Why You Can Throw Out The Regular Season

Not to discount everything that happened before the playoffs started, but I was thinking about all the Yankees “truisms” – comments the media kept pounding into our heads that turned out not to be true in the ALDS. For example:
* The Yanks have trouble beating lefties.
* It’s harder to win on the road.
* Jeter’s not hitting.
* Mo is showing his age.
* Hughes doesn’t win at home.
* Andy’s rusty.
* Berkman’s power days are over.
* The Twins are hungry while the Yankees are fading.
When I look over that list, I have to laugh. What happened to all the conventional wisdom?
* The Yankees beat Lefty Liriano and Lefty Duensing.
* They won two games at Target Field.
* Jeter had four hits in the series.
* Mo notched two saves.
* Hughes won at home in convincing fashion.
* Andy gave up two runs in seven innings.
* Berkman homered and doubled.
* The Twins may have been hungry but the Yanks were hungrier.
fat-man-eating-burger copy.jpg
I wonder what the pundits will say when the ALCS gets going. There will be story lines galore – the TBS guys have all that time in the booth to fill – and I can anticipate some already.
* Posada can’t throw out runners.
* Posada can’t catch A.J.
* Posada is too old.
No, everything won’t be about Jorge, but we’ll be hearing about him for sure. You can also cue the “Girardi could be managing the Cubs next year if the Yankees don’t win it all” blather. And: “Cano is having a fine year but Josh Hamilton is the MVP.” Oh, and brace yourself for the Payroll Conversation; it’s a given. All that being said, I cannot wait until Friday night. If this week is a taste of what life will be like once baseball is over, I don’t want any.
P.S. A quick reminder about the Crumbs Yankees Cupcakes Contest. We’ll know our opponent by the end of the day tomorrow, so be sure to answer all the contest questions, make your predictions, and enter to win six scrumptious cupcakes. Click here for details.


  1. James Buxton

    Hello again Jane and Friends of the Blog.
    I was thinking very much like you said. I can’t talk about the tbs guys, but here in Mexico the “Experts” are talking the same (and worst) things about our Yanks. I don’t know why the payroll thing is so important to them, as if where the curse and the blessing. When they win is because they can go out and buy the all-stars, when they lose is because money doesn’t buy championships. As I wrote after the 27 title, you can’t buy team chemistry, you can’t buy momentum, you can’t buy a good outing from your starters or stellar defense from your infield and you can’t buy an all inclusive performance from the bullpen or from Mo. Let’s hope the so called “experts” let aside all that things about the age and payroll. After all I saw in the LDS, our guys are working as a team, and as far as I know that is the main cause for winning championships.

  2. Jane Heller

    Hey, James. Always good to hear from you in Mexico. I’m resigned to the payroll thing because the broadcasters have to get into it; it makes the haters feel better. We could be blue in the face talking about what smart investments the homegrown core four have been over the years or about the achievements of the new homegrown players like Hughes, Cano and Gardner. But why bother. We bought CC, AJ and Tex and we’ll probably buy other free agents this off-season. Yawn. We have a great team and we’re in a good position to retain our crown.

  3. Jane Heller

    Last year, Peter? How about every year since eternity! Yeah, it’s old, but it’s part of the Yankees story line. The franchise does have the highest payroll. But how is that news at this point? I guess you’re right about the dog with a bone.

  4. Jane Heller

    I try to ignore the media, Paul, particularly during the games. I kind of tune out what they’re saying and just look at the video. Well, I’m lying. I can’t help listening to them, as you’ve seen on Twitter where I can really let loose!

  5. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    You’re quite right, Jane. The regular season must be put behind us — and I’m certain that their history and experience in the post season does The Yankees justice every year they are in it — even if every year does not end with a ring. I feel good about this year, especially once we get past the ALDS — is it my imagination or did all the National League teams make an unusually high number of errors? I didn’t watch the games but I did look in from time to time and scanned the news – I know Atlanta had a lot of errors and I am pretty sure the other teams made their share as well. The American League teams have been a much more solid defensive force, and that bodes well for the W.S., I think, even though the NL will have home-field advantage (the first time in like, what, 10 years??) Anyway – the AL has proven that home- field advantage means nothing so we will leave it at that. I don’t think I’ll watch the game tonight (I really don’t like any baseball games if the Yankees aren’t playing ) but obviously I’ll check in from time to time.

  6. Jane Heller

    There were a lot of errors in the NL games, Diane. I didn’t watch them all, but I couldn’t believe the Reds. They were such a good defensive team in the regular season and yet they couldn’t field the ball in the ALDS. I hope that bug doesn’t bite us! I’ll be watching the Rays-Rangers game later. It should be exciting and I’m eager to see which team we’ll be facing.

  7. rrrt

    Unfortunately when the announcers don’t know what else to say, they fall back on all those tired cliches. Maybe they should just be quiet for a few minutes! Most of the TBS and Fox guys really annoy me anyway, no matter what they’re saying.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  8. Jane Heller

    Ah, the tired cliches, Sue. Don’t they make you cringe? Actually, I experienced just what you said – total quiet for a few minutes – when my audio during one of the games went awry and all I heard was crowd noise instead of the announcers. It was heaven!

  9. Jane Heller

    You notice I didn’t mention A.J.’s issues, Jeff – with good reason. I don’t trust him either but he’s our fourth starter right now, for better or worse.

  10. bgalaxy@verizon.net

    i’m starting to get itchy, shaky, feverish and talking to the walls. yes, it’s only been a couple of days but i think i’m in yankee withdrawal. i woke up this morning thinking i’d be ok. i happily thought how lucky are we yankee fans that we are still in the playoffs. but now i’m wondering how to make it until friday!

  11. Jane Heller

    I’m with you, Barbara. I woke up this morning in a sweat after a dream where there were ants crawling all over the floor! Is that baseball withdrawal? Who knows, but I’m about to watch the Rays and Rangers because some baseball is better than none. We’re very lucky we have Friday night to look forward to.

    LOL about Melky, Melissa. I watched the last four innings of the game and said to Michael, “The Braves are leaving it all up to Melky. They’re done.” And they were. I agree that the Giants were classy in their response to Cox. Nicely done. The Chop is awful and should be permanently retired. I wrote above that I think all that lalalala chanting they do probably distracted the Braves hitters.

    I know you’re a Javy fan, James, and I wish he’d had a better year for your sake AND the Yankees’. But I don’t agree that he’s a “great pitcher.” He had some very good seasons in the NL but he’s not the guy I want on the mound in pinstripes.

  12. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    I watched the Giants/Braves last night. How fun to watch a game and not freak out the whole time! It was an exciting game to watch. Bobby Cox pulled a Grady Little though, and left Derek Lowe in the game just a little too long.

    The final out was made by Melky, and ya know what? I didn’t miss him at all!

    The Giants showed a lot of class. As they were celebrating on the field, Bobby Cox came out of the dugout to wave to the fans one last time. The Giants paused in their celebration to give him a round of applause. Nice!

    My observations from last night:

    1- Dave Righetti (SF pitching coach) looks great!
    2- Melky has gotten fat.
    3- The Chop done by Atlanta fans is more obnoxious than I remember.


  13. James Buxton

    Noticed about the AJ issues and I know that the Javy issue could be more exhausting for all, but since Joe G carried him in the LDS rooster, I hope he get a chance to demonstrate he is a great pitcher.

  14. James Buxton

    Given his experiences in pinstripes, definitely he is not the guy any of us want in the mound (Not even me). I’m his fan, but my true hart and blood is with the Yanks. AJ, well, some of you can say I’m a bad fan, but I don’t like his attitude, I don’t like his performance, and I don’t like him being the fourth starter.

  15. Jane Heller

    You’re not a bad fan for not liking AJ, James. I wasn’t thrilled with his temper tantrum, but I think his attitude as a teammate has been OK. It’s just his performance this year that has left me cold.

  16. scofid

    Yankees vs Rangers! I guess we’ll find out first-hand what next year’s Yankees #2 starter Cliff Lee can do in the ALCS. The Yanks are fortunate that Lee can’t go 3 games. It should be a good series, but I’d feel a lot better if Seattle hadn’t pulled the switch at the deadline to send Lee to Texas instead of the Bronx. In the NLCS, wouldn’t it be great if the San Francisco Giants could end Roy Halladay’s season, but unfortunately, it won’t happen.

  17. blithescribe

    Mo’s showing his age? So I keep hearing from the media every year and yet, every year, there he is, just as intimidating and effective as ever. Watching the ALDS he looked like he could easily go on for a few more years without slowing down. I guess Mo being over the hill is one of those baseball myths the media clings to because every year 13 other AL teams want to believe it. LOL.

  18. Jane Heller

    I wouldn’t put the pinstripes on Lee just yet, Scott, but it would sure be nice. I think other teams will be suitors too and I don’t know if Cashman will be in the market for other free agents. The main thing now is we’re lucky not to be facing him in Game 1. Will you be going to any Giants games?

    Yes, the Mo thing persists, blithescribe. But I agree with you. He looked great in the ALDS and I think this week of rest can only help him stay in fighting shape. There will come a time when he’ll have to hang it up, but I can bring myself to think about it!

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