Good News/Bad News Sunday

The Good News was the return of Andy. If I could have hugged him, I would have.
He not only pitched well but went six innings. Now there are no more “What’ll we do without Pettitte” thoughts setting off panic in my brain. The Bad News was the Yankees’ inability to score with men on base – not with a man on third and nobody out, not with bases loaded, not with an opposing pitcher who had a tendency to walk batters. What happened to the sac fly? Is it not in this team’s arsenal? If I sound grumpy it’s because I was seriously frustrated by this game.
woman pulling hair out.jpg
Then more Bad News: a blown save by Mo. Cue the people who will start saying, “He’s not the same. He’s done. He should retire.” Please. I don’t want to hear it. As a matter of fact, I’m mad at Mike Mussina right now. Yeah, Mussina. I finally caved in and bought the paperback of Joe Torre/Tom Verducci’s “The Yankee Years” for my flight home from the east coast. I was reading it last night when I came upon Moose’s quotes after the ’04 loss to the Red Sox in the ALCS. Here’s what he had to say about Mo:
“We were up 3-0 and Mo came in again with the lead and lost it. He lost it again. As great as he is, and it’s amazing what he does, if you start the evaluation again since I got here, he has accomplished nothing in comparison to what he accomplished the four years before. He blew the World Series in ’01. He lost the Boston series….I know you look at everything he’s done and it’s been awesome, I’ll admit that. But it hasn’t been the same.”
Excuse me? Mo has accomplished nothing? He lost the Boston series – like all by himself? I don’t think I’ll ever feel the same way about Mike Mussina again. Even if he had those thoughts, how could he make them public and trash his teammate – the same teammate who’s been picking up starting pitchers for years? I don’t get it.
Sorry for the digression. Anyhow, the Yankees lost today, but the Good News is they won the series and, with loses by Tampa and Minny, don’t give up ground.
Speaking of Joe Torre, I read that he and Mattingly are coming to the Stadium Monday night for the unveiling of Steinbrenner’s monument in Monument Park. I know Donnie will get a huge ovation and I hope Torre will too. He deserves it. I’m having trouble with what he says in his book about his players, but there’s no getting around the championship years and his relationships with the Core Four. It’s Good News that the big chill appears to be over between him and the organization.
And finally, I went to see “The Town” today, the new movie directed by and starring Red Sox super-fan Ben Affleck. (Yes, there’s stuff at Fenway.) I absolutely loved it. This is a heist film that goes beyond the car chases and shoot ’em ups. It’s great entertainment and I highly recommend it. Here’s the trailer.
Apparently, MLB wasn’t wild about letting Affleck shoot his scenes at Fenway, given the R-rated material. But here’s what the New York Times said on the subject:
For the finale, the production spent 11 days in and around Fenway Park, but only after Major League Baseball was cajoled into putting aside its usual reluctance to cooperate with a film that is rated R, this time for violence, language, sexuality and drug use.

Good for MLB and Good News for movie lovers. Go see this one.



    I had a lot of problems with Torre’s book. To this day it still bothers me. It seems to me he used the book to get back at some of the players, and people, he may not have liked as well as the Core Four. Why did he have to quote Mussina? And did Mike really say that? He trashed an awful lot of his players in that book, and it certainly would make me think twice (or more) before I trusted him, if I were a player. It was all so unnecessary. I always imagined him as having more class than that – telling tales from the supposed sacred clubhouse. I heard him many times blaming Verducci for the quotes. Really? Did he not read the book? Is his name not on it? For many of us who read it, it really put some tarnish on what was otherwise a golden era for long time fans. I will always be thankful that I read your book around the same time I read his. Yours certainly elevated my mood.

  2. Jane Heller

    I’m over half way through the book now, Corinne, and even knowing what was in it from all the reviews and articles, the candid nature of the player anecdotes still surprises me. And I’m talking about Torre’s quotes, not Verducci’s narrative. As for Mussina, he’s a big boy and I’m sure no one twisted his arm to cooperate. I’m just amazed that he did. He’s entitled to his opinion about Mo and everybody else, but how does he say that stuff publicly? A tarnish, yes. I’m glad my book made you smile in contrast.

  3. Jane Heller

    I’m sure a book about the Dodgers from Torre’s point of view would be another bestseller, behindblueeyes. It’s been a rough ride for your guys, but once all the legal stuff is settled and a new, more focused ownership group comes in, the franchise will shine again. Yeah, Mussina’s comments are sprinkled throughout “The Yankees Years.” I guess he wanted his say for some reason.

  4. nyyfaninvt

    Books like Torres are never a good idea, imo. What do they really accomplish, other than tarnishing the images of just about everyone involved? This reality show, tell-all culture we live in is poisonous to relationship and doesn’t reveal a whole lot of good things about our characters either.

    Yes, yesterday’s game was unbelievably frustrating – we were just lucky TB and MN both lost also. Would love to see a sweep of TB this week but I’ll settle for 3 out of 4.

  5. beckers46

    I enjoyed Joe’s book. There were some aspects I didn’t care for, but overall I thought it was a good read. I loved reading about Bernie Williams. I didn’t realize how absent-minded he was. He accidentaly left his wife at a game once. Poor thing. I believe Moose gave her a ride home. And I loved the part where Bernie made plans, and Joe had to remind them they had a ballgame to play that day. So funny!

    I was at yesterday’s game. I was thrilled to see Andy return to the lineup. He pitched great. There was an inning where he got really mad at himself, but he improved as the game went on.

    I was very disappointed with all the runners we left in scoring position. Especially in extra innings. What the hell?! I couldn’t believe Buck had the O’s pitcher walk A-Rod and Tex. We thought for sure we would score and win. But then Fat Elvis grounded into a double play. I wanted to run onto the field and slap him!!!

    Ballgame woes aside, it was a great afternoon. I met Peggy! She was so nice! Peggy, I enjoyed talking baseball with you. Once again, you look good for your age! I wish I was going to tonight’s Yankees game with you! Jane, Peggy met Jane Lynch. I’m so jealous! I kept an eye out for her, but I didn’t see her.

    But guess who I did see…Ivan Nova, Dave Robertson, and Joba Chamberlain. As soon as the gates opened, we took off for the 3rd base dugout. I spoke Spanish to Nova and he acknowledged me. I yelled to Joba, “JOBA! My mom says hi!” And he acknowledged me too. My kid sister got her ball signed by Nova and Houdini. So cool! We made sure all the little kids had access to the players. Apparently, Joba signed a ball for a little girl, and a fan stole it from her. So, Joba ran to the dugout and got her a game ball and autographed it. Joba may give me heartburn some games, but I was very touched by him hooking that little girl up.
    Jane, I carried your book around. A lot of she-fans kept coming up to me and asking me about it. I told them to go out and buy it ASAP. I hope I was able to generate some sales for you. Have a great day, fans!!! – Becky 😀


    I HATED Torre’s book almost as much as I hated yesterday’s loss. What was that all about, intentionally walking two batters? Tex really looked angry – obviously it was the right decision for The O’s, considering how it ended. At least Jeter seems to be a little over the hitting problems – he has like a 8 or 9 game hitting streak — he just has to start hitting with runners on. With all the changes Girardi was making in the line up at the end of the game I was afraid there would not be enough eligible players to go onto the field. Ugh! Not a happy game, although at least The Rays lost too. I assume all of those who were going to a game in Baltimore were at the the Friday or Saturday games and didn’t have to suffer through yesterday’s. At least my Jets brought my spirits up a little by absolutely beating The Pats. There is almost as much of a hatred between the Jets and Pats and their respective fans as there is between The Yankees and The Red Sox.

    Hopefully, The Rays continue their losing ways and being back home will make all right with the world. Swish needs to start hitting again and hopefully Tex will be 100% soon. GO YANKEES!!!

  7. Jane Heller

    Audrey, I’ve been thinking about the tell-all aspect of our culture that you mentioned, and I remember the days when Jim Bouton’s Ball Four came out and there was such an outcry that he could tell tales about Mantle and the gang. But his were lighthearted tales of drinking and pranks that always allowed the author to poke fun at his own foibles too. Oh well. Glad I wasn’t the only one frustrated by yesterday’s loss. I know it was just one game, but the inability to hit with risp has been a season-long problem. Sweep the Rays? You’re very optimistic!

    He will come around, Jeff. He’s blown four saves this year, I think – four in one long season. I’ll take those odds any day.

    Becky, I love your report from Baltimore! Sounds like you had a great time in spite of yesterday’s loss. And I LOVE that pic of you holding my book. LOL! You were a walking advertisement for it and I appreciate that so much. So glad you and Peggy were able to meet; bringing fans together is what this blog is all about so it gives me great pleasure to know you two got together. And how about all the players you saw! Nice story about Joba. Looking forward to hearing from Peggy about Jane Lynch. I wonder what she was doing in Baltimore. Anyhow, thanks again for the wrap up. Can you now carry my book to every game for the rest of the season? LOL.

    I thought of you, Diane, when I saw the Jets’ score and knew you must be doing a happy dance. As for the Yanks, what a stinker of a game. But we have to take consolation in the fact that Andy looked good and that our rotation will be more stable from here on. That’s huge.

  8. beckers46

    I will be more than happy to carry your book around. I work in retail. Sales are my thing. Even all my friends and family loved that pic on my facebook page. I will have to buy more copies to hand out this Christmas. A few more notes on the game…
    I hate to sound arrogant, but there were A LOT of moron baseball fans out yesterday. We sat in the bleachers. The guys behind us decided to do roll call. Well, they went out of order. They started roll call in left field. And they cheered for ‘Ramon Pena’ on third base. Oy! I already tweeted Bald Vinny about how sad that roll call was. When we saw Nova, everyone thought he was Robinson Cano. Seriously?! And when Mo came out, the woman behind me asked if he was a big deal. Um, yeahhh! Mariano Rivera is a big deal! I did go at it with a 10 year-old O’s fan. He told me that Nick Markakis was the best baseball player of all-time and I argued that my Andy Pettitte was the best player. It was cute. That little kid was the only one who knew his stuff. At the end of the game, I was a good sport. I tipped my hat and shook that little boy’s hand. Then he teased me that the Yanks got served. Punk! lol!

  9. Jane Heller

    I should have hired you as my publicist, Becky! You do sound like a top sales person. As you know from my book, there are always fans who don’t know what they’re talking about. Remember the anecdote when I was in Baltimore in front of the Yankees’ hotel and people were yelling “Melky” at Jose Molina? Happens all the time. But your new friend, the 10-year-old O’s fan, was knowledgeable, so that must have been refreshing.

    Probably not, Paul. If he’s such a good hitter, where were the O’s before Showalter showed up?


    Ahh, Jane…some days you (& the bloggers) provide SO MUCH to comment upon that I hope I remember everything. Here goes…
    First of all, yes, GRRR, yesterday was frustrating. But what a fascinating Mirror Image of last weekend’s 3-game set — home team avoids sweep with clutch 9th-inning HR. We were switching back & forth between Yanks & NFL football, so I missed when the tater was hit, but I knew to respect the ever-streaky Luke Scott (Paul, he is a TOTAL streak hitter). It happens. As for Moose, well, to me he was an Oriole who we rented for a few years…that’s just how I feel. Thank you and good night.
    Joe Torre. You know, I never bought/read his book, because (1) it was competing with YOUR book when they both first came out, and (2) once I learned about it, I didn’t need to read all the petty sniping stuff. I’m an old-enough baseball goat to remember Joe Torre The Player, all in the NL for all those years; and Joe Torre The VERY Mediocre Manager of several teams, all in the NL — before he was hired and made a demigod forever with Our Boyz. Not to ever diminish what he did with the Yanks, but Torre was a non-Yank (and non-AL’er) for so very long, it took a long time for me to get used to him as a Great Yankee Manager. Casey Stengel’s career was very similar — all in the NL, excellent player/lousy manager — until he came to the Bronx. Very interesting parallels, eh? But we’re big enuf to let bygones be bygones, overlook that petty crap, and just embrace the good…
    Diane, congrats to Your Jets. At least SOME football fans were happy yesterday (not in Baltimore, DC, or — heh heh — DALLAS…!!)
    What a great time that was had by all the bloggers who went to Crabtown! Wish I coulda joined up with you…I was down south in Durham NC, to see my Blue Devils get annihilated by Alabama in CFB (no surprise)…Son #2, the other family Yankee fan, called me late Friday nite and asked if I was watching the Yankee game. Nope, we were out in the NC countryside, comin’ back from dinner, on our way “home” — all I knew was that it was 3-1, O’s, in the 8th — well, he replied, IT AIN’T 3-1 ANYMORE!! A-Rod — with 2 outs? 2 strikes?? WOW. What a finish!! Sorry I missed it…!
    Lastly — hey, I noticed that tonight is Sinatra CD Night at the Stadium — first 10,000 fans (or so) get a free CD of Ol’ Blue Eyes — “Come Fly Away” — Diane, are ya goin’? “Start spreadin’ the news…!”

  11. peggy3

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans …

    Even tho’ I was disappointed in the loss I was happy about the HUGE positive …Andy’s Back !!! I feel bad he didn’t get a win which he deserved but I’m sure he was happy about how good he felt after the game. Just having Andy makes the rotation so much better !!! It really was dandy seeing Andy.

    Hey Becky …it was GREAT meeting you. Thank you for the little gift and the article. Becky had an article published in Yankee magazine when she was only 15. It was well written about her fav ..Andy Pettitte. i enjoyed reading it and will keep it with my Yankee memorabilia. Bummer about the game but I did get to meet you so it was still a good day for me ..:o).

    As Becky mentioned …I did run into Jane Lynch & Clipper. She was with her husband and a friend …they came for the game on Sunday. Actually my daughter told me she saw her on Boog’s line. I went back and she wasn’t there. I decided to get something to drink and she was in the bar area eating her food. We had a nice chat about her experience during Hope Week. She is a very sweet lady. I also mentioned that I saw her video on Jane’s blog and she said that Jane was a lovely. Naturally …I agreed ..

    The big series starts tonight …4 games …hopefully they win 3. It’s going to be tough but I have faith in the boys.
    I was going to go to the game tonight but decided not to as I have games Tues & Wed too. I’ll watch on TV and probably see more that way. Of course …knowing me I could change my mind at the last moment.

    Last but not least …not in my home yet. i thought I was moving back today but still not ready …I guess a few more weeks of hotel living won’t kill me.

    Have a great day all….let’s get ready to rumble. I hope the Yankees can sting the Rays and stay the big fish in
    the pond.

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  12. Jane Heller

    Sounds like you had a busy weekend, Dave. Sorry your Blue Devils didn’t fare so well. Next time you must meet up at Camden with the others. Tonight should be a real nostalgia fest at the Stadium, with Sinatra as a giveaway, the old timers (and Torre/Mattingly) coming to pay respects to The Boss and his family, and, of course, a good old fashioned ball game that will impact the pennant race. Wish I could be there but TV will have to do.

  13. peggy3


    Regarding Joe T’s book. I wasn’t too happy with the way
    he revealed some things (especially as the manager he always stressed what was said in the clubhouse should stay there) but there was much in the book I enjoyed …reliving a lot of the stuff. As far as Moose’s comments ..that’s Moose. He was never afraid to voice his opinions. Like his them or not at least he wasn’t a phoney.
    I was surprised he would say anything negative about Mo tho’.

    Of course …his book couldn’t compare with Jane’s. Her’s is one of my all time favs (I wish there could be a sequel).

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  14. Jane Heller

    Peggy, you and Becky had me so confused. You both mentioned Jane Lynch, so I thought you were talking about the actress on “Glee.” You meant Jane LANG, the woman from NJ who was featured during HOPE Week and on my blog. NOW I get it. LOL. Very cool that you met her. I’m flattered that she remembered me. Knowing you, I bet you’ll change your mind and go to tonight’s game if you can. Maybe stub hub will give you a Legends’ suite seat for $14 or whatever it was the last time! Either way, we’ll all be glued to these games because they mean so much. Any chance you could take your Met fan cousin to the other games since he’s such a good luck charm? Sorry there’s been a delay in moving back home. Sigh. Regarding Moose’s comments in Torre’s book, someone tweeted me a link to a story in the Daily News after the book came out. Moose went on WFAN and said his words about Mo weren’t “what he meant.” He didn’t deny saying them, but he backtracked, the way people often do after the fact. I’d be happy to write a sequel to my book if someone would pay me to hit the road!

    Very wise words, Jenn. It does take more than one player to lose a ballgame!

  15. peggy3


    You mean like not leaving a ton of men on base …especially with bases loaded and NO outs. How they couldn’t get the runner in is ridiculous. I couldn’t understand putting Tex in at that time because it was obvious they would just walk him …should have just left Gardy in at that point. I just felt it was a wasted using Tex in that situation. I’m just an armchair manager tho’ ….lot easier calling it when you aren’t the one with all the pressure making the decisions.

    No matter what Mo does …he will always be THE MAN !!!
    I would still take him over any of the other closers out there …

    Go Yankees 2010 !!

  16. peggy3

    LOL ….I read Becky’s post and I guess I had Lynch in my mind from reading it …HAHAHAHA…

    Right …It’s Jane Lang … LOLOLOL

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  17. Jane Heller

    If we’re ever in Durham, Dave….It’s not on my personal itinerary, but you never know. Sounds like fun, although I’d rather go to a Yankee game. 🙂


    I was confused as well. When Peggy said Jane Lynch was with her husband I thought “What? She’s a lesbian, she just had a ceremony with her girlfriend.” Now I know it was the other Jane. She seems very cool.

    Looking forward to Wednesday night! The weather looks great. Looks like we’ll be seeing AJ.


    PS Isn’t there a women’s Yankee gear store in the stadium? I think everyone who reads this blog should go in there and ask for “Confessions of a She-Fan.”


    Peggy, darlin’, you’re a wonder. Gotta meet up with you someday. Seeing Our Boyz in Bal’mer and Noo Yawk too, in the same week? Sounds like the She-Fan Tour, circa 2007! In the words of a Sinatra tune, may “Luck Be A Lady Tonight…” and EVERY night this week!!
    One more Random Comment. Now, I know that all of you bloggers may never be caught dead or alive in Durham, NC (pronounced Durm, like “germ”)…but if you ever are…and it’s beisbol season…you just GOTTA go to the Tobacco Road Sports Bar & Grille when the Dur’m Bulls are in town. Here’s why…besides a jillion TV screens and decent food/drink, the restaurant is basically sitting just above the LF bleachers. You’re sitting there, (or stand at the railing), sippin’ on yer ice-cold libation, and watching the game 4 free like you’re at one of those li’l ol’ apartments next to Wrigley Field. What a BLAST! Sadly, the Bulls got pounded that nite in the IL Playoffs by the Columbus Clippers…but given that Dur’m is the Rays’ AAA team…and Columbus was the AAA team of Our Boyz for a few eons…a good omen, perhaps??

  20. Jane Heller

    That’s what I thought, Melissa. Jane Lynch is gay so how could she be with her husband? HAHA. You must be looking forward to Wednesday night. I’m looking forward to your group photo with everybody. And yes, there’s a store right as you walk in the main hall at the Stadium that sells merchandise just for women. Unfortunately, they don’t sell books. How perfect would it be if they sold mine though. If you happen to go in, maybe you could see who their buyer is or whom I might contact to inquire?

  21. YankeeCase

    Ha! I thought it was the Emmy winning actress too! I was thinking, “Wow, she must be a big O’s fan…!”
    I couldn’t tell you what they sell in the ladies’ Yankees store, Mel (since i’m a dude! lol, i never had any thoughts of wearing an extra small, pink Robinson Cano shirt!), but I haven’t seen books in any of the other stores. Maybe everyone can start a petition? (although i doubt we’d see Torre’s book there anytime soon)
    What a sucky day yesterday. A Mariano blown save and then a loss, and then the New York Football Giants get creamed in Indy.
    It’d been cool to go to tonight’s game. See the unveiling of the new monument, get a free Frank Sinatra CD, maybe see a win. Hopefully we can win part two of this pre-postseason series. And I guess I’ll see the new monument in person on Wednesday. I’ll see everybody there!

  22. Jane Heller

    They sell a lot of different merchandise in the women’s store, YankeeCase, but I didn’t see a book. A petition may be in order! Hoping for good things from Nova tonight. Should be an emotional evening in the Bronx but they still have to play great baseball.

  23. peggy3

    Hi YankeeCase…

    First …What’s your real name ???

    We are meeting by section 107 at 6:30….you are the “dude” and we are the “dudettes”. Hope to see you there

    Touching ceremony for Mr. S. Watching the daughter’s with tears in their eyes made me tear up as well. I didn’t go because Time Warner never showed up till 5:00 but at least I have cable to watch all the playoff games when I do go home …if I EVER go home that is …lol.

    Yankees have to beat the Rays in honor of Mr. S…that’s what he would want most of all …BEAT THE RAYS …BEAT THE RAYS …

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

    Geez …Frankie Junior looks and sounds soooooooooo much like his dear old Dad …

  24. Jane Heller

    Very touching ceremony, Peggy. (Glad you got your cable!) it was eerie how much Sinatra Jr. looked like his dad. And I don’t think I’d ever seen Mrs. Steinbrenner before. Now let’s win the game!

  25. YankeeCase

    I stepped out after watching the ceremony and heard Frankie Jr on the radio. Wow! I don’t know if I ever heard him sing, but he really does sound like his pops (maybe not as polished though). Had me really confused!


    Yeah the game sucked…on to the movie! I haven’t seen it yet, I just wanted to know if it was anything like The Departed cause it kind of looks like it, except with a completely different story…anyway, that’s pretty funny about MLB, I didn’t know they were so uptight. I mean coke-heads, wife beaters, steroid users, hey even a murderer or two have played baseball, but that never seems to stop the game, why should a movie? It’s not like that had a sex scene on top of the Green monster…did they? O.o

  27. Jane Heller

    The movie was in the same vein as The Departed, seindsfeld, so if you liked that you’ll like this too. MLB doesn’t like to sanction movies or TV stuff that’s R rated – they see the sport as “family entertainment” – but you make a good point about the realities of the game. And no, there was no sex at Fenway whatsoever – just a lot of bullets.

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