What A Fabulous Day!

Not only did the Yankees beat the Jays today while I was in attendance (breaking my personal two-game losing streak), but Hurricane Earl stayed away from the Bronx and I got to see my Yankees up close and I sat with my brilliant She-Fan book editor, Leigh Haber, and a she-fan named Freya, who reads this blog religiously but hasn’t commented in awhile, took the time to find me at my seat and say hello. And that’s just for starters.
I got to the Stadium early enough to meet Friend of the Blog ladyjane, who was there with Twitter friend Gayle (aka @gcf123), as well as Twitter friends Alison (@alisonfaye) and Michael (@mdelcorso) and the ringmaster of us all, Chris (@SimplySmoov), who works security in section 120a and has the best spot in the house to watch games. It wasn’t long before I corralled Gayle, who is extremely knowledgeable about the Yanks, to talk to me on the She-Fan Cam. Take a look.
Did she not make excellent predictions? OK, so the Yankees won 7-3, not 6-2, and Nova didn’t go six innings. But she nailed it on Wood and Gardner, right?
Next up was foooood. I totally love the new Stadium for many reasons but one of them is the array of meal choices. Friend of the Blog John is always raving about the Lobel’s steak sandwich, so Michael had to try it. Here’s his reaction.
(Pardon him for talking with his mouth full, but I did ask him a question while he was eating. My bad.)
The game itself was a thrill, not only because the Yankees won but because I got to see Mo pitch the ninth. Sheer joy. Still, the highlight of the day wasn’t the win or the food but the opportunity to meet Jane Lang, who was such a hit at this year’s HOPE Week. Thanks to an introduction by @SimplySmoov, I was able to chat with Jane, who, although blind, takes the train to the games from New Jersey with the help of her guide dog Clipper. Just watch this video and tell me she’s not an inspiration. Is she the best she-fan around or what?


  1. aeh813@aol.com

    I was so pleasantly surprised and happy to see the video with Jane Lang. I watched the pre-game show that featured her story during Hope Week and was moved to tearss. Listening to her made me realize how much I take for granted while watching the games and how truly lucky we are to see everything (including the bad!). She is an inspriation and a wonderful woman.

    Now as for the game – couldn’t be happier for Curtis Granderson! Yes, I too think Cano needs a day off. Felt bad for Nova when he walked off the mound and looked as if were about the cry 😦 Love our bullpen. Is anyone else getting a little tired of Flaherty’s testiness? lol

  2. aeh813@aol.com

    I was so pleasantly surprised and happy to see the video with Jane Lang. I watched the pre-game show that featured her story during Hope Week and was moved to tearss. Listening to her made me realize how much I take for granted while watching the games and how truly lucky we are to see everything (including the bad!). She is an inspriation and a wonderful woman.

    Now as for the game – couldn’t be happier for Curtis Granderson! Yes, I too think Cano needs a day off. Felt bad for Nova when he walked off the mound and looked as if were about the cry 😦 Love our bullpen. Is anyone else getting a little tired of Flaherty’s testiness? lol

  3. mikeeff

    you got a good game filled with surprises and to see BG ansd grandy run like the wind all day had to be a blast. add to that the privilege of seeing His Majesty pitch at the end – what could be more sublime. glad you got us a W!

  4. peggy3

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans:

    I’m sooooooooo happy Earl cooperated by passing by and allowing you to see the game to the end. You & Michael did bring the luck for #7 in a row (always think of Mickey when I see the #7). I was at a restaurant for basically the whole game with my friend (we always spend 3-4 hours when we get together for a “bite”…have to leave an extra large tip for taking up the table for that long…lol). We got in the car just in time for the last out and to hear …Theeeeeeeeeeeeee Yankees Win !!! Naturally I was keeping track on my phone throughout the game …my friend is a good sport and a Yankee fan too so she didn’t mind. It was a good game and I thought about you getting to see Mo …I smiled knowing you would love that.

    Great interviews too ….especially with Jane. She seems like such a lovely lady. She definitely is the #1 She Fan traveling all that way each time. Kudos to Clipper too… :o).
    As for Michael and the Lobel’s sandwich….I’m with him ….it’s the best !!! YUMMY !!!! Gayle was almost on the money with her score prediction too. Lucky her getting to see Swish and his antics up close each game.

    It’s great you got to a game …especially a win !!! I’m going Tuesday night with a possibility of Monday too. I just can’t get enough of My Yanks !!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!!

  5. seindsfeld@aol.com

    Seems liked a packed day. Glad you had such a great time. The game was nerve racking enough with all the walks, but I never felt like the lead would slip away. Nova looked kind of steamed when Girardi pulled him, but I liked that, he showed fire and that’s what I always want to see. That’s so cool you met Jane Lang. Though I hope it wasn’t too humid for her dog! I can definitely relate to those steak sandwiches…I had two the last time I was there. It’s funny with Pena, Nunez Kearns and Berkman in the lineup (with Cano slumping a bit) they found a way to beat the Jays best pitcher on a team that’s given them so much trouble. Ain’t baseball so weird like that? Also, at least Earl did something, the Bosox have to play a double header now and hopefully they’ll be pooped by the time they play us 😀

  6. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Jane Lang seems like an exceptional person. Literally and figuratively, she said very touching things. “Experiencing the width of the base path” ~ There’s something very magical about that and it’s as if I feel like I’m missing out on something only she can experience. What a fascinating thing to say! Second on the list of quotes of the day was Michael’s, “It’s the best thing I ever ate at a ballpark…ever!” That says a mouthful! There’s an awful lot of food out there in Baseball Land. I’m glad EARL passed you, us and the game by today. I wouldn’t have cared personally, but I’m glad the day was a hit for you and yours.

  7. ftyankeefan@aol.com

    Hi Jane – Well in addition to the excitement of another wonderful Yankee game, my son and I had the added excitement of meeting you, Michael and Leigh. Now you know that there are many more she-fans out there who follow you and the Yankees religiously. I forgot to tell you that I’ve also read many of your novels and loved them. You and your books and the blog have definitely enriched my life. Like Peggy and so many other fans, I can’t get enough of my beloved Yankees. I was at the stadium Wednesday and today and I will be there Monday too. I’ve been a fan since the 1950’s when my father took me and my sister to the games. GO YANKEES! Freya from New York.

  8. yankeefansarah

    I’m happy the rain didn’t ruin you trip to the stadium. The videos are all great- especially the one with Jane Lang! She’s like a celebrity to Yankee fans after HOPE Week. I laughed at the part where she talked about Tino, because I remember watching HOPE Week when she met Tino. She was like “you’re so handsome!”. It was so sweet… seeing her touch the faces of the players is unreal. Glad you had a nice time and got to see the Yankees win AND see Mo! 🙂

  9. arthur.kathleen@gmail.com

    Hi Jane!
    I’m so glad Earl didn’t ruin the day and you got to see all of that slowww game! What great she-fan cam interviews today. Gayle is a very good predictor, thanks to Michael I now know what I’m eating next time I’m at the stadium, and Jane Lang! Wow! I fell in love with her during Hope Week and she is still so inspirational. Joe was such a sweatheart to her during her day. It made me love him even more, too!
    How about A-Rod dropping Boras? Let’s hope today’s sim game with Andy goes well for both of them. Big hugs to Jeter, too, as he comes off his rest day. Hugs also to Swisher’s knee. We need them all!

  10. ladyjane303

    Good day all around. No Earl. Great to see you. Wonderful videos (Glad Michael enjoyed the steak sandwich). Gayle is very often right in her predictions. Jane Lang so special – hearing more about her day with the Yankees was great. Good game and Mo! Let’s do it again!

  11. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Thanks for sharing your day. I thought of you as we watched and was so glad they brought Mo in so you could see him. There was a blonde woman with sunglasses directly behind home plate and I was hoping it was you (but she didn’t really look that much like you). After seeing the video of Michael, I can see you had a higher point of view.

    Nice predictions by Gayle!

    Favorite moment of the game was Gardner’s slide. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone slide on their butt like that with all that leg showing. It was really funny! Jeter was busting him about it in the dugout.

    And kudos to Ramiro Pena for coming in and doing such good work.


  12. ooaooa

    Jane is an inspiration.(both of you) Yes Flaherty must go! I told Michael Kay that in July when I ran into him. He likes him. Yuck. Michael, I told Jane it was a great sandwich but you only had 1? Yankee “B” team is even on a roll now. Didn’t your seats get upgraded down below? There was plenty of room. 3 of 4 would be very meaningful and 4 of 4 would put the Jays to rest for the rest of the month. Go UCONN today!!

  13. Jane Heller

    Aeh813, Nova did look like he wasn’t happy to come out the game and I wasn’t happy that he was pulled so early. But we win the game and that’s what counts. Always smart to nail down the first win of a series, especially against the pesky Jays. Yes, Jane Lang makes us all realize what we take for granted. A very special woman.

    Watching Gardner run like the wind was so much fun, Mike. What an asset he is. I like him in the leadoff spot right now.

    Sounds like you had a good time with your buddies, Peggy. And yes, Michael really loved that sandwich. I had to convince him not to have a hot dog and go for the Lobels, and he was so glad he took my advice!

    You’re right about the lineup, seindsfeld. Pruduction from the top and production from the bottom produced just enough runs to make it a comfortable lead. The walks weren’t great, but dare I say I’m starting to trust Kerry Wood?

    Mike, I loved when Jane talked about Girardi and how he showed her the rubber and how she was about to get a sense of the baselines and the dirt – all the things we take for granted. She has a wonderful way of expressing herself. I could have talked to her for hours. The best part came after I turned off the Cam. She asked if she could touch my face, to “get a sense” of me.

    Freya, it was such a nice surprise when you visited us in section 315 yesterday! Great meeting you and your son. I’m thrilled that you’ve enjoyed my novels too! Take care and have fun at the game on Monday.

    Yup, Sarah – all that and I got to see Mo. Hearing Enter Sandman and watching him trot in from the bullpen never gets old. Wish I could go to every game. Oh wait – I already did that. Lol.

    I just read about A-Rod splitting with Boras, Kathleen. I guess he’s been using that lawyer for awhile for his various investigations, which are still ongoing as far as I know. We never did hear what happened with the Dr. Galea thing. Anyhow, I was so happy Earl didn’t bother us in the Bronx!

  14. Jane Heller

    Ladyjane, I’m so ready to do it again. Always great seeing you, and meeting Gayle was fun. She knows what she’s talking about! During the game I kept saying, “Gayle says they’re gonna score six runs,” and finally my editor said, “Seven are OK too.” lol.

    Nope, Melissa. The blonde behind home plate wasn’t me. Haha. The tickets I bought were expensive enough! But we had a really good view. Big kudos to both Pena and Nunez for stepping up and getting timely hits.

    John, Michael only had one sandwich but he also ate half of my Boars Head chicken sub!

  15. crzblue2

    Great videos! I have a Dodger fan friend that has been going thru a divorce and is also going blind. He has been attending games with his dog in training. I met him at the Dodger Stadium and we’ve run into each other at Petco Park and Wrigley Field. Even though I don’t talk to him about going blind, I like to share Jane’s story with him. Thanks Jane!
    My friend Lorena was telling me “Emma, let’s go to New York next year.” I said “Let’s” So once the schedule is out we’ll start making our plans to see Citi Field and Yankee Stadium. I know now what to eat there! Thanks Michael!

  16. Jane Heller

    I hope you get to Yankee Stadium next year, Emma. It really is a terrific experience. The tickets aren’t cheap, but the place has everything you’d ever want – comfortable seats, a beautiful field and scoreboard, great food, Monument Park, the Great Hall, etc etc. You’ll love it.

  17. raysrenegade

    Glad to see the rain and miserable weather of Earl stayed away from the ballpark, but I thought swirling dervish Brandon Morrow might have done more damage, but we all know this is coming down to the final 7 games between our sqauds.
    And in reality, that is the way it should be. Even if we split the 7-games 4-3,it will set up a rollercoatser ride to the end. Now all we have to do is see Boston hit that double digit behind mark…Then we both can exhale for a moment.
    Glad to see your personal attendance losing streak ended.

    Rays Renegade


  18. peggy3

    Emma …

    If you do come to NY next year I’d love to meet up and say hi. I also belong to a Yankees Meetup group that gets together at sports bars around the city to watch games. Our favorite place is Mickey Mantle’s. If I know ahead of time and you would be interested I could probably have the organizer set up a meetup while you were in town… if you cared to hang out with a bunch of Yankee fans that is … :o). We usually eat, drink and be merry …especially if the Yankees win !!!

    I really can’t believe how FAST this season went by…I felt like it was only a month or two ago I was anxiously awaiting the start of the season and here we are drawing near the end of it. I just hope when it is all over “We are the Champions” once again…

    I’m off after the game to the Olive Garden for the unlimited pasta bowl special….yummy !!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  19. Jane Heller

    Renegade, I expected the Yanks to have more trouble with Morrow too, but maybe there’s a reason the Jays shut him down after the game – he’s tired. So here our teams sit nearly neck and neck. Aren’t the Rays ever going to give in or will this go down to the wire?

    I hope Emma takes you up on your offer, Peggy. You guys would have fun together. You’re so right about how fast the season has gone. I listened to Sterling today and after the Yanks won (yay), he said, “Do you believe there are only 26 games left? It seemed like only yesterday that we were packing for spring training.” Sigh.

  20. seindsfeld@aol.com

    Kerry Woods of 2010 is the Phil Hughes of 2009…I was never good at the SATs so I hope that sounds right. He’s definitely one of the MVPs for the second half.

  21. tomochan_bonb@yahoo.co.jp

    Dear Jane.

    I read your ” she-fan” book and it was amazing!
    I’d been looking to buy that book at several different cities
    since I was traveling around the country, and finally found it at Boarders on State Street in Santa Barbara. I paid you for your book & even paid the tax in your city! I felt like I was
    contributing a lot!!!
    Anyway, I had such a pleasure both reaing and carrying aroung your book all over the places. Airport, coffee shop etc.. because it’s Yankees! Yay!
    I bought my 1st Yankee hat on March 2009 a day before I left NY. I wasn’t Yankee fan at all, but I decied to move to LA, and I wanted to have a souvenier for myself that represents NY. Since that day, I always have my yankee hat on. Many people asked me if Im a real Yankee fan, but my answer was ” no”. On May, I was visiting Hawaii, and some strange dude was screaming at me. ” Yankee SUCKS!”
    I was humiliated. I had no idea of how Yankees was doing at that time or they had been doing.
    I also wentto Tokyo and found un-official Yankees sweatshirt and came back to America. I started to wear hat and sweatshirt because they are a perfect much.
    It was the end of August one morning I woke up from a dream of Derek Jeter. I fell in love with him in my dream.
    I was visiting Seattle that time, and decided to go to my 1st ballgame alone. I went to Mariners store and asked to buy the most expensive seat. It costed me about $350 and my seat was 8th low in the diamond club near the visitor side.
    I was embarrassed that I had no company, but I had to see Derek. I was in that yankee gear and went to safe-co park
    On September 18th, I was guided by a worker to find my seat while A-Rod was checking me out! During a game, Mark Teix was checking me out too, but he’s not my type! later on, Derek was checking me out too, and I was petrified but he seemed he made a commintment to win the championship to me! the rest is the history they won the world series!! I’m so proud I made them HOT NIGAZZ!!!!

  22. crzblue2

    It sounds like fun! I’d love to! Once the schedule comes out, I’ll start making plans. Thanks Peggy!
    When I went to New York in 2008, I bought a single ticket from Ebay and I told the lady that it was going to be my first trip to Yankee Stadium. She was so nice, telling me what to see, to watch for the Bleacher guy that does the roll-call (I was sitting the next aisle from him). I think I will email her and she how she is doing.
    I love Olive Garden and the unlimited pasta bowls! Yum!

  23. Jane Heller

    Kerry Wood has been great, seindsfeld, and I was not expecting it, based on his performance in Cleveland. He still walks too many guys, but he’s had a really positive impact on the team.

    Tomochan, thanks for buying my book in Santa Barbara! Glad you liked it. Your story about evolving as a fan is interesting. Very funny how the players “checked you out.” Not to worry about your English. It’s just fine.

    Oh, good, Emma. I hope you and Peggy can get together. You’ll love the new Stadium. The old one was full of memories and nostalgia, but the new one is just plain awesome.

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