Do We Really Have To Do This Again Next Week?

While these Yankees-Rays games are exciting, they’re also exhausting – especially when the Yankees lose them. (Funny how I was full of energy last night after we won, but tonight? Not so much.) What an odd game for Huuuughes. He was throwing a no-no for a little while, but then the long ball bit him in the person of Dan Johnson.
Ooops. I mean this guy, the one who was batting .209 or something like that.
What, exactly, was Phil thinking when he threw those pitches? Because my dearly departed grandmother could have hit them out. Oh well. The Yankees certainly had their chances, but leaving runners on base was the pattern of the evening, particularly when Austin Kearns was up.
No, it’s not his fault that he’s healthy and Swisher and Gardner aren’t. But his futile attempts at the plate made me wince. If only he could have pulled a Jeter and pretended to get hit by a pitch. Was the Captain a good actor or what?
I don’t blame Joe Maddon for going all rabid, because the ump did blow the call, but for the ESPN announcers to start harping on the need for instant replay was ridiculous. Stuff happens. Mistakes are made. We don’t have to record every pitch for examination. That’s my opinion anyway. Bottom line? The Yankees lost the game, the series and the division lead.
I have to believe that when our regulars are in the lineup next week, we’ll be back on top. But in the meantime, this one was tough to swallow.



    So I guess the power of the turkey burger didn’t work today. šŸ˜¦ I was kind of steamed at Girardi for leaving in Hughes. Over 100 pitches; is supposed to be on some innings limit; Yanks just got the lead back; and it just so happens the same guy that hit a two run shot earlier is up again in practically the same spot? Pena, Long or Eiland couldn’t tap Joe on the shoulder? The good news is, we weren’t swept. Still going on that Jane’s mom optimism. Half a game isn’t too bad and I’d rather they play this crappy now then in four weeks. I do have to say also, this is the best I’ve seen Hughes in a few starts. If only we could put Kearns somewhere else….

  2. YankeeCase

    Great acting by Jeter….. Love that sly peek at the umps! I was watching on YES, so I missed ESPN crying about it. Were they really that bad? Stuff like this has been going on for over a hundred years! I don’t moan when calls go against the Yankees, only when they’re truly egregious (Cano being called out of the basepath in 2005 against the Angels in the playoffs to basically end our season? wha-?!). But hey, there was that botched call in the playoffs last year against the Angels where two men were on third and somehow were both safe! Or something like that…
    I think we have to keep Hughes out of Tampa if we meet them down there in the playoffs (if we get to the playoffs!!). The last two games he’s had down there were tough luck losses where he pitched amazing games, only to lose them on late home runs… But then, maybe the next time will be a form of revenge if he can get through it…
    And someone tell Mr. Johnson his Miami Vice DVD collection is calling…

    Back into my hole… Back into hiding…


    I have discovered a direct correlation between the number of runs scored by the Rays and the number of f-bombs I drop.

    Tough loss for Hughes because he looked great other than those homers. Ah, the magic of baseball. Remember how Enrique Wilson owned Pedro? Who can figure it out?

    These two teams are so evenly matched. What a great series this was. Last night’s win wasn’t as bad as if we had lost after being up 6 runs.

    And I just got tickets to next Wednesday’s game at the new Yankee Stadium!!!!! Can’t wait.

    Has anyone taken the train down?

  4. nyyfaninvt

    It was a tough loss, but I feel strangely optimistic after it for some reason. Maybe it’s because, except for those two mistakes, Hughes pitched a great game and looked a lot more like the Phil we saw in the first half of the season. And maybe it’s because none of the games were blowouts and I think, with Andy back we’ll pick it up. And maybe it’s because I think we’ll play them well at home next week. Plus I hope we can kick Boston around a bit.

    I do wish we’d get the good word on Swish and Gardy, though.

    I loved Jeter’s Oscar-worth performance. Goodness knows, the Yankees have been on the losing end of plenty of bad calls. I don’t mind benefiting from one once in a while.

  5. ladyjane303

    Frustrating, to say the least. But I agree that with Andy, Swish and Brett coming back, things should be better (at least I really, really hope so). Amazing the amount of talk still going on this morning about Jeter’s Oscar-worthy performance. Too many people calling him a cheater (which is rather mild compared to what they would call A-Rod if he had done it). This kind of stuff happens all the time. The ump blew the call, and it wasn’t the worst blown call of the season. In the post game interview, Jeter was very up-front about what happened. Let it go, people – I’m sure Jeter has. I do think they need to find a way to have instant replay/manager challenges for situations like this Even if it would have hurt us this time, there are plenty of other times we would be helped.
    Melissa – excited that you’re finally getting to visit the new stadium. I hear from several people that Metro North is a very easy way to get there (I travel from the other direction, so haven’t taken that ride myself). Get there early and take the time to walk around before the game. I’ll be there Wednesday night – let me know if you would like to meet and say hello.


    Did anyone notice the LoHud seems to be taking a cue from the she-fan? Their latest entry was very Heller-esque

  7. Jane Heller

    Yeah, the turkey burgers are out as rally food, seindsfeld. I think I’m going with grilled salmon for Friday night. It’s worked before and is healthier than pizza. I had no problem with Joe leaving Hughes in. He pitched great except for two mistakes to Johnson. The thing about Kearns (other than he belongs on some other team) is that he wouldn’t be in there except for the injuries to Swisher and Gardner. I do long for the days when we had a more solid bench (Strawberry, Raines, etc).

    I was at that game in Anaheim during the ALCS last year, YankeeCase – the one you mentioned where Cano and Posada were both on third base and the ump botched the call. You’re right – these things happen and there’s no need for people to get hysterical about it. Still, it was a great acting job by Jeter even if we did lose the game in the end. Yes, you can go back into hiding now, but only until Friday.

    Woohoo that you’ll be at the game next Wednesday, Melissa. I just wish you’d gone when I was in NY!!! I was planning to take the train and did a lot of research about it. The Hudson Line, in particular, has the “Yankee Clipper” train that takes you directly from your stop to the Stadium, no transfers. Just look on the MTA’s web site under Hudson Line and you’ll see the schedule. The LoHud blog was Heller-esque today? Do you mean the Pink Floyd cover? I was just on there and don’t get the connection, but I’m honored to be mentioned in their company so thanks!

    Audrey, I feel the same way you do. Last night wasn’t as devastating as Monday’s loss for some reason. Maybe it was because I was still high on the win from Tuesday night, but also I was encouraged by Hughes’ pitching. Yes, he does have a tendency to give up the long ball, but he didn’t nibble and his pitch count was manageable. I think we’ll be OK when we get the regulars back. I hope so anyway.

    Are people really calling Jeter a cheater on talk radio there, ladyjane? (I’m shielded here in CA.) I would expect nothing less from the haters. And you’re so right: if A-Rod had put on the same performance he would have been blasted to smithereens. I have no doubt that Jeter will shrug it off and the story will go away. Even Joe Maddon said he would expect his players to do the same thing. I really hope you and Melissa can have a meetup on Wednesday. It would give me so much pleasure; I’d feel like the blog was like LOL.

    It was a great series, Jeff, and Jeter’s gamesmanship was a surprise even to me after all these years of watching him. The expression on his face while he stood at first base watching Maddon argue was just priceless. No acting lessons necessary for him. He did a better job last night than he did in “The Other Guys” with Will Farrell.

    Markamartini, I don’t know about the Yankees sweeping the O’s. Under Showalter, the O’s have been a much better team, so I don’t take them for granted at all. But with Pettitte back and, hopefully, Swisher and Gardner, we’ll have a good shot. And yeah, Brett’s a gamer. He says the cortisone shot is helping, but I love his fighting spirit.

    You didn’t know that players fake getting hit by pitches, marquest? Happens all the time. Don’t pay any attention to the haters.

  8. nyyfaninvt

    Melissa, taking Metronorth to the stadium is easy-schmeasy. My family caught the train at the New Hamburg Station on the Hudson line – most of the other passengers were wearing Yankee shirts and the conductor announced “We’re finally here folks” when we got to the stadium stop. It’s like riding the Yankee Express! The walk to the stadium takes about five minutes – it’s about two blocks from the platform and impossible to miss. Have fun and go to Monument Park first so you get to visit that before they close it for the game.


    Jeters no call was perfect and when Granderson cracked that 2 run HR you could only smile… until Johnson took Hughes for another 2 run shot. Up and down, up and down… hopefully the Yanks can sweep the Os, Tampa hits a slide and we can ride into next week back on top w everyone relatively healthy. Which btw did anyone notice when Gardner told Girardi he was OK to pinch run… gotta give it to Brett for being ready even if he is hurting…

  10. marquest

    I had no idea what Jeter did is ordinary, allowable, gamesmanship. Last nite I was deveastated. The Yankee haters are out in full force calling him a cheat. Then Mike & Mike are laughing at these critics, and everyone in the profession is saying what Jeter did has been done forever, and not only that, is part of the game. Who knew?

  11. ladyjane303

    Your seats are in left field, mine are in right on the field level (Swisher country – great fun, and just below the Bleacher Creatures). We should arrange to meet before the game somewhere in the middle. Are you going to try to go to Monument Park first? That’s near where I sit.


    Sigh. Almost. Had it, then we let it go. Again…
    But it’s good to just Get Out of Dodge, i.e. Tampa. I’ve told you b4 that it’s a hell-hole for me personally re: my other fave teams, which makes me VERY much dread any ALCS between us…but we got a long long way to go…
    On that note — now that we’ve had a good look at “The Fighting Showalters,” as ESPN refers to them nowadays, let’s do hope we can do better than barely avoid another 3-game sweep with a last-game 9th-inning tater. Wish I could join Peggy3 up at Camden Yards, but we’re committed to goin’ south for a college football game (Alabama-Duke…talk about ritual slaughters…#1 vs. #200…Yankees-Hokies would be more competitive…we SHOULD be committed, for spending $50 a pop on tickets!!).
    One last comment…Austin (no-Powers) Kearns…now, didn’t I tell you that he played three kinds of ways for the Nats…stink, stank, and Stunk? Well, now ya know…

  13. Jane Heller

    I don’t know, Paul. In my opinion, instant replay isn’t the answer to every problem in the sport of baseball!

    Cool that you’re going on Wednesday too, YankeeCase. Do you hear that, Melissa and ladyjane? Another meetup for you.

  14. ladyjane303

    Talk radio hosts are NOT down on Jeter – saying it’s part of the game. It’s a lot of the emails, tweets and call-ins that are negative. Go figure.

  15. Jane Heller

    You did warn us about Kearns, Dave. He had such a good start, as if the change of scenery really perked him up. But he shouldn’t be playing everyday. He’s a decent bench player at best. Enjoy your game this weekend.

    Thanks for clearing that up, ladyjane. People will always be negative when the subject is the Yankees. We should be used to that by now, even when it concerns the Captain.


    OMG, Jane, every word you wrote is exactly what I felt and thought after that game.

    Are we to call him Derek Cheater now? Actually, I don’t see what he did as being any terrible act. Let’s face it…if you know you got walked on a “strike 3” or that the ball reach the base before you did but you were called safe, you would not tell the ump he was wrong and head for the dugout. It is what it is. When we got 2 runs out of that inning I really thought that was it for the game, but the Rays knew otherwise. I hope all the positive energy felt by the others who wrote to you fill The Yankees with what they need to go on a solid run of wins. The Rays have a bit easier end to the season than we do but it is what it is. GO YANKEES!!!

  17. blithescribe

    They’re calling Jeter a cheater over that? Please. That’s part of how the game is played. And for the record, I’m an Angels fan who would say the same thing if it were A-Rod in Jeter’s shoes. There are bad calls in baseball and by the end of the season it’s usually an even split between those that went for your team and those that went against them so players might as well milk the ones that look like they’re going your way. Calling for increased use of instant replay is just silly in my opinion. I think that more instant replay would add a cookie cutter formality to the games that’s downright anti-baseball. Fans who want more instant replay should remember that righteous outrage over bad umpire calls is also an important long-standing tradition ;).

  18. Jane Heller

    Perfect analogy, Diane. When batters get a generous call on balls and strikes they don’t stop and say to the ump, “Hey, wait a second. Are you sure you want to walk me?” It is what it is. Sometimes the breaks fall our way. Sometimes they don’t. The important thing now is for everyone to get healthy and play well! I’ve been tough on Kearns but A-Rod’s at bat after Soriano walked Tex was horrid!

  19. raysrenegade

    A Sonny Crockett/Don Johnson/ “Miami Vice” reference?
    But then again, Sonny played for the Gators (lol).
    I actually was pulling in the energy of the past three nights and glowing through it all. Playoff atmosphere is more intoxicating to me than a pail of $9 beers or over-the-counter narcotics.
    The televison viewership showed that even if there are blue seats open, 162,000+ were tuned into the game in the confines of their own private “Trops” or “Yankee Stadiums”.
    Can’t wait for “CC Sabathia versus David Price, Part II, The Wrath of Cy Young. Could become a yearly event.

    Rays Renegade

  20. peggy3

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans…

    Well …Hughsey had the 4 innings of no hit ball that I was hoping for …THEN…big mouth Michael Kay had to say it going into the 5th and naturally he gives up a hit. Why couldn’t Leiter & Singleton do the game by themselves. It was so nice for the first one when Kay wasn’t there. I think Phil did a good job except for the two “mistakes”. He was using all his pitches and really mixing it up last night which he hasn’t been doing in previous games. He kept us in the game…unfortunately the offense was “offensive” again last night. PLEASE HURRY BACK SWISH & GARDY !!!! Kearns and Curtis just aren’t doing it for me….

    I’ll be leaving Saturday morning for the games on Sat. & Sun. in Baltimore. Here’s hoping that CC & Andy put us back on the right track …the winning track. I’m really excited to see Andy pitch as it just seems soooooo long since the last time I saw him. A sweep of the birdies would be nice but I’ll settle for 2 out of 3….naturally the two I’m going to… :o).

    Melissa, LadyJane & Yankeecase….I’ll be there on Wednesday night too (also Tuesday …Snoopy night…woof woof). I’m in the Grandstand …411. If anyone wants to meet up I’d be happy to find them. I know the place like the back of my hand (what exactly does that phrase mean anyway ?? haha).

    Let’s hope the guys are resting up and getting ready to
    start that winning streak …Go AJ, CC & Andy….cage those

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  21. Jane Heller

    Blithescribe, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I agree with every word. Quirky calls – no matter whose side they benefit – are part of the game. Was the blown call on Gallaraga’s perfect game a horrible mistake? Absolutely. But if there were instant replay cameras on every ball and strike and play of every game, where would the quirkiness, humanity and individuality go? It’s been suggested that baseball follow tennis’ lead and allow each team or manager a set number of “challenges” per game. Maybe. But I’m fine with how things are.

    I couldn’t resist the Sonny Crockett reference, Renegade. What can I tell you? I’m glad the TV viewership was way up for that series. With the two best teams going head to head for a division, plus a preview of the postseason, how could people not watch? I’m looking forward to the next round but with my usual conflicted emotions. On one hand, it’ll be nerve wracking. On the other hand, I’d love to see CC win #20 finally!

  22. Jane Heller

    Peggy, I hope you have a great time in Baltimore. Please have some Boog’s BBQ for me (the pit turkey platter is my fave), and bring us back a couple of wins. I know it’ll be a treat to see Pettitte again. And I hope you can meet up with the others on Wednesday at the Stadium. I wish I could be there with you guys!


    If a Red Sox had done it how would you have felt? What would you have called that RSox? But our beloved DJ does it and everyone finds it cute and gamemanship and all that.

    I guess it is done all the time and it is part of the game. So are steroids but I don’t have to like it. As my Grandmother used to say, If they all jumped off a bridge would you?”
    that’s what this sounds like to me. As you can see I didn’t think it was necessary. So maybe pretending to throw the ball to 1st but not really throwing is okay too? (My dog hates that.)

    Call me a fuddy duddy I didn’t like and Karma bit us in the **** because we lost anyway.


    Yes, Jane, it was “The Wall” album cover photo on lohud I was referring to. Normally, they only put up photos of players. I think they were trying to be more witty, like you!

    Peggy, Lady Jane, et al. Yes! Let’s meet up before game time. I should get there a little after six and we have to meet a friend. What time shall we say hi? And Peggy, where is a good spot to meet? We’ll get a group photo and Jane can post it.



    Base runner to ump: “Excuse me, Mr. Umpire, but I believe the shortstop tagged me before I reached the base and even though you called me safe I am going back to the dugout. I am sure my fans and teammates will think more of me for doing the right thing.”
    Do you think the manager would have a stroke or a heart attack?


    Melissa, Melissa, f-bombs??? And you a library lady too. Guess library ladies lead a double life.
    PS. Have a ball at the game next week!

  27. Jane Heller

    Well, Peg, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion, fuddy duddy or not, and I welcome it. I just don’t agree with it. Comparing what Jeter did to steroids? To me it’s like a catcher framing a pitch so it appears like a strike to the ump when it’s not a strike. Not anything to get worked up about, in other words.

    Ah, I figured it was the album cover, Melissa. You’re right – they do usually show pics of players, if they show images at all. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. šŸ™‚ So excited that you’ll be meeting everybody and sending me a group pic! Can’t wait for that.


    I also called Kearns a bad name last night and when he struck out late in the game, all I could think of was that I hate him.

    But, if he gets a key hit another night, I’ll probably love him.


  29. Jane Heller

    LOL, roylynne! Perfect example. Thank you for providing it!

    Melissa, you should have heard me going on about Kearns. We would have broken the sound barrier. But of course we’ll love him if he pulls an Aaron Boone or something.

    I don’t get all the complaining, Mike, I really don’t. And I’m trying to be objective – Yankee or no Yankee. I can only imagine the firestorm if A-Rod had been the “perp.” It was a great series that wasn’t tarnished in any way by that one play.

  30. Jane Heller

    Dj, it’s too bad you’re disappointed in your namesake! Honestly, he’s still among the classiest players ever. I was watching the US Open tennis matches last weekend and in all the years I’ve been following tennis, I’ve never seen a player – and that includes the classiest – ever say to the chair umpire on a close line call that went in their favor, “Oh, wait. That point should really be awarded to my opponent.” It just doesn’t happen. Guys take every advantage they can get because the mistakes even out. As for adding another wild card team to the mix, I’m the wrong person to ask. I’m not even in favor of one wild card team. I preferred it the old fashioned way, when teams had to win their divisions and pennants in order to get to the WS, even if it meant no Yankees in the postseason. I’m sure others feel differently.

    Isn’t it cool that they’re meeting up, Emma? Can’t wait to see the group shot.

  31. dj2jd5jm7

    As a Jeter lover (since ’96), I have to say I was very disappointed in his “behavior”. I agree with Jane that it is more along the lines of framing a pitch than it is taking steroids. I didn’t see it live as the hubby and I were flipping back and forth between the Yankees-Rays and Twins-White Sox games. We caught just what they showed on the MLB network.

    I felt so disappointed b/c I see him as one of the classier ball players and I wonder if he wouldv’e tried a stunt like that had he not been in a funk lately. I agree the haters will go crazy about anything regarding the Yankees.

    I still love him and just hope when our beloved team is mended that we can get back in the winner’s circle. I know we’ll all be cheering them on (and hopefully no longer cussing them out). It’s all a part of the game!

    What are everyone’s opinions regarding adding another Wild Card to the playoffs. Just curious…

    Go Yankees!

  32. peggy3

    Hi Melissa, LadyJane & Yankeecase…

    It would be great to all meet before the game …would 6:15-6:30 work for everyone? We could meet by LadyJane’s seats since she is on the field level…why don’t we all meet in front of section 107. I’m not sure what I’ll be wearing that night but I’ll let you know ahead of time.

    Let me know if this works for everyone. I hope it all works

    Here’s to the Yankees clipping the birdies wings this weekend…

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

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