Who Wants Cupcakes?

Actually, I should have said, “Who doesn’t want cupcakes?” Yankees cupcakes, that is. Courtesy of the talented folks at Crumbs Bake Shop.
To celebrate the Bombers and their march into the ALCS, Crumbs has created a brand new Yankees cupcake that will go on sale Monday in all 13 of their New York locations. It features vanilla cake, vanilla cream cheese frosting, and Yankees blue and white sprinkles with the NYY logo on top. Is it to die for or what?
Yankees.cupcake 1.jpg
If you live in NYC, you can walk into a Crumbs store and buy the cupcakes OR you can enter this blog’s exclusive contest and win a gift certificate for a signature size six-pack of these delicious treats. Yes, I said six of them! There will only be one winner and the gift certificate will be valid until 12/31/10. What do you have to do to win? Be the first commenter with the correct answers to the all of the following six questions:
1) Which team will win the ALCS?
2) How many games will the ALCS go?
3) Who will be the ALCS MVP?
4) Will a manager or player get ejected during the ALCS?
5) How many appearances will Mo make?
6) Will the Good A.J. show up?
I know, I know. We have no idea whether our rivals will be the Rays or the Rangers. Not until Tuesday. That’s why you can either wait to enter the contest until after that series is decided OR enter now OR change your mind after your first try and enter more than once. Just keep in mind that the lucky winner will be the first person (by their time stamp) who leaves the comment with the correct answer to all six questions. All entries must be left here by Thursday night, the eve of Game 1, by midnight Pacific Time, and the winner will be crowned and cupcaked once the series is over. Got it? I’ll post a reminder each day until we close the contest on Thursday, but in the meantime may the best prognosticator win!
#1 I see from some of the comments that I neglected to mention: CRUMBS SHIPS! If you win, you’ll be getting a gift certificate for the six cupcakes and Crumbs will send them to you wherever you are. My bad for not explaining that. This is not just a New York contest. 

#2) The A.J. question means: Will the Good A.J. show up to pitch, not just to throw pie in someone’s face!



  1. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Jane…another GREAT and inspired idea!!
    And I’m hoping hoping that one of the Faithful, like say Diane, or Peggy, or The Other Jane, wins this thing (not Paul, or Jeff — sorry, Jeff — or Renegade, for obvious reasons)!! As for me…I’m too much of a Nervous Nellie, aka Mr. Pessimist, to DARE hazard a guess; predictions ain’t my bag, and as my family knows, if I do one, it’s always negative, hoping hoping that I’m wrong. Does that make sense?
    In fact, Saturday nite they were mocking me, as the score slowly got better & better. Everyone gave up and went somewhere by the time it was 2-0, leaving me alone in the “family room” in sweet silence to savor the flavor…! Son #2, my only ally, was heading out to party with friends, and as he stood in the driveway, it was Time For Mister Thames. So at least I got the satisfaction of opening the front door and yelling, “Hey, Alex! Thames just hit a two-run bomb!!” Nothing like those little thrills, eh??
    As for Sunday…Tex said it best for me…when they asked him post-game if he’d be sitting down watching beisbol all day Sunday, he replied, “Depends on what football game is on.” Exactly so in our Football House. I saw snippets of the Rays rallying to tie it up, in between watching our locals win an OT thriller (“thrilling” only ’cause we won). And I’m quite nervous about the Phils, despite how the Reds just gave away one game. But that’s all to worry about for another day. In the meantime, we’re off to the Carolinas for a few days to check on our house-building…and may you get many sweet, tasty predictions (and accurate ones, too!!)

  2. ooaooa

    I love cake! Bake shop at Stop and Shop in Wallingford CT. had Yankee cup cakes yesterday but didn’t look as good as Crumbs.
    Here’s my guesses: Yankees will win (of course). It will go 6 games. MVP will be CC. No one will be ejected (per suggestion of league office). Mo will appear in 4 games. The good AJ will show up (but he may not pitch).
    You can take these forcasts to the Bake Shop!

  3. cheshirecat9

    Hi Jane. I am terrible with predictions, but with Crumbs cupcakes on the line and nothing to lose here we go: 1) Yankees win. 2) 6 games. 3) Texiera. 4) No. 5) 3 6) No (but next year he will be back to his normal inconsistent self, rather then being consistently bad).

    I still can’t believe we swept the Twins! I did not see that coming. I was really nervous, but the team seems to be playing great. I have a feeling we will be playing Tampa. Texas had it’s chance but blew it. It will be a low scoring affair but I believe the Rays will scratch out a win (again, I am usually wrong in my predictions, but that is my gut reaction).

  4. rrrt

    Jane, though those cupcakes sound absolutely delicious (I just LOVE cream cheese frosting!) I’ll pass on the predictions since I’d have no way of using the certificate should I be correct. Nonetheless, both our teams are now one step closer to that rematch we discussed back in March. 🙂
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  5. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    Living on Long Island I don’t have easy access to this bakery but I’m also not lucky when it comes to winning anything…but here goes anyway, Jane. And I hope that Dave’s good luck wishes come through:

    2. Seven games
    3. Granderson
    4. yes
    5. Five
    6. No

    Now, to tomorrow night’s ALDS finale – let’s hope it goes 15 innings and that there’s at least one rain delay as well. I want whichever team wins to come to the next round tired… I mean dog-tired.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter, Jane.

  6. nyyfaninvt

    What fun! Even though I probably won’t win and even if I do I’m not sure I could use the gift certificate, I will play for fun. I love the Yankees cupcake – might try to make some of my own to share with my fellow Yankees fans around here (they’re starting to come out of the woodwork!).

    1) The Yankees win!
    2) six games
    3) Tex
    4) no
    5) three
    6) yes, but only for a couple of innings

  7. Jane Heller

    Aw, Dave. I was sure you would overcome your timidity when it comes to predictions and venture a few guesses here. Party pooper! lol. I hope you enjoy your time in the Carolinas and that your house building is proceeding without delays and problem. Having built a house years ago, I know what craziness can go on, but if you’ve got a smart and trustworthy builder/contractor, I’m sure it’s been a smooth ride.

    John, thanks for pointing out that Crumbs ships and that the contest is open to everyone, no matter their geographical location. I neglected to mention it in my original post. I also added a note about A.J.: the question is will the Good A.J. show up to pitch! So you have to answer that one.

    Congrats on the Phillies’ sweep of the Reds, Peter. Your pitchers (and the Reds’ errors) really got the job done. I’m on the fence about the Rays and Rangers too. Too close to call, although I’d have to give the edge to the Rays, momentum wise plus home crowd.

    Thanks for your predictions, cheshirecat. We shall see. They sound good to me, although 6 games might make me really nervous. Well, that’s a silly comment. I’ll be nervous throughout the series no matter how long it goes. I agree about Tampa as I just wrote to Peter. I think they’ll pull through and the ALCS will end up a true division series.

    Congrats to you too, Sue. The Phillies are looking way tough. Scary is the right word. I hope you come back to the post and see that Crumbs ships. Maybe you should make a prediction after all.

    Seven games, Diane? UGH. You could be right and be the lucky cupcakes winner, but I’ll be a basket case if it goes seven. I wouldn’t mind if Rays-Rangers went 15 innings tomorrow, but there won’t be a rain delay. They’re playing at the Trop!

    Yes, you can use the gift certificate anywhere, Audrey. Sorry for the confusion about that. Anyhow, thanks for your entry/guesses. They’re duly noted and may be revised pending the outcome of Rays/Rangers or any other factor. How nice that you might bake your own cupcakes and that there will be other Yankee fans up there to share them with.

  8. etoubman@yahoo.com

    Here are my guesses:
    1) The Yankees, of course.
    2) 6 games
    3) Cano
    4) no
    5) 5
    6) yes much to everyone’s (including my own) surprise!

  9. Jane Heller

    All sound reasonable to me, Ellen. The majority so far has predicted six games for this series. Interesting. I hope everybody’s wrong and it only goes four games! And you think A.J. will pitch well. That’s interesting too. Given the schedule this year, I’m betting Joe will use him as a fourth starter instead of going with a three-man rotation.

  10. mja4wp

    What an enticing article….I love cupcakes!

    1. NYY
    2. 5
    3. Robinson Cano
    4. No
    5. 4
    6. Good AJ

    Thanks…Go Yankees

  11. Jane Heller

    Uh-oh. You think the Bad A.J. will show up, Paul? That’s scary, since you’re a pretty good prognosticator.

    I like your prediction a lot, mja4wp. I hope it all happens and welcome to the party here.

    Got it, John. Thanks.

  12. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    I’ve had some problems posting lately.
    1) Which team will win the ALCS? YANKEES!!!

    2) How many games will the ALCS go? 6

    3) Who will be the ALCS MVP? Cano

    4) Will a manager or player get ejected during the ALCS? Yes

    5) How many appearances will Mo make? 4

    6) Will the Good A.J. show up? This is highly subjective! To a Rays/Rangers fan, the “Good AJ” will fall apart in the first inning. But I am a Yankee fan, so I say OUR Good AJ will put on his big boy pants and show up firing strikes.


  13. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    I’ve had some problems posting lately.
    1 YANKEES!!!
    2 6
    3 Cano
    4 Yes
    5 4
    6 This is highly subjective! To a Rays/Rangers fan, the “Good AJ” will fall apart in the first inning. But I am a Yankee fan, so I say OUR Good AJ will put on his big boy pants and show up firing strikes.


  14. Jane Heller

    Sorry about the posting problems, Melissa. Sometimes this site gives me fits too, believe me. Anyhow, glad to have your input. You’re the only one so far who’s predicted that somebody will get tossed in this series! Given how controversial the umpiring has been, I thought I’d include a question about it. I sure hope you’re right about A.J.

  15. bklyntrolleyblogger

    So my wife calls my phone, “Babe, I saw these great looking cupcakes, I’m going to bring some home for us!” I said, “Let me guess, you saw them across the street from your job and they’re NYY cakes right?” Wife, ” YEAH!!! How did you know?” Me,”I know everything!”

    Almost forgot…what a stellar job Andy and Hughes did against the Twins. Good luck in the next round.

  16. bgalaxy@verizon.net

    those cupcakes look amazing. i will wait on my predictions until i know who we are going to play. it’s weird to not be in the angst and excitement of post season baseball for almost a week. lots of sleep, lots of reading, lots of waiting.
    i had friends send me your article yesterday saying they thought i would like it. i sent it to my yankee fan friend–we became friends through work calls between agencies and she used to come over and watch games with me. the first off season we didn’t talk, and then we became year round friends not just yankee game friends. her baseball connection is from her mom. she is a way mellower fan than me. you know the type whose moods aren’t determined by wins and loses and doesn’t plan her life around watching and even bought her sons red sox hats. living in boston they are red sox fans. ouch.
    actually i’ll make my prediction and change it if i feel the need to
    1. yankees (i can’t believe i said this. i always predict doom)
    2. 7 (and this will make me and others sick but then hopefully very happy)
    3. mariano (but should i say grandy or swisher?)
    4. no–but i may amend if we play the rays.
    5. 4 (but maybe i should say 5)
    6. no (but i wish the good one showed.)

  17. court1029

    These look delicious!!

    1) Yankees, of course! =)
    2) six
    3) Cano
    4) no
    5) four
    6) yes, and there’ll also be some pie throwing!

  18. Jane Heller

    Your wife calls you “babe,” Mike? That’s very sweet! So I guess you won’t be entering the contest since you’ll be having the cupcakes for dessert tonight. Tell us how they are. And yeah, Andy was dandy. Huuughes too.

    Barbara, your comment made me laugh. I could just feel your ambivalence about the predictions. LOL. Seven games? You’re right – we’ll all be having breakdowns, but we’ll be very happy with the outcome. And yes, you can always amend your contest entry when you find out whether we’ll be playing the Rays or Rangers. How nice that your friends sent you my article. And, of course, I love that you sent it to your Yankee fan friend who became more than that. Isn’t it amazing what close relationships we can form because of our devotion to a baseball team?

    Courtney, I’m so glad you mentioned that not only would the Good A.J. show up but that he’d be throwing pie. I just hope it’s not in Game 7 or I’ll pass out from the anxiety of needing a walkoff to win. Thanks for entering.

    You didn’t read the article to your husband on Sunday, Melissa? Or did he just not make the connection? I’m flattered that he liked it in any case! Saw that one about Cano and found it fascinating. Thanks for the link.

  19. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    My husband came home from work and told me you’d written an article in the Times. ; – ) He said it was a really nice piece!


  20. raysrenegade

    Not going to participate in the cupcake challenge. Mostly because I am not a creamy icing guy, but if you make it a brownie…I can do it!
    Seriously I will answer all six questions anyways and see if my psychic or psycho tendencies are awake and third eye worthy.
    1 Rays (You think I was going to jump ship?)
    2 7 games
    3 Carl Crawford
    4 Manager
    5 3 total
    6 Nope…Being relegated to #4 might do a job on his noodle.
    But then again, he could match-up with James Shields?

    Rays Renegade


  21. Jane Heller

    A Yankees Brownie? Come on, Renegade. Brownies are too….brown! Let’s hope for your sake that your contest entry is meaningful after tomorrow’s game. If the Rangers win that game, you can always jump ship and amend your entry. 🙂

  22. Jane Heller

    Yes, cupcakes, YankeeCase. So where’s your contest entry? Or are you biding your time until Thursday at midnight?

  23. YankeeCase

    Umm… I have to be honest, Jane. I sort of cheated. After posting that comment I looked up the nearest Crumbs shop, and I immediately ran out and bought some cupcakes! lol…

    So much for the gym tonight!

  24. YankeeCase


    I definitely recommend them! Everyone should get their predictions in. I’m going to pass on my own predictions, as I’ll inevitably jinx the team in doing so. I’ll gladly pay to avoid a hex!

    Great article, Mel! Thanks! 😀

  25. Jane Heller

    Oh, good, YankeeCase. Thanks for the cupcake review. lol. We all appreciate that you’re taking one for the team and not jinxing us, although I was looking forward to the story you’d probably tell for each contest question!

  26. alexcoast2coastbball

    1) Yankees

    2) 6

    3) Robinson Cano

    4) No

    5) 4

    6) 5+ innings 5 hits 3 walks 3 earned runs… 4ks… is that the good AJ? i guess that’s decent for the big guy… he may get the ‘W’ anyway.

  27. alexcoast2coastbball

    realized Cano was used for most of the ALCS MVP picks… i’ll change my answer to Swisher …if that’s allowed 🙂

  28. Jane Heller

    Hey, Alex. Yes, you can change your MVP pick to Swisher. I like that no one else has picked him. Good move! I also think 5+ innings and 3 runs from A.J. could be considered the Good A..J., given how he’s imploded this year.

  29. dj2jd5jm7

    I am not really any good with predictions since I am very indecisive. But for some yummy cupcakes, I will at least take a shot at it.

    1) Which team will win the ALCS? YANKEES!!

    2) How many games will the ALCS go? six

    3) Who will be the ALCS MVP? Swisher

    4) Will a manager or player get ejected during the ALCS? I believe a manger might get tossed.

    5) How many appearances will Mo make? 3

    6) Will the Good A.J. show up? only for 4 innings

    (At least now that my hubby’s Twins are out, I can WHOLE-heartedly cheer for our boys in pinstripes!)

    As Peggy says it best: YANKEES 2010!!

  30. Jane Heller

    HAHA, dj. We’ll do anything for some yummy cupcakes. So you’re picking Swish too? Interesting. And if Good A.J. shows up for 4 innings, then the pen will just have to take it the rest of the way. Sorry about your hubby’s Twins. I know he must be disappointed.

  31. cs918

    I’m not into cream cheese frosting either but HEY! Its’s YANKEES Cupcakes!! So glad to know they ship to VA, I had no idea (I so miss good food from home)!! So here’s my entry:

    1) Who’s gonna win the ALCS?? Silly question, Yankees of course!
    2) I would love to say in 4, but in reality, I will go with in 6 games;
    3) ALCS MVP was a hard choice between Cano, Swisher and Granderson but that’s who I’m taking…Granderson… I think he outperformed the others in the Division Series and will do so again in the ALCS.
    4) Will a Manager/player get ejected? Yes, perhaps even BOTH especially since I think we will be playing the Rays!
    5) Mo, I would love to say we would see him 3 times in 4 games, but since I voted that it will go 6 games, we will see him at least 4 times.
    6) Sad to say, I don’t even think the good AJ still exists. So I will vote No. I think he will crack under the pressure again… sadly.

    Btw… Jane, I just happened across your blog, read your intro and now, I’m actually looking forward to reading your book. It’s so nice to find another female who understand’s what it means to be such a Baseball and Yankee fan, we are few and far between, or so it seems! WTG on getting back the joy of Baseball and Thanks for the cupcake contest. Looking forward to reading more of your blogs.

  32. Jane Heller

    Cheri, I’m so glad you came across the blog. You will be happy to “meet” many other passionate female Yankee fans here, as well as some pretty cool guys. And if you do read the She-Fan book, I hope you get a kick out of it. I have a feeling you’ll relate to my adventures in Yankeeville. As for the cupcakes contest, yes indeed, Crumbs ships to VA, so you’re smart to enter. I like your choice of Granderson as the series MVP, both because nobody else has picked him yet and because he has worked so hard to improve this year. I fear you may be right about A.J., but we’ll see. I’ll be looking forward to more of your comments.

  33. Jane Heller

    I don’t see you changing your cap, Renegade – ever. You’re a Rays fan through and through. You must be sitting at the Trop as I type this, banging your cowbell.

  34. raysrenegade

    You know quite well they will have to pry my Rays cap from my cold, dead fingers.
    I support my hometown team, a Yankees fan should respect that. Anyways, if I changed caps, who would ya’ll argue with next week?

    Rays Renegade


  35. davidwhitney167@comcast.net

    1) Which team will win the ALCS? Yanks

    2) How many games will the ALCS go? 6

    3) Who will be the ALCS MVP? A-Rod

    4) Will a manager or player get ejected during the ALCS? No

    5) How many appearances will Mo make? 4

    6) Will the Good A.J. show up? No way

    We will prevail in spite of AJ. A-Rod w/huge RBI and power numbers. Mo 4 saves.

  36. Jane Heller

    Yay, David. Finally someone has picked A-Rod to lead the Yanks to victory. I’d love to see him with huge numbers in this series. Thanks for the contest entry and good luck!

  37. denise.goglia@gmail.com

    Okay, here goes:

    1. The New York Yankees will win the ALCS.

    2. The ALCS will go for six games.

    3. The ALCS MVP will be Alex Rodriguez.

    4. Texas Rangers Manager Ron Washington will be ejected at some point in the ALCS series.

    5. Mariano Rivera will make five appearances in the series.

    6. Yes, the good A.J. Burnett will show up. 🙂

  38. Jane Heller

    Yay, Denise! You made it over here. Welcome. I like your contest picks, because no one else has said Ron Washington will be tossed. Interesting. And, of course, I like the outcome. 🙂

  39. bgalaxy@verizon.net

    1. Yankees
    2. 6
    3. Mariano Rivera
    4. Yes
    5. 2
    6. Good Aj
    these are the predictions of a kid i am tutoring, joe, today who wants to enter.
    i hope he is right!

  40. Jane Heller

    So you think someone will get tossed, luciabac408. I agree with you. The umpiring has made everybody a little tense. Thanks for your contest entry.

  41. yankeesfan27

    1) Which team will win the ALCS?

    2) How many games will the ALCS go?
    Five. (More of a hope than a guess) 😉

    3) Who will be the ALCS MVP?
    Mariano Rivera

    4) Will a manager or player get ejected during the ALCS?

    5) How many appearances will Mo make?

    6) Will the Good A.J. show up?
    If this means a quality start, yes.

  42. medicap325@mchsi.com

    1–YANKS of course
    2–6 games
    3–Nick Swisher
    5–4 games
    6–Yes, pleeeeease!

    I love reading your blog. I’m not a techie by any stretch of the imagination, but hit your site daily for all the insight, kinship and entertainment it provides. I’m from Iowa and have been a Yankee fan since my crush on Bucky Dent in junior high. I was lucky enough to get to four games this year but only caught one win. It was when it really counted–in Minneapolis last Thursday. There weren’t many of us there and I was promptly told to “go back to New York” upon my exit from Target Field. I look forward to tomorrow night–been going through withdrawl the last few days without any game to watch! Go Yankees!

  43. Jane Heller

    Yankeesfan27, do you realize you forgot to fill in which team you think will win the ALCS????? Either that or the blog swallowed it before you hit “submit.” But I know you meant the Yankees, so no worries. Thanks for your entry and good luck!

    Hey, medicap325. I appreciate those kind words about the blog. Yes, we’ve established a nice kinship of fans here, so I’m glad you’ve joined the party. I love your story about having a crush on Bucky. So you were in Minny on Thursday? Wow. Lucky you. As for your contest entry, I’d have to go back and check but I think you’re the first to pick Swisher as the series MVP!

  44. ibrenne@yahoo.com

    Sorry I’m late. Hope I get this in in time…

    1) Which team will win the ALCS? I’m biased, but I don’t want to win cupcakes unless I root for the Yankees.
    answer: Yankees

    2) How many games will the ALCS go?we’ll win all except when Lee pitches.
    answer: five

    3) Who will be the ALCS MVP? This is the obvious choice, but he’s earned it.
    answer: Cano

    4) Will a manager or player get ejected during the ALCS? This is the yankees. Bad calls will happen.
    answer: of course.

    5) How many appearances will Mo make?

    6) Will the Good A.J. show up? Sure. For two innings. But on the whole he cracks up.
    answer: No.

  45. Jane Heller

    Looks like you’re 21 minutes past the deadline, Ilene, but since you’re about to get married and must have a lot on your mind I’ll give you a special dispensation! Thanks for your entry. Now the contest is officially closed and we’ll have to sit back and wait to see what happens in this series. I hope SOMEBODY wins.

  46. hirscha212@yahoo.com

    1) Yanks win the series, of course.
    2) They win in 5 games
    3) Mark Teixiera is the MVP
    4) No managers are given the boot
    5) Mariano will appear in 4 games.
    6) We will see the Good AJ.


  47. Jane Heller

    I’m so sorry, Alan, but I can’t include your contest entry because it’s well past the Thursday-at-midnight deadline. I do love your predictions though and hope they come true!

  48. Jane Heller

    I’m with you, Alan. I want a five game win so badly I can taste it! Thanks for being understanding about the contest.

  49. eamadormesa@gmail.com

    1.) Yankees win (NYY-Giants in the WS)
    2.) 4 games(Phil too much for Texas in game 2, Cliff Lee is not that good in game 3, AJ earns his 16MM contract in game 4)
    3.)Robbie “AL MVP” Cano
    4.) No
    5.) 3 games(Bonus question: How many bats will he break?)
    6.) The (really)good AJ

  50. Jane Heller

    I love your series predictions, eamadormesa, but the contest deadline for entries was Thursday at midnight, so no cupcakes for you. Sorry. As Alan said in his comment above yours, just having the Yankees win will be good enough, right? And you’ve got us sweeping the Rangers! That’s confidence. Wow. Fingers crossed.

  51. yankeessal

    I know that the contest is over but I still wanted to answer the questions.
    1) Yankees
    2) Five
    3) Thames
    4) Yes
    5) Three
    6) No

  52. Jane Heller

    Why not, yankeessal. Your predictions are great – you’re the first to predict that Thames will be the series MVP. Judging by his big hit last night, you made a good pick! I wonder which manager you think will get ejected.

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