That Game Nearly Killed Me – In A Good Way

Is there a Yankee fan who wasn’t hyperventilating tonight? I doubt it. Where/how do I even begin to talk about this game?
First: the decision to start Hughes instead of Moseley. Whether it was Girardi’s idea or Cashman’s edict, who cares. It was the right move for every reason, and Huuuuughes rose to the occasion. I feel so much better about our pitching after seeing how he stepped up.
Dice K was dealing, so Tex’s bloop single and A-Rod’s homer were enormous. Just huge. Kudos to them for giving us the lead for the first time in ages. A-Rod looks ready and willing to carry this team if necessary.
Cano drove home the tying run and is a lock for the MVP now. OK, not a lock, but he sure made a good case for himself tonight.
Dave Robertson. Great job in a pressure situation. How lucky are we to have him? Same goes for Kerry Wood. And really nice outing by Joba – yes, Joba – as well as Boone Logan.
Girardi was playing Russian roulette with all the moving parts, but the game had a happy ending. Miranda’s walkoff walk (I love typing that) wasn’t a pretty type of win, but who needs pretty. Given the Rays’ loss, we’re only a half a game back in the division. Way to capitalize, Yankees.
I can’t not mention the obvious: Mo blew another save – his fourth in the month of September. I’ve been saying, “No big deal,” but maybe there’s cause for concern after all. I’d love to know if he’s injured and not telling anyone, or whether he’s simply going through an ineffective period. I love him too much to even contemplate the possibility that he’s wearing down.
And Jorge. Seriously. Not only couldn’t he give us a sac fly when we needed a run, but those throws. Ugh. Why not just send out a press release to other teams that they should run on his arm whenever possible?
But I quibble. Tonight was a great baseball game and the Yankees came out on top. (Freya, you promised we’d win and you came through!) I’m going to bed feeling nice and secure.



    During this four game losing streak and the Yank’s imminent collapse of mass proportions, I decided not to comment for the past few days in light that my predictions of horror were slowly coming true. Even when the Rays lost it seemed these knuckleheads could find some way to lose, but then…a hero stepped up to the plate…his name was Miranda. Yeah Arod let loose another A-bomb and Cano tied it up, but after Girardi decided to take out Swisher and Tex, I figured, well there goes most of the line up….somehow though they pulled it off. There was a story in The Record, a New Jersey paper, which pretty much said Girardi didn’t know what he was doing anymore and couldn’t decide if he wanted to win the division or wildcard while it seemed they might not win either. Here’s the title if you want to read it “Klapisch: Joe Girardi has slumping Yanks as tight as his crew cut” (It’s kind of funny actually). But who can blame him? Who wouldn’t be stressed when every move you made seemed like a mistake. Who wouldn’t seem lost when all I wanted to do was get a bat and beat Posada over the head with it? Oh sorry… Also watching the NY Giants game didn’t help my blood pressure either. Well anyway, the Yanks won, so they can remember how it feels. I just wish they could do it without me aging five years…..


    You’ve got that right Jane. These dramatics the team has been having lately always come close to killing me. I was NOT going to accept a loss for this one; not with how well Hughes and the bullpen performed tonight (save for Mo unfortunately). Now I was out today so I didn’t see any press conferences or anything so I was pleasantly surprised when I got home to see Hughes was starting over Moseley. That was the best move possible. The numbers against Matsuzaka were thrown out the window; he pitched well and IMO Moseley would not have been able to keep up as well as Hughes. A-Rod’s DL stint was a blessing in disguise; he’s been fantastic since coming back and he’s on such a roll. He’ll reach 30 HRs yet again this season and I hope he can keep this momentum going strong through the end of the season and into the playoffs. I hope Mo can shake off this funk and I believe he will if there isn’t an injury we don’t know about. But everyone else in the bullpen have been really effective lately as you said. Wood has been fantastic. He’s got numbers along the lines of a 0.37 ERA and a 1.11 WHIP since coming to the Yankees. Well, just like you, I can sleep like a baby after a great Yankee win like that.

  3. mikeeff

    Biggest game of Young Master Philip’s ™ career. and just wait until he masters that change-up which he was actually throwing for strikes tonight. he will be dominant.
    Mariano has been worrisome, but we must remember he usually has little glitches in August. this year it is September. The velocity is there so i’m not going to worry. i still feel like the guy in your last post ( the exhausted runner at the finish line) but like, you, i will sleep soundly tonight!

  4. Jane Heller

    My, you guys are up late tonight!

    Seindsfeld, the losing stretch was tough to take, no question. I feel like I’ve aged 5 years too. Klapish’s article is one of several that have been calling out Girardi lately. Some of his moves have had me scratching my head, but he can’t go out there and pitch or hit for the players, so I don’t fault him for the fact that none of our starters have lasted more than 5 minutes before tonight. A-Rod was right – it does come down to starting pitching. Sorry about your Giants.

    These dramatics are taxing, Leo! I felt the same way you did – we were not wasting that fine start by Hughes! I think you’re right about A-Rod’s time on the DL; it has allowed him to stay fresh for the stretch run and we need him to be. He was so valuable in the postseason last year. I don’t know about Mo. He pitched last October with the strained ribs nobody knew about. Maybe it’s just his annual funk though.

    Yup, Mike. Biggest game of Hughes’ life and maybe the biggest game of the Yankees’ season so far. We needed the win badly and got it in the most unlikely way, although Papelbon and Okajima haven’t dominated the way they used to. Papelbon blamed the home plate ump after the game, but I think the ump was awful for both sides – just terrible calls. I hope you’re right about Mo and it’s just his August funk a month late.

  5. YankeeCase

    Holy crap, what a crazy game…!

    So I was crossing my toes from the seventh inning on, in my usual OCD/superstitious kind of way. And then I had trouble walking… I might’ve broken something. But you’re welcome for A-Rod’s home run! lol…

    God, this game really had a lot going for it. There was so much on the line. Avoiding a sweep at home to those guys. Avoiding another embarrassing collapse late. Taking advantage of a Tampa loss. Would Hughes’ start be a waste? Getting the magic number to one. The final home game of the season. Freya’s guarantee. In the end, though the Yanks didn’t actually ‘win’ anything but a game, they assured themselves at least a tie, and knocked off two from the magic number in one game.

    I don’t know if we can blame Mariano any more than we can Posada (and for that matter, Cervelli too). They just haven’t proven to other teams that they can catch base stealers. Tony Peña needs to go back to work with them. Although relievers do have to do a better job of keeping runners close too. We can’t have everyone run on us. We just can’t afford to keep putting runners in scoring position late in games.

    Good to see them keep fighting back to tie and eventually win the game, but bases loaded in back to back innings and all they can do is score one run each inning? I know, one run is all you need when tied late to win, but there were so many opportunities. Why does it take a walk to win? Where’s the base hit? The fly ball? The walk-off home run?

    I’m glad we’re finally rid of these ESPN idiots for the season. AL clubs wait for the three run home run? They don’t know how to bunt? Boston has runners on first and second in the seventh, no outs, and bunting is supposed to be a foreign concept? They said the same stupid things back in June when the Yankees played the Dodgers. Only Hershiser made any sense. Those other two I’m just so sick of…

    The only thing they said that didn’t make them sound like complete morons was the talk about Cano. I’ve thought for a while that Hamilton is a slam dunk for the MVP. And if not, there’s Cabrera and maybe even Konerko. Cano hasn’t really been that consistent to me since May, average-wise anyway. His monthly batting average is lower each month. And it seems like he still expands the strike zone way too often. He’s gotten better, but there’s still much to learn. Everything else has been great. Maybe I see him play everyday and I see these faults where others don’t? Anyway, those guys mentioned Hamilton hasn’t played pretty much at all in September. His Rangers still got in. Konerko and Cabrera will be watching the playoffs at home. Of course there were MVP’s who didn’t get into the postseason that year, but with somewhat comparable numbers, this helps Cano out. So maybe he can win it… But I’m still not going to hold my breath. The 2006 MVP stolen from Jeter is still too fresh in my mind. I seriously didn’t even consider Morneau that year. I just thought, “Oh what a really good year for that guy… Good for him.”

    Now onto Toronto…

  6. nyyfaninvt

    My stomach was in knots for the last hour of that game. When all was said and done it was a great win but I wish it could have happened an hour earlier. That would have saved me many worry lines and given me another hour of sleep! At least I slept well (after I calmed down) knowing we won that important game.

    Hughes was awesome and that was definitely cause for celebration. Let’s hope CC and Andy sparkle in their next starts. AJ too. Mo is scaring me but I know how committed he is and how hard he works so I have confidence he will work this out. I was disgusted when Kalish got the single off him – he’s a rookie, he’s supposed to be scared of Mo! Kids today.

    The base stealing by Boston was discouraging and reminded me of the game against Texas a couple of weeks ago when the steals and bunts made us look silly. I was just glad we threw it right back at them and showed them two can play that game. The fact that our winning run was the result of a walk was a little discouraging, considering the opportunities we had to score, but in a way it felt very appropropriate. It was a crazy kind of game.

    Sad that Jeter’s hitting streak ended – I really hoped he would extend it when he came up in the tenth – but that he had one is great. Tex seems to be getting it done when we need it and A-Rod – magnifico! And I agree with Jane, if Cano didn’t exactly cement the MVP deal with his klutch single he certainly upped his chances. I hope he shines throughout the post-season and seals the deal.


    So now you know that I keep my promises. But in order to calm my nerves I diverted myself with other TV programs last night. Since it was Sunday, I was able to lose myself in “Desperate Housewives” and “Brothers and Sisters” and the Jets/Dolphins game (I needed a sport to watch). On occasion I’d peek at the Yankee game. My sister (who by the way is also named Jane) and I have a pact. We only call each other when there is good news about the game. So the first time the phone rang, she let me know about A-Rod’s home run. I was still too nervous to watch, and during one of my peeking episodes I saw the tying run come to the plate. My adrenalin was going. I opted to watch “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and lo and behold my phone rang and I knew that my sister was calling with good news. Then I was able to stay up for the post game show, which I only watch when they win. And now it’s safe to predict that we are going to the playoffs.

  8. beckers46

    Good morning! My blood pressure was definitely high during last night’s game. Oh my. Phil had a good game. I was nervous when he left the game with 2 runners on base, but Houdini worked his magic. I loved how he pumped his fist after that strike out. I was really annoyed too when the Sox runner stole 2nd and 3rd. Was JoPo afraid the ball was going to slip from his hand during the rain? My aunt and I texted back and forth all game. I kept texting…Let’s go Yankees CLAP, CLAP, CLAP. And my aunt wrote back…And if they don’t win SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. Haha! Did everyone see the Yankees dugout towards the end? The Yanks were all having a good time, and we were on pins and needles at my house. I have a feeling my blood pressure is going to keep rising for this last series. Have a great day, everybody! – Becky :0)


    Yup, it almost killed me too Jane! I listened to the end in bed and was thinking I would never be able to sleep. Amazing how a win can calm me down and let me get to sleep right away.

    When Boston went ahead, I was thinking that Jane had better find another wedding on the beach photo to post today. I wanted to go watch the end on TV again, but knowing it was ESPN stopped me. Yes, Eddie, they are idiots (though I know John Miller was kind to Jane, so I give him a little pass) and they NEVER stop talking and let the game just flow.

    I am delighted by Miranda’s walk! How difficult it must be for a young player to hold off and not try to be the big hero. If he’d swung at the wrong pitch, he could easily have grounded into a double play. Patience at the plate has its virtues. I can’t praise him enough for it.

    People complain that the Yankees don’t manufacture runs with small ball, well that 10th inning proved them wrong. This game was won with a nice mix of baseball skills.

    And I have faith in Mo.


  10. Jane Heller

    Thanks for crossing your toes, YankeeCase. I’m sure that’s what triggered A-Rod’s homer. LOL. I don’t blame Mo for anything. Not ever. I’m worried about his ability to get hitters out at the moment, not about whether guys are stealing on him. Posada is the one who needs time with Pena. That throw to third was just sad. It was frustrating when we couldn’t get the big hit – a sac fly with the bases loaded would have meant a lot – but to his credit Dice K was pitching the best I’ve seen him. He wasn’t his usual self, walking guys, but rather throwing strikes. He made things tough. As for the ESPN guys, Melissa is right – Jon Miller was nice to me when I was writing the She-Fan book, so he gets a pass. And while I know people can’t stand Joe Morgan, I have bigger problems with McCarver and Buck. Frankly, I was less focused on the announcers and more worried about the Yankees winning the game.

    A heart attack game for sure, Peter.

    My stomach was in knots too, Audrey. And I was trying to eat dinner! I had the rally turkey burger all ready for the grill, but it’s really hot here and the grill flamed up and burned the burger, so we had to toss it. I was afraid I had jinxed the Yankees but they showed me that my so-called rally food doesn’t mean a thing! lol. Cano is my MVP, and it’s not even because he’s a Yankee. He carried this team early on and while his average has dropped a bit he still comes up big when it counts. Without him I don’t know where we’d be. I hope the voters give him a fair shot.

    Yes, you keep your promises, Freya. Many thanks. So you couldn’t watch? I couldn’t NOT watch! I would really like to know what’s happening on “Desperate Housewives” though. I forgot it was on and haven’t seen it in awhile. Same with “Brothers and Sisters.” Once baseball is over, I look forward to watching regular TV. Nice system you and your sister have, btw.

    I love your aunt’s text about the slapping, Becky. LOL! I did see the dugout toward the end and couldn’t get over the way they were so loose, laughing and hanging all over each other. I was like, “Why aren’t they biting their nails like I am?” And then I realized that they’re better off with a happy attitude than being uptight and crazy like I am.

    Amazing how a win makes us sleep better, Melissa. So true. I agree about Miranda. The more dramatic finish would have been a home run, of course. But Juan showed remarkable plate restraint by not swinging at that pitch. Good job by him. I was sorry he didn’t get any pie though. I guess A.J. was already in Toronto, plus do we really want to pie people after a walkoff walk?

    My worldview teeters on Mo’s ups and downs too, Jeff. These blown saves are making me question whether the earth is, indeed, round?


    yes it nearly killed me. i was so hyper and nervous that i could barely breathe and then i finally fell asleep and woke up hyper and i think i am still that way. when i crash i will be so tired from little sleep. but still so happy. i am worried about mo. did the other playoff teams just learn to get on base and steal and steal until they score? at least we know we won’t give up and that hughes can really pitch.
    i was driving to work trying to find sports talk radio from boston or ny that would talk baseball and not football and couldn’t get any but the boston station’s sportsflash replayed john sterlings end of game call so i was happy!
    ps i am having trouble listening to john sterlings negativity during the games. i can’t stand him saying we never get a bit hit when we need it. he also kept over praising the rays rallies but didn’t do the same for us and it was making me crazy

  12. nyyfaninvt

    I need the advice of my fellow Yankee fans. I have a she-fan friend for whom I’ve bought Jane’s book. I wanted to bring it to her workplace (the local newspaper) the day after the Yankees clinched the division (knock on wood.) I planned to wear my “Iliveforthis 28” team shirt in for this special occasion. But I’m wondering now if I should make the presentation the day after Boston is eliminated from the playoffs. Everyone she works with is obnoxiously pro-Boston and ungracious about it too – last year not one person congratulated her on the Yankee’s world series championship. So maybe it would be appropriate to show up when Boston is out of it rather than wait. What think you?

  13. Jane Heller

    Audrey, let’s see what the others think, but here are my two cents. I wouldn’t bring your friend the book after Boston is eliminated, despite the ungracious reaction she received after last year’s championship. I’d take the high road – the Yankee way – and wait until we clinch the division (knock on wood is right) or clinch a playoff spot. Make it about the Yankees, not Boston – sort of as a good luck totem for the playoffs.

  14. Jane Heller

    I was turned off by all the football stuff too, Barbara, especially on Twitter where I “watch” the Yankees with other fans. I get that people are excited about their teams and that each game is important in their season. But this is baseball time! At least on this blog. I listened to Sterling for Saturday’s game when I was blacked out by Fox (booooo) and he did sound frustrated, even using the term “bleak” more than once. I don’t think it’s negativity so much as he’s a fan like we are and was upset the Yanks weren’t getting it done. He has a tough job. People kill him for being too much of a “homer” when it sounds like he’s rooting for the home team, and he gets criticized when he speaks honestly about the team’s shortcomings. Can’t win.

  15. kaiserthegreat

    My daughter is a self-proclaimed Yankees fan (I think she’s smitten with Yankee Irving from “Everybody’s Hero) so we watched the game a bit last night so I could teach her how to hate the Sox. (She’s pretty good at it!) What was with the patches on the Yankees jerseys? It’s a rarity you ever see them mess with their historical uniforms, isn’t it?

  16. Jane Heller

    Good for your daughter, kaiser! Another Yankee she-fan, yay. The patches on the uniforms are commemorations following the deaths this year of both George Steinbrenner and Bob Shepherd, the long-time Yankees public address announcer.

  17. Jane Heller

    Ugh, Cuzzi was awful last night, Paul. I think his idea of the strike zone was right down the middle. No close pitches. Nothing on the black. Just pitiful.

  18. nyyfaninvt

    Well, I was assuming a Yankee clinch would equal a Boston elimination. I really meant to be celebrating the Yankees, that it coincided with the dashed hopes of Boston fans was just icing on the cake:). I think I will probably wait a couple of days before going in to celebrate with Donna. Tbh, I’m a little afraid that will be our only chance to celebrate. Obviously I still want and expect us to win the AL East but there are no guarantees. I hate to even type that! I’ll just plan on having to occasions to celebrate.

  19. Jane Heller

    Ah, I get it now, Audrey. And I understand wanting to grab the chance to celebrate. Who knows how things will go from here? There are no guarantees, as you say, but we will stay positive. Now that I think about it, give Donna the book right away. No jinxes will stop us!

  20. peggy3

    Duh on me …I posted this earlier in the wrong entry …

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans….

    I was at the game last night …dying with every pitch. It’s all my daughter’s fault about Mo…she kept saying she didn’t have a good feeling about him last night. WHY ?? I have no clue but she turned out to be right. She also predicted Alex’s HR…and …she predicted we would win in the 10th…maybe she is psychic ?? I’m was REALLY happy about the win prediction. Talk about tense …my stomach was in knots. I had two Boston fans in front of me who were busting them when Mo gave it up. It was sweet revenge when Paps blew the save in the bottom of the 9th. They really shut up when we loaded the bases in the 10th and slithered out when we won. I LOVED IT !!!! Paps was whining about the strike zone after the game …same zone given to Mo who had the grace to blame himself and no one else. Both pitchers are full of class …Mo …high class and Paps… all low class. Alex was AMAZING …he now only needs one homer to get to 30 with six games remaining. Big hit by Cano and what patience shown by Miranda. Hopefully we get the win tonight and lock up the playoff spot. Then let’s get the division …I still want the division.

    What commercial with Robbie? I haven’t seen it …what’s the commercial for??

    Special shout outs to my new face to face blog buddies…Becky, Melissa, Jane & Eddie. Loving your posts Eddie ..keep up the good work. Becky …it was 3 against 1 for the picture so I didn’t stand a chance Hopefully next season we can have a big blog meetup …it’s such fun meeting new Yankee fans especially the fans on this particular blog because EVERYONE is so nice.

    Last but not least …I did get tickets to two playoff games so far….Game 1 of the ALDS and Game 2 of the ALCS. I’m so excited …the only post season game I went to last year was a good one …Alex hit the game tying homer in the 9th and Tex had the walk off against the Twinkies. I hope to see two equally great games when I go this year…naturally Yankee wins … :o)

    Have a great day all …thankfully the Yanks are in the dome tonight as it’s weather for ducks here today. At least AJ doesn’t have to worry about a rain shortened game …let’s hope he pitches great tonight. Here’s to “good” AJ….

    Go AJ !!!! Go Alex (get #30) !!!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  21. peggy3

    Oh Lord …how could I forget Hughsey …he was FANTASTIC !!!
    The kid is full of confidence and I love that …he is using the change up more and more. When he has that perfected the rest of the AL better watch out …Young Master Hughes is going right to Ace status. I could care less if switching Phil back to Sunday was a panic move or not ….it was definitely the RIGHT move and I’m glad Joe made it.

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  22. Jane Heller

    HAHA, Peggy. I just responded to your comment on the previous post and wondered why you left it there instead of here! Go see what I wrote….


    Barbara, I know what you mean about Sterling. Michael Kaye can also whine a lot. I’m constantly saying “Stop whining!” to the two of them. They never listen! ; – )

    Last night Sterling kept saying “Boston up by a run. They scored two in the top of the ninth.” And I wanted to smack him. Not because he did anything wrong, I just didn’t want to hear it again! Nooooo! But at least he did get to say “Ballgame over. Yankees win. The-e-e-e–e Yankees WIN!”

    PS Over all I do like him, I just want him to be positive.

  24. thomasox

    Hi Jane!
    Greetings from Asbury Park, New Jersey! Yes, Yankee territory is where I live, though if you travel a few miles south it’s a pretty even divide between Phils and Yanks.
    Earlier this Year I applauded that long exhausting game, even though the Sox loss. Last night was hard fought and wildly classic in some senses. Again with the rain coming down and A-Rod and Rivera and Papelbon and some rookie named Kalish( who grew up 15 minutes from where I write this)That homer by Alex was brilliant(painful for me, too): how do you swing like that and push the ball over the wall? Well earned and well fought. Congrats.
    PS. Once I saw Oki on the mound, I resigned.

  25. raysrenegade

    Have to be honest that this series had me twisting in the wind the whole time. I wanted things to happen to both teams, not for selfish reasons really, but to settle the dust and get to celebrating.
    Wanted to see a slew of Red Sox losses to bury the hatchet, but also to clinch a post season berth finally so we can rest the weary and get ready for battle on October 6th. The series had a double-edged sword for the Rays with a loss bvy either team,the “Magic Number” in a particular event would fall.
    I can understand if there are a few more bald guys in the Yankee kingdon this week, because a few of those games would have had me yanking out a few fistfuls myself.

    Rays Renegade


  26. YankeeCase

    Hey Peggy, the Robbie Cano commercial was pretty cool! Bo Jackson is sort of taunting Robbie during batting practice, “Impress me! You can’t lead! Is that all you got?”

    Then Robbie, looks at him, does a quick bat twirl, and crushes the next pitch.

    The new catchphrase, “Robbie knows ‘Boom!'”

    And I ruined it all by describing the commercial! Sorry! I’m off now to buy all manner of Robinson Cano branded Nike equipment!!

  27. peggy3

    Eddie ….

    Thanks….I looked it up on Youtube…Robbie is adorable and Bo still looking good.

    Robbie knows “Boom” but Bernie always went “Boom”… :o).

    Let’s win it tonight and the following five games too … I’m
    greedy …

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  28. Jane Heller

    So you’re in NJ, Michael. I guess I just assumed you lived in the Boston area. Another crazy game, right? Kalish made some catch out there, and I would hang onto him if I were the Sox. I thought Oki had been good for you guys. He’s certainly retired the Yankees a lot of the time.

    Renegade, I think we’ll all be bald before this is over! Waiting to clinch is better than not being in the race at all and I’m grateful that our teams are in that position, but man are these games stressssssful.

    Thanks for linking to the Cano commercial, YankeeCase. I think Nike’s whole “Boom” campaign is pretty cool.

    Bernie did go “boom,” Peggy. LOL. I miss him. Waaah.


    Hi. Sorry I’m late.
    I was so busy staring down the abyss, I didn’t notice you tugging at my belt to pull me away (and it would take a hefty tug)! Everything has been said, of course. Because I live in a Football House, all game-watching was in little fits (and I use that word appropriately) & starts between football. In our abode, Son #2 LOVES the Dolphins, so the Jets-‘Fins was head-to-head with the Yanks.
    A great night for Noo Yawk. Diane must be in 7th Heaven; good for you, girl! Meanwhile, The Wife and I were grumbling over Bad Football (our Redskins lost), while Son #2 shreiked over the Dolphins, and I would whine over Boston’s insurmountable 1-0 lead, and make Fantasy Horror Predictions that the Yanks wouldn’t win another game all year, worse choke than ’04, just watch ’em — of course this puts a mojo on the Bosox, to the great annoyance of My Dear Spouse. So when it became 2-1, well, you can imagine the deserved amount of crap I got.
    And then the ninth. Speechless. You KNOW what Jersey Bob says about Rag-Arm Posada. Once it was tied and they had the go-ahead run at 3rd, I couldn’t watch anymore, just watch the football anyway. Didn’t want to tune back in…and then it’s 1st and 3rd, no outs? Cano! Gotta shut up again now while The Wife rants. Fat Elvis missed his pitch by a micron or two, but that’s Fat Elvis.
    Wanted to start this by being clever about “Miranda Rights,” but maybe another day. What an anticlimactic ending to such a climactic game. Just one more W; pleeez?


    Hi. Sorry I’m late.
    I was so busy staring down the abyss, I didn’t notice you tugging at my belt to pull me away (and it would take a hefty tug)! Everything has been said, of course. Because I live in a Football House, all game-watching was in little fits (and I use that word appropriately) & starts between football. In our abode, Son #2 LOVES the Dolphins, so the Jets-‘Fins was head-to-head with the Yanks.
    A great night for Noo Yawk. Diane must be in 7th Heaven; good for you, girl! Meanwhile, The Wife and I were grumbling over Bad Football (our Redskins lost), while Son #2 shreiked over the Dolphins, and I would whine over Boston’s insurmountable 1-0 lead, and make Fantasy Horror Predictions that the Yanks wouldn’t win another game all year, worse choke than ’04, just watch ’em — of course this puts a mojo on the Bosox, to the great annoyance of My Dear Spouse. So when it became 2-1, well, you can imagine the deserved amount of crap I got.
    And then the ninth. Speechless. You KNOW what Jersey Bob says about Rag-Arm Posada. Once it was tied and they had the go-ahead run at 3rd, I couldn’t watch anymore, just watch the football anyway. Didn’t want to tune back in…and then it’s 1st and 3rd, no outs? Cano! Gotta shut up again now while The Wife rants. Fat Elvis missed his pitch by a micron or two, but that’s Fat Elvis.
    Wanted to start this by being clever about “Miranda Rights,” but maybe another day. What an anticlimactic ending to such a climactic game. Just one more W; pleeez?

  31. Jane Heller

    Sounds like it was a busy sports weekend for you, Dave. (I’m glad I’m a one-sport girl or I’d be crazier than I already am.) I had trouble watching after it was tied too. I sort of had my hands over my eyes. LOL. Fat Elvis hit the fly ball Posada should have hit, btw. Timing is everything. The walkoff walk was definitely anti-climactic after such a pressure-filled 10 innings, but I was on cloud nine when it happened!

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