Let’s Hear It For Nova!

The kid pitched like he’s been in the majors for much longer than a week, didn’t he? I was really impressed with how he handled the White Sox today. And thanks to the good news about Pettitte’s latest bullpen session, I’m starting to feel better about the rotation. Well, a little better. We didn’t get much offense going after yesterday’s bat fest, but Thames kept on bashing the ball and Cervelli had a welcome burst of production. Even without Tex and A-Rod in the lineup, this team managed to eek out the series anyway. Clap clap clap for that.

Back to Nova, I’m wondering if the Yankees have “Nova Rules” in place, like they did for Joba and do for Huuughes, and if so what they are. Here are my guesses:

#1) Nova can’t stay out later than midnight.

#2) Nova must avoid alcoholic beverages, strip clubs and other paths of ruination.

#3) Nova has a calories limit, but the exact number isn’t being announced.

#4) Nova can watch television, but only “Yankeeographies” and ABC Family.

#5) Nova may not inject himself or anyone else with B-12 shots but is permitted to squirt people with this.



  1. Jane Heller

    I got nervous during all the bullpen innings, Scott. Logan, Wood, Joba, even Mo – they all made the game a nail biter – but they came through. Really great win.

  2. scofid

    I love the Nova rules! Perfect! Maybe Ivan can give A.J. and Javy some pitching lessons! I have to admit that I was very concerned when I saw the Yanks starting lineup today, but fortunately, the pitchers came to play. I did get a nervous twitch with Joba on the mound and only a one run lead but hats off to him for handing it over to Mo with the lead in check.

  3. yankeefansarah

    Blowout wins are always nice… but a 2-1 win is pretty satisying! Sure I love watching the Yankees smack HRs, but knowing that the pitching did it’s job is great. I was so happy to see Nova do well. And didn’t Joba hit 100? If so, that’s pretty impressive. You’re right, all an all a great win for us. And the Andy news made me happy. At least at the moment, our pitching problems don’t seem that bad!

  4. Jane Heller

    Everybody seemed to be throwing hard, Sarah. I kept wondering if the radar gun was juiced! But Joba did his job in a big situation and those two runs the Yanks scored were just enough. Hope we can keep the momentum going.

  5. beckers46

    Jane, I love your Nova rules. Makes you wonder. There’s always all these special rules for these pitchers. Some of them are just crazy. The kid had a great game. I was happy for Cervelli. He went 4-4, had a great throw to 2nd to catch the base stealer, and caught the last out. He was pumped, and I was pumped watching him. I hope this means Cervi’s back. He started off red hot, and then hit a bit of a slump. Soooo happy about Andy. Did you hear Michael Kay talk about how he stopped sprinting to help heal better. Andy’s in great shape, but he may lose a little stamina when he starts pitching again. I just want him healthy and ready for the post season! Don’t we all! Looking forward to the home games this week. Have a great day, fans! – Becky 😀
    P.S. Ok, who else laughed when Ozzie got ejected? So funny! The ump tossed him before he even reached him. Of course Gardner was SAFE!

  6. yankeesfan27

    Joba was great today. He has earned the 8th inning back. He was locked it. 100mph with the heater and 90mph with the slider. However, it might have been because it was hot yesterday.
    Well said Jane. Lets hear it for Nova. super Nova. He was good, just needs to work on being more economical and getting his arm able to go 100-115 pitches before they start getting up.
    Kerry Wood was effective as usual, pitching 1.1 scoreless. Underrated addotion by Ca$hman.
    Have we decided Thames can hit RHPs? This is the second time Marcus has homered against one.

  7. Jane Heller

    And I was just getting started on those paths to ruination, Jeff! HAHA.

    I don’t know if Cervelli’s back exactly, Becky, but he had a terrific game (except for getting thrown out at second in that lame steal attempt), and I was so glad to see him do well again. Very good news about Andy. The stamina thing does concern me though. Even if he does come back in mid-September, how many innings will he be able to go? And yes, I laughed too when Ozzie got tossed. He took three steps out and then waved his hands as if, “Never mind.” LOL.

    I’m not as focused on Joba’s velocity as I am on his location, Christiaan. As I said to Scott, everybody seemed to be throwing hard yesterday and I questioned that radar gun. But nevertheless, he threw well and got the job done. Still don’t like Wood’s walks, but can’t argue with his ERA since coming over. Thames? Beast!

  8. dschaub@gpo.gov

    “…You got a new groove, yeah,
    I like it like that…
    I have only one burnin’ desire
    Let me stand and watch your FIRE!
    Aww…move ova, Rova…
    And let NOVA take ova!
    Yeah…you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout!!”
    With many (needed) apologies to Jimi — this was the first tune to come to mind…wow, did THAT come in handy!!
    I was cowering, sort of…wondering how on earth Da Boyz were gonna score 9 or more runs again to keep up with the Chisox Hitting Machine that was wearing us out…luckily (?) got to see a lot of Saturday’s game down in Fla. (it was on WGN, the Chicago TV cable station), and not expecting diddly yesterday…then instead, we get this gem. She-Fan’s words of wisdom always return…what makes the game great… just one day later, and it’s all totally different. And they STILL call him Mister Thames, don’t they?

  9. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    I love the Nova rules but I think you need to include “no gnats”. I’ll never forget what they did to Joba!!! That was horrific. Nova obviously shows much confidence for a young pitcher which is exactly what we need.

    Didn’t get to see any of the 3 games in Chicago – Friday night at a local concert, Saturday out in the Hamptons and Sunday at a all-day cookout at friends’ home. Fabulous NY summer weather for the whole weekend but I missed our Yankees. Kept checking on the scores on line, thanks to my daughter so we know what was going on. Whew! Now we are home for a bit and hopefully that will help.

  10. dschaub@gpo.gov

    BTW, Miz Jane…I wonder how many of your Regular Bloggers caught your tres tres clever reference to “Nova” with the salmon…? Probably more than I think — but I had to stop a moment and ponder the meaning of it all (and it made me hungry, too)!
    Since I’ve been so infrequent a guest of late…I’ll ask first — has the Rick Reilly article about Blind Lady Jane the Yankee Fan and her dog, who helps get her to the games, and the day that Girardi & Co. accompanied them…did that get proper mention? If not, it just did, and I’d be glad to send it along to ya…

  11. Jane Heller

    Totally different type of game than the one the night before, Dave. That’s what keeps us hooked on this crazy sport. And yes, the blind Jane was recognized far and wide during HOPE Week. She and the others who were singled out by the Yankees were wonderful stories, and the players and coaches really seemed to enjoy their participation in the festivities.

    Good addition to the “rules,” Diane: No contact with Lake Erie Midges – ever. Fabulous summer weather indeed. After my first rainy week here on this coast I was dubious, but now it’s just plain gorgeous. Of course I just read about Hurricane Earl and am hoping he doesn’t decide to soak us – especially not on Friday when I’m at the game!

  12. raysrenegade

    By your “guidelines for Nova”, that means he is not allowed to hang out with A-Rod or Nick Swisher?
    Maybe having him hang with Andy Pettitte for a road trip will instill some pearls of wisdom and make him age internally a bit.
    Still, the recent mound-to-plate staring face-off with Bue Jay Jose Baptista is still showing me the level of confidence this young hurler has at the ready.

    Rays Renegade


  13. Jane Heller

    I have big hopes for him too, Virginia, so he better not let us down! I’ll be seeing him pitch at the Stadium on Friday and I want to see a win!

    Right now it looks like Cano is his mentor, Renegade. Not sure that’s such a hot idea because Andy would be the perfect one to hang out with. CC too. But there may be a language issue.

  14. seindsfeld@aol.com

    “#3) Nova has a calories limit, but the exact number isn’t being announced.” That’s hilarious XD I hope he continues confusing batters, he seems like a gem in the rough.

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