell me, tell me that your team spirit hasn’t died
    Give us, give us one more chance to keep your starting nine, starting nine

    Now the summer is gone and done
    the regular season’s out of time
    You were always on my mind
    You were always on my mind
    You were always on my mind

    Doesn’t it seem weird not to have to worry about them?



    I just posted to Rays Renegade about my feelings for the Rays and it made me think of Dave, so with apologies to Willie Nelson, this if for the Rays, who have been on our minds since April:

    Maybe the Yanks didn’t beat you
    Quite as often as they should have
    Maybe the Yanks didn’t defeat you
    Quite as often as they could have
    Little plays you always went and done
    And you won all the time
    You were always on my mind
    You were always on my mind

    Maybe we didn’t hold the lead
    All those sultry summer times
    And I guess I never told you
    You’ve got a strong starting nine

    If I thought of you as second best
    Rays I’m so sorry I wasn’t kind
    You were always on my mind
    You were always on my mind

    Tell me, tell me that your team spirit hasn’t died
    Give us, give us one more chance to keep your starting nine, starting nine

    Now the summer is gone and done
    the regular season’s out of time
    You were always on my mind
    You were always on my mind
    You were always on my mind

    Doesn’t it seem weird not to have to worry about them?


  23. Jane Heller

    I admire your sanity, Peggy. I wish I didn’t resort to lucky food, etc, but it’s just in my DNA. What can I say. As for the new book about Mickey, Jane Leavy is in a whole different category of writers from Selena Roberts. She’s a class act who wrote a wonderful bestseller about Sandy Koufax. Mickey was her idol growing up and she met him when she was covering sports for the Washington Post. Her book is an honest one but not an expose. There’s a very good article about it in today’s New York Times.

    Melissa, you outdid yourself this time. Did you post the whole “song” on Renegade’s blog? It’s brilliant! I’m sure he’ll be very appreciative. And yes, it does seem weird not to have to worry about that team. Ditto the Red Sox. It’s like we’ll be playing strangers. LOL.

  24. devilabrit

    The thing they will be looking forward too, is no Lee for a couple of games.
    I’m not sure why neither the Rangers or the Rays could win at home, not that this should concern the Yankees who seem to have mastered home and road this post season.
    I think both the LCS’s will be pitching dominant, it’ll be down to who has their ‘A’ game on the day…

    Phillies Outside

  25. wetfeet

    Jane now for real the RANGERS are comming! LEE on a white horse leading the charge, CJ & LEWIS on mustangs wild and free, BIG GAME HUNTER on a big ole mule, strong as a bull more than pulling his weight. If someone desides to charge the mount I suggest someone other than HUNTER, he was a national judo champion as a teenager. The reliefers moving along steady as you go. Then you have ELVIS, BORBON, & KINSLER running on foot, they are faster than horses. Followed by HAMILTON, VLAD and CRUZ all carrying their horses because they are stronger than any horse. A total or 25 guys that can all beat you in their own way. WASH the mgr. that sleep with a smile on his face. The prez Mr. RYAN according to everyone except two people, Ventura who once made the mistake of charging NOLAN on the mound, a mistake no one else ever tried, and the one person mentioned in a above post, RYAN is one of the nicest men ever to play baseball! I am sure I should have mentioned others. I wouldn’t put much stock in LEE not starting game one. CJ is well capable of starting game one! Try to enjoy the series I know the RANGERS fan will!

  26. Jane Heller

    Yup, Peter. It’ll come down to which team is hotter, both in your series and in ours. The pitching will certainly be front and center. Maybe Doc has another no-hitter in him.

    I enjoyed your scouting report, wetfeet. Or was it a farm report? You have a lot of enthusiasm for your team, no doubt about that.


    Well wetfeet, that was a pretty Western-style scouting report! Clever.

    With Vlad’s knees, Hamilton’s ribs and Cruz’s hamstrings, I don’t think they’d be able to carry any horses!


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