Yanks-Rays Round 4: Back Where We Started

Yes, we ended up with a split. And there was nothing pretty or sweet about it. How many times have we watched CC disintegrate? Hardly ever, that’s how many times. And yet he looked vulnerable through the fifth inning and positively horrendous in the sixth – like a great big parade float that was punctured and fell to the ground.
Still, I give him a pass. He’s been terrific, so he’s entitled to a bad game even if it did cost him the Cy Young award. And David Price is a really, really good pitcher. Still, how to explain the Yankees inability to score with the bases loaded – more than once? That was more troubling to me, as was Joba’s ineffectiveness and the fact that Vazquez couldn’t find home plate if he had a shovel.
Did he hit three batters in a row or did I dream it? Never mind. I know the answer. If he had plans for the postseason, he can probably forget about them and schedule a nice, long vacation for himself. Will the Yankees win the division now that they’re basically tied with the Rays again? Tampa has some comfy match ups, while we’re stuck with the Red Sox and Blue Jays. I have no idea what will happen from here on – none. Maybe I should consult the tarot card reader I spoke to last year, but I’ve been afraid to. What if she tells me something I don’t want to hear? Couldn’t handle it.
Changing the subject, did everybody see the ESPN Steinbrenner documentary directed by two-time Oscar winner Barbara Kopple? I missed its premiere on Tuesday night, but watched it after the game tonight. As some may remember, I flew to New York last year to be interviewed for the doc.
I met Barbara too, and it turned out we both grew up in Scarsdale loving the Yankees.
Here’s the bad news: I ended up on the cutting room floor of the doc. I found out a couple of weeks ago that I wasn’t in it and wasn’t surprised. Barbara shot a ton of film, interviewed hundreds of people and only had an hour of air time. The focus turned out to be the transition from the old Stadium and George’s running the team to the new Stadium and Hal’s ascendance, and I don’t think I said anything particularly interesting about any of that. I really enjoyed the film, especially the interview with Hal. Here’s a clip. It requires sitting through Pujols hawking Dove soap, but it’s worth a look.
Getting back to the present, I’m nervous about the Red Sox series this weekend. Not because it’s the Red Sox but because we just need to win games right now. Need to win games. Right now. Please.


  1. YankeeCase

    Well, last night’s story was a real simple one Jane.

    AJ was kept from fully embarrassing himself, the team, and all of NY Wednesday night, so the AJ bug actually waited out the rain, all that time until CC’s start. It lay there, beneath the mound’s dirt, plotting and scheming. It even managed to trip up some relief pitchers the other night by sheer indirect exposure. It literally emanated funky vibes last night through the dirt and clay and wrenched away the good feeling Dustin Moseley thought he had. And then Gaudin, and then Albaladejo. Ring was like a newborn child, innocent and pure, so he didn’t know any better (editorial note: maybe he’ll be the key they need! the one to bring balance back! he’ll bring balance to the bullpen!!).

    And then, biding its time in the darkened hollows under the hill, it foresaw what was to come. It really wanted to funk us up bad since it lost its daddy AJ! It sunk its nasty fangs into CC’s legs and drained him of his mighty Cy Young power! He threw 26 pitches in the first inning! He didn’t know what the hell hit him! The indomitable CC went back to work the second inning though, having learned how to overcome this hindrance.

    But alas, poor CC is but a man. And then came the sixth inning… This thing saw a brief glimmer of weakness and took the opportunity, making it work. A grounder is deflected past Jeter by A-Rod getting past them both. This was the foot in the proverbial door. The bug took full advantage and reveled in draining away CC’s talent, fattening itself. It radiated a negative aura and sent him to the showers with a whimper. With four runs to his tally (and another three waiting to come home eventually), the bug licked its lips…

    “Mmmm…! The Yankee bullpen is coming in. I could use some dessert!” it said in a croaky old voice.

    And then it laughed. A most evil and maniacal laugh. Children rightly cried in their seats, their innocent souls molested. A foul night at Yankee Stadium indeed. Even without the lightning and rain…

    And that’s the end of that story.

    “Happily Ever Afters” yet to come though! We’ll crush that bug yet…

  2. beckers46

    Last night’s loss was frustrating. I too will give CC a pass. I’m excited to see Andy pitch against the Red Sox tonight. We need to really get serious these last handful of games. I love fall baseball. I watched the game last night on the MLB network. All the fall classic montages were great. There’s a lot of new great postseason commercials too. We had goosebumps seeing everything. Jane, thanks for sharing the clip of the Steinbrenner documentary. I will have to see if I can find everything online, or maybe ESPN will play it again. Have a great day, fans! – Becky 😀

    P.S. Peggy, I thought you didn’t take pics. Did those she-fans bribe you with a new Paul O’Neill jersey? Haha, I’m just kidding. ;0)

  3. ftyankeefan@aol.com

    Thanks Peggy for your comment on Wednesday’s blog.
    As for Thursday’s game…Well the night started out great for me, my sister and my friend as we made our journey to the stadium via the Long Island Railroad and the subway. We had fun on the subway, as we anticipated a great game and made friends with other fans. I even spread the word about she-fans and this blog to other women. We sat above the Mohegan Sun Sports Bar in the Batter’s Eye Seating where we were right next to the cameramen and we watched CC warm up. I had the hot dog that I was anticipating all day. Thames hit a home run and we were up 3 to 1. And then…. well I am not going to give any more details. We were heartbroken and just couldn’t watch the game anymore. We usually stay to the end of every game, but we left after the top of the 7th. When we couldn’t score with bases loaded in two innings, our hopes just vanished. It was so painful watching Joba and Vasquez. I felt so sorry for Vasquez, and was so totally bewildered about his lack of control. So we got back on the subway, made an earlier train back home and I was able to get to bed on time. And now it’s time to turn the page and hope we can sweep Boston and that the Rays lose every game, because I’m not giving up on my beloved Yankees.

  4. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Eddie, I hope your theory is correct and that bug has now been satisfied and will leave us alone!

    Last night was ugly and makes me worried. The Yankees need to get their act together and start acting like Yankees.

    Speaking of which, there is a cool article in the NY Times today about a film of the last game of the 1960s World Series they found in the basement of Bing Crosby’s house. Bing was part owner of the Pirates. I never knew that! He did more than sing White Christmas!



  5. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    I had to turn the game off, Jane. Switched over to the new sitcoms so we could laugh instead of cry. That was C.C.’s one bad outing — I hope this does not sway the voters when it comes to the Cy Young this season but it certainly could. Javy was terrible as you said (I don’t think I have ever seen a pitcher hit three batters in a row) but Joba was just as bad. My husband doesn’t see Joba in pinstripes next year. I thing that might be an overreaction but who knows.

    I don’t want to call last night’s loss devastating – I don’t think its a season-ender as far as our direction is concerned. But losing the last two to The Rays is dfinitely not what the team (or the fans) wanted.

    Sorry you ended up on the cutting room floor, Jane. I definitely think you would have added much to the overall report. HBO Sports regular show last night included a story about C.C. and his parents (and wife). It was extremely emotional and I would recommend that everyone watch it.

    Looking for a good outcome against the Sux…GO YANKEES!!!

  6. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Another frustrating thing about last night’s game was they got to Price early and scored runs against him.

    One thing I wanted to add about the stadium was that I never got tired of them showing the crowd on the big screen. Watching people’s reaction to their 5 seconds of “fame” is funny and gives such a reflection of human nature. It’s especially cute with the little kids. And, of course, with the two hour rain delay, they sold a lot of beer, so people were a little less inhibited. The one guy who was asleep was pretty funny too.


  7. Jane Heller

    That’s quite a story/theory, YankeeCase. I hope you’re right and the bug will be vanquished – and fast!

    The odd thing about that inning, Peter, was that Vazquez recovered for the next couple and pitched fine. It was as if his mechanics just went haywire, then corrected.

    I know there’s a lot of postseason excitement on the MLB Network and elsewhere, Becky, but I can’t get into it until the Yankees actually clinch a spot. And I want that spot to be the division title, not the wild card, but I’ll take either. I’m just too nervous and superstitious to even think about October baseball. As for the documentary, it airs one more time on Monday night on ESPN 2 at 11pm ET.

    I didn’t either, Audrey. This was a hard post to write last night. I would rather have slunk away into a deep, deep hole.

    Well, Freya, last night wasn’t a total loss for you. At least you met other fans on the train and had your hot dog! (Thanks for spreading the word about the blog. You’re the best.) You certainly weren’t alone in leaving the game before it was over. I was on Twitter and even the diehards I tweet with had had enough before the 9th and left. It was a hard one to watch. I found myself leaving the TV occasionally to clean out my closet. LOL.

    Very interesting article about Bing in the Times, Melissa. Who knew he was such a baseball nut and owned part of the Pirates? Not me. Maybe if he owned the team now he might have put some money into them and they wouldn’t be the joke of the league. You’re right about the Yanks getting to Price last night. That was frustrating. He was hittable and yet we couldn’t put him away.

    Joba had been pitching well before last night, Diane. It’s his inconsistency that’s so troubling. Your husband could be right. I just don’t know what to make of him at this point. All the relievers have looked awful in the past few days after being our strength for a nice period. Yes, the Real Sports piece on CC was wonderful. I posted about it a couple of days ago and showed a clip.

    I disagree, Jeff. CC had thrown a lot of pitches. He gave up a lot of runs. He’s been our horse all year. Why keep him in there last night? I would have pulled him too.

    Girardi didn’t want to burn the bullpen for no reason, Sue. So it was Vazquez’s game to finish up. The weird part was how he settled right down after that bad inning, so his mechanics must have been way off.

  8. Jane Heller

    Oh, cheshirecat. Sorry you had to be there for such a stinker. You’re not a jinx, although if they lose tonight I’ll rethink that! (Just kidding.)

  9. Jane Heller

    You’re into your “but go it goes” mantra today, I see, Dave. LOL. I think you hit it right on the head about Pettitte and Tex being crucial to our success. The fact that Tex hit the ball hard and almost homered last night gave me hope. He says he’s feeling better. We’ll see about Andy tonight. I remember that Maz home run to give the Pirates the win because my older sister was engaged to a guy from Pittsburgh and he was thrilled!

  10. cheshirecat9

    That’s the second horrible game in a row I have attended. I used to be good luck for the Yankees, am I some sort of jinx now???

    I hope we do better tonight. If we lose in a horrible fashion again I promise not to attend any post season games this year.

  11. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Ouch. That hurt. Really did. But so it goes…
    So here we are, stuck in the middle, hoping we can get thru the next week and a half with NO MORE INJURIES and at least .500 ball or better. I think the division title thing is up in smoke, since the Rays play Nobody and at home. But so it goes…
    Andy’s pitching prowess is probably THE most important single thing to focus on right now. Well, that and whether or not Tex can still hold a bat with some meaning. We can’t really moan about injuries, because as much as I hate to admit it, our sick bay is nothing compared to the Bosox. But so it goes…
    Now for some positives. Eddie…that AJ bug was inspired, and priceless! Thanx for the lift we all needed. And to Melissa — WOW — thank you SO MUCH for that link and the story of Bing & the Buccos!! You know, there’s a few of us who actually remember listening to (or maybe watching?) that game as it happened — I was a snot-nosed 9-year-old in Toronto, trying to get updates as they happened — the Yogi HR, the horrible hop to Kubek, the Hal Smith HR, Mickey’s great baserunning move…and then, Maz. Several people I know, Pirates and Yankees fans (and lovers of beisbol) will be THRILLED to learn about this; thanx!!

  12. Jane Heller

    AJ had a reputation for being hurt, Paul. Inconsistent too. But he helped win the Yankees a championship last year and has managed to stay healthy, so I expected much better from him this season. Vazquez, on the other hand….

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