So Much For That Game, Eh?

OK, so it was Vernon Wells’ turn to have a big night for the Blue Jays. Fine. Marcus Thames had one for the Yankees. The problem was Huuuughes. He just couldn’t put hitters away. With two strikes they kept fouling off his pitches and driving up his pitch count and necessitating way too many mound conferences with Posada. What a frustrating game, particularly since the Rays lost and we could have gained ground.
The larger issue is our rotation. Who’s in it? Seriously. With Huuuughes nearing his innings limit (whatever the mystery number is) and Vazquez having been banished to the pen and Andy getting his groin healed and not due back until mid-September at the earliest, are we really prepared to move forward with CC, AJ, Moseley and Nova? Is it too late to get him?
Oh, wait. He’s not in Canada anymore. And, fortunately, neither are the Yankees.


  1. yankeefansarah

    I’m certainly not sad to say goodbye to the Blue Jays either. Just glad to be out of there. I will say the Yankees did make it interesting in the 9th. Sometimes I hate when they tease us, but it is better to go down with a fight, even though it makes the loss harder to take. Hope the guys enjoy the off day and can do some damage these next two series.

  2. Jane Heller

    I do agree with you, Mike. It’s an entertaining rivalry with the only downside being that the Jays beat the Yanks all too often!

    Very glad to be out of there too, Sarah. The bad news is we face the Jays again next weekend. Sure wish they were in another division – like the Canadian division. LOL. I wasn’t feeling it in the ninth during that rally. Sometimes I just get a sense that it’s not our night and last night was one of those times.

  3. Jane Heller

    I trust Girardi, Jeff, but unfortunately he can’t pitch! The person who needs to address the issue is Cashman.


    Pitching, pitching, pitching…sigh…it seems to be ever thus…
    GREETINGS from De Ole Folks Home down in Boca Raton! It’s my first chance to correspond since leaving home on Sunday for a conference in Palm Beach…hmm…some contrast between The Breakers (where a burger costs $23; ever been there, Ms. World Traveler? You’d LIKE it!) to Mom’s Condo…but at least their library computer is better than that piece of ~@#%$@! we have at home…
    Trying to follow Our Yanks has been tuff…esp. when we’re still playing .500 ball…ESPN semi-gleefully noted that This Year’s Bombers have a losing record against just two teams: The Jays, and some Florida team that rhymes with that. But at least I got to see the Rays-Angels game yesterday, and root root root for Godzilla and Abreu (at least THAT worked)!!
    Gotta get back to Mom’s Condo…at 92, she takes a nap after breakfast…gotta get her to doctor appointments, etc. — but I bet you know the drill. Let’s please hope that our “lanceurs” (ze FRENCH word for pitchers) are lancing a bit better this weekend, and keep our Bombers bombing like it’s still Slo-Pitch Softball Month…somebody get healthy…pleeez??

  5. Jane Heller

    Greetings back at you, Dave. I know the Breakers well, having lived in the area for 7 years before moving to CA. In fact, Michael shot the hotel after their multi-million-dollar renovation and his photos were the basis of their ad campaign during that period. I bet your mom is happy to have you there. Such a good son. 🙂 Yes, let’s hope that the only bombs that are hit this weekend are hit by the Bombers.

  6. Jane Heller

    I agree, Paul, about the lack of depth. But that could change if Nova is Super Nova and Andy hurries up and comes back fast. 30 games over is nice, but the Rays aren’t going away.

  7. spazgoesyard

    I agree, we need to win two here in the Windy City. I may live here, but I generally dislike both teams. The added incentive is, if our Yanks win two, a VP at work must buy me a 750 ml bottle of JD for the fourth year in a row. I can taste sweet victory already, that is if AJ get has his head out of his @$$ and we score runs for him as well.


    We were with the Jets (had a ball!!!)so we didn’t see much of the Yankees game, fortunately. We did see the last couple of innings — its so frustrating to have the go-ahead run come to the plate and still lose. Ah well. Although we still have the best record in baseball (tied for) last year’s team would have made that a win. I was listening to the game on the way home from Hofstra University and they said Boston has been having their way with Toronto this year. Weird considering they have lost most of their starting team. Anyway, happy the boys have a day off and can start fresh on Friday. GO YANKEES!!!

  9. Jane Heller

    Really glad you had fun with the Jets, Diane. I know they’re your other love. It’s definitely weird how teams match up. Boston beats Toronto handily, as you said, and we have a losing record against them. But now we need to pull it together against Chicago!

  10. Jane Heller

    I beg to differ, rogerk99. They’re not a rivalry in the sense that Yanks-Red Sox or Dodgers-Giants are a rivalry. But they’re division rivals that play hotly contested games against each other.

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