Mad Men

Lots of people are spending this off-day blogging about the Yankees’ chances for:
a) winning the division
b) having a viable starting rotation for the playoffs
c) avoiding the need for Austin Kearns
d) enjoying a series at Fenway for the first time ever.
Not me. I spent the day having a lunch meeting in L.A. with the producer of “An Ex to Grind,” the novel I hope will become a movie soon. She told me that Benecio Del Toro, who’s attached to play the male lead, and Jeremy Garelick, who wrote “The Hangover” and is working on our script, got together and talked about making Benecio’s character a baseball player instead of a football player. Apparently, both are baseball fans. (I was totally ferklempt when I heard that.) Anyhow, the other subject that came up at lunch today was the TV show “Mad Men.” I admitted I’d never watched it. 
“How can you not watch it?” said the flabbergasted producer.
“I want to,” I said. “I just haven’t had time. Either I’m watching a ballgame or I forget. One of these days I’ll buy the first season on DVD and catch up.”
As I drove back to Santa Barbara, I was determined to order the show and start watching. In the meantime, here’s my own version. It stars, in alphabetical order:
Cameron Diaz
Derek Jeter
Minka Kelly
Alex Rodriguez
No wonder people are so into this show! 


  1. beckers46

    Too funny, Jane! I’m new to Mad Men myself. I LOVE it! I have to DVR it. In my free time, after the Yankees, it’s my second priority. There’s a great Mad Men column on The author really digs deep into the symbolism of each episode. He always points out things I may have missed.
    I was happy to see the Rays lose. Now, we’re tied for the AL East. Hope we can have a great series in Boston.

    Fingers crossed on “An Ex to Grind.” I really hope it becomes a movie. I would love to sit in the theater and whisper to someone, “I write online to the lady that wrote this.” How cool would that be? Good night, fans! – Becky 😀


    Congrats on the script, Jane. The book seems interesting from the synopsis I read. Speaking of which, how’s it going with filming a movie version of Confessions? I intend to buy the book as soon as I find a new job. I don’t read much books so consider yourself lucky! How have the guys’ receptions to Confessions and your other books been? Confessions appeals to me the most as it’s nonfiction, comedic, and about the Yankees so I can’t go wrong!

  3. wetfeet

    Jane just remember the RANGERS are comming with LEE in the lead, on a white horse followed by a group of young followers looking for their first WS!!

  4. scofid

    We lose a game, take a day off, and fall into first place! What a day! The Yanks still have a long road to win the division (I don’t see the Royals taking 2 of the next 3 from the Rays) so, thanks to Javy and A.J., the Yanks will probably have to settle for the Wild Card. But all things considered, I’d rather be there than where the Red Sox are…

  5. Jane Heller

    Everyone is into Mad Men, Becky, and I feel sooo left out! I didn’t watch the first season, so I just figured I’d never catch up. But now I’m committed to getting it on DVD so I can follow what’s going on. Yes, the Rays lost. Zach Greinke was pitching for the Royals, so I wasn’t totally shocked. But we managed to get ourselves tied for first again without having to swing a bat. The schedule still favors the Rays, but anything can happen. And yes, I would love the movie to get made. We’re inching closer.

    My writing partner and I recently finished the script based on the She-Fan book, Leo. Very loosely based on it. It’s with producers now and we’re hoping for good feedback. I think you’d have more fun with that book than with my novels, which are considered “chick lit.” The most important thing is that you find a new job! Will keep my fingers crossed for that.

    Wetfeet, I never forget your Rangers. They’re going to be formidable opponents in the playoffs, either for the Yankees or Rays.

    Yup, we still have a tough road to win the division, Scott. It’s unlikely but miracles do happen. Maybe the Yanks will take mystique and aura to Boston.

  6. YankeeCase

    Oh, to be in a Hollywood meeting with producers over something I wrote… One day. You’ll see… 🙂 Hope it was a good meeting!

    Yankees really won big on their off day, huh? I was watching the top of the ninth on MLB Network with the intensity and focus usually reserved for a Yankee game! Now we just need to pray for that one game edge by Sunday night… Hopefully the Yankee bats aren’t dazzled by Dice K again tomorrow (tonight…?). Let’s go take our division back!

  7. devilabrit

    I can officially tell you we Brit’s don’t steal everything…LOL and so the weekend starts today, wouldn’t it be fun if they were still all tied at the end of the day Sunday.


    Phillies Outside


    It would be very cool to see your book on the big screen. We’ll all have to fly out for the premier. If there is a baseball player in it, maybe some Yankees can have cameos and you’ll have to go on the set to meet them!

    I also have not watched Mad Men, but would like to. Maybe in the off season, between watching English and Champions League soccer games.

    As a person who works in a library, I must put in a plug for visiting your local library. Though we all should buy Jane’s books, you can also get them at the library AND you can also get DVDs there, so if you want to catch up on Mad Men, you may be able to get it or order it through your local library. BUT, if you can’t wait and you go out and buy it, once you are done, consider donating it to your library so others can enjoy it.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled program . . . My jaw dropped when I saw that the Rays lost. Wow. This is going to be an interesting end to the season.

    For the off night yesterday, we watched the first part of the Tenth Inning. I found it a little disjointed, but there were some great things to see in it. As a follower of an American League East coast team, I never really saw much of Barry Bonds as a young player. Wow. He was truly amazing in the clips they showed. And thin and lithe.

    And to see Ken Griffey Jr as a young player. That swing, that infectious joy! Sigh.

    Clips of Roberto Clemente were great also. And the section on the strike. My life (and TV channels!) were in a different place then, so even though I followed baseball, I sort of had blanked on the strike. I didn’t realize that Tony Gwynne could have hit .400 that year.

    The section on the Yankees of the ’90s was very nice. It sure made me smile! To see Wade Boggs on the back of that police horse again made me grin from ear to ear!

    If my dream last night means anything, I think ARod will have a good post season. In the dream I was stuck across a river and he had to come with a boat to carry me across. But I had to wait a bit while he hit a home run.



    Jane, I have never seen “Mad Men”. If I’m not watching sports, I prefer half hour sit coms, like “30-Rock” or “How I Met Your Mother”, etc. The only hour-long show I watch is the new version of “Hawaii 5-0” — I think its great.

    Exciting about progress on your book going to the big screen. I guess it would not be an unreasonable transition to go from football player/coach to baseball player/coach. I only hope he still ends up at C.W. Post, the university that I know you are aware my daughter is currently attending. It would be so cool for them to film on campus.

    Anyway, it was great to see Tampa get beat but a far less talented team — lets hope we can beat Boston tonight and end the “Friday Night Losses” (like “Friday Night Lights”??-lol) —- Go Yankees!!!

  10. Jane Heller

    If writing is what you want to do, YankeeCase, then writing is what you WILL do. Just keep at it. It’s a humbling profession but very satisfying. I watched the last few innings of the Tampa game too. If the Royals had a couple of more Greinkes and Sorias, they’d have a really good team! Unfortunately, they don’t and I don’t see them taking the next three from Tampa. That said, we need to do our part and take three from Boston. Will Dice K be the same Dice K he was last week? Or will he be the pitcher who walks hitters and is gone by the 4th or 5th inning? It all may be a moot point, as the forecast for Boston is rain.

    Even if the teams were tied on Sunday, Peter, the Rays would still win the division, because they have the advantage head to head. I think. But yes, it would be exciting just to stay that close to the bitter end.

    I love your pitch for libraries, Melissa. Very impassioned. I’ve had so many readers tell me they first discovered my books in their local library and then went on to buy them. Sounds like you’ve enjoyed the Ken Burns doc. I’ve heard a lot of grumbling about it from other Yankee fans – that, other than the Bonds material and the background on the strike, it’s very Red Sox-centric. The talking heads seem to be rhapsodizing about their love of the Sox without any counterparts who are diehard Yankee fans. But I’m sure there’s plenty to like about it. I do love your dream about A-Rod rescuing you. LOL! Oh, and thanks for the link to the Nolan Ryan piece.

    Del Toro didn’t see himself as a football player either, Jeff. And apparently, he really does like baseball. He sounds very involved in the project, even proprietary about it, and wants to work closely with the writer.

    Yay, Diane. So I’m not the only one who hasn’t seen Mad Men. It’s my kind of show (I love one-hour dramas, whereas I know you prefer the half-hour sit-coms), but I just need to find the time to watch it. I’m still mourning the end of the Sopranos! I don’t know if the Del Toro character in the movie will end up coaching at CW Post. In fact, they’re talking about moving the setting out of NY so the character will have been an even bigger sports star in his city. But that’s just talk at the moment. Would love to get a win tonight in Boston, but as I wrote to YankeeCase I wonder if they’ll even get the game in, given the weather forecast.

  11. Jane Heller

    Dave, I did read Sandomir’s article in the Times about The Mick. Fascinating stuff! About which team is more poisonous for us in round 1….I don’t know. The Twins will be determined to beat us this time, with or without Morneau. And the Rangers are just plain scary. If I had my pick, I’d choose to play the Rangers though, even with Cliff Lee. We did have success with him not too long ago, so it’s not as if he’s infallible. But I’m with you – let’s not think about it until we absolutely have to!

    I won’t be writing that novel, Paul. It’s been written about 1,000 times by others much better equipped to do it. And I haven’t had any gruesome experiences yet, so no real drama.


    So much material, so little time…
    Hey there! What GREAT news (we hope) for you and your book-to-movie hopes!! I agree with anyone who sez that if it ever happens, we should organize a viewing party, complete with She-Fan buttons!!!
    As for Mad Men. Yeah, it’s out there…intriguing stuff, esp. for me, being an ol’ goat whose father worked in midtown Manhattan all those years (like so many others), and all the clothes & decor & attitudes, and, yes, that SMOKIN’ hot secretary…oops, nevermind. But I never have gotten around to watching it either…
    What else? Oh, yeah…beisbol! Well, I did say that I thought we’d get some help from Greinke (barely), but that is probably it. ‘Twould be nice to win/sweep the Bosox series, but just not getting swept is sadly more realistic. And frankly, I don’t know WHAT poison pill to pick for the playoffs. A hot Twins team, bent on revenge? Or a starving hungry young Texas team with THAT LEFTY. Don’t wanna think about it anymore, until I have to…
    One more thing to throw onto your full plate today, Jane: I hope you got to see the Richard Sandomir (sp?) article in today’s NY Times…all about MICKEY and that fabulous bit o’ baserunning he did in the 9th inning of Game 7 of the 1960 Series. They break it down, complete with analysis from Keith Hernandez…check it out, ’cause I think you’ll luv it!!


    I thought it was okay. The first part didn’t talk too much about the Red Sox. I’m thinking the second might and our TV might end up with a shoe sticking out of the screen. This part had a San Francisco sportscaster who is hispanic and he was very touching. The actual documentary wasn’t fabulous but the footage of the players I mentioned was good.


  14. raysrenegade

    I am more of a “Breaking Bad fan myself.
    Kind of think I got a little Walter and Jessie in myself.
    Great way to spend your day off, but I had to watch a stagnant offense try and push their heads above water just to yell for help.
    Going to be a furry of three’s over the next couple of days.
    3 wins by the Rays guarntees a AL East crown
    3 wins by the Yankees paied with any combo of Rays losses give it to the pinstripes.
    But we have another “3” in this bunch, the Boston Red Sox who would love nothing better than to see this whole scenario blow up in either of our faces.
    Guess we will know in……3 days.

    Rays Renegade

  15. Jane Heller

    I miss Kate Hudson too, Virginia. LOL. He seemed happy for awhile there. But he’s been hitting great lately so whichever woman he’s seeing must be keeping him in good spirits. 🙂

    Maybe they’ll rebroadcast it and I’ll end up watching it, Melissa. At the very least, I’ll be able to go to my local LIBRARY at some point and rent the DVD, right????

    Lots of 3’s, Renegade. But the monkey wrench in all those scenarios is the rain that’s been pouring down on Fenway. At this point I don’t know if the game will be played there. Still waiting…

    You’re right, Mike. It usually does!


    The best news is Jane, you won’t have to rent the DVD from the library, you can borrow it for free! ; – )

    I’m upstairs at my computer now because we’re watching the 10th Inning part II during the rain delay and it is covering Boston’s world Series win. I just can’t watch.

    It WAS fun to watch Boone’s home run again. That and watching Grady leave Pedro in.


  17. Jane Heller

    I meant BORROW the DVD, Melissa. LOL! I’ve got my terminology all mixed up. I had a feeling you’d feel that way about that segment of the documentary, but I bet it was fun watching the Boone homer. And Grady/Pedro. We do have good memories.

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