I Like How This One Turned Out

When Austin Jackson hit that homer in the first and Curtis Granderson had to run down those two bombs in center, I thought……Oh, nooooo! 
CC looked like he didn’t have it. But then a miracle: he did have it, and went on to win his 16th game, leading the AL. As they said on YES, the definition of an “ace” is to keep your team in it even when you don’t have your best stuff. That’s CC. On the offensive side, it was a pleasure to see the bats come alive against Verlander. What’s worrying me is the news about Pettitte. Will he be able to pitch in September? This season? And in the meantime, are the Yankees okay with Moseley for the long term? And what about A-Rod’s calf?
I’d better stop with the what if’s or I’ll never get to sleep tonight.


  1. beckers46

    I’m happy the Yankees won! Yay, CC!!! The Andy news is really depressing me. It’s another setback. He was having such a great season too. I was hoping this would be the year he finally won Cy Young. He was ROBBED in ’96. I know it’s just a groin injury, but I’m worried Andy’s going to think about hanging up his Reebok cleats after this season. I hope not. I want to see him take the #1 spots for each of the all-time Yankee pitching categories. We will see. Andy’s very humble though. Now, we may have a Cy Young contender with CC. There are a handful of great pitchers in the AL. CC has potential! – Becky ;0(

  2. seindsfeld@aol.com

    Fun game, was nice to see them hit again. The pitching has been fine just they’ve looked so stagnant with those bats. It’s nice they’re helping these kids with that Hope thing, but I don’t want it to interfere with their season…as horrible as that sounds. I do kind of want to find Pavano and hit him in the leg with a bat too actually (he has 15 wins with the Twins…what a jerk.) Too late to get their money back I guess?

  3. scofid

    Dude, back off the ‘what ifs’ and let’s just hope this was a game that the Yankees can build upon. It was fun seeing Brett Gardner doing what he does best, so hopefully that will continue and a few more bombs by Curtis Granderson would be nice! It is disappointing about Andy, but hopefully, the team will be okay. A nice 10-game winning streak would be nice about now…

  4. ladyjane303

    Really good game. Homers, to be sure, but stringing walks and base hits together for runs is a good sign, too. Gayle and I were there, and she came so close to catching Granderson’s homer. The guy sitting right behind us got it and gave it to a kid sitting next to us – a nice touch. And I have to say, I think maybe Hope Week is creating something of a spark rather than a distraction. The first 2 honorees were terrific – can’t wait to see who gets the spotlight tonight. I’m worried about Andy, but will keep fingers crossed for mid-September. Are you going to a game this week?

  5. Jane Heller

    Yeah, wrong time for bad news, Mike. If the Yankees are making the playoffs and beyond, they need Andy. Period. Once he’s finally cleared to throw off a mound, he’ll need rehab starts and that’ll take time. As we round the corner into September, time is of the essence.

    CC does have the potential to win the Cy Young, Becky, and I’d love to see it happen, naturally. He’s so dependable and we’re so lucky to have him on our side. As for Andy, I had the same thought you did – that if this groin problem lingers he’ll get discouraged and decide to retire after the season.

    The “Hope thing?” Seindsfeld, why in the world would such a fantastic program interfere with the Yankees’ season? I don’t even know what to say to that.

    Did you just call me “dude,” Scott?

  6. Jane Heller

    Gayle almost caught Grandy’s homer, ladyjane? OMG! Very nice of the fan who did catch it to give it to the kid though. I’m very impressed with HOPE Week too. Both recipients have been well chosen so far. I loved watching the blind woman touch the faces of the players and get the tour of Monument Park from O’Neill. Really great stuff. Michael and I were hoping to go to tomorrow’s game, but he’s so wiped out from traveling (we’re in CT now) that he wants to wait until the home stand that first week in September. Maybe we’ll see you then?

    Verlander did have the better of CC, Jeff, but not by much. I think CC has been vulnerable to AL Central teams, since they’ve seen him so often, but last night he was victorious! Baseball is very fickle.

  7. southernbelle

    Jane: A WIN! Seems like ages…I wish they could have won on my birthday, but that’s a thing of the past now. At least they won last night. I’m a little worried about these injuries. Thank God for Nick Swisher…seems like he’s the only one of these guys who knows how to be a man.

  8. Jane Heller

    Glad the offense woke up too, nyysbeast, though I was greedy in the early innings. We had Verlandet on the ropes and should have tacked on a few more, but I’ll take it.

    A win! Yes! Sorry it wasn’t on your birthday, Virginia, but I hope you had a good one anyway. Swisher’s even more banged up after the toe incident last night, but we can’t afford to have him out of the lineup now.

    Oh good, ladyjane. We should try to coordinate. Let me know which games you’ll be at so I can shoot for one.

  9. dschaub@gpo.gov

    You’re in CONNECTICUT now? Home of the Huskies?? (grrr — oh, nevermind). Well, hope your weather’s good, your friends are fine, and the beisbol keeps gettin’ better…
    Ah, The Enemy Known. How bizarre that they can jump on an ace like Verlander and not be able to touch The Great Unknowns, inning after inning. Well, let’s hope for now that it carries over to tonite…and then, tomorrow, it’s that ex-Yankee, Porcello? Again, may Grandy continue to show the Bengals what they’re missing (and not A-Jax or Johnny D on the flipside of that tune, please oh please…).
    Too much to worry about lately. ESPN sez that since Andy went down (and we were 3 games up then), the team has gone 14-13, and now we’re all tied up. Grim numbers; but that’s all they are. Gotta look past all that & just keep hittin’ the ball…

  10. yankeefansarah

    That was a great win for us, I think the Yankees really needed that. It’s nice to see Granderson doing well, as I’ve said before he’s one of those guys who you just like to see do well. When Swisher got hit in the toe, he went down fast, I was so scared! But then he was smiling and sticking out his tounge – like always, so I wasn’t worried!
    I really do miss Andy, but I also want him to be healthy when he comes back. Hopefully the offense will be just like last nights game. Moseley is no Pettitte, and he will need the offense to help him out.

  11. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    We went to yet another free concert last night, Jane. They were pretty good but would much rather have seen the game. C.C. really is clutch, much as I hate the over-use of that phrase.

    Wish me a happy birthday, everyone. Let’s hope The Yankees give me a win as a present. GO YANKEES!!!

  12. arthur.kathleen@gmail.com

    I’m with you on the start of the game. When AJax hit that homer, I said to my husband, “I’m pouring myself a glass of wine. It’s going to be a long night, again!” BUT, our bats shut down old Verly and we looked like our normal selves!

    I am enjoying the Hope Week. What a great story last night about the vision impaired woman and how she puts pieces of candy in her pocket to count the train stops on her way to the stadium! And the joy as she felt the faces of Jeter and Mo and how wonderful the Yankees treated her. Paul O. walked her through monument park and I liked how she said Mickey Mantle’s face felt “tired”!

    Did you see on ABC news last night the story about head injuries in sports? The doctor they talked to said Lou Gehrig might not have died of ALS after all! He said he might have died from a newly recognized disease caused by multiple concussions. Interesting!

    Enjoy the rest of your day and GO YANKEES!

  13. Jane Heller

    Yup, I’m in CT, Dave, and the weather has been mostly cloudy with the threat of rain. I miss California sunshine. Boo hoo. I’m concerned about Andy, even though Cashman claims he isn’t and says he’ll “stand pat” through the next trading deadline. Just feels like we could use another arm.

    Great, ladyjane. I thought of you this afternoon because I went to Bloomingdales in White Plains with my mother!

    So you’re bored without more pics, Paul? I know the last few posts have been short, but I’m on vacation. Cut me some slack! Maybe I’ll get lucky and run into a Yankee fan here in CT. I’ve got the She-Fan Cam with me.

    So true, Sarah. Moseley is no Pettitte, but hopefully the offense will come through. I was scared when Swisher went down too, but I’ll feel better when I see him in the lineup tonight.

    Glad I wasn’t the only one freaking out in that first inning, Kathleen. But it all turned out okay. How great was that blind woman? Her interactions with everybody were enormously moving. And yes, I did read about Gehrig and the issue of head trauma. I guess further research needs to be done.

  14. Jane Heller

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DIANE!!! I hope you’re having a great day and that the Yanks will give you a win tonight!

  15. seindsfeld@aol.com

    Hey you don’t have to make me feel any worse for saying it Jane. I just mean if the Yanks are going to swim in a pool and have fun with kids, they should have done it on an off day :O

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