Jorge’s Head And My Nervous System

Today’s game nearly drove me nuts.
I was up after the Yankees went up over the O’s 1-0. 
I was down after Wieters hit that homer because Nova had pitched so well. 
I was up after we had a rally going in the 7th and it looked like we’d come back.
I was down after Cervelli swung at the first pitch and killed the rally.
I was up after watching Joba take the mound in the 9th and throw the ball like he used to.
I was down after wondering why Girardi didn’t use Posada in place of Cervelli back in the 7th.
I was up – way, way up – after A-Rod led off the 9th with a solid single and Swish smacked a walkoff. In fact, I danced around the room and yelled “Yaaaay” like an idiot.
And then I was down after reading that Posada might have a concussion.
And then I was up again after reading that he didn’t have one and was day to day.
The point is that I now need a vacation from my vacation because I don’t feel very rested at all.



    That was exactly how I felt also, except I yelled “Nicky got pie!”

    The mood of the press conference took a dramatic shift when Girardi said that Jorge wasn’t feeling well. Glad the tests were negative.

    Boston is leading the Rays as I type this. Let’s hope that score stands.

    I wonder if the pie was what AJ needed. Hmmm, has he pitched well after dishing out pie? Last year he certainly had more opportunities.


  2. yankeefansarah

    Walkoff wins feel SO good. And I love that it was Swisher who smacked the winning homer.. because I know he loves getting pied! 🙂
    And the news about Jorge scared me. Things seem to be okay, but I’m sure Joe will be careful with his guys as he always is.

  3. Jane Heller

    Boston is still leading the Rays as I type this, Melissa, so it looks like it’ll be two out of three for them in that series. Is there a stat for AJ after dishing out pie? If anyone knows, it’s you!

    Walkoffs are great, Sarah, except the torture leading up to them. LOL. Swisher does seem to love being the hero. Sooo relieved that Jorge is going to be OK. I don’t know what we’d do if he went down for awhile, but in the meantime I’m glad we’re carrying three catchers.


    so the odd way that i got the news of the walkoff was i was in an interview at work and we do role plays to see how the candidate would handle situations. this was a hire for the children’s program so i was doing a role play in which i was playing a child who didn’t want to do their homework so i went to the computer and found out the score. it was so much fun and i rolled it right into the role play and tried to continue the interview but the joy was evident to all!
    for the first time i got myself to root for the red sox last night. it felt soooo weird. i know my dad has been saying he’s rooting for the sox before this against tampa but i couldn’t get myself to.
    i had surgery last week and what carried me through the painful part was picturing each yankee at their position, pitching the final out of the world series over and over, pitching my dad and i at yankee stadium. i told one of the nurses and said i doubt many people do this in a boston hospital and she said maybe i shouldn’t tell the doctor. i got happy results yesterday and a walkoff so all is well. now a day to breathe after yesterdays frustration followed by joy and then some tough games with barely any pitching on our part.

  5. nyyfaninvt

    I was hosting my Book Club last night so I listened to the game while I straightened up and made some refreshments (I really appreciated the day game so I didn’t have to miss for stupid old book club, where no one understands or cares about baseball.)

    I was really starting to yell at the radio – “I can’t believe we’re going to be swept by Baltimore!” “We can’t afford to lose four games in a row in September!” I was tempted to skip what, after the seventh, I was sure would be a painful ninth, but turned the radio back on. I missed A-Rod’s hit but when I heard Golson (sp?) was on base and Swisher was up I felt a pinprick of hope. And then, before it had time to be extinguished John Sterling was exclaiming “That ball is high – it is far – it’s gone!” I jumped up and down and, just like Jane, literally yelled “Yay – we won, we won!” My son was home but had gone downstairs and fortunately missed his mother’s moment of lunacy.

    Walk-offs are fun but I prefer the wins when we’re ahead 20-0 from the first inning on. They are more beneficial to my state of mind.

    Barbara, your story is so funny – you may be the world’s biggest Yankee fan! I’m glad things came out well for you.

  6. Jane Heller

    Barbara, first of all I’m glad to hear you came through your surgery well. I love that you used images of the Yankees to get you through it. Well done – especially in a Boston hospital! I bet they never heard that before. Yesterday’s walkoff lifted everybody’s spirits, I think. We needed it.

    I feel your pain that no one in your book club cares about baseball, Audrey. We she-fans are a bunch unto ourselves but at least we have each other. Anyhow, thank goodness you turned the radio back on. (Golson, btw, never did come in the game. He was never officially announced as a pinch runner so he had to go back to the dugout. Nunez eventually replaced A-Rod at first.) So you got up and yelled just like I did when Swisher hit the walkoff? LOL. I’m so much like you with the 20-0 scores, but we’ll take the win, right?

  7. nyyfaninvt

    Thanks for clearing that up for me, Jane. That’s what happens when you’re in and out of your radio room. I could not find a station that streamed the game. My local station cited contractual limitations – what’s up with that?

    I like it when you’re in the east, Jane – we don’t have to wait for California time to catch up to hear from you! Hope you have had a nice visit, despite the emotional roller coaster the Yankees have kept you on.

  8. Jane Heller

    No problem, Audrey. It was really confusing and Girardi came out to question why Showalter was talking to the crew chief, but Golson hadn’t been announced so back to the dugout he went. While I’m enjoying my vacation back east so much and will be sad to fly back on Monday, I actually prefer when the night games are on at 4pm Pacific Time, which gives me the rest of the night to relax!

  9. nyyfaninvt

    I totally get that, Jane. That’s why I’ve been enjoying all the day games we’ve been treated to lately. I get to listen while I go about my business and then enjoy the evening with my husband. Alas, there are not many day games left on the schedule and the Texas games coming up will make life even more difficult (or at least tiring.)



    You hit it exactly right. Walk-off wins are nice, but they’re rough on the mind and heart.

    But I’d rather talk about that last picture you posted. My immediate reaction was to think of Nick Nolte. I expected that the night before Nick’s famous mugshot was taken must have been spent with a woman. You’ve obviously found her, or at least her picture.

  11. Jane Heller

    Poor John and Suzyn, Jeff. They’ve been taking a beating this season in particular. I guess I’m so used to them that I don’t mind them. The part that does drive me crazy though is the constant advertising. I mean, come on. Between pitches? Virtually everything is sponsored and it spoils the broadcast.

    Yes, the Texas games will be trying on our lifestyles, Audrey, but let’s hope they’re a balm for the Yankees offense. I seem to remember that they hit well in Arlington in that heat.

    HAHAHA, jojovanb. A mug shot of Nolte’s female counterpart is exactly what that pic looks like! Good one.


    Phoo. Phew. What a relief…!
    So here’s what I was doing. Had to take Son #2 to a doctor, so had to leave work early…just enuf time to know that the Yanks fell behind (a HR by WIETERS? Sheesh!), and jeez louise, 3 lousy hits against another Unknown Hurler? But Mister Thames kept a rally alive…and then Cervelli ends it with that first-pitch grounder. GRRR. After that, gotta go, train ride home, pick up family, nobody knows or cares (D.C. really is a Football Town, nothing else comes close), can’t get a final score, assume the worst.
    Off to doctor, over to Mother-In-Law’s for dinner before Son #2 asks about the Yanks — and I have to tell him, well, they probably got swept AT HOME by the O’s — at which point my wife now perks up — “Oh. REALLY?” And just at that point, the sports news crawler on the TV gives the final score…WHAT? Oh, YEAH! How? SWISH? Oh, BIG Yeah!! I think…I hope…this means as much as I feel like it does…


    I felt great relief that…1) we did not get swept by The Orioles, 2) that Jorge is okay — btw, did you see the “Hip-hip Jorge” shirts for charity — I think they are adorable, and 3) that I didn’t have to listen to the walk-off on the radio.

    I also was impressed with Joba’s outing – I guess the bullpen is the right place for him. I again had to root for Boston which worked last night so we are up 2 1/2 games again. Just in time. Would love to have more of an edge but it is what it is. GO YANKEES!!!

  14. Jane Heller

    Dave, you must have been so happy to see that crawl with the final score after thinking they lost. Hope son #2 is OK.

    I admit I was ready to tear into Girardi for not using Posada to pinch hit for Cervelli, Paul. Then I felt guilty since there was a very good reason why he didn’t.

    I have a good feeling about Texas, Virginia. The Yankees love hot weather….I think.

    I did see the Hip Hip Jorge shirts, Diane, and they’re great – and for such a good cause. Joba really did look like his old self. No wandering around or shaking off the catcher. Just gas – and for strike one. That was huge.


    I gave myself a day off from baseball yesterday and went to the US Open Tennis matches instead. However, the Yankee game was always in the back of my mind. Well my cell phone rang and when I saw my sister’s name come up I was sure it had to be good news. She is another avid she-fan and I knew there was only one reason why she would call me at the tennis match. I just love Swisher! And the Rays loss was icing on the cake. Of course I watched the replay of the bottom of the ninth last night. It’s always fun to watch when you know the ending is good.

  16. Jane Heller

    This is that time of year, Freya, when I’m always flipping the channels back and forth between the Yankees and the Open. Glad you got to see the matches yesterday, even though it looked pretty windy out there! Very cool that your she-fan sister called you with the good news. And I totally agree about watching the encore presentation of the games when you know there’s a happy ending.

  17. raysrenegade

    I was going through some old boxes today trying to condense some of my baseball memories into crates, and found a oldDisney World “E” ticket.
    You might remember ( I think Disneyland does the same) an “E” ticket was onlyfor the really fast and furious rides that made you scream, smile and maybe feel your stomach in your throat at times.
    That is the way this season of baseball is ending for both our teams. No one seemsto want to be unkind and stomp on someone or get a distant lead of any type.
    But that can also be the sign that the parity is coming together between pitching ands hitting, and win are at a premium right now.

    Rays Renegade

  18. Jane Heller

    Uggggh, I don’t like fast and furious rides and never did, Renegade. You can buy tickets for the rollercoasters while I’ll hide my eyes and hope for the best. Such a chicken, I know, but so it is. Wins are definitely at a premium right now.

    I’m glad to have the night off, Sue. I needed it. And yes, it did feel wrong to root for the Red Sox so I didn’t. I watched the tennis instead and figured Tampa and Boston would take care of themselves.


    I’m not sure what happened, but I tried to submit a comment and it said it didn’t work, but one never knows. If there are two similar comments that is why.

    Jane, I accepted your challenge about AJ and the pies.

    The Yankees had 14 walk offs last year (3 in a row against the Twins! I’d forgotten that.) For the first two, there were no pies.

    (see the list here

    Looking at the remaining 12 Walk offs, the Yankees were 9-3 for AJ’s starts after he delivered pie.

    So, AJ needs pie to be the good AJ!!


  20. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Posada is a “my guy”. I want him well!
    BTW ~ have you ever read the report on Lou Gehrig, ALS, the study conducted on the brains of football players and boxers…brown spots on the brain and effects to the spinal cord/stem?

  21. Jane Heller

    Yes, I did read that study about ALS, Mike. Head injuries are so dangerous. Who knows how many athletes have suffered lingering consequences.

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