Congratulations, CC, On Win #20!

I could talk about the game (it was a relaxing one thanks to big hits by Cano, Grandy, Gardy, Jorge, Swish), but this post will honor Carsten Charles Sabathia for achieving his personal best 20 victories in a season.
I saw Chad Gaudin ask the ump for the ball to give to CC, but I think our ace deserves more than a baseball. Here are some other commemorative ideas:
* 20 steaks for dinner tonight.
* 20 glasses of champagne.
* 20 massages by someone other than Stevie Donahue or Gene Monahan.
* 20 bottles of Jeter’s cologne.
Driven.Jeet.jpg* 20 rides in A-Rod’s Maybach.
* 20 appearances on Letterman.
* 20 copies of a Yankees-related book, signed and personalized by its author.
she-fan cover.amazon_.jpg



    Woohoo! The zombie plague of 20 wins has finally been cured on CC. This was a pretty close game till Cano hit the homer, so CC did have to pitch quite a lot to hold that lead. He nailed it down and hopefully he can get a couple more. I like your ideas, but I don’t know about giving him 20 steaks, I’m scared he might eat half of them in one day! πŸ˜› How about 20 free tickets to a baseball game for his friends? 20 cats and dogs rescued from the kennel? 20 more wins for next year? πŸ˜€

  2. peggy3

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans…

    I was there for CC’s 20th and it was sooooooo cool !!! It was great having Swish & Gardy back too but I missed Tex. Hopefully a day or two off will help him get back on track. I’m sure it’s no fun playing with anything broken. He’s such a trooper.

    The crowd was ridiculous ….felt like 90 percent Yankee fans and I think it was a full house. The Yankee chants were so loud you couldn’t help but think you were at home in the Stadium but you are actually in Yankee Stadium South and it truly was OUR home tonight …right to the statue of the Babe in front of Camden Yards (Oriole Park).

    My cousin’s nephew got a ball in batting practice hit by Berk and Chad Moeller tossed it to him. He was so excited and so was I because he was so happy (he’s 12). The cousin I speak of is the Met fan cousin …his streak is back ….3rd Yankee win in a row of games he attends… :o). He’ll be there tomorrow too so it’s looking good for a sweep…lol.

    I’m also looking forward to meeting Becky. I’m off to dreamland …I have to rise and shine early tomorrow for breakfast and a trip to Fort McHenry before the game.

    Tomorrow the Yanks sweep the birdcage clean !!!! Welcome back Andy ….WE MISSED YOU !!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  3. YankeeCase

    Congrats to CC on his 20th win! You know, I’ve been trying to figure out all season what this team’s identity or personality is. Last year was the year of the comebacks. They just never gave up, always getting at the pitcher, whoever it was. 17 walkoff wins proves that (damn right i include izturis’ error in the ALCS!).
    This year they seemed inconsistent for the longest time. A little bit of up and down here and there, never really grabbing the AL by the throat and really running away with it. There hasn’t been the same magic in late game situations either. Not that they give up, just not as many clutch late game heroics as last year. But CC’s win tonight actually personifies this season. Consistenty. The Yankees have been consistent all year. They’ve actually been machine like, but as a team. If you look at their schedule, it’s been two out three, two out of three, maybe drop a series, three game sweep of the O’s, but nothing that ever stands out. Yeah, Robbie Cano’s monthly average has been dropping, yeah A-Rod’s numbers (save for the rbi’s) aren’t the same, yeah Jeter has an un-Jeter like average, yeah all those things. But they still keep winning, and in workman-like fashion. They just don’t wait until the end of the game. I’m still surprised that last week was the first time they’d lost more than three games in a row.
    CC has been the embodiment of consistency. You know when he goes out there on the mound there isn’t a better chance in the world the Yanks come away with a win.
    Pitching has been great all year. First from the starters, then the bullpen. It’s what has kept the Yankees rolling along. Now it looks like the starters may be coming back around. But CC’s been at it all season. He’s been “the guy” for us. A true ace.
    Now with the recent slide through these tough games for us, maybe they start to take on a new personality (or an attitude adjustment? lol) that’s been forged in battle. Coming up just short it’s easy to forget that they’ve been without a healthy Gardner, Tex, Swisher, a fuzzy headed Posada… And still almost took those games. Maybe Michael Kay will be right in saying A-Rod’s home run on Friday was a sort of wake up call. No one’s going to give the champs anything. It’s time to go get it.
    Oh! And apparently I missed a whole conversation about meeting up at Wednesday’s game? YankeeCase will be wherever the ladies need YankeeCase to be! πŸ˜€ vamos!

  4. raysrenegade

    Since CC Sabathis still has a home in California, maybe you can hand deliver those copies of your great book with a congratulatory handshake or hug ( if his wife doesn;t mind) to seal the special moment.
    If not, there is always a chance we can get 20 kids running around the syadium in CC jerseys before a playoff game….Would be fun to see a little army of CC’s.

    Rays Renegade


    I managed to see the end of the game. Yea for CC! And Jeter is hitting better, Gardner seems to have recovered, and Swishy was back doing what he does. Thinks are looking better, doncha think?

    We watched most of the post game and I kept pretending Kim Jones was asking the players “How DID AJ get that black eye?”

    Can’t wait to see Andy today!

  6. Jane Heller

    It was a pretty close game at first, seindsfeld. CC didn’t have his best stuff by any means. He kept grinding it out though, which is what he’s so good at. He worked hard to keep us in the game long enough for Cano’s homer and then Granderson’s to really put the game away. Kudos all around. I like your idea of 20 more wins for next season!

    Hello, Peggy. Hope you’re having a great time in Baltimore. How could you not? You saw such a big win last night, not only with CC’s 20th but Robbie’s 100th RBI too. It did sound like Yankee Stadium South at Camden Yards. Resting Tex for a day or two is nice but I can’t imagine it’ll help him down the stretch. The guy is hurting and broken bones and bone bruises don’t heal in a day. He knows he’s not helping the team offensively now, but you’re right – he’s such a trooper. Very exciting that your cousin’s nephew got the ball and please thank your cousin for being there and helping the Yanks win. lol.

    Michael Kay was saying sort of the same thing you are, YankeeCase. While it’s true that this hasn’t been the season of the walkoff comeback like last year, it’s been about winning series for the most part, beating teams earlier in games, grinding games out, and the pitching has been key. CC does embody everything that’s been good about this season. What a pickup for us. Who could have asked for more from him? Have fun seeing Pettitte today and I hope you meet up with the ladies.

    I would love to deliver the 20 copies of the book to CC personally, Renegade, although the hug scares me. He’d probably crush me. LOL!! I also love the idea of 20 little CC’s running around.

    Glad you got to see the end of the game, Melissa. Swisher looked rusty in his first couple of at bats, but then he came back to life and it was great to see. Things are definitely looking up. I think they’ve all dropped the black eye story, much to my dismay. I know it’s none of my business, but I can’t help wondering….

    Agreed, Paul, although AJ could redeem himself if he comes through in the playoffs. He’s hardly been a Pavano but he’s not the pitcher everybody expected.

  7. Jane Heller

    Very exciting that Andy will be back today, Virginia. Not sure how deep he’ll be able to go into the game, but as long as he’s healthy and feels fine it’ll be a relief.

    Crunch time is right, Scott. I cannot believe there are only two weeks left to the season. How is that possible?

  8. devilabrit

    Glad CC finally got his 20 win season, something he really deserved….

    Now am I the only one who clicked on your book a dozen times and waited for something to happen…yeah i really can be the stupid…LOL


    Phillies Outside

  9. southernbelle

    Jane: Yay for CC!!! Great win for him, better win for the team. The Yanks needed a win like this one. Finally, it seems like they’ve got something good going for them. And things can only get better now that Andy is back πŸ™‚
    I’m getting excited…#28 seems like a possibility.

  10. Jane Heller

    No, Peter. I’m the one who’s stupid! It didn’t even occur to me to make a live link to my own book so maybe someone would buy it. HAHAHA. Some promoter.

    Well, I did compare the two, Freya, but only to say that AJ was hardly in the same category of failures. Do you forgive me now? πŸ™‚

  11. scofid

    I was very glad to see CC finally get the much deserved 20th win, even if it wasn’t one of his best outings. I am cautiously optimistic about Andy’s return, and hopefully, he can be a stabilizing force to the rotation beyond CC. It’s crunch time…the next two weeks are going to be very intense! Go Yanks!

  12. Jane Heller

    So glad you had fun at the event with Jim Bouton, Emma. I’m sure you learned a lot about the Pilots as well as the Yanks.

  13. Jane Heller

    I like it, Audrey. I don’t think we’ll hit 20 comments on this post though (we’re up to 16 or so). Maybe I should just write “congratulations” 20 times? lol

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