Cano = MVP

Let the campaign begin.
There was a time not too long ago (last season, as a matter of fact) when I would hide my eyes whenever Cano came up with men on base. He disappointed me a lot in those situations. Now? Not so much. His six RBIs today in the Yankees’ 10-0 thrashing of the Mariners were a snapshot of his 2010. He’s become the player everyone hoped he’d become. Why is this his year? My Top Five Reasons:
#1) Melky was shipped out of town.
#2) Hitting in the five spot behind A-Rod (or at cleanup in place of A-Rod) is a nice gig.
#3) He got a taste of winning a World Championship and liked it.
#4) He has his own bobblehead doll now.

#5) He’s just really, really good.

And to think..a few years ago I was among the chorus of fans who contemplated trading him. I should be ashamed, and I am.


  1. yankeefansarah

    Cano is so much fun to watch! I was so surprised that they were intentionally walking Tex. Don’t they know that the Yankee’s numbers are insane when the bases are loaded? And don’t they know how good Cano’s numbers are? I think everyone saw that grand slam coming! I don’t know if he’ll win MVP this year, seeing as his competition is so tough, but regardless, he’s having an incredible season. Even when you look at his bobblehead, his swing looks perfect, lol!

  2. Jane Heller

    You’re so right about that stat, Sarah. Every time Tex gets walked with the bases loaded – bam! Well, not every time, but a lot. lol. I guess people are assuming Josh Hamilton will be the MVP, but Cano has to be on the short list of candidates. Has to be.

  3. beckers46

    Yes we CANO! MVP, MVP, MVP! I was having a crazy day at work today, but my day got 10 times better after I received a text message that Robbie hit a grand slam. 😀
    And while we’re discussing awards…
    CC = CY YOUNG!!!
    Jane, are you sick of all the rain? We needed it down here in the South. But I’m sure you miss the perfect West Coast weather. Hope you’re enjoying yourself on the East Coast.
    Good night, fans! – Becky :0)

  4. Jane Heller

    I like the ticket, Becky: Cano for MVP and CC for Cy Young. CC is so due and deserves the award. Am I sick of the rain? YES!!!!! I know they’ve been having a drought here, but did it have to be over the second I got here? Does the sun ever come out? OK, I’ll stop whining. I heard it’s supposed to get nice on Wednesday and stay that way for awhile.

    You’ve definitely figured out that your husband’s TV watching is the lucky charm, Melissa. It’s no fluke anymore. So whenever the Yankees are down, he needs to plant himself in front of the TV and watch. We’ll all be very grateful. 🙂

    Growing up was a big part of it, Jeff, and I think it was easier for him to do that without Melky. He worked with Kevin Long in the off-season and got serious about wanting to be a great player, and it’s all paid off.


    Every time he’s up I just sigh and think what a thing of beauty his swing is.

    Okay Jane, I’ve found the thing to replace your pizza from last season. I was out yesterday and put the game on the radio on my way home. It was just after the rain delay and as I got home, Jeter hit the sac fly. I walked into the house and my husband was sitting watching the game. I said “You must have just sat down.” He said “how did you know?” “Because the Yankees scored.”
    Then he said “Yeah, I just sat down. There was a rain delay. but earlier I turned the TV on just as Cano hit the grand slam.”

    So, I guess he’s going to have to listen on the radio and when the Yanks need him, I’ll send him down to turn the TV on.



    I’m sure I told you this before, Jane, but after his first season with The Yankees I ran out and got his rookie card because I believed that he would be the next Mantle. Its taken a while but I think I was right! What a game. I’m not sure what negative effect Melky had on him but his absence has certainly not been a bad thing.

    And C.C. — WOW! He really is in line for the Cy Young this season. Stellar.

    On Saturday afternoon, I went to the opening of a new school in our town that specializes in Sports Broadcasting — Jeff Nelson was supposed to be there. He didn’t show up (family matters) but Wesley Walker, a past star of the N.Y. Jets, was there. Got 2 sports cards and one picture signed. All of the Yankees fans that showed up were a little disappointed but the afternoon was awesome anyway.

  7. ladyjane303

    Totally support this candidate (both, in fact – CC included). I’ve been saying Robbie for MVP all season. Someone yesterday posed the question about whether the Yankess have to be exceptionally good (better than the best) to win these awards, and I think they do. Sometimes they make it look easy. But where would we be without either one of these guys at this point? And I would give honorable mention (tho not an award) to Nick Swisher who has been soooo consistent all season.

  8. Jane Heller

    My husband was just like you, Diane. The first time he saw Cano’s swing, he said, “He’s gonna be a big star.” And yeah. CC. Wow. I don’t know if he’ll win the Cy Young, but this could be his first 20 game season. He’s been such a rock for us. Sorry Jeff Nelson didn’t show up at the event on Saturday, but glad you had fun anyway.

    I ponder that question too, ladyjane. I think for a Yankee to win any award the player has to be above and beyond the standard. Not really fair but it’s true. Swisher has turned out to be more than I ever hoped for. It’s at the point where I just expect him to get a hit (or make a great throw) every time out.

  9. cheshirecat9

    Hi Jane,

    Sorry the weather has been so lousy for you! It was great to win this series against the Mariners, but is anyone else panicking about the rotation??? We need Pettite back as soon as possible.

  10. Jane Heller

    Hey, cheshirecat. Is anyone else panicking about the rotation…Did you read my letter to Ivan Nova? I’m panicking, all right. We’ve got CC and Hughes (for however long) and not much else!

  11. cheshirecat9


    Sorry, I am panicking so badly my short term memory must be affected! I did read your letter to Ivan Nova. I saw him pitch earlier this year when I went down to GA and saw the S-W Yanks play the Gwinnet Braves. He did pretty well if I recall.

  12. raysrenegade

    Cano is one of those guys among the giant paychecks, and sometimes egos that gets forgotten about until he gets that timely hit, Home Run or great defensive play.
    How many times do you hear that Cano might be traded, could be offered a extension, or even mentioned as being a guy with a target on his back when Jeter wants to move across the middle infield in a few years.
    Cano has done magical things with his bat and his glove to endear himself to the NY faithful, but still the comments rise and fall from time to time.
    So far you are totally on target. It is not Tex, Jeter or even the publivity hound known as A-Rod that stirs the Big Apple’s coffee.
    It is the guy with the mirror image number of Jackie Robinson…..And 24 can definitely pull off the MVP award.

    Rays Renegade

  13. Jane Heller

    Welcome back to the blogosphere, Sue. Now could you do something about the rain? I know it’s good for everybody’s lawns but come on! This is my vacation!

    Let’s hope Nova is up to the task of pitching to major leaguers, cheshirecat. The Blue Jays do like their homers, so he has his work cut out for him.

    So you think Cano has a shot at MVP, Renegade? That would be so awesome. He’s worked hard for it.

    He did seem lazy and disinterested, Paul. I think Melky was the one with the work ethic problem, so shedding him might have helped.

  14. yankeesfan27

    A few thoughts:
    First, last year Mauer won the MVP over Tex and Jeet because his numbers were “Outstanding for a Catcher”. Same with Pedroia in 2008 really…. So in the dumb baseball writers eyes, Cano’s numbers should be worth more because 2B is a position that offense if not expected out of. However, as like anything, anyone who plays for the Yanks are at a disadvantage because they are…. well… Yankees. We are overrated of course. -eye roll- …. Anyway, Cano DOES have 25 homers (Hamilton can’t have more than 30-35) and Cano’s average is good for 4th in the AL (as of yesterday). Cano SHOULD be MVP, and I don’t say that because I am a Yankee fan. However, if Miguel Cabrera wins the Triple Crown, I will reconsider.
    Second, todays lineup.
    Gardy, Swish, Tex, Cano, JoPo (DH), Grandy, Nunez(SS), Pena(3B), Cervelli, Ivan Nova RHP. Ouch. Nothing against Nova but he is new. We don’t know what we are going to get. I understand no Jeet for one game… the turf of course…. but come on! Not on the day the new guy got called up! Today I would have AT LEAST DH’d Jeter and caught Posada. Then either tomorrow or Wednesday I would DH JoPo and sit/play Jeter.

  15. yankeesfan27

    Also, anyone think this Ivan Nova experiment (PENDING HOW WELL HE PITCHES) is permanant? Maybe, with Sept callups looming, Joe wants to grab hold of the opportunity of giving the starters some extra rest, and to skip Hughes once or twice. In a short 7 days, we could call up another position player to make it so we have 4 bench guys, and a reliever or two so, again, starters get more rest and Hughes throws less innings. Don’t be surprised to see Hughes not be allowed to throw more than 5 innings/6 innigns regardless of how good he is doing come September. Does anyone think he will pitch in the playoffs if Burnett and Vazquez continue to suck? Maybe we will see Ivan Nova. Wow. We have roughly 25 million invested this season in Burnett and Vazquez alone, and none of them might start in the post season. We will get Pettitte back, who will hopefully dominate again. If we wanted to go there (I don’t think so), we could go 3 man rotation, CC, Andy, Nova/Hughes.


  16. Jane Heller

    Christiaan, you make some great points about Cano and the MVP. As a second baseman, he should get special consideration. Cabrera is having a terrific season, but the Tigers have gone nowhere so I don’t know how much that figures into the equation. No idea how long the Nova Experiment will last. A lot has to do with how he pitches tonight. If he adapts well to major league hitters, we could see him replacing Vazquez in the rotation, I guess. But I don’t think about the playoffs until we actually get there. Too superstitious. I agree about tonight’s lineup. Why not DH Jeter? Ugh.


    How did I miss this post? Cano is one of my favorite players and has been since he got here. MVP All the way! 😀

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