Vazquez As Mop Up Man
He was good and Moseley was not, so why not use him in a game with a big lead? He was effective and held the A’s in check to get the win. Should he be put back in the rotation? I don’t know. I still don’t trust him. The person I do trust lately is Thames. My God, the guy has turned into a bona fide slugger.
Swisher and Tex had hot bats too, and while Jeter continues to look schlubby at the plate his defense sparkled tonight.
But I need to change the subject. Sure, it’s great that we won the series opener, but could we talk about the weather for a sec? I’m going to the game on Friday – my first trip to the Stadium this year. Nova will be pitching and I have nice seats, and I’m really looking forward to it. There’s just one hitch.
Earl. Category 4. Possible landfall on the East Coast on Friday. Will it land in the Bronx? Please no.


  1. beckers46

    Good morning! Thames is the man! Mr. Clutch! I’m happy Vazquez had a good game. He’s trying to show that he can pitch. Jane, I hope Earl doesn’t ruin your plans. At work, we had to cover all the emergency information with the staff. I hope we can get through hurricane season ok this year. Not having power for 2 weeks isn’t fun :0( Safe wishes to everyone on the East coast. Have a great day fans!!! – Becky :0)

  2. ooaooa

    A little hurricane should be no problem for a seasoned mother nature vet like you. A little wind, sideways rain and humidity is nothing for someone who survives shaking ground! I would worry if you were heading for Cape Cod. You’ve been out of California for quite a while. Did you remember to shut the lights? Arnold’s office put out a APB on you I hear. Isn’t Eastern time easier to tolerate?

  3. ladyjane303

    Great game last night. I had just commented that maybe Thames left his magic bat in Chicago, when he hit that ball. So far and so fast, I’m still not sure whether it went to the 2nd or 3rd deck (didn’t catch the replay on the big board). Javy was very impressive, Tex and Robbie were terrific. If Tex is having a bad year with 29 HRs and 90+ RBIs so far, I’ll take it. I do think The Captain needs a day off. And, it will NOT be a rainout on Friday – we may have to dodge a sprinkle or 2 from time to time, but it will NOT rain on you’re visit to The Bronx. Looking forward to seeing you there.

  4. Jane Heller

    Good morning to you, Becky. I hope Earl doesn’t ruin my plans too. He needs to go straight out to sea and leave me alone. Doesn’t he know I’m on vacation?

    Ordinarily, a hurricane wouldn’t bother me, John. I lived in FL for seven years and survived plenty of them. And yes, the ground shakes in CA and houses burn up. That said, I didn’t come here to spend money on Yankees tickets I won’t be able to use! So if it has to hit the US coast, I hope it does it on a day I’m not going to the Bronx.

  5. Jane Heller

    I thought Thames might have left his magic bat in Chicago too, ladyjane. Same with Swisher. But noooo! I think the Captain needs a day off too. He looked so brilliant on defense, but he can barely get a ball out of the infield. So I have your assurance Earl will not knock us out of the park on Friday? Because I’m counting on seeing you!

    Please do tell Earl to take a hike, Jeff. I’d appreciate it and I know he’ll listen to you. 🙂

  6. raysrenegade

    Was looking at the Weather Channel on cable last night and saw the spaghetti maps as to the suspected path of our nice little Atlantic storm and saw that both the Rays versus Baltimore, and the Yankees versus Toronto might have a few wet glitches this weekend unless this storm whimps out and sputters up the Eastern Seaboard Coastline.
    Only good thing about this storm,itmight keep the kids from the “Jersey Shore” indoors as they are doing their third season tapings right now.

    Rays Renegade

  7. Jane Heller

    The one thing we know, Renegade, is that the path of these hurricanes can change in a nanosecond. So let’s hope Earl does wimp out and sputter, so we can get our games in. Oh, and would you mind losing a game? It would really help the Yankees.

    Yes, I figured it out, ladyjane. Read my post!!! Maybe the vendors should sell bagels and cream cheese along with the hot dogs – good idea. Could be big sellers that day.

  8. Jane Heller

    I guess I’d rather see Vazquez than AJ right now, Virginia. (Thames versus Berkman isn’t even debatable.) Or AJ could start and if he gets into trouble Vazquez could come in for long relief, as he did last night. Dunno.

  9. ladyjane303

    And in case you haven’t figured it out already, Nova is scheduled to start on Friday. Who’s bringing the bagels and cream cheese?


    Oh-kayy…don’t you Janes worry ’bout a thing…I don’t think that Mr. Earl (they often call him “Speedo”…oh, nevermind) will bother you. Now, down by the mid-Atlantic, where we are tryin’ to build our summerhouse in N.C. (and referee a 2-day soccer tourney in Md.)…well…we may have troubles. But we’ll just keep it to our ownselves, and try to push it away from y’all…
    Truly fine effort last nite, on many fronts. So long as we can keep playin’ slo-pitch with our “Short Porch” in RF, and Mister Thames keeps poundin’ away, I like our odds. Now, today it’s a young A’s Eye-talian local boy who’s bringing his entire extended familia from Joisey to see him pitch…so we’ll either have the “Ain’t Got The Book” blues, or maybe he’ll be too too excited pitching in front of all of Rutherford…
    I’ll vote for choice B, and hope for the best…meanwhile, enjoy it all, She-Fan, and Bring That Cam on Friday!!!

  11. yankeefansarah

    Wow, Javy was so great for us. I was actually on my computer during the game because I felt like it was dragging on for so long. Everytime I looked up, Javy was striking out batters and getting groundouts. He was just great. I really like the idea of using him when one of our starters doesn’t have it. He really helped us out by saving the bullpen. Oh and I hate seeing Jeter like this. It’s just so unlike him. But he has a great attitude, he truly seems like it doesn’t let it get to him. I hope he goes on a big hot streak in September.
    I hope Earl doesn’t ruin your plans. On the bright side, nice seats to watch Nova pitch sounds pretty cool. Hope he has a good outing for you to enjoy! 🙂

  12. Jane Heller

    Ooh, your place in NC, Dave. Forgot about that. I hope Earl doesn’t come there. So we’re facing a Jersey boy tonight? Very sweet that he’ll be bringing his family because he may need them for consolation after Thames strikes again.

    Sarah, that game did drag on, didn’t it? In the sixth inning I said, “Is it over yet?” lol. Thanks for the good wishes for Friday. A few sprinkles won’t be an issue but a category 4 storm would not be cool.

  13. behindblueyes

    Good luck! I’ll take our shaky ground any day–Dodger Stadium has never endured a game delay because of it, and is currently working on 11 years without a rainout. I do get that you’re on vacation and I hope none of this messes with your game plans! I really, really hate having to plan anything around weather. Seriously. What’s the point of rain during baseball season? It’s just wrong. Hopefully all will work out well and you’ll get to enjoy the game, and a win as well. At least you have a race to follow that your team is in the thick of! 🙂

    Have fun!


    I was so nervous going into last night’s game because of how close the score was on Sunday — then when we gave up 3 in the first inning against a pitcher that is a candidate for the Cy Young — ugh! I didn’t think things were going to go our way. Then the bats came calling. Yeah!!!

    Moseley was not that bad after the first inning but his pitch count just went too high for Girardi to let him stay in there. Again, this is where Girardi out-manages Torre every time. Sorry to see The Rays won too so we didn’t gain any ground.

    As far as Hurricane Earl is concerned (funny reference, Dave Schaub!) I think its only supposed to hit the tail end of Long Island so The Bronx should be alright. I’m not saying it might not be a little windy, but it shouldn’t be hurricane weather. Hoping for the best for you, Jane. GO YANKEES!!!

  15. Jane Heller

    I don’t know if Vazquez will be on the playoff roster, Paul. Right now I’m more worried about the Yankees making the playoffs. Still a lot of baseball to play.

    I miss the non-rainy California, behindblueeyes. We never have to think about the weather when we go to games. But it’s awfully nice here in New England. Just heard a report saying the hurricane might blow out to sea once it skirts the Outer Banks. The main thing, as you say, is that my team is in the thick of a pennant race – rain or shine.

    I’m the same way you are, Diane. I saw Moseley give up those early runs and remembered we were facing a kid with a tiny ERA and figured we were cooked. But our bats were out in force. A little wind would be just fine on Friday. Even a brief shower. Just not a category 4 storm!


    Oh my god…that’s such bad luck! I don’t think Earl is supposed to be so bad by the time it gets here, but I’m sure others have said that all ready. That’s cool you’ll see Nova up close, maybe you can get his autograph and in 15 years it’ll really be worth something 😀

  17. Jane Heller

    I’ve been watching the weather all day, seindsfeld. They can’t seem to decide where Earl will make landfall so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Friday.

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