Doing What Championship Teams Do: Stepping Up

step up.jpg
No, that’s not Marcus Thames in the pic, but it might as well be. No A-Rod? No problem. Thames and his power bat have kept the Yankees in business down the stretch, and no one is more surprised than I am. I just didn’t think he would be such an important pickup for us, but clearly I was wrong. And no Pettitte? No problem there either. Well, OK, there’s been a big problem but somehow the Yanks have managed to solve it. Vazquez and Moseley were both pretty lousy today, but the bullpen did its job and shut down the Blue Jays. Of course, having Bautista F-bomb himself out of the lineup helped the cause, but mostly it was that incredible DP by Cano to Teixeira that turned the game around. I’m convinced that if Tex hadn’t gone into baseball, he could have done this.
So the streak is now at eight games with twenty-six games left. That’s right. 26. Where did the season go? How could we possibly be at Labor Day weekend already? And, most importantly, can the Yankees pull away from the Rays and take sole possession of first place – for good?

 New York 86 50 .632 8-2 W8 48-22 38-28
 Tampa Bay 83 51 .619 2.0 26 7-3 W2 43-26 40-25


  1. yankeefansarah

    The offense and bullpen picked up Javy today, and that was great. And I was so glad Bautista got tossed! Ugh, maybe it’s just me but I think he thinks he’s some hot shot because of the year he’s having. After Javy struck him out he stared down at him, which was really uncalled for. And then Joba struck him out, and I’ll admit it wasn’t a strike but he overreacted. Plus, his team needed him. Oh well, stupid move by him because he was just helping us out.

  2. cheshirecat9

    Hi Jane. I was busy for the past couple of days so I didn’t read about your trip to Yankee Stadium until just now. I am so glad you had such a great day and got see an exciting game! I hope next year I will be able to see you at the Stadium when you come visit. This run the Yankees are on is really something! Two weeks ago I was thinking the world was going to end, but now it seems the team can do no wrong. Of course we have to do well now because the schedule gets a lot harder once we fly to Texas. I am going to the game against the Orioles next Tuesday. Go Yanks!

  3. Jane Heller

    Bautista did the same thing that Posada did a couple of games before, Sarah. Well, except that Jorge was pinch hitting when he took that called strike and got tossed. It was way sweeter when Bautista did it because we didn’t have to face him again today!

    Hi, cheshirecat. I did have a great time at the Stadium yesterday. Lucky you going on Tuesday. I’m with you on the world is coming to an end versus isn’t life grand. LOL. Yankee fans panic. Nothing we can do about it!

  4. raysrenegade

    The win was much needed today, and with the Red Sox losing two….It might have finally opened the leak they need to abandon ship this season.
    Seriously, it is fun to know that even after 20-some games, this race still will have a daily impact on both our teams.
    Now we are both basically playing for who we want to face in the first round (hopefully) and not worrying about someone creeping up behind up with a 40 ounce bat.

    Rays Renegade


    And with a Rays lose, we pull ahead even more! The Boosox were swept in the double header, so double whoopee! The pitchers going 4.2 IP is getting a little strange, but as long as Girardi doesn’t over extend the bullpen it’ll be all right. Dare I say they look better then even last year? I can’t believe Thames has turned into a monster. I figured he’d be another Betemit, but he’s become very scary. It was funny after the game Kim Jones asked him did he think he’d hit so well against right hand pitchers and he said he’s done it through his whole career…oops. One thing I’m worried about is Cano. He got a few hits, but his throws to first are getting a little wild. I hope he’s not becoming the next Chuck Knoblauch. O.o


    Jane, I hurt just looking at that gymnast. I agree, though, Tex has to be the most flexible baseball player. Almost every game I marvel at how much we needed a great 1st baseman all of those years (think Giambi). Thames indeed has been a godsend. So has Grandy.
    I agree with Rays Renegade. With the Bosox double loss, and now 10 games back, we can all concentrate on the real race between our two teams. This is as it should be, having been the two most consistently best teams in MLB this year.
    As for Cano, I think Joe just needs to rest him a little. He is probably tired from carrying the team for the first 2/3 of the season. I have no doubts he will bounce back.
    Go Yankees! Kathleen


    Wow…we finally installed Son #2’s computer at home, and what a diff’rence!! No more waiting two minutes for all of She-Fan’s “items” to load! And no blown-up blog posts (YET)…finally entering the 21st Century, I guess…
    Anyway — with all the football hype & jive around, it’s been great to savor Yank success at Wrigley Field East. Guess I could get used to all these day games!! Plus, it’s great as the evening begins…our game is already “in the books,” and it’s up to them to keep up. Nice feeling (so far).
    Don’t know what it is with Bautista — what a hothead — makes you almost hope they find PEDs in his soup or something. Our Bomberz have really been a team effort this year…and I’m LOVIN’ that…led by that guy with the ghost of Johnny Blanchard in his uni number, Mr. Thames!
    As my family geeks up for football (Son #1’s Hokies play on national TV, Labor Day Nite…huge college FB game, Va-Tech vs. Boise St., here in DC area…and we’ll be there!), it’s great to take a back seat, quietly catch the latest Yankee score, sit back & smile…

  8. Jane Heller

    Renegade, we are playing scoreboard baseball with each other right now. I keep checking your scores and I’m sure you’re checking mine. Oh, boy. This is going down to the wire!

    I’m worried about our starters only going 4+ innings too, seindsfeld. It’s been OK for now because the pen has been so good, but how long can that last? CC is the only one giving us length on a consistent basis. Andy did too before he was hurt, but once he comes back he’ll probably need time to build his stamina. I’m not worried about Cano in the least. He’s been hot the entire season. He’s allowed to have a slight slump. Besides, he had two big hits yesterday.

    I’m happy for Thames, Mike. I didn’t know what sort of role he’d play when the Yankees signed him, but he has stepped into the DH spot very well. I still don’t like seeing him in right field though.

    I agree, Kathleen. Cano needs a day off here and there, and with Nunez and Pena around, he should get one. Tex? Crazy good at first base. He saves us more runs than we can imagine. Wow.

    Football, Dave? Uuuuuugh. I hate when it intrudes on baseball at this time of year. Why can’t they let us finish our season and then play? LOL.

  9. Jane Heller

    I love the streak too, Virginia, but it’s on jeopardy at the moment. Jays are up 4-1. Hopefully we’ll stage a comeback.

    You don’t like “Happy Thames are here again,” Jeff? Lol.

  10. kozmo

    Well said as always, Jane. This team as a whole, and Grandy, Teixeira, Thames, and the bullpen in particular, have stepped up to elide the possible pitfalls of all the injuries and a tough stretch of the schedule.

    That photo of the woman stretching was a little frightening, and I consider myself fairly limber. Yeeeeesh.

    Keep up the good work, kid. I’ll be sure to do a better job of keeping in touch. I’ve just been extremely busy.

    Jason from The Heartland


    The good thing about Saturday’s game (as well as many others lately) is that they got runs with two outs!

    As for today, THANK YOU Orioles and White Sox!!!


  12. Jane Heller

    Jason, so nice to see your name there! Hope you’ve been having a good summer. Yes, we’ve had lots of guys who’ve stepped up – from those you mentioned to the “kids” (Nunez and Pena). My only issue at the moment is our starting rotation. It’s getting thin.

    Scoring runs with two outs is fantastic, Melissa, I agree. And yes, thank you to Baltimore and Chicago!!!!!

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