Things Are Looking Up

Well, they were never really looking down. I mean the Yankees have been in first place for awhile now, but after tonight’s win they’re all alone at the top. Plus, most of the players’ ailing body parts are better.
Berkman’s ankle: Healed.
A-Rod’s calf: Probably fine.
Pettitte’s groin: Getting there.
Aceves’s back: Sounds okay.
Johnson’s wrist: Never mind.
Anyhow, Tex, Swisher, Posada stayed hot at the plate, and Granderson joined the party. Jeter? Am I the only one who thinks he’s not having a good time this season? He’s making the plays at short as gracefully as ever, but he’s missing that spark and I’m wondering if there’s something going on in his personal life. Or maybe he just needs a prescription for this.
Zoloft 100mg.JPG
As for Huuuughes, he got the “W,” thanks to his teammates’ offensive barrage, but it pains me to see him walk batters and pile up a lot of pitches. Doesn’t he remember that nibbling gets people in trouble?


  1. scofid

    Nick Johnson is what I’d call an ex-Yankee…it’s too bad that Round 2 couldn’t have been more productive, but it’s time to move on. It’s great that the team is starting to get healthy and the offense is rounding into form…well, except for DJ. If the starting rotation could just come together, life would indeed be good…

  2. yankeesfan27

    Sounds like the Yankees are recalling Albaladejo, Golson and Moeller from SWB. Marte to the 60 day. Of course, Berman is coming back too.

  3. nyyfaninvt

    That was a great game to listen to and even though Hughes was scary, he did allow only two runs so he managed to keep it together. He’s got to stop testing our nerves like that though.

    I’m a little worried about tonight because the game is on ESPN and it seems that when ever I get to watch a game we . . . well, let’s just say it doesn’t turn out quite the way I’d like. Here’s hoping we break that pattern tonight. We need a sweep!

  4. Jane Heller

    Yeah, Johnson is an ex-Yankee for sure, Scott. I bet Marte is too, although I can’t remember how long his contract is. The rotation is still a question mark – a big one. Interesting that the Yankees had claimed Ted Lilly before the Dodgers pulled him back.

    Yup, saw that, Christiaan. I thought maybe Montero would get the call instead of Moeller, but I guess they’re going with experience.


    Jeter is not performing up to his high standards and that has got to bug him. He doesn’t look comfortable at the plate.

    It’s been a tough year for him with the loss of the Boss. He also may be feeling his age a bit, which is never a nice feeling.

    Let’s see what happens the rest of the season though! And let’s hope come late October he’ll be smiling!


  6. Jane Heller

    Audrey, I used to worry about the ESPN curse and then the FOX curse and then the “not watching” or “watching” curse. And you know what? I’m beginning to think there are no curses. I’m horribly superstitious when it comes to the Yankees, but I think you can watch and not worry! Will they sweep? It would sure be nice.

    You’re right, Melissa. It has to bug DJ that he’s not performing up to his standards. But which came first? The not performing or the not looking happy? I’m sure losing the Boss was a blow, and maybe the contract thing is weighing on him a little. Who knows what’s in his head. I’d love to see him smile again though, and I hope it’s soon.

  7. Jane Heller

    Phil needs to get his act together, Jeff. The offense helped him out, but it couldn’t disguise the fact that he’s not pitching well.

  8. yankeesfan27

    If we call up Montero now, then we squander one of his three option years. We saw this year with Brandon Wood (angels) that because they called him up Sept 2007, he could not sent down without a dfa.
    In other news, that PTBNL that nyy sent to the rangers for arod is coming back…. sort of…. Joaquin Arias was traded to the Mets for Francoer.

  9. yankeefansarah

    I know Phil’s having a little bit of trouble now, but it’s always nice when the offense picks up your starting pitcher. In his interview, he seemed to know that he needed to figure himself, so I’m not really too worried about him. Overall, it was just a nice game, especailly considering the Rays and Red Sox lost.


    Yeah…been a long time, or so it seems, since Da Boyz gained ground on both the Rays & Bosox on the same nite. No doubt — the Jays will have a LOT to say about who wins this thing. Still seems hard to believe that the Yanks have The Best Record, when our pitching staff looks like it’s held together with spider cables, Javy Krishnas, and Krazy Glue. And speaking of Krazy — it’s “Bombs Away A.J.” Nite tonight!! Free souvenirs flying out to the bleachers, all nite long? No matter what Paul says — something tells me that “Rocky” Burnett could restore the cork to Oakland bats…but I hope not. Just keep our Bombers reachin’ out for the ol’ jet stream in The Short Porch…
    You hope — I hope — we ALL hope that there’s at least one more gallon of gas in the Jeet Tank. Jane, you may be onto something with your personal analysis angle. ‘Twould explain a lot, and in a way that we can handle better. Either that, or I’ll have to peel off that Fathead on the basement wall, and find a new location!!

  11. Jane Heller

    It does help that the A’s aren’t an offensive powerhouse, Paul, but every team gets up to play the Yankees. But any major leaguer with a bat in his hands can be trouble. Suzuki, their catcher, has beaten up on us in the past, for example.

    True about Montero, Christiaan, but one of these days I’d love to see what he can do. Moeller’s OK in an emergency but he doesn’t have much value. We’ve been there, done that.

    You’re right, Sarah. Hughes did acknowledge his weak outings, and thanked his teammates for picking him up, which was cool. He says it’s not fatigue or injury that’s messing him up, just something mechanical. Very sweet to gain ground last night.

    Rocky Burnett. LOL, Dave. Maybe he’ll actually be good tonight? It’s possible, isn’t it? Please? The Jeter thing is interesting. Yes, he’s getting older but so are Posada, Mo, Andy and A-Rod, so I don’t think his age is weighing on him. Was he terribly sad about Steinbrenner? Of course. But I’ve noticed that his usual carefree demeanor isn’t there – at least not that we fans can see. He looks kind of burdened, but maybe it’s just the slump at the plate that’s bothering him. I’m certainly no expert.


    Well Jeter was supposedly engaged and he was building some island somewhere in Florida. My theory maybe a hurricane sunk his island AND maybe he’s getting the jitters about getting married. During the 4th inning maybe he gets a call and she’s asking him what kind of cake he wants. It has to be nerve-racking. He can still make the plays in the field, which is strange, hopefully he doesn’t have some injury :/


    I was thinking maybe the problem is that his contract renewal is coming up at the end of the season, but that doesn’t sound like The Jeet we know. I don’t think he was this bad at the plate earlier in the season so it could be the loss of The Boss and The Voice of God or it could be that he is getting on in years. He seems physically fit, demonstrated by his excellent defensive plays, but I still think age has got to start showing some time. Tino was very supportive of his friend, of course. Maybe he’ll turn around in time for the post season. In the meantime, it was hysterical to see Pettitte’s reaction to Posada’s “triple” – but I’m also a little concerned that Andy is not going to come back in good shape. I’m sure he’ll get back into it once he’s back in the rotation but its going to take a little time. In the meantime, the bats have to continue to support the pitching. And speaking of bats, in all the years I’ve been following baseball, and especially Our Yankees, I have never seen anyone enjoy the game more than Swisher. He is really a joy to watch.

    And finally, Tex once again made a mind-blowing play in the field. He is absolutely the greatest defensive first baseman I have ever seen (sorry Don and Tino; you guys were amazing too but Tex is #1) GO YANKEES!!!

  14. Jane Heller

    I don’t know what the status of Jeter’s wedding plans us, seindsfeld, but the house he’s been building is just fine. It’s absolutely huge and I don’t think his neighbors are too pleased.

    I agree, Diane, that the contract thing isn’t the type of thing Jeet would worry about. At least his defense has been as great as ever. And yes! Tex is amazing at first base. Can you imagine all the runs he’s saved? I did laugh at the reaction to Jorge’s triple. Lol.

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