Eat Pray Yankees

Dinner, a movie and baseball. Not a bad triple header for me tonight. Started off at a cute Italian place called Lucia in New Milford, CT, where the spaghetti bolognese looked very much like the meal Julia Roberts kept having in “Eat Pray Love.”
Next came the movie itself. I didn’t love it (the book was way better), but the shots of pasta, pizza and Javier Bardem were enough to keep me interested.
I made it out of the theater and back to the house just in time for the last three innings. Very happy we won, naturally, but so relieved that AJ pitched well. Eight strikeouts! Only two walks! Does this mean September is his month? Or was tonight an anomaly? I guess we’ll find out when he makes his next start. Meanwhile, the bullpen continued to roll and Mo was his athletic self, snaring that grounder and making a perfect throw to first. Jorge didn’t need to get tossed, but at least we had Moeller as backup.
Personally, I love when JoPo loses it. No, not in that situation – it was dumb – but I do get a kick out of his fiery personality.



    So you’re not in a hurry to see The Expendables? That seems like what we’ve been getting, Kearns, Berkman, Wood, but at least two out of the three have worked pretty well, even Berk got a double. I laughed so hard when PoJo drew a line in the dirt with his bat, but then I remembered there was still an inning left. Luckily Mo didn’t want to make it as interesting as Wood or Joba. Can you believe Burnett? I think it’s a fluke, but seeing Arod will come back soon and Pettitte is feeling great things are looking up with this tough month. I heard Vasqueeze will be put back in the line up though, which kind of sucks, I like Mosely (mostly) and Nova. This should be a fun 4 weeks 😀

  2. yankeefansarah

    Glad you had a good night Jane. I enjoyed the game, it was nice to see AJ get the win. Even after all his troubles, I can’t hate the guy. In his interviews, something about him makes me like him. I really hope this is the start of something good for him.
    And I love when Jorge loses it too. You’re right, in that situation it was dumb, but still entertaining. I can laugh about it now because it didn’t end up hurting us.. but it really was an awful call. Still funny to see him going nuts and drawing in the dirt. He definitely had a right to argue.


    AJ seemed to grow in confidence as the game went on, and his demeanor after the second inning was different. He wasn’t the “oh god, I suck how am I going to get out of this” AJ, he was the “Here, try and hit this pitch” AJ.

    Who knows what can turn a player around? Maybe the month of September will do it for him. As I watched the game I thought to myself that if the good AJ is here for September and the great AJ shows up in October, I might just forgive the bad AJ for hanging around so long this summer.

    I absolutely loved Cervelli when at one point a pitch got away from him with two men on. He jumped out from behind the plate, grabbed the ball and glared at the two runners. Funny stuff.


  4. yankeesfan27

    That was funny when jopo was arguing. That ump (dana demuth?) had a short hook.
    AJ only threw 85 pitches, Jane. He could have gone 8 innings or maybe all the way, but Joe wanted to get him out of there before he had the chance to screw up.
    How much longer r u on the east coast?

  5. Jane Heller

    I think Kearns and Wood have worked out pretty well so far, seindsfeld, and Berkman did get that double so maybe he’s coming out of his doldrums now that he’s back from the DL. I did laugh when JoPo drew that line. He was right – the ball was outside – but he got so animated! We’ll see if AJ’s outing was a fluke. I honestly have no idea, but if he gives us that kind of performance the rest of the way we’ll be in great shape.

    I’m with you, Sarah. I’ve never hated AJ. Has he been frustrating? Disappointing? Maddening? Absolutely. But he seems like a decent guy and is a good teammate, so I always root for him to do well. Yes, Posada had reason to argue for sure. But I guess he said the magic word and that was that.

    Glad to hear AJ’s demeanor felt different, Melissa. I guess when you have command, your confidence grows. Of course I got my hopes up when Dave Eiland came back and AJ turned things around then, only to go downhill again. Maybe now he’ll be more consistent. Missed the Cervelli thing, I guess. Funny.

    I don’t think the ump had a quick hook, Christiaan, as much as Jorge got hot really fast and said the “F” word (that’s what it looked like to me), plus he was pretty demonstrative. I’ll be on the east coast until 9/13.

    I love that pic of CC holding Posada back, Jeff. Cracks me up. Is Chicago weather like that? I always think of it as windy and cold, but that’s just winter. I’ve never been there in the summer!


    I still don’t grasp why AJ can’t pitch to Posada. We had a lot more of that problem in years past but this season its just this one match up that doesn’t work. Posada was funny, that’s for sure, and in the end it wasn’t a problem that he got tossed but it could have been a problem and I agree he should have maintained his composure. I know I sound like a broken record, but Mariano is just unbelievable. It’s such a comfort to see him come in to close out a game, especially when we only have a one-run lead. Wow. He is amazing. The Rays won again so we are still just one game ahead in first but its better than a tie. And Boston is like 7 games out now…that’s still not “gone” but they have to be feeling less than comfortable. Anyway, an afternoon game now with C.C. taking the ball…I don’t want to sound too cocky but…never mind…GO YANKEES!!!

  7. Jane Heller

    Yes, Mo, Diane! Wasn’t he magnificent? Not only can he pitch, but I love watching him field the ball. I bet he could have played any position, infield or outfield, and been an All Star. So agile. We’re so lucky to have him. I always feel confident when CC takes the mound, so we “should” win today. But anything can happen, so I’ll celebrate after this one is in the win column.


    What…no Bombs Away AJ? Well, actually, there was one… but at least he didn’t discombobulate! Apparently, he and Eiland had some serious talks since the last blowout — and with a 7.80 ERA in August — SEVEN POINT EIGHT — guess that enuf was enuff.
    Nice to see The Captain involved in every rally, even if there was a li’l bit o’luck (so said Tex too)…but that’s OK…
    Totally agree that saving CC for last doesn’t guarantee a thing…really just happy that they won a 4-game series, what with Bautista and The Bombers of The North coming to town…
    But Jane…you gotta tell me…or somebody/anybody pleez explain to me…
    WHAT’S WITH ALL THESE DAYTIME BALLGAMES? FIVE IN A ROW?? THE ENTIRE JAYS SERIES??? What happened…are they having “Woodstock ’10” in the ballpark this weekend? Is the Pope comin’ to town? Or Barbra Streisand??
    Or did the Steinbrenners just plain overspend on salaries, and they’re becoming Wrigley Field East just to save on electricity? This Bear of Very Little Brain would like to know!

  9. Jane Heller

    No mallet, Paul! But one of these days I’ll go back to the crab place just for you.

    I guess the daytime ballgames are about the holiday weekend, Dave, although they could have started it tomorrow instead of today. I’m sure the boys aren’t thrilled to have to wake up early and play in the heat, but that’s why they get the big bucks. I bet they’ll sell a ton of bottled waters today.

  10. raysrenegade

    I was peeking at the probable pitchers for that series against the Jays. Friday night will be a intense bit of ball. You will have another dance between Nova and Baptista, plus the last start of storng arm hurler Brandon Morrow for 2010. That in itself might fester some high inside fastballs, plus a few of his nasty fade-away breaking balls to make some of the pinstripes look a bit silly.
    This is the team that scares me more then the Red Sox in the last month. Those pesky Blue Jays could catch either one of us nappin’and then fly offfor a post season berth. Beware of the birds!

    Rays Renegade

  11. Jane Heller

    Yes, I’ll be seeing Nova tomorrow, Renegade (it’s a day game). Looking forward to that, weather permitting. The radar I just read says the Northeast will be a punch from Earl like they haven’t seen in 20 years. Swell. Anyhow, I agree about the Jays. Scary.

  12. nyyfaninvt

    I’m loving all these day games but that’s because I’m in heavy-duty house organizing/cleaning mode and the Yankees are very good company for that (especially when they are winning!).

  13. Jane Heller

    I feel the same way about these day games, Audrey. Today I had things to do so I listened to Sterling and Waldman instead of sitting in front of the tube. Good company indeed.

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