Talk About A Seesaw Game

First we lost a heartbreaker last night. Then we jumped out to a healthy lead against Garza tonight, thanks in part to homers by Cano and A-Rod. Then Nova and Logan coughed up the lead.
Then Cano tied it up at 7-7 and it was yet another battle of the pens.
Pens Bic 10s.jpg
I was hanging on every pitch from Joba, Wood and Robertson and went nuts with joy and relief when Granderson made the catch of our season. Just look at his handsome face and maybe give him a clap or two, OK?
You could tell the team was fired up after that, so when Jorge came up to pinch hit I was ready for something good to happen. And it did.
Did he crush that ball or what? Up by just a run with Mo on the mound in the bottom of the 10th – the second straight night of extras – it was tense times. Everybody knew Crawford would try to steal second and make it, so I was getting antsy with all the throws over to first. But what happened next was straight out of a dream (a good one this time). Crawford took off for third and was nailed – absolutely gunned down – by none other than Greg Golson. Who?
Greg Golson.jpg
Yeah, I didn’t know he had an arm either. Fast? Sure. A decent call up? Right. But a missile to throw out Crawford? Flabbergasted. So, it seemed, were the Yankees as they celebrated the win. I haven’t seen Jeter that excited in awhile. This is one series that has earned the advance hype: the two best teams going at it. I can only imagine what Wednesday night will bring. The one thing I do know is that since I’m back in California I returned to my playoff ritual of grilling turkey burgers for dinner during the games, and the rally burgers worked tonight. I will be eating another one tomorrow night. Care to join me? I’ve got plenty of them.


  1. peggy3

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans….

    The G & G boys on defense ….simply AMAZING !!! That catch, that throw (let’s give Alex some props for the pick and tag too)…I say it again …AMAZING !!! That shot by hip hip Jorge …AMAZING !!! This game ….crazy but AMAZING !!! Can you tell I’m just amazed by it all …haha. The bullpen looked great too …well…except for the three run shot by Logan but the rest did their thing. Nova was cruising along but seem to just run out of gas…he didn’t even have a terrible pitch count. Anyway ..,it all worked out….WE WON !!!! AMAZING !!! I just about bit all my nails off tonight …thankfully I’m going to get them done on Thursday for my trip to Baltimore. I figured I might as well wait in case I have to chew off what’s left with tomorrow’s game …lol. Here’s to Hughsey having the game of his life tomorrow. Tampa can be no hit …it’s been done a few times before….right ? So why not Phil …Go Phil !!!

    Good news with all our injured guys too…Andy felt good after his rehab tonight, Swisher had the MRI and showed nothing wrong except inflammation…thankfully. Gardy is saying he’s feeling much better …maybe he will be able to play tomorrow. I was surprised to hear about Mark’s
    broken toe …what a guy playing in pain. I just love my

    Everyone have a great Wednesday….back in first where we belong. We better stay there !!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!


    what fun. i don’t like to think that my emotions are tied to one swing by jorge but boy life feels better today.
    last night was great. first off, my dad was back home so i got to watch some of the game while we were on the phone and that makes every game sweeter. i felt crazy alternately telling him not to worry we won’t blow the lead, the game was safe and telling him i worry that we’ll never win again. losing a cc game freaked me out since we have nobody else i trust and no clutch hitting. but then we did get clutch hitting and defense and i love this bullpen. remember stanton, nelson, rivera lights out. i am starting to love this one just as much. who knew that woods was the best trade deadline pick up?!
    have a great day everyone. here’s hoping for good things from hughes and the bats.

  3. beckers46

    Wow! What a game. Peggy3, well put! We need to maintain 1st place. I LOVED Grandy’s diving catch. I gave him a shout out on his myspace page. Hope all the injured guys are healing ok. Fingers crossed for Phil tonight. She-fans, we have to hold another prayer circle tonight. Have a great day, fans! – Becky πŸ˜€

  4. nyyfaninvt

    When the Yanks went up by six I was feeling pretty good but my son had to tweak me with lines like “The Yankees are going to blow it.” Of course I defended my boys so it was pretty horrific when they proved HIM right (fortunately, he had left the room by then so I didn’t have to take any more trash talk.)

    Grandy’s catch was amazing, Jorge’s homer was awesome (the My9 announcers had just said that in ten pinch-hit appearance Jorge had not had a hit) and Golson’s throw and A-Rod’s pick-up – outrageously perfect! What a way to end that game and retake first place.

  5. raysrenegade

    Tuesday night’s game was another classic neuvo Rays/Yankee battle. From the Yankees posting 4 runs quick on the Rays, to a 7-run debacle that shook some of the Yankee Bullpen rafters, it took a blast hopping on the Batter’s Eye Restaurant to boost this game into overdirve.
    Even a ninth inning with old man reliable was not a certain until Carl Crawford got gunned again…..but by Third Base Umpire Tom Halligon for the second night in a row (Halligon threw out CC last night in th 9th inning).
    Can stage 3 be any more exciting as the rubber match might just burst into spontaneous combustion by 7:08 pm.
    I love this game!

    Rays Renegade


  6. ooaooa

    Georgie’s HR was fabulous. Golson’s throw was a text book play.
    Have you noticed after a while turkey burgers taste a lot like saw dust? I can’t believe Michael could enjoy one of those after a Lobel’s sandwich. Next time your in CT. i’ll set you up with some Kielbasa dogs made here in Meriden. A little kraut and mustard and you’ll never want another hot dog or brat. I guess its officially over for Sox fans. Got a call yesterday offering me 2 seats at Fenway a few rows up from the Sox on deck circle on Oct. 2nd vs Yanks. He wanted $300 each ($175 seats). I offered $25. He’s thinking about it. If he takes it I will hold a public ceremony that day on the green in town and burn them and bury the ashes. A fitting tribute.


    Oh my! Six runs seemed so great, especially with the way Nova was pitching. But after Jeter told him to watch the man on second, he seemed to fall apart.

    And Logan has been great, so that bad pitch can be forgiven . . . now. At the time, you would not have recognized Little Miss Sunshine. For the rest of the inning and into the commercials, all I could do was drop f-bombs. (If any of you have seen “Four Weddings and a Funeral” it was sort of like the beginning of the movie, only not funny.)

    But hurrah for Granderson and Golson!!! And hip hip Jorge indeed!

    In retrospect, this win was better for the team than if they’d just scored those 6 runs and won 6-0. It showed a fighting spirit and that they really can lift themselves back up.

    And Renegade – you are a class act who obviously loves the game of baseball.


  8. Jane Heller

    Amazing, amazing, amazing, Peggy!!! You summed up the game very well. As for the injured guys, I would love to have Swisher back and it’s great that there’s no structural damage, but I hope he’s playing soon and at at least 80%. What gets me is that even with Tex’s broken toe, he’s still making those sensational plays at first (loved the somersault last night after that pop up). Now if his bat would get hot again, it would be even better. Nova did seem to run out of gas. I think the situation overwhelmed him too; he’s better when he’s not pitching out of the stretch like a lot of the young kids. What a beautiful morning after winning a game. LOL!

    Yes, it’s safe, YankeeCase. HAHAHA. Come on out.

    It’s kind of incredible that our emotions are tied to one swing by Jorge, Barbara. Actually, mine were tied to swings by Cano too. Glad you got to watch the game on the phone with Harold, so you could console and celebrate with each other. You mention the bullpen. They’ve been tremendous – the reason we’re still in this race, really. I had my doubts about Wood and I still don’t like that he seems to walk a batter each time he comes in, but he has made all the other guys better, including Joba. If Hughes can give us any length at all, Joe can give them a night off, which they do need.

    Becky, that catch by Grandy was the best catch of the year in my opinion. He’s capable of doing that, because he’s so athletic, but in that situation? Priceless. Yes, I’ll be on Twitter tonight, so a prayer circle will happen.

    You got to see another great game, Jeff. I know you’re rooting for the other guys, but these contests are what it’s all about. Just exciting baseball that any fan of the game can appreciate.

    Oooh, Audrey, when the announcers started in with how Jorge was 0-for-10 as a pinch hitter, I just said, “OK, he’s due then.” And I was right. I did forget to mention A-Rod pick of Golson’s throw and the tag. Huge. And did you see the look on his face when he held up the ball for the ump? He was like a little kid. LOL. I was on such a high after the game – exactly the opposite reaction of the night before. It must be like being bipolar.

    Jorge’s blast did go a long way, Renegade. I didn’t realize it reached the restaurant though. Wow. Are we ready for Round 3? I mean, seriously. These games are so exciting I can hardly stand it. I’m glad they’re against your team though, because you’re such a great fan and so gracious both in victory and defeat.

    Turkey burgers can taste like sawdust if you don’t make them right, John. I put “stuff” in mine. Michael, of course, goes for the beef and eats a regular burger. He thinks turkey burgers are for wimps, but since they help the Yankees win I’ll keep eating them as I always have. You offered the Sox fan $25 for on deck circle seats and he’s considering it? Yowza. That’s sad.

    You’re exactly right, Melissa. After Jeter kept calling out to Nova to watch the runner, Ivan seemed to come apart. He’s terrific but not seasoned enough for the playoffs. Which begs the question: What’s our starting rotation? Oh, well. For now let’s revel in last night’s game. I’m laughing at the image of Little Miss Sunshine dropping F-bombs last night. You should have been watching with me. We would have been doing it in stereo. I agree about the comeback aspect of the game. It was time for us to show some heart!


    “Who WAS that masked man…the one with the silver bullet?”
    “I don’t know…but I’d like to thank him!”
    When it was all done, those ol’ dialogue lines from The Lone Ranger came to mind. Greg WHO? Isn’t he a defensive lineman for the Redskins? I had absolutely no idea, but sowhatwhocares…love his uni number too (#27)!!
    Actually, here in Blackout Land where we don’t (dare) pay extra $$ for another sports-TV station, this is how a Yankee fan survives…had to ump a doubleheader at 8pm-9pm, not near home, which I loathe. But it got done, and I couldn’t get any scores on the way home; Orioles-Only Radio, who cares. Just as well, the way things have been. So I knew NADA when I got home, about 10:45pm.
    Tune in ESPN. Lousy luck lately, but be strong — maybe for once — damn — always get NL scores first, wait wait wait — and now WOW — a LEAD in extra innings? Uh-oh, it’s 8-7 in the 10th, but they already have a man on — now I gotta wait wait wait for the cycle of scores to return — try another station — okay, one out — who’s pitching? PLEEZ, hope it’s still Mo — next cycle — STILL one out, but now, runner on SECOND?? Oh no…no…starting to feel like that green parrot in the TV ads — “Can’t take this! Not another day!! Squawwk!!” Come on…hold on, boyz…just ONCE…keep switching stations to get a faster news crawl…wait wait wait…another cycle…and, all of a sudden –that’s it, 8-7, final score in 10. YESS! But I’m beat, even if they aren’t…it wasn’t ’til this morning that I got all the juicy stuff. Lone Ranger, whoever you are, don’t ride off into the sunset just yet…your work here ain’t done!!

  10. mikeeff

    as great a win as we’ve had all year. in the top three for sure. thank heavens for turkey burgers is all I can say. that and Mariano…
    the odd this is..after a game like that i usually go to look at the big hits highlights, but i just kept going to look at grandy’s catch and Golson’s throw over and over…then I had to give jorge some love.
    lets hope we get lame game instead of big game shields tonight…

  11. Jane Heller

    Dave, I’ve had those nights when I was stuck watching the crawl on ESPN and waiting…waiting…waiting through the various cycles of football, soccer, golf, “the lead,” etc etc. Like water torture, isn’t it? But happily you learned the final result eventually and it was a good one. Sorry you missed it in the land of the O’s and Nats. But can’t you get MLB.TV or Extra Innings like I have?

    It was surely one of the most emotional wins of the season, Mike. We haven’t had as many walkoffs and big moments this time around. The victories have been more workmanlike. But last night felt soooo good, both because of the losing streak and because of the way it happened. Fingers and toes crossed for tonight and, of course, turkey burgers on the menu.

    Interesting prediction, joejoe146. Let’s see if you guys get past the Phillies first though.


    I think this post (the way you wrote it and coupled it w/ images) sums up the whole series! LOVE IT! I happened to have looked up Golson the other night, didnt think too much of it until last night! What a spectacular heads up play by the new kid. He is def making a name for himself. Lets go Yankees tonight!!!!!


    I think this post (the way you wrote it and coupled it w/ images) sums up the whole series! LOVE IT! I happened to have looked up Golson the other night, didnt think too much of it until last night! What a spectacular heads up play by the new kid. He is def making a name for himself. Lets go Yankees tonight!!!!!

  14. Jane Heller

    I don’t think even the Yankees knew the strength of Golson’s arm, Paul. The scouting reports on him seemed to have failed in that area – either that or his throw was a fluke. I do agree with your second argument about the possibility of a wild pitch. He would have been better off staying at second.

    I knew Golson was speedy, markamartini, but I had no idea he could throw. But it was Granderson’s catch that really saved the day. Tremendous effort.

  15. joejoe146

    In 2004, Yankees were in first, and Red Sox won the wild card. In 2010, Phillies are in first, and the Braves lead the wild card. Red Sox and Braves both good home records and not as good away records, and almost have the same overall record. Braves have a 7-5 record against the Phillies this year, and the Red Sox has a 8-5 record against the Yankees in 2004. It’s fate. πŸ™‚

  16. yankeefansarah

    When I say we really needed to win this one, I mean that we really, really, needed to win this one. And we did, and it was great to be on the winning end of a great game! You’re right, Jorge’s HR was a bomb!! While I was watching, I was just thinking, when is that thing gonna land. And Granderson’s catch was incredible! That really got us going. I can’t wait to see more from Golsen. I’m impressed! πŸ™‚


    That throw had to be one of the plays of the year. Hopefully when the Rays come to town the crowd will pump up the Yanks a bit more and we can stick it to them! πŸ˜€

  18. Jane Heller

    There was a pretty healthy pro-Yankees crowd at the Trop, seindsfeld. But home cooking is always a good thing, so I expect the team to do well in the next series against the Rays.

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