OK, Let’s Get Serious

The Yankees dropped their second in a row. Not a big deal, given that Matusz pitched well, that A.J. did a decent job of not imploding, that Brian Roberts has always been a Yankee-killer, that A-Rod notched his 100th RBI for a Major League record 14th time and that there’s no shame in losing to the O’s anymore. But here’s the thing: the clock is ticking.
We’re heading down the stretch now and it’s time to turn up the heat (and every other cliche I can think of). I have no interest in watching the Yankees lose a bunch of games – and their division lead. Instead, I’d like to see them pull away from the Rays so that when we play them, it won’t be cause for a heart attack. In the meantime, I’m turning on the TV so I can watch the Rays-Red Sox game tonight. Which team will I root for? This one. Always.


  1. etoubman@yahoo.com

    Well said, Jane. I want some wins for our boys! However, I will say that I think it helps the Yankees more if the Rays lose tonight, obviously. Tomorrow will start the winning streak, let’s hope!

  2. raysrenegade

    Brian Roberts is that type pfplayer you wish you could have on your team just to piss off the opposition with his timely swats and defensive dexterity.
    But you and I both know, the Yankees and Rays are antsy right now for those 7-games to be over so each can chart their course through the rest of the year.
    I think we might as well get used to the rollercoatser/Merry-Go-Round where nightly we will either show fear or happiness.
    Gosh I love this game!

    Rays Renegade


  3. Jane Heller

    You’re getting your wish, Ellen. The Rays are taking a beating in Boston. But we need to win our own games starting tomorrow!

    You love riding the rollercoaster, Renegade, and I love playing it safe, as in the Yankees win every game for the rest of the season! Lol

  4. yankeefansarah

    On a positive note, the Rays lost tonight so it’s not too big of a deal. I mean, the Yankees are capable of beating the Orioles, but it just didn’t happen. It’s over and done with, and all I’m thinking about is CC. I can’t wait to see him go for his 20th win tomorrow. Should be exciting.. I can’t wait to call him a “20 game winner”.

  5. Jane Heller

    I can’t wait to see CC win #20, Sarah, and I hope it’s today. But more important to me is that the Yankees beat the O’s. CC’s been our stopper all year long, so he needs to come up big today – and the offense needs to show up.

    I thought AJ looked better too, Melissa. He got into trouble a lot, but he didn’t completely unravel and give up a big inning. Three or four runs shouldn’t be that hard to overcome with our offense, but it was not to be yesterday. So I hope he’s getting some confidence back.

    How’s school, Virginia? You must be working hard if you’re leaving a comment. LOL. I had no problem with Girardi leaving AJ in yesterday. Yes, it was inconsistent with the Nova and Vasquez situations, but I think he and Eiland felt AJ’s velocity and location were pretty good. Brian Roberts is a tough out for everybody.

  6. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    I’m with you Jane. Let’s just go on a tear, so we don’t have to sweat it out at the end!

    I thought AJ looked better. He gave up lots of small stuff and several times pitched out of a jam – something he hasn’t done since what, June?

    I was lucky to have watched the Yankees encore on YES, so as the Yanks weren’t winning, I could see that Boston was crushing the Rays.


  7. ftyankeefan@aol.com

    Hi all,
    I was at the game, and it certainly wasn’t as good as Friday’s game. A.J. wasn’t awful, but our offense didn’t do it for us. Baltimore has improved a lot. I was at Camden Yards in April when they were awful and Matusz lost. Now he’s so much better and Brian Roberts is back. I hate to admit it but I actually rooted for the Red Sox last night – a lesser of evils choice. I also watched the U.S. Open and A-Rod was right there in the front looking very relaxed. CC and our offense will do it for us tonight!

  8. Jane Heller

    Freya, I bet yesterday wasn’t as much fun as Friday’s game. Sorry I wasn’t there with you! The “new and improved” Orioles aren’t to be toyed with. Brian Roberts has always been tough to get out and Matusz is a talented pitcher. I saw A-Rod at the Open too and kept waiting for Mary Jo Fernandez to interview him. She was sitting right next to him, so why not? And he was in the first row, not too shabby. I didn’t root for the Red Sox in last night’s game. I couldn’t. But I’ll admit to not minding that the Rays lost. 🙂

    Decent job of not “impliding?” Paul, tsk tsk. It’s not like you to ever have a typo!

  9. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    It has felt very weird to root for Boston at least twice in the same season — or EVER! Was busy the whole long weekend – don’t have time to review the previous input so I apologize ahead of time if I’m repeating others, but how weird is it that we went 21-3 without A-Rod and then the other bats became silent upon his return!!? I don’t know what to think. I did see some positives out of A.J. but I don’t know why they sent him out to start the 7th inning. It should have been all bullpen from then on — was really looking forward to a pie in someone’s face which has hardly happened this year in comparison to last year, but it was not meant to be. Feel good about tonight though. GO YANKEES!!!

  10. Jane Heller

    Very weird about the A-Rod stat, Diane. We’ll see if the trend continues, since he’s not in tonight’s lineup. I wish we’d seen pie in that game, but there was no comeback in the Yanks yesterday. Watching Colin Curtis take a called third strike to end the game was sad!

    All our health problems are related to our teams, Jenn. If they’d just win already, we’d be fine!

  11. seindsfeld@aol.com

    My Mom always calls this the final push…which I make fun of her for. But it’s true this season. This last month is killer! I can feel my heart pumping all ready during games and it’s not even the playoffs. :O

  12. Jane Heller

    Your mom is right – it’s the final push. Only the Yankees don’t look like they’re doing much pushing lately. They’d better push back starting today.

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