The evening started off so promisingly. My dinner guests arrived, unsuspecting that I had ordered the special Yankees cap cake (see previous entry). Everybody was having fun, the Yankees were up 5-4, and the bullpen was pitching scoreless baseball. The only sour note was that Vasquez was given a quick hook again. (Would it have been so horrendous for Girardi to leave him in for another inning? I feel sorry for Javy at this point.) Oh, and there was that abysmal call at second base where replays showed that Jeter clearly tagged Kinsler. But OK, we could win this. I felt pretty good. And then Joba served up this.
And Nelson Cruz ate it up to tie the score. From then on it was the battle of the pens, and I started getting really tired and cranky. My guests had gone home. I had dishes to wash and leftovers to put away. I wanted to go to sleep – with the game firmly in the win column. Instead, I sat there like an idiot watching us strand runner after runner. It was sickening. It seemed inevitable that Gaudin would serve Cruz a meatball too, and all those wasted opportunities would end in disaster. I hated the game. I hated that I stayed up late to watch the game. I hated that my evening with friends – my end-of-vacation thank-you dinner to them – was tainted.
Or was it? There was still the Yankees cake, and we really enjoyed it. Not only did it look great but it tasted incredible. Underneath the cap was a moist chocolate dessert with creamy vanilla frosting – three layers worth! 


  1. beckers46

    Good morning, Jane! I’m glad you enjoyed the Yankees cake. It looks soooo good, DROOL! Last night’s game was awful. And I stayed up to watch it. I went to bed angry. I hope the Yanks can turn this around.
    I hate to sound mean, but what’s Minka Kelly’s deal? I’m not sure if I want Derek to marry her. Did you see the pics of his apartment for sale?
    I can chip in…hmmmm…maybe 5k. I say us she-fans talk the price down, and we all co-sign. Hahaha…I wish!
    I hope the Yankees can win today. Please have a good game, A.J.! Have a great day, fans!!! – Becky 😀

  2. Jane Heller

    Good morning, Becky. So you stayed up to watch that bummer too? Ugh. Whatever’s going on with Minka and Jeter’s apartment and the house he’s building in FL, etc etc, it’s not helping his hitting. He’s really battling right now and it isn’t pleasant to see. Here’s hoping we get a nice bounce back tonight.

  3. Jane Heller

    Crushing is exactly the word for that loss, Mike. It depressed me. From the calls to Jeter’s at bats, I couldn’t find much to like about the game except maybe the surprising continued effectiveness of Wood. Gag.

  4. raysrenegade

    If the season ended today, the Yankees would get a 5-game series against these same Rangers to start off their title defense.
    Honestly, if the standings stay the same and the Twins have more wins than the Texas posse’, then they will mosey on up to the Big City again and try and wrangle themselves up some Yankee steers.
    Might as well get used to this onary bunch of ballplayers, becuase they will definitely be in the playoffs, and could be a thoirn in the Yankees…….side.

    Rays Renegade

  5. mikeeff

    i was just crushed last night. it exhausted me. just hard to believe all tho missed opportunities…being hosed by the umpires.. the kinsler call, but also tex CLEARLY drew a walk in the 13th but the ump gave the 3-0 mercy call to the damn pitcher –you know he would have scored if not for that last …anyway…i don’t want to get all worked up again. we’ll get em today


    I think the best thing about last night WAS the Yankee hat/ cake/ yamulka. La Shanah Tova -(I heard that! -and on Shabbat too). LOL. Here’s to a great night for the Yanks tonight!

  7. Jane Heller

    Honestly, Renegade, over the long haul I like the Yankees’ chances against the Rangers. Nelson Cruz always seems to kill us and Cliff Lee is no picnic, but we’ve had success against them in the past and I have no reason to think it would be different this time around. That said, I’ll worry about it if and when we get there!

  8. Jane Heller

    HAHA, you heard that part about the yarmulke, Ellen? Now that I think about it, the cap did look like it could work in temple. lol.

  9. yankeefansarah

    I don’t have much to say about yesterday’s game, seeing as I’ve already put it behind me. Yes it was horrible to lose that one, but when you think about it, Yankees are in first place… so I mean life can’t be that bad! 🙂
    Oh and WOW that cake looks yummy. I’m glad you guys enjoyed it, looks like you had fun.

  10. Jane Heller

    Yes, that game is behind us, Sarah, so we have to look forward to tonight, like the players do, and hope for better results. And you’re right: we’re still #1! We did enjoy the cake. I’ll be sorry to leave CT because there aren’t as many Yankee fans or Yankee cakes in CA.


    Thank you for that Jane, that was hilarious. It almost makes me forget about possibly the worst game of the year. I loved when someone said it looked like a yamaka after he ate the rim. I thought Joba was done pitching in the 8th? Oh sorry, got back to the game again. Anyway, this game just makes me glad football is back, even though I know you don’t like it, at least there’s another team to be annoyed at (or cheering about) other then the Bumkees. Also it was funny no one knew what to do with it, or if it was edible, you should have said “it’s just a cake” XD

  12. Jane Heller

    It made me forget about that horrible game too, seindsfeld…for awhile. I woke up this morning still mad about all the stranded runners. No football for me, but I’ve enjoyed watching the US Open tennis this weekend. Looking forward to the men’s final tomorrow.

  13. Jane Heller

    The MLB logo was too funny, Sue. I didn’t see it until someone turned the cake around. LOL.

    I’m not enjoying the rain, Mike, and I’m really not enjoying the “hit” you mentioned. I’m about to write a post about how much I did not enjoy it.

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