Yanks-Twins Game 2: The Texas Two Step

What a job by Andy and Lance, the former teammates.
All I kept hearing from the TBS guys was: “Will Andy be the Playoff Andy or the Injured Andy?” It was making me crazy, but then everything they said made me crazy. The point is, Andy was the same amazing pitcher he’s always been – making the pitches he needed to make, giving us innings, setting the tone. You could just tell that the players felt confident behind him. And I felt confident after his shaky first inning; apparently, he and Dave Eiland went into the clubhouse between innings and looked at video. Whatever flaw they spotted was clearly corrected because he was great from then on. And how about Fat Elvis? Talk about rising to the occasion. Those were some big hits he delivered tonight. But then just about everybody seemed to contribute in some way. Swisher made a nice catch in right. Grandy continued his hot hitting. Posada had an awesome at bat and drew a leadoff walk, then scored. Gardner is the fastest living organism.
Are we still leaving runners on base? Unfortunately. Is A-Rod striking out more in this series than he did last year? So far. But you can’t have everything. Kerry Wood pitched a swell eighth and Mo took care of the ninth. The Yankees are poised to return to the Bronx and finish off the Twins, but that’ll mean passing the baton to Huuuughes. 
I’d like to say we’ll sweep, but I’m way too superstitious – and cautious. The Twins are a good team and they’re not going to just roll over.
I sure wish I could be at the Stadium on Saturday, but I know some of you will be there and that’s comforting. I’ll be at the wedding of my friend’s daughter, and I’ve been freaking out that I’ll miss part of the game. But today I got the good news that they’ll probably cut the cake by 5 o’clock PT, so I’ll be home in time for the first pitch! Here’s to a fast cake cutting!
And speaking of cake, I just might have a really, really, really (that’s three “really’s”) cool contest coming up involving dessert. So stay tuned.


  1. jojovanb27@hotmail.com

    God bless our Houston connection. Andy was everything we’d expect him to be. Fat Elvis (almost) earned his paycheck in one game.

  2. levelboss

    when Fat Elvis hit that jack i said to myself, “welcome to the Yankees; you earned your pinstripes”
    but now i’m thinking that it wasn’t enough, that i spoke too soon.. Yankee standards require a lot more than a single playoff tater.. on the other end of things, Curtis Granderson and Kerry Wood are definitely stepping up

  3. YankeeCase

    I love the fact that the new guys are contributing in big ways. Granderson, Wood, and now Berkman.

    I’m not loving the TBS guys though. It’s a whole national thing. I won’t even say they’re anti-Yankee, because I don’t really get that sense. They’re just kinda unenthusiastic. If anything they seem more anti-Twins the way they go on and on about some supposed curse and how the Yankees are in their heads. But they perpetuate it! Ernie Johnson should stick to being behind the desk for NBA games. How is he not able to count runs as they score?

    The other two should brush up on the teams they’re covering. Granderson abysmal (or something along those lines)against lefties until the adjustment?! No… Not great, but not abysmal. Berkman was some sort of horrible until he got two big hits today? He was hitting pretty good after coming off the DL. Wood didn’t struggle as he did the night before. Really? Game 1 was a struggle for him? A hit, a walk, and two outs. Definitely the right move to get Mo in there, but I don’t think it was because Wood was struggling. And questioning whether Andy may have been thinking if he was good enough to start? The last few days he had said that he’s confident and ready to go! Plus he had already pitched three games. What gives?! It’s not like you have to ‘know’ someone on inside to get this level of ‘insight’. Read a few articles from each team’s site and you should be good. Either they’re lazy or they have this superiority deal which makes them think they know all they need to know.


    Anyway… Enough about them. Didn’t you love seeing Posada running around the bases, scoring from first? A 39 year old catcher, busting it! That was awesome! I also love the change in approach for the hitters against Pavano. ‘Oh, you’re going to continue throwing strikes, first pitch? Well then, we’ll begin crushing your sinkers away! Have at you, sir!’ That’s the kind of stuff that playoff experienced hitters do to win ballgames. Hopefully Hughes (those TBS guys called him ‘Philip’!!! No one’s called him that since he told people he didn’t like being called ‘Philip’ and preferred ‘Phil’ in 2007!) will have a great game.

    Funny thing with Phil following Andy in the playoff rotation. Did you know the Yankees earned a pick in the draft when Andy left for Houston? And that pick was a young Mr. Huuuuuuuuuughes….!

  4. ooaooa

    You had to mention cake! You know I LOVE cake.
    Delivered my tickets for Saturday night to my client yesterday. You could have had them! Friends don’t let friends schedule weddings on game days!
    I tolerated announcers last night. Ah, a Yankee playoff game that ended before my bed time. Seeing Pavano lose was fantastic. He did pitch well but the real Yankees have emerged again. Umpiring is again the focus of the playoffs. They are in a no win situation. Bud S. must do something. Going to a family party Sunday afternoon. My wife and I will be the only Yankee fans there. Along with cake, I will have a buffet of Red Sox fans to feast on. “I Live For This”

  5. devilabrit

    Congrats to the Yankees for winning 2 on the road and taking the chance to swiffer the Twins back to New York, I think the Yankees should have a policy of not letting Berkman talk to the press, his voice does not fit his look, he almost sounds as cartoonish as Hamels.


    Phillies Outside

  6. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    It’s amazing how an early game and going up 2-0 in the series can bring on such a wonderful night’s sleep!

    Barbara, we seem to be empathetically linked because I keep feeling the same way you do! And I’m going to the gym in a minute too, but no Yankees on TV for me, I swim.

    I am starting to feel good about the Yankees’ chances again. They are looking like Yankees. They’ve got that confidence about them.
    I had to run to my mom’s house during the game, and that was when Berkman hit his double. (I was listening on the car radio). When I got home, my husband told me I should have kept driving – and it did cross my mind!

    Great play by Jeter in the first also. And Andy! No doubts about him last night.

    Eddie, loved your post! Posada always says he used to be fast. I don’t think he’s ever run like that before.

    And they got to Carl F Pavano. Every time they showed his face, I just wanted to spit on him. But I thought the mustaches on the fans idea was very cute. Too bad Hughes shaved – Yankee fans could have pasted two hairs on their lips to emulate his rather weak mustache. BUT, I’ll take a weak mustache with a strong arm any day.

    I don’t think I can stand the wait until Saturday!!!!!


  7. bgalaxy@verizon.net

    last night was fun. somehow i enjoyed it way more than the night before. i just felt calm. perhaps it was because andy seemed so in control, i could relax. yes the runners in scoring position not scoring was a little worrisome (i started making a new scarf because it is great to knit when i get worried) but i just felt like it would all be ok. i love watching the grandyman hit, berkman was great. woods and mariano seemed better last night. the start time was better too. weird that both al games involved close calls that led to managers getting tossed. what fun that we get an off day to be happy and to relax and for me to watch all of the post game interviews and get more sleep. off to the gym where i’ll change the tv to sportcenter and work out with my yankees win goofy grin!

  8. beckers46

    Andy was SUPERB last night. The postseason is his thing. He’s so focused. I love it when he has his cap low and he brings his glove to his face. I read somewhere that they call Andy Darth Vader when he does that. Wow! Andy and Eiland did their homework in between innings. That’s really neat to read. I love how CC gave Andy a big hug when he was done. Pitchers stick together. I was also happy Fat Elvis had a great game. I really wish I was going to the game Saturday too. Have fun to those that will be there. Jane, I’m laughing so hard about that Boomer tweet you got. I bet he wasn’t wearing pants. Haha! If I ever saw Boomer in person, I would first lose it. Then, I would broadcast the final out from his perfect game. “The 0-1 swung on to right field. Paul O’Neill MAKES THE CATCH! David Wells. David Wells has pitched a perfect game. 27 up. 27 down. Baseball immortality on David Wells. And the Yankees win. YANKEES WIN!” Do you think Boomer would get a kick out of it, or think I’m crazy. Lol! I don’t care. Have a great day, fans! I’m so thrilled I finally have a day off from work. – Becky 😀

  9. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    I hate the word, “clutch”, but there’s no other word for how Andy Pettitte performed last night, Jane. He is so consistent in the post-season, he’s amazing. I thought today’s headlines in the newspaper would be, “Andy and Grandy Were Dandy”. LOL.

    I got scared when the brought in Mariano for the 2nd day in a row, especially when he had to get 5 outs (considering the wrong call by the ump on what should have been the final out) but he was lights out.

    And of course, getting to Pavano made me very happy.

    I want to sweep, and I want Texas and The Rays to go the full 5. In all honesty, I don’t know which of them I want to play in the next round. The Rays have always been a handful for us this season, but Texas seems unbeatable. I don’t know. I do know that we are in Minnesota’s heads — If I heard correctly, its like 10 or 11 straight post-season games where The Twins had the lead and gave it up to our Yankees. So much of this game is psychological.


  10. ladyjane303

    Missed the beginning of the game, but got home just in time to see the replay of Berkman’s homer. Yippee! Of course I wanted to see the Yankees win, but I almost more wanted to see Pavano lose – is that wrong of me? Andy was the old reliable pos-season Andy – ’nuff said. So impressed with Grandy, Gardy, Swish’s catch, Kerry Wood (the best mid-season pickup in recent memory). And yes, I was tense for a nano-second when Mo came in for the second day in a row – but it’s Mo, it’s October and all is well. Can’t wait for tomorrow – just have to decide which jersey to wear. Some of them have better mojo than others….
    Eddie – your posts are great. Melissa – Have a great time tomorrow.

  11. nyyfaninvt

    Gosh that was fun! It was nice to have the game begin earlier, though I missed the first inning on television because we were finishing dinner. I had the radio on, of course, then was glad to move to the family room for three hours of satisfying baseball.

    I’m starting to think the Twins should spot us a couple of runs since they have shown consistently that they cannot comeback from our comebacks. Maybe if they reverse the order they’ll break the curse but why am I giving them ideas?

    I never would have anticipated Fat Elvis being the hero of this game. I was annoyed with the controversy over the strike that was called a ball. From watching the strike zone box we saw many balls called strikes and strikes called balls. It happened for both teams, with sometimes pitches that came in in identical spots being called one thing and then the other. It happens. I would argue Berkman would not have struck out on that pitch because I think one of his earlier balls was called a strike. You have to leave it to the baseball gods to even things out, more or less.

    Andy was great, Grandy was great, Wood and Mo were great and Jorge showed some hustle – I was incredulous when he scored from first, not something he does often. It was just fun to watch.

    I will admit to feeling a lot of sympathy for the Twins and their fans. I know how awful it would feel if the Yankees had just dropped the first two games of the playoffs at home. And the Twins seem like a decent enough bunch of guys – I certainly don’t dislike them like I do Boston or Toronto. But they are standing between us and No. 28 and so they must move aside. Nothing personal, this is business.

    Oh, I may have discovered my rally food. On Wednesday I made a big pot of spaghetti sauce with meatballs and sausage. We ate it over pasta Wednesday night, then in a baked ziti last night. I have plenty in the freezer so I think we’ll have meatball sandwiches Saturday night. Couldn’t hurt! It’s a good thing my family really likes Italian food.

  12. bgalaxy@verizon.net

    Melissa, cool that we seem to be empathetically linked. i can’t wait for saturday too. I made plans in the day but made sure to be clear that i must be home for the game at night. i knew i’d spend all day waiting for the game so this way i will be busy and will only think of it a few times an hour, not every minute. i also went to the library because i knew i’d need a book tonight without a yankee game. i am trying hard not to think of what i will do when not only aren’t there yankee games every day but not any for months. for now i will bask in two happy games!

  13. Jane Heller

    You got that right, jojovanb. The Houston Connection came up huge for us last night. I don’t know what Fat Elvis’ paycheck is, but he gets a raise from me. Of course I still don’t want him anywhere near first base.

    Yankee standards dictate that Berkman needs to perform well in the postseason, levelboss, so he’s moving in the right direction. He can earn even more good will if we move into the next round. Same with Grandy and Wood.

    I could do a whole post about the TBS announcers, YankeeCase (although you already did – lol), but then I’d be repeating myself. The night before this series I posted that I wasn’t happy that we couldn’t get our own guys to call the game (or at least one of our own guys), and it’s something I’d like to see addressed with MLB. I realize they are a money making organization and TBS must spend handsomely for the privilege of televising the postseason games, but they are simply not up to the challenge. They’re bush league, amateurish and just plain annoying. It’s not so much about anti-Yankee bias, although it’s so apparent that they’d rather this series go longer. I doubt Twins fans like them any more than we do. But onto the game. Yes, Posada’s sprint around the bases was awesome!!!! And it all started with his brilliant at bat against the mustachioed one. No, I didn’t realize that we got Huuuughes when Pettitte went to Houston! Thank you for that!!!

    I did mention cake, John, and you will love the contest I’ll be running if it works out. So get ready. Yes, the umpiring is again getting a lot of attention this year. I’m not a fan of instant replay for everything, so I honestly don’t know what’s to be done except say, “That’s baseball. It all evens out in the end.” That, or train better umps. And yes, beating Pavano was enormously satisfying.

    Berkman does have kind of a high voice, Peter, but I don’t mind it. He’s sweet and self-deprecating and smiles a lot. Smiles go a long way with me.

    They ARE starting to look like the Yankees again, Melissa. We don’t know what will happen on Saturday and beyond, but they’re certainly playing with more confidence and the memory of their awful finish to the regular reason is beginning to fade for me. Getting to Pavano was fun! I’m with you on the feeling his closeups inspired. He’s got an unfortunate lip curl that, together with the mustache, just makes me look surly. Good riddance.

    I felt much calmer last night too, Barbara. Part of it was having Game 1 under our belts. The way we were losing at the end of the regular season had me spooked. But winning the first one gave me confidence. And having Andy on the mound really made me feel good. So even though the score was close again and we had to come back from a deficit, I knew we would. I just did. The early start time – 3 o’clock for me – forced me to get all my work/errands done early in the day so I was ready for baseball.

    Andy was superb, Becky. And so focused. I love “the stare.” If I were a batter I’d be scared to death! He just amazes me how he’s able to get it done in the postseason year after year. And yeah, the Boomer stuff was hilarious. Great memory on your part, btw. That would be so cool if you got to meet him and do the play by play of his perfecto. He’d probably buy you a couple of drinks or ten! Enjoy your day off.

    You hate the word “clutch,” Diane? It’s one of my favorites, especially when it applies to the Yankees. And Andy was and is clutch. I felt the same way you did about Mo – for a nannosecond. He’s made for postseason situations like last night and takes such good care of himself that he can do whatever it takes at this time of year. And if I were Joe, I’d go to him whenever I needed to. He can rest today – and in December! I don’t know which team I’d rather play either – Texas or Tampa. There are pros and cons to each. But I can’t let myself even think about it, because we’re not done with the Twins. So I’ll speculate only when/if we win the ALDS!

    I wanted to see the Yankees win about equal to wanting to see Pavano lose, ladyjane. And getting both wishes was a beautiful thing. I must admit I didn’t think Wood would be as great a pickup as he’s been. I’d heard nothing but negative stuff about him – how he was always injured, how he always walks hitters (that one’s kind of true), how he’s unreliable, etc. But he has really stepped up and into that eighth inning spot. May it only continue. So you’re going to the game tomorrow? Oooooh, I’m so jealous. Pick your luckiest jersey/shirt!!!!

    I don’t know what it is about the Yankees and Twins, Jeff. One of the guys on the MLB Network said the Twins were built for the regular season, not the postseason. I don’t know what that means. And I don’t believe in curses. I’m still not counting them out.

    I agree with you about the balls and strikes, Audrey. The calls generally go both ways for both teams, and yesterday was no different. The pitch Pavano and Gardenhire were upset about sure looked like a strike to me and I would have been furious too. But what can you do? The umps make bad calls. We were lucky that one went our way, but there have been plenty of others that didn’t. It wasn’t a game changer because the Twins weren’t hitting Pettitte no matter what. I love your assessment of Twins fans. I don’t hate them either – not at all. It’s just business. Nicely put. Just please keep eating the meatballs and sausage on Saturday! Lucky food is not to be taken lightly!

  14. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Good Golly, Miss Molly…I feel a song coming on!…something today from “The King” (thankyouverymuch):
    “Come on and be my chubby Good Luck Charm.
    You BIG dee-light!
    I want a Good Luck Charm
    To fit on Hughes’s arm
    To have (to have)…to hold (to hold)…that nite!”
    Well, it certainly is a day to celebrate Elvis, and I mean the fat one, not that skinny Elvis Andrus over in Texas. And he’s in the wrong Texas town, too. Gimme Houston over Dallas any day (well, we ARE Redskins fans, you see…)
    Yes, it was strike three. But Fat Elvis make an excellent point afterwards — he said how the ump was calling most inside pitches as balls (wish he’d pointed that out to Cano), and he was calling outside stuff for strikes. Also noted how a lot of knee-high pitches were balls, and letter-high stuff was strikes…THAT IS THE GAME, folks, everybody KNOWS you gotta adjust to the ump…except, of course Mr. Pornstar Mustache…and how sweet it was…!! Hope the ESPN’ers are choking in their smarmy Pavano Pie today…
    But I totally agree, nuthin’ against the Twins. In fact, back in 2002, I went to an All-Star Fantasy Camp that was held in Ft. Myers — you could choose to stay with the Twins, or the Red Sox — rather a no-brainer, eh?? Their fans are great, as were their old players…not Yankees, but good guys…and man, we had fun…but I digress again…
    Lest I forget…hats off to Andy!! He was vintage, and it was so great to see…does dangle some extra hope out there, even for me, Mr. Pessimist…but in the wise words of the She-Fan, don’t look past tomorrow EVER…one game at a time, children…ain’t that right, Elvis?
    Uh-huh…uh-uh-huh…uh-uh-HUH…oh yeah…!!

  15. Jane Heller

    Barbara, I can think of a few books you can get at the library today. Hint hint.

    I have fond memories of some of the old Twins players too, Dave. Harman Killebrew was great and so was the team of that era. How many fantasy camps have you gone to, btw? They sound like fun. The Yankees are running one for women next year, but I don’t think I could lift a bat at this point. lol.

    I don’t think the Twins look frightened, Paul. I really don’t. I think they’re playing hard but have just not gotten the big hits.

  16. peggy3

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans….

    One, Two, Three Strikes Yer Out !!! That’s what I’m hoping happens to the Twinkies especially since I’ll be there to celebrate if we win. I’ll represent the She and He fans that can’t be there with loud chants and cheers. Let’s Go Phil …Let’s Go Yankees !!!!

    Kudo’s to Andy, Grandy, Lancsy, Woody, Mosy and the whole teamsy (Joe loves his “y’s” at the end of the names…lol). Great job by all the guys the first two games. Seems everyone is chipping in to get the job done and I love a true TEAM effort. Perhaps Andy purposely didn’t pitch that well the final games of the season to lull the Twinkies into a false sense of security as you know how crafty our Andy is …right? :o). Seriously …he was just awesome and still totally amazing. As Orlando Hudson said “That OLD man can still pitch”. You better believe it O Dawg …LOL.

    Also ….I’m FINALLY moving home on the 14th …only 5 1/2 months later. No complaints from me tho’ as I had it much
    easier than people who have suffered fires in their lives.
    It will be nice to be home because as Dorothy said when she clicked the Ruby Slippers…”There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home”.

    Everyone have a great weekend and let’s cheer the boys on
    to completing the first step towards total victory …CHAMPIONSHIP 28 !!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

    P.S. …Good post Eddie …I loved seeing Georgie chugging it around the bases. Also love how Andy keeps promoting Po’s charity by constantly wearing the Hip, Hip, Jorge shirt ..even on the podium last night.

  17. raysrenegade

    Heard the same tired rhetoric from the TBS crew before Rays pitcher James Shields hit the hill. They wondered if “Big Game”, his cousin “No Game” or his third cousin, twice removed “What a Shame “James would be throwing from the hill.
    Funny how they can paint a player with such disregard at times for what good they have done in the past and cast them as defects instead of assets to their team.
    Someone had to have confidence in them or they would be selling cars somewhere…or worse life insurance.
    Our guys did the Texas two-step too, but it was step towards an early ALDS and playoff exit.
    Hopefully we can salsa back into the mess without stubbing a toe or two along the way. One…Two.. chachacha.

    Rays Renegade


  18. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Oh, Jane…dear Jane…you asked me about the Fantasy Camps. I could write on your blog for the rest of my days about how wonderful they’ve been. I’ve attended “only” two — one as my 40th b’day gift, and one (very belatedly) as my 50th — but they were, without a doubt, two of the greatest weeks of my adult life.
    I’ll quickly mention the second one, ’cause I already did today. Called “All-Star” because no one team was featured (it was two, plus players from other clubs), the core of campers were middle-aged clods like me who LOVE beisbol, and maybe (but not always) played on some team when they were young…but just ate up the camaraderie, and being around REAL big-leaguers (no matter how old) and wearing a real, form-fit uniform. What a gas.
    But the first camp…OMG, everyone, the first camp…it was called The Mickey Mantle-Whitey Ford Fantasy Camp, and it featured THOSE TWO (they watched but didn’t play), plus Hank Bauer, Moose Skowron, John Blanchard, Hector Lopez, Jake Gibbs, all of whom coached a squad of campers, and two of Mickey’s sons…with special guests Yogi Berra, Elliott Maddox, Stan Bahnsen (my only AB in the Campers-Players game was against him — UN-FOR-GETTABLE). My skin gets goosebumps just typing these names again. Honestly — when the last game was played, and I had to drag myself off the field for the last time, I had tears in my eyes. I never ever wanted it to end. And that was ONE WEEK. Girl, if you can even HOLD a bat, and put a glove on to catch a ball without hurting yourself, you’ve gotta think about going. Even if you had MICHAEL sign up & play (and he can stink…many of us did, too!), just so you can hang out in and near the stands, and talk to all the old Yanks, oh please you MUST consider this. Hell, I’d fly down or out there myself, esp. if it’s in Florida, just to see you-all…and I’d find Renegade and talk Diane & whoever else into doing it too!!!

  19. peggy3

    WOW DAVE….that first Fantasy Camp sounds amazing !!! Mickey and Whitey ….just to stand near them would have made my week. I can’t imagine it at all. LUCKY, LUCKY YOU !!!! I’m so green with envy that you were able to meet my idol …The Mick.

    I would love to go to the Ladies Camp but alas I don’t think I’d make it down to first base without collapsing. They would have to have oxygen tanks at each base just for me ..haha. I wish they had this when I was a young lass as I would have broke the bank to attend (the piggy bank that is …). The only Fantasy Camp I’ll ever attend is the one in my fantasies… sob sob.

    Thanks for sharing those wonderful memories Dave …

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!!

  20. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Thanks back, Peggy. You know, it’s been a long long time now, and most of them are gone…but it’s even hard for me to believe that yes, I did stand next to those guys, and actually talk to them, and share a drink (okay, SEVERAL drinks…it was always an open bar…)! And every last one of them was fiercely proud of being a member of the Yankee brotherhood. I am dead serious. I will regale you with many a story, or so I hope, before I’m through…
    Now let’s just hope that our current corps keeps up their esprit de corps and carries on the tradition that is like no other…go get ’em, boys…

  21. Jane Heller

    Peggy, first of all I’m SO glad you have a moving date so you’ll be back home for real. That’s great news and I’m sure you’re relieved (even though you probably got used to the sweet hotel life – lol). Did Hudson really call Andy an old man? HAHA. The joke’s on him. I know you’ll represent us well tomorrow in the Bronx. Are you by any chance going with your Mets fan cousin, the one who brings us luck???? As for fantasy camp, I’m right there with you on the athletic part. But Dave’s suggestion about just going to hang out with the players is pretty tempting.

    Renegade, condolences for the last two games. Your guys are better than they’re showing right now. We all know that. As for the TBS talking heads, they seem to need to reduce everything to the simplest terms, as if the audience is too stupid to understand any nuances or finer points of the game. We are not nitwits! We watch all season long! Good luck in Arlington.

    Love your stories about the fantasy camps, Dave, and your suggestion about decoying Michael is a great one. He can stand at the plate and do his best imitation of The Mick while I’ll drool over the players. Sounds about right to me.

    Ah, Kaiser. It’s a beautiful dream. But we both have miles to go before that happens. Fingers crossed.

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