Touching Down To Disappointment

My flight landed at Burbank airport tonight and the first thing I did once I got to baggage claim was flip on my iPhone, click on my MLB app and listen to Yankees-Rays. They were in the 4th inning and there was no score. For the next couple of hours, as I made my way up to Santa Barbara on the freeways, I sat there glued to the game wondering which team would score first. What a pitchers duel – the two best teams going at it as if it were a postseason contest. The car finally pulled in my driveway with the game in the 11th. I dropped my luggage at the front door, ran inside the house like a crazy person and turned on the TV – just in time to see Mitre serve one up to Brignac. For the first time this season I was glad I don’t get the postgame shows on YES; my Extra Innings package cuts off the broadcasts as soon as the games end, and the screen shows nothing but the words “Good Night.” It was not a good night for the Yankees, and I’m too tired and heartsick to do anything but say “Good Night” myself.




    not only was it painful to lost another extra innings game but this was our best chance with cc pitching. now we have nobody we can really rely on for the next bunch of days that i fear are more misery. it makes me realize how lucky we are to be yankee fans because some fans often see their team look pathetic and this is a rare thing for us.
    i feel incredibly inarticulate because i want to say is yuck and ouch and this sucks.

  2. Jane Heller

    I feel your sentiments exactly, Barbara. But I don’t think we looked pathetic last night. It was a tense pitcher’s duel and either side could have won. We came up short, but then with Gardner and Swisher both hurt and the pen pretty tired after the Texas series, we’re kind of limping along right now. Just hope we can ride it out without losing too much ground.

    I agree, Jeff. It was a great game and somebody had to lose. The problem for the Yanks is they’re beaten up at the moment and the pitching is in disarray once you get past CC. Scary times.

    Yes, lousy, Sue! I couldn’t wait to get off that plane (it really was a smooth flight though) and turn on my phone, then watch at home – only to see us lose. BUMMER. Hope you had a good birthday the other day.


    “Goodnight, Sweetheart, well it’s time to go…
    I hate to leave you, but I really must say…
    Goodnight, sweetheart, goodnight…”
    It’s what I’ve played at the end of every gig I’ve ever DJ’d in the last decade or two. The party’s over; lights out. That’s just how I feel…
    Welcome home. Good that you’re back…as far from that mess as you can be. You know, maybe that game was “thrilling” last nite, as some say…but my wife & I were talking about it lately, and we agreed — it’s ONLY “thrilling” when your team WINS. Exciting, entertaining, blah blah woof woof…had enuf of those kinda games lately.
    So now we’re staring down the abyss. Still winless on the entire road trip. Told Son #2 yesterday that they’d be GRATEFUL to to 3-3 on the rest of it…now even that looks highly optimistic. Guess we’ll limp or crawl into the postseason, somehow, without pitching OR hitting. My only — ONLY — source of hope is 2006. Huh?? Here’s why.
    Never, in all my years of following beisbol, have I ever seen two teams stagger into the playoffs with LESS momentum than the ’06 Tigers and the ’06 Cards. They STUNK. And so what happened? They BOTH made the World Series. So, thanks again, Ms. Scarlett, for giving me that last shred of hope — that tomorrow is (always) another day…
    P.S. Sorry, Diane, wherever you are — what an awful sports nite for you, between Yanks & Jets. I’ve been there for, oh, about the last week or so, with 80% of my teams…

  4. peggy3

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans:

    Welcome home Jane …I hope you had a wonderful visit back East (except for the Yankee losses).

    Despite the results this was definitely the best game of the year. CC & Price certainly lived up to the hype and then some. I just love how CC stays calm, cool and collected under any game situation. While Price being young is a work in progress (an advanced work that is)…CC is the polished professional. Maddon couldn’t say enough about CC in his post game interview. It’s too bad with all his hard work CC couldn’t win the game and get #20 but that might be good for me …I will see him pitch in Baltimore and hopefully there to celebrate his 20th with him. I’m also going to get to see Andy’s return on Sunday barring any setbacks with his rehab tonight (God forbid !!). I have my CC & Andy shirts ready to go.

    One thing about the past few games is the head scratching moves that Joe G. has made…lots of weird things going on in his mind. Also…what was up with Gardy trying to steal 3rd with TWO OUTS !!! That could have been the difference in the game tipping it to the Rays favor. I just hope the hitters start hitting again ..especially since the pitching is doing their part.

    Super Nova is on the mound tonight and dare I say he has
    a little CC in him as far as the three c’s up above ..calm, cool and collected. He doesn’t seem to get rattled which is
    especially amazing for the new kid on the block. A win tonight puts the Yanks right back into lst place …so …I say …LET’S GO YANKEES !!!!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!!

  5. Jane Heller

    OK, Dave, I’m going to drag you back off the ledge. We’re making the playoffs. We may be limping into them but we’ll be there. Let the Rockies have their last minute surges every year. We started great and we will finish great…or at least good enough!

    So glad you’ll be in Baltimore to support our guys, Peggy. As for Girardi’s moves, they’ve been all over the place. What I don’t get is why have Joba on an innings limit NOW? Not that he’s been so spectacular and maybe he wouldn’t have done any better than Mitre. Still. Mitre? In a game this important? Don’t know what to say about Gardner except that maybe the pain in his wrist went to his brain! I just wish we had Swisher available. He’s been such a difference maker for us this year. Will be watching Nova and eating turkey burgers. They’ve worked for years. They’d better work tonight.

  6. Jane Heller

    In the grand scheme of things, you’re right, Paul. But it wasn’t just last night’s game that haunts us. It’s the last several – like seven out of eight? It’s been a bad patch and it’s hard to watch.


    Sorry its been so long since I’ve written, Jane – crazy busy.

    All of the recent losses have been devastating to me – I don’t know how to get out of the funk I’m in since they have not been able to find a way to win. Everytime we go into extra innings I KNOW its a loss – and not just because we’re the visiting team.

    I know its pointless to look back on the decisions after the game, but why did they take Logan out? He was doing great, and Gaudin has been less than stellar. I have to agree with Jeff and Peggy that it was an amazing game – just not happy with the outcome. They have to take the next two and I don’t see how they are going to do it. Nova has been excellent, but you don’t get any better than C.C. and we couldn’t even win one for him — that’s 2 losses in a row for him, by the way – they really need to get him to 20 wins, no matter what!!!

    My Jets were awful last night as well. The defense was very good but too many mistakes cost them yardage and possession and once the offense had the ball they got no where. It was not a happy night for me and mine, with both of our teams losing. Oh well…GO YANKEES and J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets!

  8. Jane Heller

    Sorry about your Jets, Diane. I know you love them as much as the Yankees. I guess that’s why I’m a one sport girl. I couldn’t take it if I had more teams to worry about! When Gaudin got out of that bases loaded jam last night, I really thought we’d score the next inning and win the game somehow. But you’re right – if we can’t do it with CC, we’re in trouble. He worked his butt off last night. Maybe Nova will fool the Rays hitters, since they haven’t seen him before. But we need to get the offense going too. Cano batting 2nd? It’s all just weird right now.

  9. crzblue2

    Look at the bright side Jane, at least you landed in Burbank instead of LAX and you got back to your own bed. Is kinda weird to be reading your posts here and reading your book ’cause you were on the road and I am at where you are also coming back from New York to SB. I had to hold a laugh while on the train reading your book.

  10. Jane Heller

    Landing at Burbank is such a breeze, Emma. I avoid LAX whenever I can. Must be weird to be reading the book and then reading that I was flying, since now you know how much I hate it! I’m much better though. Glad you had a laugh on the train. 🙂

  11. nyyfaninvt

    I went to bed in a sour mood and didn’t wake up feeling better until my husband, who strongly believes in cycles and the law of averages, assured me that things will even out. Strangely enough, I actually listen to him for once and cheered up. I’m watching the game right now and feel considerably more confident about the team. Jeter is looking better, Nova is amazing and Cano is starting to heat up again. Once Swisher and Gardner are back in commission everything will be fine. October, here we come!

  12. Jane Heller

    You listened to your husband, Audrey, and I listened to mine. But now the Rays just scored three runs and I’m biting my nails again, figuratively speaking. Nova was so good but Boone Logan is warming up!

  13. nyyfaninvt

    Yeah, I just checked in to say “never mind.” I’m back in panic mode – big time. How did we allow seven runs in one inning, most of them with two outs?

  14. Jane Heller

    Audrey, this game has ruined my upper GI tract!

    Freya, I hope you turned the game back on – if only for Granderson’s catch!

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