Yanks-Rays Round 2: My Head Was At Borders But My Heart Was In The Bronx

I knew tonight would present a conflict.
I was scheduled to be on a writers panel at Borders here in the Santa Barbara area, but I didn’t have to arrive until 7 pm. Since the game started at 4 pm PT, I figured I’d see most of it before I left the house. (I couldn’t very well cancel my appearance; authors never pass up an opportunity to plug their books.) But I was a little panicky prying myself away from the TV with the score at 5-3 and Hughes coming out for Vazquez.
I listened on my phone in the car on the way to the store. Still 5-3.
I continued to listen even after I walked in, was introduced to my fellow panelists, sat down and waited for the Borders events coordinator to clear his throat and begin the program. Phone tucked away in my purse, I spent the next 90 minutes answering questions about the She-Fan book and this blog, as well as focusing on the work of the other writers. And then, when there were no further questions and we were done, an audience member approached me.
“The Yankees won 8-3,” he said with a big smile.
I was taken aback at first. I mean you don’t expect to meet a lot of Yankee fans in California. For example, the panelist who sat next to me was a sportswriter who rooted for the Dodgers, and the panelist next to him was a newspaper editor who rooted for the Giants, and the events coordinator from Borders was an Angels guy.
“Thanks for telling me,” I said. “So you’re a fan too?”
He was a fan all right. He told me that his house had burned down in the last wildfire and that the possession he was most saddened to lose was the signed copy of the autobiography of Mickey Mantle, his childhood hero. Now that’s bleeding pinstripes.
Meet Jerry.
I had a good time at Borders, but I had an even better time when I got home and watched the rest of the game. Yaaaay, us! I was afraid the Rays would keep chipping their way back, especially with so many of our relievers unavailable. But Cano’s shot past Crawford was huge and Joba held on, and my night had a very happy ending after all. 
After the game I watched the profile of CC on HBO’s “Real Sports.”
What a lovable guy. When he teared up about his father, I teared up too. Of course, I had to laugh when I saw the size of his house at the end of the piece. It’s….large.
Oh, one more thing. Here’s a pic of The Boss’ newly unveiled monument. It was sent to me by Friend of the Blog John (aka ooaooa) and taken by his daughter, who was at tonight’s game. Thanks, John.
Monument. John.jpg


  1. seindsfeld@aol.com

    I was out with friends, so I missed a lot of the game…I just so happened to see Joba coming in and loading the bases…so that was fun. But to my surprise he got through it. Maybe my yelling “Why the &%$@ is Joba pitching the 8th still!” somehow sent out energy waves and helped him through it? :O Anyway, what a relief. Jeter’s back, Grandy’s getting hawt, 2 1/2 games up, Boosox lost, magic # down to 3. It’s getting crazy O.o I told ya, all they needed was some home cookin! I had no idea about CC’s dad. That sounds so sad. I’m glad they were able to reconcile. But, in all fairness, his house is a lot smaller than other players on the team. 😛 Glad you had fun at the panel, I hope you gave Jerry a hug, that blows big time about losing the Mantle book! I just wanted to ask, did anyone ask about me at the panel? XD Also, think the Twins might shock everyone and win the World Series?

  2. devilabrit

    The games hits week have a lot of meaning behind them, with the both eastern divisions pitting the top 2 at each other, so far the Yankees and Phillies seem to be winning their respective battles…


    Phillies Outside

  3. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    When I watched the video, I thought there was something weird about Amber. Then I realized that she looked different than the woman you spoke with in the cafeteria! Had to laugh at that one.

    So, Yankee fans, I think Peggy suggested section 107 at 6:30? I’ll be the one in the Yankee hat. Hee hee. I’ll have on a Posada shirt. (He’s not my favorite player, but we’re meeting a friend there and he gave me the shirt as a gift!) I’ll probably wear some sort of pin or something (that I will create this afternoon) so you’ll know it’s me.


  4. peggy3

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans…

    I was at the game last night …I love when they win because it always makes me sooooo happy… :o). Hughes did good …he just has to keep that pitch count down. Joba also looked good in that 9th inning …he’s back on track …thankfully. The hitting seems to be coming around too. That’s what happens when the “A” lineup is in the game.
    Let’s get #3 tonight ….Goooooo “Good” AJ …..

    Melissa, LadyJane & Eddie …hope to see you all tonight
    I’ll be wearing my Rodriguez All Star Jersey from the ASG at Yankee Stadium. I figure it would be easier to spot me with that than a pinstripe jersey or a navy blue player shirt. See everyone at 6:30 at 107. Gotta run or I’ll be late for work …have a great day everyone …

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  5. ooaooa

    Nice piece on CC. That house is equal to Jeters garage. My kids said Stadium had playoff feel to it last night. They didn’t see Flaherty so unfortunately he didn’t get the message to go away. Some of you feel Hughes pitched well but I found him painfull to watch at times.

  6. ladyjane303

    Peggy, Melissa and Eddie,
    Looking forward to meeting you all later at section 107. I will be wearing my typical work clothes – black and white – but between your Posada and Rodriguez jerseys, I’m sure I’ll be able to spot you.

  7. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    I LOVE Borders, Jane. My daughter and I have been hanging out at the 2 near our home since she was a baby. We still go there to have some coffee, skim through magazines and look for good books – The Borders in Syosset is where I saw your book for the first time which then turned me on to all of your novels, as I have already told you. It would be great if you could come by the Borders in Westbury or Syosset the next time you are in NY. I know Peggy is an avid reader too so she would probably show up as well.

    First inning of last night’s game certainly relaxed me – it got a little tense at the end but all is well.

    C.C.’s house only looks large because it was the only thing in the picture – if you put him in front of it, the house would look normal size. LOL.

    Hope Peggy, Melissa, Eddie and Jane have a great time at the game tonight and have a great time together. Be lucky you guys, and make sure The Yankees win. Then the magic number goes down to 1. GO YANKEES!!!

  8. fhschw@comcast.net

    Hi Jane,
    I haven’t written in a while but I read your blog every day. I’ll preface my remarks by saying I am not, and never was, a fan of George Steinbrenner and his style of ownership and management. I thiink that his huge momument is gross and is a perfect example of his overbearing manner and ego. There were great Yankee eras before Steinbrenner but there are no monstrous sized plaques for Jacob Ruppert or Ed Barrow. And does anyone think that Steinbrenner had more to do with Yankee wins than Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio or some of the others people whose modest sized plaques are wonderful tributes to those Yankee heroes? Enough of the Steinbrenner brashness!

  9. nyyfaninvt

    I love knowing that, no matter what, we end this series in first place. But I’ll be much happier if that lead is 2.5 or 4.5. None of this .5 stuff, thank you very much.

    Actually, they way we played at home last night makes it even more vital that we end this season with the best record in the AL. Except at Camden Yards (which is practically home) we haven’t looked so good on the road lately.

  10. Jane Heller

    You just wrote on a Yankees blog that the Twins might win the World Series, seindsfeld? Really? The funniest part is that nobody has commented on your comment so far. So I will. No, the Twins will not win the World Series. There. I feel better.

    The Phillies have always struck me as a second half team, Peter, so they’re doing what they usually do now: win. They look pretty unstoppable now, especially after Doc won #20 to join CC in the club.

    HAHAHA about Amber, Melissa! Yes, she did look different from the character in my videos. I wonder why? LOL. Have a great time tonight and bring us back a win, please. I’m looking forward to the group photo too.

    I like it when the “A” lineup is in, Peggy. Nothing against the kids, because they stepped up when the injury bug took people down, but I do like seeing the regulars in there, especially when they play up to their abilities. I hope you see Good AJ too. Oh, do I hope that. Have fun tonight.

    The funny thing about CC’s house, John, is that in the Real Sports piece is looks absolutely enormous, especially the indoor gym at the beginning of the piece where he played dodgeball with his kids. I’m sure Jeter’s palace in Tampa could swallow it up, but it’s still big. (Correction on the photo of the monument John sent me, everyone. It was taken by his SON, not his daughter.) Back to the game. You found Hughes painful to watch at times? I always do, in the sense that his pitch count isn’t where it should be and I know he’ll be gone by the 6th or 7th. But when you consider that he’s managed to win 17 games in his first full season, that’s pretty damn good. The bats seem to come out for him.

    Ladyjane, I wish I could be there with you guys. I’ll be waving at you from my living room. Have fun and bring us back a win!

    I love Borders too, Diane, especially the store where I spoke last night. The regional marketing director puts together wonderful panels and discussions, so I always say yes when he invites me to come. Barnes & Noble, on the other hand….Don’t get me started about them. I’d love to come to one of the stores you mentioned, so one of these days it’ll happen!

    Hi, Harold. Always good to hear from you. Glad you’ve been reading. I do understand your strong feelings about Steinbrenner. You’re certainly not alone in them. I just don’t share your sense of outrage at the monument. Yes, it’s garish and dwarfs those of the legendary Yankees. But he built the Stadium so he gets to have the last word. Besides, I’m not sure he specified how big it should be. Maybe it was the organization that designed and erected it?

    This has been a different series than the last one, Jeff – so far. We’ll see what the next two games bring. I can understand that for you, without a real rooting interest, the pitchers duels are far more exciting. But for me, a panic stricken partisan, I much prefer scores like 8-3.

    Knowing we’ll end the series in first place is very comforting, Audrey. I agree. I’d like to put even more daylight between us and the Rays tonight and Thursday, but I’m pleased with how things have gone thus far. Home field advantage is huge. No question that we need to win the division.

  11. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Ahh…such Good Stuff. How nice to get a “comfy” win (well, at least by a comfy final score) in this series…ESPN sez that Our Bomberz haven’t bested the Rays by more than 2 runs in ANY game since July…feels like all season long…
    Opinions, bit by bit. Yeah, I’m worried about the Twins too, esp. since you KNOW they feel they OWE us big-time. These ain’t no Twinkies of old. But, one hurdle at a time…
    Wanna just at least win this series first. Agree totally that 2.5 is a whole lot more/better than .5 (can’t allow myself to think of the “Best Case”).
    Very cool, Miz Jane, that you met a rabid lifelong fan in the local Borders (also MY fave book nook, where I too got a copy of two of “Confessions”). Best o’luck to him…
    But — how GREAT is it to have half of Jane’s Blogger Nation all at the ballpark together?!? The New ‘Core Four’…I mean, Peggy, Melissa, Eddie & Jane — please take many many pictures to satisfy Mama She-Fan and your fellow bloggers!! Jane, you are far too modest to say or admit this, but you must be feeling like a Proud Mama to be the inspiration for this get-together…and to know that the rest of us are jealous that WE can’t be in on it as well!!
    Go Grandis Curtison — Fat Elvis — and all da boyz — get a hit or two each for AJ (or three), fake another HBP if needed (hey — you know — “whatever it takes”) and let’s all go to bed happy!!!

  12. Jane Heller

    I wouldn’t exactly call it a “comfy” win, Dave, because it seemed like the Rays might chip away and get back into it at any point. But I do love that we took the first two. Yes, I think it’s very cool that some of our fellow bloggers are meeting up tonight. I really do enjoy that the blog brings together people with a common interest. So sweet!!!

  13. Jane Heller

    Yes, you do, Paul. You should definitely contact your local Borders and set up a signing. You’d enjoy it and so would your readers.

  14. YankeeCase

    Ha! The new ‘core four’! And I was going to wear my customary Mariano Rivera jersey too! But I’ll be going old school with a Yogi Berra jersey instead, along with my ubiquitous Yankees cap. So I’ll see Mel, Jane, and Peggy @ 6:30.
    We’ll hopefully coax a good outing from AJ. If not, I hope Girardi has a very short leash… We need to win the season series (or at least tie) just in case. We definitely need to keep knocking down that magic number too.
    And yes, Jane. It’s about time you showed up in Westbury. Spare the people the rioting in the streets and just do it already! lol

  15. dj2jd5jm7

    I must start with an apology to my fellow Yankees fans. My husband’s favorite team (and my 2nd favorite) is the Twins. I MAY have mentioned something to a co-worker last week that if it came down to the Yanks and Twins, I MIGHT pull for the Twinkies b/c Yanks won last year with their new stadium and it would be nice to see the Twins win at their new stadium. I think that might be why the Yanks lost so many games in the last couple of weeks.

    I WON’T be saying anything like that again. I am ALWAYS happy to see the Yanks win. Hope the blog’s “core four” have a great time together tonight and cheer our guys onto a victory!

  16. crzblue2

    Any of the panel members from LA? I’ll take a look at the video at home since I only see this big blank space at work. Kinda gloomy here and it was raining a little bit this morning. I hope it will not rain tonight at the game as I don’t have a raincoat with me and today is Tommy Lasorda and Sweet Lou Johnson’s birthday. I learned that Sweet Lou was in the Yanks farm system in 1953.

  17. blithescribe

    Your post definitely gives me more appreciation for the occasional agony of the out of state fan. I’m glad you found a fellow fan nice enough to let you know the final score. I would have been dying in your shoes.
    There are a lot of out of state fans in LA and Orange County, I’ve noticed. I can’t tell you the number of times my husband and I have been watching the Angels game in a bar, chatting with the waiter/waitress/bartender when they say “Yeah, I’m a Cubs/Yankees/Red Sox/etc. fan so I’m out of luck. They never show the game in here and we aren’t allowed to check our phones on the floor.” We always offer to check the score or the play by play for them on our phones and instantly we’ve made a friend. It’s kind of fun, like being part of a large fraternity of baseball fans.

  18. Jane Heller

    HAHA, YankeeCase. I’m sure they’re storming the streets of Long Island waiting for me. I can’t wait to hear from you guys about the game and the meetup. A Yogi jersey sounds perfect. I hope AJ gets it done and you see a great one. Have fun.

    You’re forgiven, dj, because I know you have divided loyalties in your family and with good reason. The Twins have played terrific baseball in their new home, so I consider them a formidable opponent for any team. That said, I’d love to see the Yankees play them and win!

    No panelists from LA, Emma. All Santa Barbarians. You’re worried about rain? I was just down in Oxnard and Ventura and it was gorgeous. I think you’ll be fine at the game tonight. Enjoy.

    There must be more transplants “down south,” blithescribe. Here in Santa Barbara, it’s always a happy and surprising occasion when I run into a Yankee fan. Very nice of you and your husband to help out the out-of-state fans you meet. I agree – it does feel like we’re all part of a fraternity of baseball-ites. I wish I’d known you last season. We could have met when the Yankees and Angels played in the ALCS.

  19. seindsfeld@aol.com

    Hey I never said I WANTED the Twins to win lol O.o I just meant they could be the Dark Horse. But then I read dj said she might hope the Twins win and she’s forgiven…I think I’m getting unfairly scrutinized! 😛

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