Yanks Lose Nightcap In Embarrassing Fashion

I was blacked out by Fox for today’s first game, so I listened to it on my phone while I ran around doing errands. I was so excited when we won that I nearly drove off the road. If we win the second game, I thought, we’ll be in great shape to take the division.
Nice dream.
I couldn’t watch Game 2 live because I was at the performance of my friend John Lengfelder’s new movie. (It’s called “Blind Date” and it was interactive in the sense that the audience gets to vote on what happens in the actual story; go to http://www.BlindDateInteractive.com if you’re interested.) But I saw the replay. I wish I hadn’t. Four errors? The Yankees committed four errors? I realize that Berkman is no Tex and Cervelli is no Posada, but AJ standing there staring at the first base ump while the run scored? Hello? I understand why he was surprised by the “safe” call, but where was his head as A-Rod yelled at him to pay attention to the runner. When the camera panned over to Girardi in that fourth inning, you could see Joe hang his head in disgust. I did the same thing.
We had a great chance to control our own destiny in the final weekend of the regular season. Instead, we’re stuck hoping the Rays lose. Not a good way to end a very long journey into night.


  1. colombiano2386@yahoo.com

    Hi Jane. It’s really late here in the East Coast but when I’m upset or angry, it’s hard for me to sleep. The last game was so sloppily played by both sides it was embarrassing to watch. AJ’s was the most notable and he wasn’t that great considering the Red Sox threw their mostly AAA lineup out there. The offense was just terrrrrible (more r’s for emphasis). 4-33 with RISP during both games. That won’t get the job done. Wasting opportunities like that and you will likely lose just like the Yanks did. They were lucky to win the first game due to that Boston error. I don’t like leaving the outcome up to the Rays but there’s nothing that can be done now. Moseley is starting tomorrow so I don’t have that much faith as it is although we are facing Lackey. Our success tomorrow (technically today) depends how deep Moseley can go without giving up too many runs and of course, luck that the Rays lose. Our bullpen was taxed for those 2 games. Now how about that NL West and WC race? Very fun to watch as a neutral fan and will be even more fun if both the Padres and Braves win and then the all 3 teams have to play 1 game against each other to decide the winners of the division and WC.

  2. arthur.kathleen@gmail.com

    Hi Jane!
    It’s been wild here on the East Coast. First, all that rain, then we win (barely) the first game Sat, then AJ. But first, can we talk about Joba? In he comes to relieve Andy, and BAM! I was ready to drive to Boston and scream at him, “REALLY?!!” He can create close games so quickly. I cringe every time he takes the mound. He’s a nice, goofy guy, but I think it is time he left New York.
    Now AJ. Where to start? Is it just me, or does he seem to get more and more clueless each game? How much are we paying this guy? I hope A-Rod gave it to him in the clubhouse after the game. Possibly another black eye? Couldn’t hurt.
    On a positive note, I agree with Leo. The NL West division race is so fun to watch. The NL has its act together while the AL teams all seem to be imploding. Hopefully ending the actual season will give the all the teams a fresh start.

  3. yankeefansarah

    I hope everything works out and the Yankees are able to win the division. But in all honesty, I won’t be the least bit dissapointed if we end up with the wildcard. I like the Yankees chances against the Twins. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Whatever happens, I’m okay with. We’re in the playoffs, and that’s good enough for me.
    I want to cut the Yankees some slack for playing like clowns last night. I’m sure they were exhausted… but still, Burnett arguing while time out hadn’t been called yet reallly upsets me. It was just a predictable way for him to end his regular season.

  4. dorgal218

    I just hope they don’t get in a position where they have to depend on AJ during the playoffs. I’m a mild-mannered fan, but he gets my blood boiling. He couldn’t protect two leads. His WPs, HPBs and BBs are intolerable. And then the piece de resistance the stupid stupidity that occurred after the close play at first. Then he has the nerve to say that he was “encouraged” by his outing because he “didn’t break?” Okay. I guess that depends on how you define that term. Did he give up 7 runs? No. Hurray, hurray. Did he support his team? Well, no. Especially when you consider the lineup he was facing.

    The bullpen didn’t help. And of course the failure to hit with RISP didn’t help either. But they DID score 6 runs and that should have been enough. I am not a Girardi basher, and for the most part I like the way he manages his bullpen – EXCEPT for when he decides to overplay the matchups. Having used all his best relievers in the game 1, why not ride Mitre as long as he could? Oh, well.

    Unfortunately, from week one of this season, I had a feeling it would be a tight one with Tampa Bay. I was hoping not this tight, though. Go Yankees. Go Royals.

  5. dschaub@gpo.gov

    What a tease…
    After that surprise gift from the Royals/Rays on Friday, and the extra bonus surprise gift from the Bosox(!) in the first game Saturday, our boyz actually had a shot.
    But now…umm, no…
    Sadly appropriate that This Year’s Underachievers (at least to date), starring Rocky Burnett and Fat Elvis (uh-huh) were in the mix. (BTW, lemme ‘splain why I now call A.J. “Rocky” — it ain’t because of the fighter, tho’ Lord knows I’d like to still hope he has Yet Another Comeback — there was a singer named Rocky Burnette in the early ’80s, whose dad was a legendary rockstar, Johnny Burnette (nevermind) — he (Rocky) had one big hit, “Tired Of Toein’ The Line” — you probably don’t remember — but MY POINT is that Rocky was a one-hit wonder despite his pedigree, and ‘toein’ the line’ does have a beisbol-ish metaphor-ic allusion to the pitching rubber…got all that?…ah, nevermind again…)
    Anyway, as I type away my frustrations this morning, it’s abundantly clear that we are to be The Wild-Carders, and headin’ back up to Minnesota, home of Frostbite Falls and that other Rocky, the Flying Squirrel, and Bullwinkle the Moose (speaking of such: hi, Audrey!)…for yet another date with…CARL F?? Ahh, but maybe that was how it was meant to be…have I lost everybody yet?
    Then again…maybe…just maybe…not?
    P.S. Son #1 loves the O’s, but his fave NL team has always been the Braves…and he HATES the Phillies…he’s been dyin’ all weekend…for his sake, I say Go Giants…

  6. theheirloom

    Jane, I can’t put my finger on what’s wrong with the Yanks – except for the insane scheduling in the first game to to placate FOX – then a 9:00PM start for the nightcap! It probably explains the loss in the later game – who wants to start an East Coast game at 9:00PM local time? It throws all preparation and player energy out the window.

    It rides on today – I fear. The Yanks cannot solely rely on the proverbial spoiler – the Kansas City Royals – to assist in another Yankees’ AL East title. The Yanks needs to simply win in Boston to at least get a hand on the flag. That’s the lesson the Twins learned when the Royals spoiled a few opponent’s pennant runs.

    Good luck today. It’s either the Twins or Texas next week.


  7. nyyfaninvt

    Yes, it was an ugly game but let’s give them that the circumstances were unusual and stressful. The four errors were ridiculous but, as it was really cold in New England last night. I just hope we don’t see too much more of Berkman or Kearns – how many strikeouts does that guy have? Never mind, I just looked it up – 116 out of 403 at bats. It seems like every time I watch him he whiffs.

    For me personally, being the wild card and getting the schedule it creates would be nice. I’m thinking about going down for a playoff game and weekend games make that possible for us but home games on Wednesday and Thursday are not doable.

    There’s no point in stressing about today’s game, though it would be nice to go into the playoffs on an up note. But a whole new season starts on Wednesday and that’s where we need to focus now.

    Hi dschaub! No moose sightings lately – he made his way through town for a couple of days and now seems to have found his way into the mountains. Or maybe he’s headed for Minnesota to watch the playoffs.

  8. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Except for AJ, I can forgive the errors. It was a chilly 20 innings those guys played last night. It was a weird way to play a double header and loss of focus and errors were bound to happen. I know, I know, they are professionals etc, but they are also human beings.

    MLB once again put TV over the players’ good. Starting the second game 49 minutes after the end of the first was like just having extra innings with some weird long break in the middle.

    And I got ********** last night. It seems to me, whoever is the World Series Champion, should have the perk of finishing their season at home. Just seems like a nicer thing to me.


  9. devilabrit

    Now I was blacked out by Fox for the Phillies game yet had the Yankees game, so I had to listen to the Phillies….
    I wonder if we’ll ever find out what AJ said to Girardi as he went down the steps, the look on Girardi’s face was priceless..


    Phillies Outside

  10. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    I cannot believe mlb bleeped out the word passed with an i in it instead of an a. Little Miss Sunshine is going to get a bad reputation!


  11. arthur.kathleen@gmail.com

    The Yankees can never do it the easy way. Such is our lot in life as fans – always nail biting and heart attacks. BUT, stupidity such as AJ’s doesn’t have to happen.

  12. Jane Heller

    I’m the same way, Leo. When I’m upset or keyed up I can’t go right to sleep, which was what happened last night. I had to stay up late to watch the replay of the game after I got back from the movie, and was SO disappointed that we lost – in the way we lost. The RISP situation was horrendous in both games. I groaned every time somebody was stranded, and that had nothing to do with the doubleheader; it’s been happening all year. So I agree it’s a problem going forward. When I saw Nova and Mitre, I figured Moseley would get the nod today. Maybe he’ll give us innings. Who knows. And yes, the NL races are fantastic! Isn’t it nice not to have a vested interest and just be able to enjoy them as a fan?

    Hi, Kathleen. You want to talk about Joba? I cringed when he came in too. I never feel comfortable. But he got out of a tight situation of his own creation, so that’s something. What bothered me was Wood. He’s been terrific since we got him, but has anyone else noticed that he always walks somebody? He gets out of trouble by striking guys out and yesterday’s walks were probably the result of rustiness since he hadn’t pitched in awhile, but he still scares me with walks. Logan walked a guy and Robertson walked a couple. What’s with that? As for AJ, I thought about giving him a black eye myself.

    Sarah, you sound like you’re taking a very sane approach to all this and I commend you. It’s not the end of the world if the Yanks are the Wild Card team, you’re so right, but I can’t stand the fact that they allowed the division to slip away with their September stumbles and now yesterday’s mistakes. Still, I’m thrilled – truly – to be in the playoffs one way or the other. We’re so lucky that baseball will continue for us.

    I hope we’re lucky enough to have to depend on AJ in the playoffs, dorgal, because that will mean we get through the first round and will be in a seven game series. But I hear you. He’s infuriating. I do know what he meant by being “encouraged” by his outing and not breaking. I fully expected him to unravel completely in that fourth inning and allow 7 or 8 runs the way he usually does. But he was facing Boston’s AAA lineup for the most part, so who knows what would have happened if their “real” team had played. As for Joe’s pitching decisions, I would rather have used Mitre longer AND Gaudin instead of Nova (can’t believe I’m writing that). I think Nova would have been a better option to start today. Has he ever relieved? I doubt it. He just seemed overwhelmed by the situation.

    The first game WAS a tease, Dave, because it gave us hope that we might actually be able to do this! I guess we’re destined to be the Wild Carders and play the Twins – not the worst thing in the world, although it will mean facing CARL. And cold weather. And mooses. LOL. Btw, do you remember John Lengsfelder, the friend whose movie I mentioned in the post? He went to SHS with us and lives here in Santa Barbara. Really nice guy.

    Randy, the scheduling was insane. Can’t blame Mother Nature for the rain, but I do blame MLB and Fox. And ESPN because the Yankees have played so many night games on getaway days and ended up in the next city in the middle of the night. Don’t even get me started on the scheduling. It’s the Yankees’ fault that they leave runners on base, but they’re humans who need their rest occasionally! If they do play the Twins, I’ll look forward to getting a good look at your new Target Field.

    True, Audrey. The circumstances were unusual and stressful and probably very uncomfortable. But the RISP problem has been season long. The errors I can forgive. I guess. Still, when I saw Berkman was playing first it made me nuts because he’s just not a good fielder anymore. And Kearns shouldn’t be allowed to bat. He’s useless at the plate. He made me yearn for Jerry Hairston. I hope you do get to the Bronx for one of the games next week. And you’re right – it’ll be a whole new ballgame, so to speak.

    Ditto on MLB and the scheduling, Melissa. It was cruel and inhumane! I hope the players got some sleep because it’s back at it today. The older guys must be feeling very creaky. I’m tired and I didn’t even play! LOL. And yes, I see you got bleeped. We’re trapped in a G-rated movie here, so even Little Miss Sunshine is subject to odd censoring.

    Girardi always tries to put a positive spin on things, Peter, so that “look” will probably translate into “I thought he had a great outing…blah blah.”

  13. Jane Heller

    Forgot to mention, everybody……I finally tracked down Surf Dog Bill at his hot dog stand and his video will be up in tonight’s post. He’s as animated as ever and always finds a way to be positive about our Yanks. Keep an eye out for him.

  14. Jane Heller

    You’ll love the interview with him, Melissa. Well, it’s not an interview since all he does is talk at me. More like a monologue. LOL.

    Actually, the interactive aspect of the movie is fun, Paul, and kind of refreshing. The audience gets to stop the movie at different intervals and vote on whether the couple in the blind date should make certain decisions. The producer doesn’t intend to take it national. He’s thinking of making the DVD available to people so they can have friends over and watch it at home.

  15. Jane Heller

    It’s frustrating, YankeeCase. The division was in the palm of our hand, but it was not to be. The schedule was tough and the weather contributed, but no excuses; the Yanks just didn’t play good baseball down the stretch. I didn’t see anybody singing because I haven’t had YES all weekend. Watched today’s game on TBS.

  16. YankeeCase

    It gets me so mad that this division could’ve been won somewhat easily. None of the playoff teams have had a good last two weeks, and that includes Tampa of course. Other than yesterday’s game they won against the Royals, the Yankees have had every opportunity to finish in first place. But they tripped on the line separating August from September, and they’ve been stumbling since to season’s end.

    And now they’re down 8-2 as KC is up 2-0 on the Rays… Maybe we’re fated to be the Wild Card team, no matter how much the Yanks fight it. Like 2008… When they were in Minnesota earlier this year, I had a feeling we’d be seeing the Yankees there again in the postseason. There’s still two innings to play, but…

    Btw, did you see that guy singing ‘God Bless America’? Who was this weirdo?! Hopping around like a boxer? Why did YES show this?!

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