Yankees Mash

I love it when we score a lot of runs. I love it even more when it’s against the Blue Jays, who have become one of my least favorite teams. And I especially love it when we get good starting pitching as we did tonight with Moseley. What an onslaught by JoPo, Tex, Grandy, Thames, etc etc. I just hope Swisher will be OK. That foul ball off his leg hurt me almost as much as it must have hurt him.
Before the game I went roaming around in New Milford, CT, in search of Yankee fans (or at least somebody who would talk about the Yankees). My first stop was the Big Y Supermarket to get the scoop (pun intended) on Turkey Hill Yankees ice cream versus Hood Red Sox ice cream. Take a look.
Next came a trip to the Big Y Pharmacy, where I spotted a Yankees cap on a shelf – right next to a Red Sox cap. What was that about? I figured I should ask.
I can’t wait until tomorrow so I can bother more unsuspecting people on my summer vacation.


  1. aeh813@aol.com

    This game was the best form of revenge. After Bautista’s little episode last night, my biggest fear was that the Yanks were going to lose making the Jays’ heads even bigger. But we showed them tonight that we didn’t have to hit anyone to get revenge, just get HITS. I was proud of how classy we looked after all those home runs. Not once did we stare at the ball, look back at the pitcher, take our sweet time around the bases, or pump our fists. We were simply our classy Yankee selves.

    By the way, I loved Johnny Damon when he was with us, but I love him even MORE now that he’s not going back to the Red Sux.

  2. raysrenegade

    Sometimes I think people who stock the store do that kind of thing on purpose. I remember once going into a Brandon Wal-Mart and not being able to find Rays gear, but could find a Red Sox or Yankee cap.
    Not even 40-some miles from the epicenter of Rays baseball and an interlocking N and Y is on the middle shelf…
    Seriously, you to at least commend the pharmacy for at least having a sense of baseball within its merchandising stock. Most stores like that only seem to buy World Series wear, or special edition releases….Hope you hid the Red Sox cap on the top shelf…out of sight, like their playoff hopes…

    Rays Renegade


  3. yankeefansarah

    This game was just what we needed after yesterday! Moseley was great, I’m very proud of him. Chad Gaudin was… well dissapointing, but even he can’t ruin my mood. This game was just fun after everything yesterday. So glad Bautista didn’t get another HR. I’m pretty sure if he was fist pumping in Posada’s face, Posada would start something. Anyway, 5 HRs for us was good stuff. Let’s hope for more of the same tomorrow.

  4. yankeefansarah

    This game was just what we needed after yesterday! Moseley was great, I’m very proud of him. Chad Gaudin was… well dissapointing, but even he can’t ruin my mood. This game was just fun after everything yesterday. So glad Bautista didn’t get another HR. I’m pretty sure if he was fist pumping in Posada’s face, Posada would start something. Anyway, 5 HRs for us was good stuff. Let’s hope for more of the same tomorrow.

  5. YankeeCase

    Ha! I love hearing Johnny Damon turning down the Red Sox trade! Had the Yankees not traded for Austin Kearns last month, I’m sure he’d be back with the Yankees right about now.
    Don’t be so harsh on Gaudin YankeefanSarah, it was a blowout after all. I’m sure he wasn’t trying to give up hits, just throwing strikes with the occasional breaking pitch for the strikeout. He knows what his job was.
    Hopefully now with this beat down, we won’t have to worry about a revenge melee for the other night. Huuuuuughes goes tonight and he’s been sharp again lately!
    (btw Jane, you made me insatiably crave mashed potatoes… oh God! so hungry…!)

  6. seindsfeld@aol.com

    Ah, I hope you’re having fun on your vacation. I was wondering why you were in Connecticut. Great game, I hope Nova isn’t asking the players why they couldn’t get a few more runs for his great outing but, what a game for Teix! Plus, like I said, Turkey Hill is gross! Funny interview with the pharmaceutical guy, he knows his stuff. Good background song too 😀 Woohoo mashed! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkKKzTYIe3Q

  7. ooaooa

    You are maybe 45 minutes from Meriden and who haven’t visited me! I could give you a tour that would include a visit to Carl Pavano’s home town nearby. There are softies where you are. This area is the trenches.
    Swish is a gamer!
    My wife is doing a “Yankee Bridal Luncheon” today at work for business owners daughter. Hot dogs, pretzels, Yankee cake and more. Many Yankee decorations including a Yankee hat vale. Bride is a big fan and yearly spring training attendee. She has almost as many signed balls as we do. Hope to get pictures to forward.

  8. bgalaxy@verizon.net

    last night was so much fun. to enjoy a game and not get nervous. i was hoping to see the laughing woman on the blog. i love laughers!
    i was glad to hear johnny d didn’t go back to the sox. the whole thing made me laugh. i guess i’m just in a laughing mood.
    as for the blue jays being your least favorite team. i still put them way behind the sox and the rays. but maybe instead of love the one your with, it’s hate the one we’re playing.
    let’s hope for swisher being ok (i can’t believe he really has grown on me) and more laughing tonight!

  9. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Yes, we showed Bautista how to do it with class!

    And I’m glad Damon didn’t go to the Sux. After we took Grandy from Detroit, they deserve a good player. And it was sort of a statement about Boston upper level management.


  10. mhugill@verizon.net

    Friday night hubby and I were at Wegmann’s. In the ice cream section we see 2 flavors of NYY ice cream. Next to it is red sox ice cream. I read the ingredients for my pinstripe ice cream and sadly it has wheat in both. (need gluten free) So hubby picks his favorite and as I put it in the cart I turn around and see him putting all the sox ice cream upside down. I asked this person who is acting like he’s 12, “what the hell are you doing?” They don’t deserve this prominiant display and turning it around does no good because it’s on both sides.” I ask him, “does this make you feel better then?” As I say this a young family is walking by and the man see what hubby is doing and stops his cart and high five’s my hubby. No words were spoken they just went on their way.
    23 yrs ago when I met him he didn’t like like or ever watch baseball….I believe I’ve created a monster.

  11. Jane Heller

    Very well said, aeh813. You summed up last night’s “revenge” perfectly – a classy performance by a classy team. As for Damon, he must REALLY not have wanted to go back to Boston.

    You couldn’t find Rays gear in your own part of the country, Renegade? That bites. I didn’t hide the Red Sox cap at the pharmacy, sorry to say. They wouldn’t let me back there among all the drugs. LOL.

    So right, Sarah. If Bow-tista had pumped his fist with Posada catching, there would have been fireworks. But he didn’t get the chance thanks to Moseley. What he did get a chance to do is field and misfield lots of fly balls to right. I was sooooo sorry he had to work so hard. 🙂

    I doubt the Yankees would have brought back Damon, YankeeCase. I think that ship has sailed. Plus Kearns is a righty and that’s what they were looking for. He and Thames have really done a good job from that side of the plate. Tonight’s rubber game should be interesting. Which team will hit the homers? Or will it be a pitcher’s duel? I seem to remember that we’ve had trouble with Cecil. (Sorry I made you hungry with the mashed potatoes. They do look delicious.)

    Seindsfeld, I’m having a good time, thanks, except for the weather. Does the sun ever come out around here? Jeez. What a game for Tex but how about Posada? Just a total offensive assault with Jeter getting in on the HR act too. Loved it.

    I’d love to visit you in Meriden, John. But we’ve been running around visiting all over the place, including my Mom. Today we’re off to see an old friend in Fairfield (big Yankee fan), so I’m looking forward to that. LOVE the bridal luncheon!!!! A Yankee cap veil!!! LOL. Can’t wait for a pic of that, if you can send. Has to be a small file though. I’m having trouble reducing the big ones with this internet server here.

    Last night was so much fun, Barbara. I can understand why you’re in a laughing mood. It’s great to wake up after a game like that. I didn’t say the Jays were my least favorite team; I said they were one of my least favorite teams. I’d never dethrone the Red Sox! Let’s hope Swish is OK because he’s been one of our most consistent, stalwart players this year and I’d hate for him to miss games.

    It was a statement about upper management in Boston, Melissa. So right. It wasn’t about the players for Damon, as I read that he texted Varitek and Ortiz, his buddies from ’04. But he didn’t leave there with a good taste in his mouth, so why go back?

    Hilarious story, Peg! Your hubby is now my hero! And I just love that the other hubby high-fived him. No words needed. You’ve done good work with him, and I commend you!

  12. Jane Heller

    I don’t know about charming, Jeff, but I try to approach my “subjects” with a laugh, so they get that I’m not with “60 Minutes.” LOL.

  13. etoubman@yahoo.com

    Well, Jane this whole Ct/fandom topic is so interesting to me. I grew up in Naugatuck, CT -if you look it’s closer to NY, but not by much. My family has always been such Yankees fans that I didn’t even know or care about the Red Sox really until I met my husband -originally from W.Hartford, CT., He is and was a Sox fan and was living in the Boston area (where I now live). To me, baseball always equaled the Yankees !!! That’s what it meant in my family. We were always surrounded by Yankees fans! Now, of course, as I’ve expanded my horizons and now teach in a suburban Boston high school, I understand what it’s like to be in the minority as a fan (all too well). So, I guess it depends on perspective. I am surprised to hear that there are so many Sox fans in southern Ct. though. I always thought the dividing line was much further north! I will continue to live in my dream world. -nice game last night. 🙂 Keep up the good investigating. I think it’s a curious topic and I wonder where that line really is drawn!

  14. Jane Heller

    I lived in lower Fairfield County for quite a few years, Ellen, after growing up in Westchester, and I don’t think I met a single Red Sox fan. But it seems things have changed. I will try to get to the bottom of this very crucial issue!

  15. southernbelle

    Jane: Last night made me SO happy. I loved the 5 homers…but the best part was that Bautista didn’t get any. I loved watching him swing and miss and strikeout in the first inning. Hahahahahaaa. I hate him so much…as if he was one of the Red Sox players! That pharmacist must feel bad about Swisher…

  16. Jane Heller

    Yeah, the pharmacist was probably wincing, Virginia. I just hope Swish is OK. If he’s in the lineup tonight I’ll be very relieved.

  17. Jane Heller

    Hahaha, Paul. That must be the reason and I do thank you. Of course that means if I do get arrested, you’ll have to post my bail.

  18. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    The computer I’m currently on does not have sound, but your videos are always so creative, Jane. I’m as thrilled as everyone else about the run production and especially that Bautista didn’t knock one out of the park. But I can’t say I’m thrilled that The Jays were able to produce so many runs after we floored them. Still, as always, a win is a win and I’m happy about that. Onward and Upward! Won’t see tonight’s game — The NY Jets are going to be back at Hofstra University tonight — they only come back once a summer now so I HAVE TO go. Still, its baseball season for Yankees fans — GO YANKEES!!!

  19. Jane Heller

    So you’re forsaking the Yankees tonight for the Jets, Diane? Waaah. Well, OK. I forgive you this once. 🙂 When you get a chance you should try to listen to the first video especially. It’s funny to hear Kim say she’s not a fan – with such gusto!

  20. rrrt

    No wonder the Turkey Hill Yankee ice cream isn’t very good – I just checked their website and it’s made with LIGHT ice cream. Ugh! They make a number of team-themed products, but the Yankees ones are the only ones that are Light (or so it seems from the descriptions). Are they implying that New Yorkers need to go on a diet??
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  21. yankeesfan27

    Swish is starting.
    Jeet, Swish, Tex, Cano, Thames(dh), Jopo, Kearns, Grandy, Nunez.
    Did everyone hear Javy is going to the pen? Finally!


  22. Jane Heller

    Lol, Sue. Leave it to you to check out the ingredients in the ice cream! I guess New Yorkers do need to diet – or think they should.

    I’ll have to go back to the supermarket, Jenn, and suggest the rehab idea. Should go over really well. 🙂

    Very glad Swisher is in the lineup, Christiaan. I hope he won’t be overcompensating with his swing though. And yes, I did hear about Vasquez. It’ll be good to have him in the pen if Hughes really does have an innings limit.

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