Yanks-Rays Round 3: Death By Bullpen

bullpen at YS.JPG
Ring…Moseley…Gaudin…Albaladejo. Thanks, guys. I appreciate it.
Actually, Ring can be forgiven. It was his Yankees debut and he gave up a walk. Not a criminal offense. But the others? Please. All we needed to complete the parade of mediocrity was Mitre, but he must have been busy toweling off after the rain or something.
The rain. I forgot to blame it too. For all we know, A.J. would have had a nice outing and we wouldn’t have had to use our D-list relief corps. On the other hand, the offense was getting no-hit until Berkman went deep. I guess it wasn’t the Yankees’ night, except for the defense; there were some terrific plays by Tex, among others. He can hardly hold a bat but he still shines at first base. Now for the Big Question: Did our friends Peggy, Melissa, YankeeCase/Eddie and Ladyjane/Jane stay through the long rain delay? Did they meet up as planned? Did they get drenched?
rain at YS.jpeg
I hope they’ll check in and tell all. Meanwhile, I’m counting on CC to wrap up the series tomorrow night with a dominant performance. Like a complete game shutout performance. Like a no-doubter that sends me into the weekend feeling better than I feel right now.
Update: Right after I hit “publish,” an email from Melissa floated into my inbox with a photo of our “core four” at the game tonight. Without further ado, here are (from left to right): Jane, Melissa, Eddie and Peggy.
And take a look at the buttons the gang is sporting. Melissa made them and here’s what they say…
How cool are they? I love them!!!!!


  1. seindsfeld@aol.com

    I don’t get why, if they knew a thunderstorm was coming, they started anyway. I guess the game would have ended at 2:00 am if they hadn’t, but I don’t mind as much as you did Jane that they lost. Like you said, at least they weren’t no hit 😛 Btw, do you think the Giants might win the World Series? (just kidding).

  2. Jane Heller

    I was really surprised about the weather, seindsfeld, as I hadn’t heard there was a forecast of rain. What a waste of the starting pitchers. As for the Giants, I would love it if the Yanks made it into the WS and played either the Giants or Padres, so I’d get to see a game here in California. I’m kind of bummed that the Angels are out of it this year since I was able to see the Yanks in the ALCS.

  3. YankeeCase

    Well that sucked! lol…

    I did wait out the rain delay (two hours?!), and I did stay until the very end of the game. I prayed and hoped for a miraculous comeback and perhaps a walk-off…

    But it was not to be.

    But at least I got to meet the other members of the new ‘core four’! Melissa, Jane, and Peggy were all lovely ladies, as expected. We came from near and far for that pic (my cuz took a pic of us too if you want). And yeah that’s me, the six foot tall Dominican. (i’m looking troll-ish in this pic! like, “i demands a tariff fer crossing me bridge!”) So now it’s your turn to show up at the Westbury Borders, Jane! Oh, and sorry. An ESPN camera man came into my section in left field, but it was only afterward that I thought to myself, “You should have gotten that button on TV, you idiot!!”

    The game itself is always a fun experience. It started off looking like bad AJ was rearing his ugly head, and then we got out of it with just the one run scored. I didn’t even realize until later that he got stuck with the loss. Probably the most unearned loss of his life. Ring had a nice enough Yankee debut (the crowd really seemed to appreciate it. hmm, one more lefty in the ‘pen for the postseason…?), although I think Joe should have kept him in for one more out, or at least to get Crawford after. Mosely didn’t get much done afterward. I guess he felt Tampa had to put on a show, so out came the BP pitches. Good kid, but it had been a while since he last pitched if I remember right. The back to back home runs from Gaudin are what really killed us. The stadium was already deflated enough, and it was only a 3-2 game! The inning ending double play really woke up the crowd, and then a Yankee run. But then the back to back, ugh. 5-2 felt more like 15-2 at that point. The crowd slowly started to recede, off into the dark. Both shots flew through the mist, daggers into a Yankee soul. (it was funny though how the bleacher fans above the bullpen wanted the bullpen catcher to “throw it back”…! lol) I have to wonder though, why not put in your regular relief pitchers while it was still only a one run game? Joe couldn’t have been calling it quits because he still had the regulars in the field. Did the regulars in the bullpen really need one more day off? They probably won’t be used much tomorrow with CC on the mound. Hopefully we can win that one to split the season series, just in case…

    Sigh… Oh, and can we finally figure out how to pitch to Dan Johnson?! I don’t know where the pitch was tonight, but I think down and in isn’t working Joe!

    I think the highlights of the game had to be Berkman’s first Yankee home run, the out at home in the sixth, Granderson’s catch (at that point it was like, “Oh my God! We still know how to get outs… That’s good.”), and the double play to end the sixth. That was awesome! It gave me hope… Oh, dreams deferred. Two straight Yankee losses at games I’ve gone to. I plan the next for the playoffs. Hopefully the streak will end then.

  4. cheshirecat9

    Those buttons are great! I love when readers of your blog meet up Jane. You have a nice little community going here.

    I will be at tonight’s game and tomorrow night’s game (closing out the season with a bang!) I’m looking to be at the Stadium when the Yanks clinch their play-off berth.

  5. ladyjane303

    I waited out the rain, too, but confess I couldn’t make it thru the whole game. Left right after the back-to-backs. Person sitting behind me caught Berkman’s homer, and it was fascinating watching the negotiation to get that ball – a keepsake for Lance – back. Guy wouldn’t trade it for anything.
    Great to meet Peggy, Melissa, and Eddie. Thanks again guys for waiting for me (I was a bit late due to work, travel to stadium). Hope we can do it again with no rain and a W.

  6. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    That wasn’t even a fun game to stay up to watch on tv; I give credit to our friends who stayed at the stadium for the rain delay, etc. I assume AJ got the loss since we were losing when the rain delay started – thank stinks. They really should have called that one and replayed it as either a double header today or at the end of the season. Stupid.

    The pen didn’t do their job obviously but if we got one bad pen result after all the great ones I think we can live. We are still 1 1/2 up with one more game to play against The Rays. Hope we go 2 1/2 up and come with in one game of clinching a playoff berth tonight. GO YANKEES!!!

  7. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Eddie, I’m glad you stayed for the whole game. I had tried to get seats that were under the overhang, and they were! So we also stayed. When the bottom of the ninth started, I try to get a chant of “We want pie” going but I think everyone was too tired. It was weird to be in such an empty stadium. Got into bed about 3 AM.

    The trip down on the train was great. I haven’t taken the train to the city in years, and forgot what a lovely ride along the Hudson River it was. The new stadium is absolutely lovely. It was a little crazy trying to walk around during the delay though.

    It was very fun meeting up with the other “core four” members. What nice people! I felt like I had known them for years. You should try to get the picture from Eddie’s cousin – it was a much better photo, and I think my mouth is actually closed in it.

    I thought of making the buttons because the library has a button making machine so they were free. I did them at the last minute, otherwise I might have made them a little nicer.

    The forecast was 40% chance of scattered showers, so I think they started the game thinking the showers might pass by, or miss the stadium. And the rain didn’t seem that hard, they probably would have played in it. It was the amazing lightening show, which gave us all something to watch during the delay, that probably kept them off the field. It isn’t often you are in a place with a totally open view of the sky to see lightening like that.

    I went into the Women’s store to talk to someone about your book Jane, but the person in charge seemed to be about 20 years old and kept nodding at me.

    Bad things about last night:
    the rain

    Having to pull AJ. He started well. The thing that impressed me was he pitched well to get himself out of a jam. The bad AJ just looks defeated. The good AJ decides he’s going to get those guys out!

    The fans who boo every pitch that isn’t great. Come on guys, you are supposed to root your team on! That’s your job! (Though it was tempting after Gaudin gave up the second homer.)

    The loud drunk in the train on the way home. He wasn’t ugly, just loud. If I didn’t need to sleep, he would have been funny.

    The good things

    We met a friend of mine there and since I don’t see him often, we got a lot of time to sit and chat.

    The stadium itself. I love the Great Hall.

    Jeter seems to be back.

    Fielding by Granderson and Tex.

    The fun of a NY crowd. As we were walking into the stadium, some guys were laughing and it sounded just like that scene in Good Fellas where Joe Pesci is laughing so manically.

    Our seats!

    The train full of Yankee fans. And the fact that there was plenty of room, so we could move away from the loud drunk and get some sleep.

    Meeting up with the others. I really enjoyed it so much. Eddie is a sweetheart, and Peggy and Jane are fun and kind.

    Your on-the-scene reporter,

  8. peggy3

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans…

    Well…the night started off GREAT !!! I was able to meet up with my compadres of the blog …Melissa, Jane & Eddie (he’s TALL). Also met Melissa’s husband, son & friend as well as Eddie’s cousin. Everyone was just as I imagined …sooooo nice. Thanks to Melissa for taking time to make the buttons too. I hope Melissa is going to send one to you Jane …or …at least hold on to one if she FINALLY does meet you in the future at some point.

    After the meet up …it went downhill from there. My daughter and her b/f were stuck in traffic and didn’t get there till the 2nd inning. In the 3rd inning the sky opened up and the rains came pouring down. The lightning was like a fireworks display and people were being warned to take cover because the strikes were so close to the Stadium. The rain lasted FOREVER, there was an obnoxious drunk with a filthy mouth near us who was cursing out Chad Gaudin (not that I wasn’t silently ..haha) and the worst of it all …staying for the whole game to see them lose and getting home around 1:30 in the morning. I don’t mind when they win but when they lose it’s a real bummer and I always seem to be extra tired the next day …

    I have one regular season game left …the final game at the Stadium on Sunday against Boston. I’m hoping there isn’t any sign of rain especially due to the fact the game is on ESPN with a late start. I’m hoping to get playoff tickets ..pre-sale for partial licensees is Friday. Wish me luck …

    Anyway …it was fun meeting the other members of the blog “Core Four” as dubbed by Dave. We wore our pins proudly …She Fans and She Fan readers (that’s you Eddie). Hopefully the Yankees take the game tonight …the Rays leave 2 1/2 out ….CC gets #21. If that happens …all will be right in Yankeeland once again.

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  9. nyyfaninvt

    Thanks for the report Eddie, Melissa, Jane and Peggy. When the rain started I thought of you. I had been so tempted to attend this game, especially since there was going to be a meeting of she-fan fans. But when I saw that downpour I was glad to be in my cozy house.

    It’s funny, we had rain off and on all day up in Vermont. My MIL, who lives in New Jersey about an hour out of the city, had called earlier and been surprised by our weather, telling my husband it had been a beautiful day there. My reaction was “Great – that bodes well for the Yankee game!” Famous last words.

    Off topic, I wanted to share with you my exciting news – after twenty years in Vermont I finally saw my first moose yesterday! He was a young bull moose and was walking through the fields of the college campus near my home. I walk my dog over there and was thrilled to see him – he was much more beautiful and impressive than I had anticipated. I only had my phone camera with me, unfortunately, and he’s hard to see in those pictures, but I called the newspaper and they had a picture in this morning that I’ll be able to save.

    If Mike Mussina was still with the team I would have taken that as a sign, but, as it turns out, it was just a moose. A beautiful, majestic moose but one with no magical powers to lead the Yankees to a win, unfortunately!

  10. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    A moose! How cool! Maybe it was a sign. My friend had on a Mussina t shirt and they had a feature about Moose during the delay.

    I, for one, am very glad they didn’t call that game. I would have been out a lot of $$$ due to tickets and the train ride for three people. I’m not sure we would have been able to come back, so even though the game wasn’t great, I was very glad they played it.


  11. Jane Heller

    You do not look trollish in the pic, YankeeCase! Thanks for being a part of it. You’re a true fan to stick it out for the whole gang. I doubt I would have. That would have been hilarious if you’d shown the button to the ESPN cameraman. I would have screamed! LOL. As for the game, I was saying everything you just wrote about Joe’s managing. Curious, wasn’t it? It was as if he threw in the towel and said, “OK, we’ll sacrifice this one even though it’s close,” and yet he kept the regulars in the lineup. I guess he was thinking of the long term and trying to rest guys in the pen, but we’re going for a division title here, aren’t we? So you’re 0-for-2 in games attended? And you’re planning to go to the playoffs? Uh-oh. I hope your streak ends too.

    You’re so lucky you got to play your game, Peter. Rain delays, especially at this time of the year when everybody’s beat up anyway, are the worst.

    I love when people meet up too, cheshirecat. In fact, let’s YELL OUT the fact that you’ll be at the Stadium tonight and tomorrow. Is anybody else going? If so, meet up with cheshirecat! He’s really nice!

    I can understand not staying for the whole game, ladyjane. You had just come from work and must have been tired anyway. I was getting tired in CA and it was only 9 o’clock. It felt like a longer game than it actually was for some reason. Very exciting that you were right there for Berkman’s homer. So the person who caught the ball wouldn’t negotiate at all? Not very generous of him/her.

    We do have a weak link, Jeff, and it’s the so-called middle relief. But in their defense (except for Gaudin), Joe rarely uses Mosely and Albaladejo so they both had good reason to be rusty. And Ring was just a call up who actually did a good job until the walk.

    Such bad luck for AJ to get the loss, Diane. He only gave up that one run and was hardly around long enough to even figure in the game. But I agree with YankeeCase. Why not use our better relievers? With CC on the mound today, the likelihood is they won’t get a lot of work, although I read that D-Rob had an MRI on his back? It was negative but what’s up with that?

    Melissa, you’re awake! It’s only 11 something am there. I figured after getting home so late you’d be AWOL today. But no! You’re fantastic. Thanks for the report. That Hudson train is a great convenience and, aside from the loud drunk, sounds like fun. Your buttons were genius, free or not, and I had a big grin on my face when the photo came. Isn’t the Great Hall wonderful? You feel as if you’re walking into some incredible museum and there’s room to move around and look up at everything. I appreciate your going into the women’s store there, and I can picture the sales person nodding at you cluelessly. Sigh. Glad you were there, rain and all. I wish you’d seen a win, but what can you do.

    A moose, Audrey! I’ve certainly never seen one. Must have been exciting. I’m not feeling kindly toward Mussina at the moment (as I wrote the other day, I took exception to his comments in Torre’s book about Mo), but a Yankee is a Yankee. Anyhow, I’m sure it would have been fun to meet the others last night, but you picked the right game to stay home.

  12. Jane Heller

    Well, Peggy, at least the start of the game went right. LOL. So glad you all got to meet. Sorry about the rest though. I know what you mean about feeling extra tired after a loss. It’s kind of amazing how buoyed up we feel after a win, even if the game ends late, and then…the opposite after a game like last night’s. I’ll think good thoughts for your visit back to the Stadium on Sunday. NO RAIN, not to mention a win to close out the home stand. (I can’t believe I just typed those words. How could the regular season be coming to an end? Feels like it just started.) Hope you get your playoff tix!

  13. mikeeff

    when you’re only behind one run in the 7th inning and when you have a chance being up 3 1/2 games instead of 1 1/2 – why the hell do you throw the game away by going to gaudin? does that bone head think CC will be out of the game after 4 innings tonight? could he rest guys after this weekend? if this game was such a throwaway, then why have Tex out there..let him rest for 4 or 5 days to get himself in a position to actually hit in october. Girardi is not only contradictory, but foolish.

  14. nyyfaninvt

    Oh, my neglect of Moose Skowron is worse than you realize – one of his kids or grandkids lives right here in my town! They moved up from Long Island about ten years ago and the twin girls were in my daughter’s girl scout troop. I remember talking to the mom and she said her husband was related to Moose Skowron but I can’t remember if he is a son or grandson. I do know that whenever I pass their house their NY flag is proudly on display!

  15. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Well, let’s count the good things. The Core Blog Four did all meet up, and you look mahvelous…you really do!! Maybe it’s my faltering eyesight, or the shadows in the picture…but doesn’t Eddie look kinda like Andy Pettitte?
    Those buttons are GREAT! Wouldn’t that be a FABULOUS future way for Fellow Bloggers to meet ‘n’ greet — not only at The House that George Built, but also at far-flung corners, like Camden Yards, or LA, or the Trop…just a thought…!
    Sorry the game itself wasn’t much fun, esp. the Woodstockian rain delay. Guess those old Yankee bones don’t hold up well in the dampness…I think I recall Andy saying something like that last season…but there’s always the promise of tonite.
    And as for that Moose — take heart, Audrey, there’s more than one Moose in our history — I refer, of course, to Old Mr. Skowron — if you don’t know him, look him up — a great Yankee 1B-man, and a wonderful guy (met him for a week at a Yankee Fantasy Camp). So maybe if we think of him, and keep channeling John Blanchard at the right moment for a Mr. Thames appearance…let’s see what happens…!

  16. Jane Heller

    Ring was good at first, Paul. Comparatively speaking, of course.

    Oh, Mike. I hear you. I was just as frustrated by Joe’s moves last night, especially after hearing he said his intention was to win the division. But it seems Robertson had a sore back, so he was out and will be again tonight and maybe for the weekend. Otherwise, I don’t know what to say. Sigh.

    Buttons at every ballpark, Dave! I like it. Melissa, how about running off about 50,000 of them. LOL. There were other good things to count. Jeter passed The Mick in runs scored (I think that was the stat) and Fat Elvis got his first homer as a Yankee. Plus the defense was sparkling. Still, I wanted the win!

  17. peggy3


    You went to Yankees Fantasy Camp??? I bet you had a blast at FC …lucky you !!! That’s what they showed for about half hour during the rain delay …all six days of Fantasy Camp. The funniest part to me is Homer Bush ….he looks so young because he IS young…only 38. It cracks me up when he attends Old Timer’s Day …he’s younger than Jorge and Mo …LOL. He’s a really nice guy too. I met him at an Old Timer’s Day After Party a few years ago. Not to mention he’s easy on the eyes… :o). That night I had a nice long chat with Al Downing about the Mick among other things. Unfortunately many of the Old Timer’s went home but I did get to meet Wade Boggs, Jesse Barfield, Luis Sojo, Jay Johnstone…a few others. I was suppose to meet Mick the Quick but he didn’t show up ..he was sleeping. It was an informal cocktail party at the Sheraton in NYC and a nice way to chat with everyone. I was invited by a friend who had a connection to Mickey Rivers. It was a fun night.

    If I was 50 lbs lighter I’d love to go the woman’s FC …if only to meet Tino !!! He is just too darn adorable and unlike many …I don’t mind his voice at all (not when it goes with the rest of him ..haha). It would be really cool if all the She Fans could attend a camp…I can only imagine what that would be like. I’m venturing it would be a real hoot…

    Here’s to a BIG win tonight by the BIG guy ….

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  18. raysrenegade

    Actually the rain did the Yankees a bit of a favor without realizing it at the time. Rays starter Wade Davis was spitting out “0” both in the runs and hits department, which meant he was on the ball for that start.
    The rain pushed him off the mound and to the bench.
    Rays fans waited all year for this WD-40 to show up and rain halted our celebration.
    Still was a good game, but that win gives the Rays an advantage if we both end up tied at the end…Funny it might come down to just one stinkin’ win for either of us to top the A L East summit.
    That is baseball!

    Rays Renegade


  19. Jane Heller

    Audrey, you live near the Skowron family? How cool is that! Moose indeed.

    Peggy, when I first read about the female fantasy camp I said, “I’m so there.” Then Michael pointed out that I probably couldn’t lift a bat for more than two swings. LOL. But if we could get a group of she-fans together, it would be so much fun – even if we made complete fools of ourselves! I mean can’t we just hang out with the players and not actually play? HAHAHA.

  20. Jane Heller

    I’m sure you’re right with regard to WD, Renegade. He was pitching lights out as brief as it was. And I agree you guys have the advantage if the series is split. Your schedule isn’t a cake walk because nothing in baseball is guaranteed, but I envy it nonetheless.

  21. ftyankeefan@aol.com

    HI all,
    I’ll be at the game tonight. It’s my last one of the season. Can’t believe the season has flown by. Sorry I wasn’t there last night to meet the core four she-fans. Thanks for putting up the picture. It’s nice to put a face with a name. I don’t know what Joe Girardi was thinking with his pitching choices last night. I wasn’t very motivated to watch. Too bad the rain messed up AJ’s chances to go longer. Tonight is another story with CC on the mound. I always feel confident when he’s in charge. GO YANKEES!

  22. Jane Heller

    Hi, Freya. So glad you’ll be there tonight. Maybe cheshirecat (aka Darren) is reading this and you two can meet up for a mini-group photo! The season has really flown by. I can’t believe we’re even talking about your last game of the season. Have fun and bring us a win!

  23. peggy3

    “I mean can’t we just hang out with the players and not actually play? HAHAHA.”

    LOVE THAT IDEA …LOL …I’m with ya !!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  24. peggy3

    Freya & Darren …bring the guys good luck with a BIG win tonight. The Core Four didn’t do too well last night so maybe the Dynamic She Fan Duo will … :o)

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  25. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Peggy, if you were 50 pounds lighter, you’d disappear!

    I’m all for fantasy camp. I think the women will have different fantasies than the men though.

    We forgot to tell you that Joba’s dad motored by us!

    Also I KNOW the Yankees problem last night. They knew the four of us were there and since we were all sitting at different parts of the stadium, they were all looking around so much, they couldn’t hit.

    I got an email from the Yankees hoping I’d enjoyed my experience and asking if I had any ways to improve it. I told them they should have maps like the mall so we could find the various food concessions and that the women’s store should stock Jane’s book. Then I thanked them for the light show between 8 and 10 PM. There’s a great photo of it here:



  26. Jane Heller

    Joba’s father, Melissa? I hope you yelled hi. I think the map of the Stadium is a great idea, although maybe they put that info into the programs they sell. I’m sure they’ll act on your suggestion about my book immediately. lol

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