Is Mother Nature A Yankee Fan?

You could argue that she is, given that all the Yankees had to do to take over first place was sit there in the visitors’ clubhouse at Fenway playing video games, while the Rays lost to the Royals. Nicely done, Mother Nature.
On the other hand, Saturday is going to be a bear. Will the regulars play in both games? Unlikely. Especially not the vets. So this series suddenly has a higher degree of difficulty and we could be looking at the Wild Card for real. Unless…the Rays are defeated by the Royals yet again. Is it possible? I didn’t think they’d lose tonight, but they did and we have this man to thank.


  1. YankeeCase

    You know, I was going to mention something about Bruce Chen last night too… He’s a very decent pitcher, when he wants to be. I remember thinking, ‘this is going to be a good game for the Yankees!’ whenever I’d see he was the opposing starter with the Orioles. But every now and then he’d have some really impressive outings.

    Luckily for us he had another one against the Rays. Unluckily for us, the Yankees got rained out. It’s going to be hard to sweep the doubleheader to assure us at least a one game lead. But at least we get to enjoy two Yankee games tomorrow (today…)!

    Maybe Kyle Davies has the same Greinke/Chen magic against the Rays? He sneaked away from the Yankees twice with a win, so….

  2. devilabrit

    Chen was much better out of the Pen for the Phillies, but I guess we could say he came through for the Yankees in a Royals uniform…
    The double header is a tough one today, but all you need is to win game 1 to really apply pressure to the Rays.


    Phillies Outside

  3. nyyfaninvt

    Of course Mother Nature is a Yankee fan! And so is God – why else would He have given us both Lou Gehrig and Derek Jeter?

    It was great to find out the Rays lost, and to the lowly Royals. But that’s what makes baseball so much fun – you just can’t call a game in advance. All the elements can be there for a slaughter by one team and that team can end up being the one that is slaughtered. Thank you so much, Bruce Chen, and Good luck to Kyle Davies.

    Can hardly wait for 4:00 to come, even though I do have to listen to the FOX nitwits. The things I do for my team . . .


    Yes God is a Yankee fan. After all, it IS the Yankee Universe!

    What a weekend! And interesting to me that there was a rainout after I dreamt ARod needed to carry us (me) in a boat!


  5. Jane Heller

    I do remember Chen being a good pitcher now and then, YankeeCase, but mostly last night proves that any team can beat any other team on any given day, which I’ve been saying all year. These “on paper” match ups often don’t pan out. As for the Yanks, today’s schedule screws me up. I won’t get the first game because Fox will black me out. And I have plans that’ll force me to miss half of the second game. This is what I get for trying in advance to plan my life around baseball.

    If the Yankees win Game 1 today, Peter, I’ll feel a little better about things. It just seems like a huge mountain for the players to climb with the doubleheader.

    You’re right, Audrey. Of course Mother Nature is a Yankee she-fan. Lol. God too. At least you get to watch Fox today, nitwits and all. I’m stuck with Fox Espanol, which always shows the Yankee games. I put it on mute, then listen to the audio with John and Suzyn. There’s an annoying delay, but it’s something.

    That pic is of Chen, Jeff. And no, we won’t be facing the Royals in the playoffs, although one of these days they’ll get it together and give the teams in the AL Central a challenge.

    Omg, Melissa! I forgot about your dream of A-Rod rescuing you in that boat! It all makes sense now. I fully expect him to hit the homer too (if Joe puts him in the lineup).

    So sorry you had to go through all that, Ellen. Ugh. I remember when I was traveling for the She-Fan book in 07, there was a game in Detroit that didn’t start until 11pm after numerous rain delays. It finished up at 3am. I did not stay! Hope you see a better version of AJ for sure.


    I sure hope she is a Yankees fan! My son (the sox fan) and I had great seats to last night’s (not) game. We trotted over to Fenway and waited the 31/2 hours -still don’t know why they didn’t start the game at 9:00 when the rain had actually stopped…. but any way, now we will return tonight at 9:00, PLEASE Mother Nature let the good AJ show up because if I have to watch the bad AJ (I already did that last year at Fenway in great seats), I will NOT BE HAPPY! Mother Nature, are you listening?!

  7. grammyg53

    You won’t believe this… I’m sitting here watching the Yankees and the Red Sox and cheering for your Yankees!!! What a change since that windy day this Spring, huh? Don’t forget, though, that I predicted that my beloved Phillies would be back for the post season this year. Be afraid. Be very afraid. LOL

    We still need to go for that gelato on Beach Drive next time you visit St. Pete. Allow plenty of time. There is a lot of news from this end!

  8. Jane Heller

    Gloria! So nice to see your comment. I love that you’re cheering for the Yankees right now. The game is tied and we could use some extra help. Yes, your Phillies look extremely tough, but I’ll cross that bridge if we come to it. I know I’ll enjoy that gelato in St. Pete, catching up and hearing your news.

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