We Were Robbed!

Yes, the home plate ump had a bizarre strike zone. And yes, Morrow was very good. And yes, we only lost to the Jays by a run in a game we should have won off their bullpen. But I’m talking about getting robbed by Girardi and his quick hook.
I really wanted to see more of Ivan Nova, and Joe pulled him after only 73 pitches. I felt deprived!
Not only was the kid fun to watch (after that hairy first inning), but he showed some serious attitude in the exchange with Bautista, and I would have LOVED to see what might have happened during his next at bat.
Instead, we had to witness Bow-tista taking a six-hour bow around the bases after he homered against Robertson, not to mention his fist pump in Cervelli’s face as he crossed home plate. What a creep. 


  1. James Buxton

    Hi Jane and fellow Fans. I’m the first!! (at least I think)
    Well, sorry for the absence (again) but looks like things are getting in shape again. I agree Jane, we were robbed and Joe G and the umpire should be ashamed, Bautista should be ashamed, Robertson should be ashamed. But Ivan, he acted as a pro, with composure and dignity. He isn’t a Super Nova yet (as called by some writer) but he surely showed he has future. Hope to se more of him. He pitched very well, and in a team where 3 of our 5 starters are missing (Javy being inconsistent, AJ being also inconsistent, and Andy in the DL) Ivan is a ray of hope.

  2. raysrenegade

    I feel your pain tonight.
    You might remember Brandon Morrow, who has been on my Fantasy teams for 2 years came within one Longo hit past an outstretched Toronto 2B man of a No-No….
    The kid is either got his cope drawn in like a sniper, or is gone by the 4th inning…..Guess the dice came up “7” for him today.

    Rays Renegade


  3. scofid

    I am not sure why Bautista felt the need to show up the Yanks after the homer, but from what I’ve heard, that’s not characteristic of the player. At least I hope it isn’t. It was a good outing by Ivan Nova, but it is hard to be excited for someone who is projected to have a ceiling of no more than a #4 or #5 starter. Did you see that CC wants to stay in the Bronx beyond next season? That’s good news assuming that he feels that way following the 2011 season. CC is a good fit with the Yanks so I’d hate to see him go elsewhere. Sounds like he feels the same way. Now if we could just find a way to get his former teammate (Cliff Lee) to the Bronx…

  4. YankeeCase

    Something tells me tomorrow’s game is not going to be pretty. I sense a brawl coming…
    Hey, maybe the kid did throw high, maybe he didn’t. He and Cervelli did get crossed up earlier in the game. But Bautista took too much satisfaction in hitting that second home run after that brush back pitch by Robertson. If the fool looks at the tape, he’d see that Cervelli was looking for a pitch low and away. It was a total mistake. Then comes the home run and the slow jaunt around the bases, with a fist pump bonus. For that, now he might be catching one on purpose, square on his back tomorrow. It’s always the stupid misinterpretations that lead to this stuff, like an episode of Seinfeld…

    Hopefully no one gets hurt.

    And yeah, the kid was taken out way too early. I don’t think it cost the game, but it’d be nice to see if he could get out of another jam, a few innings into the game.

  5. beckers46

    Last night’s game…oy! Nova wasn’t bad. I was worried that first inning, but after Gardner threw the ball to home plate and got the out, I WAS PUMPED! I loved how energetic Cervi was after that out. My mom said that Nova reminds her of El Duque. Girardi should have left him in another inning, or at least through 100 pitches. And Bautista…what a JERK! Very unprofessional. The ball slipped. I don’t think that pitch was intentional. I loved how Girardi, Cervelli, Posada, they held Bautista back. Robbie Cano of course was laughing and smiling the whole time. Even Swisher was telling the bullpen to move it along back to the bullpen. The Yankees are very classy. We know how to fight, but is it ever necessary? I disliked how Bautista acted once he hit that home run. He was showing off. Did you see Girardi’s expression in the dugout. His body language kind of read, “That ****!” Oh well! This is going to be an interesting series. I hope the Yanks can get on base and not strike out so much tonight. Have a great day fans!!! – Becky :0)

  6. Jane Heller

    James, you’re always welcome so don’t worry about your absences! I agree that Ivan is a ray of hope. I’d rather have Andy back, obviously, but if he can pitch well for us in the meantime I’d be thrilled. Why should Robertson be ashamed? Because he gave up the second homer to Bautista? He wasn’t as sharp as usual, granted, but he’s been scoreless baseball for weeks so I can’t fault him for last night’s blip.

    I do remember Morrow’s near-no-no against you guys, Renegade, and he’s pitched well against us too most of the time. But I expected the Yankees to get to their bullpen since Morrow was gone by the 7th. Posada almost tied it with a deep fly ball, but “almost” isn’t good enough.

    You’re not sure why Bautista felt the need to show up the Yankees after the homer, Scott? How about because he thought Nova threw at his head! In his mind he was paying us back. Can’t stand the guy. I didn’t read that about CC, but it’s good to hear. He’s our ace and our only truly reliable pitcher at the moment, so the thought of losing him would be scary.

    I think the ump will warn both benches before the game, YankeeCase. It may not make any difference and, in fact, takes away the pitchers’ ability to come inside on batters, but it may cool things down. On the other hand, the Yanks and Jays have had “issues” a lot. Remember Posada’s bout with Jesse Carlson last year, for example? And since he’ll be catching Moseley, who knows? Yeah, I wanted to see more of Nova. All he did was give up an infield single when Joe took him out. It would have been fun to see what happened next.

    Gardner’s throw home was fantastic, Becky. And I think it gave Nova confidence to pitch better after the play. Your mom has a point about El Duque, but I was thinking King Felix a bit. Yeah, I loved how Cano was laughing during the dust-up as he ran past Nova. I think he got a kick out of the kid’s attitude. It was all very entertaining.

  7. Jane Heller

    Bow-tista totally overreacted to Nova’s pitch in the first place, Jeff. He’s a home run king and and he’s starting a fight with a rookie making his major league debut? So silly.

  8. Jane Heller

    He’s not a creep for hitting home runs, Paul. He’s been doing that all year. He’s a creep for taking on a kid straight out of the minors and then prancing around the bases after his second homer. Not my kind of guy.

  9. yankeesfan27

    A few thoughts:
    First, there is NO way Nova tried to hit Bautista. The fact is that Bautista hit a homer in his last at bat (which, I should say, never should have happened if the 1st base ump got the previous call right), but anyway, Nova was probably hesitant to throw anything in the zone. The pitch got away from him. Bautista is an a**. And then the fist pumps were a bit much after the 2nd homer. He can celebrate, but come on!
    Next, does Michael Kay not have a passport or something? He has not been at an @ Toronto game in years. As a result, Kenny is the play by play, which is not bad, but what is bad is that Bob Lorenz or John Flaherty are the color commentators. Or worse. Lorenz is the play by play and Flaherty is the color commentator. It is SO awful. I like the arrangement of Kay, Singy, and O’Neill. I also like Leiter, and I really liked Coney in the booth, but he retired from broadcasting.
    Finally, Jeet and JoPo BETTER be in the lineup today. Maybe DH Jeet and have Pena/Nunez fill in. Looks like Nunez could be a big contributer, and Pena had 2 hits last night.


  10. Jane Heller

    You’re right about Kay, Christiaan. He doesn’t seem to take the Toronto trips for some reason. When I wrote my book about the 2007 season he was always in Toronto with the team, but I guess he gets to pick and choose which cities to skip. I, too, wish O’Neill could be in the booth more often. Leiter as well. And I miss Coney a lot. Kenny and Flaherty are fine but a snooze. I hope we’ll see the big bats in the lineup tonight. That threesome of Nunez, Pena and Cervelli wasn’t exactly murderer’s row.

  11. yankeesfan27

    Virginia- I agree. Home plate couldn’t figure out the zone for either team. He ejected Yunel Escobar and Cito Gaston for no reason. First base got the call wrong on the play immediately before Bautistas first homer. That would have ended the inning, and the play would have been on Sportcenter Top Plays too! πŸ˜‰
    Nunez and Pena have impressed considering they are triple a guys.
    Ivan Nova’s number 47 reminds me of Sidney Ponson. Not a fond memory.

  12. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    I am going to guess that the reason Girardi took Nova out is that he does not speak Spanish. If he did, he would know that “no va” means, “don’t go” or “doesn’t go”, and he would have left him in there. LOL. I couldn’t resist that joke; we used to say that about the Chevy Nova — why would anyone buy a car that’s name means “doesn’t go”? The good old days!!!

    I was trying to decide if I hate losing my one run more or less than being really beaten and I came to a decision…I just hate when the Yankees lose…period.

    We’re tied with The Rays again so we have to get back on the stick. GO YANKEES!!!

  13. Jane Heller

    Ugh, the umpiring, Virginia. It was bad for both teams. Can’t wait to see what this crew messes up tonight.

    Ivan Nova and Sidney Ponson, Christiaan? Didn’t realize they had the same number. Hopefully Nova will fare much better!

    LOL, Diane. I learn so much on this blog. I think it’s easier to lose by a lot in a blowout than it is in a one-run game. But you’re right – an “L” is never fun, especially when it means losing the division lead.

  14. seindsfeld@aol.com

    Ohh, I didn’t know about that Bautista stuff, that makes me mad 😐 Maybe that’s why they belted five homers of their own? Very funny stuff Diane. πŸ˜€

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