And The Slump Continues…

The Tigers tried to hand the Yankees the win. Valverde couldn’t find the plate and was basically saying, “Take the game. It’s yours.” But with the bases loaded and one out, Jeter hit into a DP, ended the threat and avoided getting tagged with pie.
Aside from Granderson’s three hits, what was there to like about this one? We lost the division lead. A-Rod and Swisher left with injuries. And Vazquez’s dead arm is getting on my nerves. Why keep him in the rotation? I couldn’t stand watching, and the experience was made worse by images of Damon not being a Yankee. Ugh. Just ugh.


  1. yankeefansarah

    I really hope the Yankees offense decides to show up for the game tonight, that’s all I’m gonna say about that.
    By the way, I thought I should tell you that I’m dying to see Jeter get pied. I thought it would happen tonight, but no chance. So dissapointing. He needs to be pied before he retires. He seems like he has a great sense of humor, I’d like to see how he’d handle it. Anyway, here’s to hoping the next game goes better!

  2. YankeeCase

    Yes, Jane… Ugh, indeed! This was the game I had to end up going to?!
    The game was so disappointing on so many levels. For one I didn’t realize the Yankees hadn’t seen Scherzer before. Had I known, I might’ve just stayed home knowing the trend for the last two somewhat years.

    Two, A-Rod and Swisher being taken out of the game was cause for concern for me, seeing how no announcements are ever made why a player is taken out.

    Three, Javy Vazquez and the dead arm. That home run was a killer. It totally deflated the entire ballpark. But he did manage to keep it at that. It was totally surprising to see that he had 96 pitches in the fourth inning though! Que, what?!

    Four, my friends and I sat through this thick humid haze for almost four hours, and it was only a 3-1 game! How was that possible, really? (had to be our ‘great’ pitching extending innings…)

    Five, I never got my sign on the jumbo screen (or tv?)! I made this sign that read : “Hey, Tigers! I brought cinnamon!!”, which of course anyone who loves ‘The Hangover’ understands. But, alas… It was a lie. I didn’t really have any cinnamon at all. Maybe the mere thought of cinnamon caused the tigers to freak out and get mad?

    Six, Joba! ‘Nuff said!!

    Seven, the almost comeback at the end! Agonizing torment for my soul! I thought I was finally going to be a part of a walk-off win, only to have Jeter ground into a double play…


    It was cool to see Johnny Damon back though, and be a part of the ovation he got (and a quiet, respectful applause for Phil Coke as well).

    Hopefully the game I’m going to next month will be a Yankee win… 😦

  3. lenn23

    Jane, at this point I’m starting to think that Jeter should change his initials from D.J. to D.P.! Never seen someone bounce into as many double plays as he does. Hey Amy, Wood has actually been pretty good to this point. Bullpen has been the best part of this team recently. The rest of the team is starting to scare the crap out of me though.


    Sorry I’ve been gone so long. We had our annual family reunion upstate NY and just got back yesterday. Didn’t miss much the way our boys have been playing. Ugh! I guess we are lucky to still be in first place, even if we are not alone. I’m sure C.C. will step up and do what he has to do but if the bats don’t wake up there’s not much that good pitching will do. Okay, instead of GO YANKEES I’m going to end my comments the way we do at the Stadium……………..
    Let’s Go Yankees…clap, clap, clap-clap-clap!!!

  5. Jane Heller

    I’d love to see Jeter get pied too, Sarah. But right now what I’d like to see more is some offense. Every team goes through slumps, but it seems contagious. Also, we’re really short without the bats of A-Rod, Swisher and Berkman. Maybe we can steal Damon for a game or two????

    Actually, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Wood, Amy. That first outing or two scared me, because he was pretty wild. But he’s pitched scoreless baseball lately, so no complaints from me.

    Oh, YankeeCase. Of all the games to go to. So sorry! I don’t know what to say except it doesn’t sound like it was much fun. On the other hand, you got to be at the Stadium, which is a treat under any circumstances. And yes, hopefully your next time in the Bronx will be the exact opposite: beautiful weather AND a beautiful win.

    LOL on Jeter’s initials, Len. I bet he leads the league in that stat, sadly. I was sure we’d scratch out a couple more runs, given Valverde’s wildness, but noooo. Very disappointing.

    Hope the family reunion was fun, Diane. No, you haven’t missed much on the Yankees front. They’ve been playing really blah. But you’re right – CC will save us!

  6. raysrenegade

    That Detroit pitcher Max Sher…whatever is the same guy who went toe-to-toe with Matt Garza before he surrendered a Grand Slam to Matt Joyce. He is one of those guys the Tigers got in that 2010 Edwin Jackson trade, and will be a great force behind Verlander next season.
    Valverde…Talk about someone needing some serious counseling on not trying to show up the opposition.
    If he ever came to the plate, they would drill him with a 98 mph fastball in the chin.

    Rays Renegade

  7. peggy3

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans…

    Well…not a terrific game last night. I don’t mind sweating and getting home at 1:00 am when they win but after a loss it certainly is a bummer.

    What’s with this offense? What’s with not hitting pitchers they have never seen before …aren’t there scouting reports? Videos to watch? This is really getting ridiculous. They beat Cy Young winners but can’t hit run of the mill pitchers…truly baffling. Surprisingly I thought DJ would be the leader in DP’s since it always seems that’s what he is doing lately but he’s only in a 4 way tie for forth (which includes Almighty Mauer). The leader…Billy Butler has 25 …Jeter has 17 (only seems like What about Javy….over a 100 pitches in 4 innings. You can accept that from a rookie but a veteran should be able to manage to get through 6 innings. Every inning Javy pitched felt like it would never end …it was excrutiating to say the least. Congrats to Mitre and Wood for not letting the game get out of hand and giving the Yanks a chance to get back into it. I actually had no problem with the homer Joba gave up as he’s pitched well since his demotion …this game is on the hitters (as was the last game too). This lineup should be able to get 3 or more runs a game. Are they just getting old? They sure looked like it last night. I still think we will get a hot streak at some point and pull ahead to win it but it’s painful watching right now. I hope Swish & Alex are ok too.

    On a positive note …Johnny D did receive a great ovation which I’m sure made him feel really good. Of course once he stepped in the batter’s box my only thought was STRIKE HIM OUT !!! LOL

    Also …very inspiring story about Jorge Grajales. I had the usual tears in my eyes and truly amazing how far he threw the first pitch with no arms. Amazing young man and such wonderful foster parents Mr. & Mrs. Dyksen. God Bless them all …

    The final thing that drives me NUTS !! They try to start that stupid wave while the Yankees are losing 2-0 (leave the damn wave in the ocean where it belongs!!!). I can’t stand the wave but if they are going to do it at least let the Yankees be winning. I don’t get these people ..there’s a close game going on and all they are interesting in is standing up and going ooooooooooooooh. I say GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR to the wave.

    I’ll be there again tonight ..should be a great matchup of CC & Verlander. I’m hoping CC pitches a complete game shutout …OR…at least a gets a win !

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!


    Here we go again. Nothing better to say or do than try to say it with song. Hey, Justin — this one’s dedicated to you, man — from Da Yanks, to the ol’ tune by The Teddy Bears:
    “To know, know, know you
    Is to love, love, hitting you
    Just to see you pitch
    Maybe won’t be a b**ch
    To know, know, know you
    Is to love, love hitting you
    And we do (well I do hope they…well I do hope they…)”
    And on and on it goes. Obviously, the New Action Figures on my wall did no good whatsoever…pretty soon, what with the 7-fold Javy Krishna not workin’ either, I may go with a black cat bone and a mojo tooth (hey, it worked for Muddy Waters, and boy are we singin’ the blues)…!!
    But at least now we have A BOOK. We KNOW this pitcher. Okay, so nobody hits him too well. But with CC, there’s always hope. I hope. Hope-a-Dope, signing off…

  9. Jane Heller

    Renegade, I could tell Scherzer (I think that’s his name) was the real deal. No doubt. But the Yankees offense has been dreadful lately no matter which pitcher they face. So frustrating. As for Valverde, what a clown.

    I don’t know if it’s the pinstripes, Jeff. He stunk early, then really got it together for a while. Now he has “dead arm” and his velocity is down. I think they should skip him in the rotation and go with Mitre. (Can’t believe I just wrote that.)

    Poor you, Peggy, having to sit through that one like YankeeCase. You’re right about the bullpen – Wood has been a nice surprise since the early going – and Joba’s homer didn’t really impact the game. The offense was as dead as Javy’s arm. Very inspiring story to kick off HOPE Week. What a courageous young man. As for the wave, don’t get me started. People really do have short attention spans. (I never mind long comments, btw, especially yours!)

    Yeah, Dave. At least the hitters have actually faced Verlander, as tough as he is. Will it make a difference? Who knows. I’m dubious with A-Rod and Swisher hurt (Berkman too, although it seems the minute we christen someone our DH they get injured). I’ll be doing the Hope-A-Dope too.

  10. charm

    The Yankees aren’t the only ones who have trouble with young pitchers they’ve never faced before. The Rays have the exact same problem, and I’ve heard from like Twins and Rangers fans that the same thing happens to them… Who knows what it is with top tier teams being baffled by seemingly average pitchers at this point (not to say Scherzer isn’t going to be good).

    The funniest part is that with all their struggles against pitchers they should hit, the Rays tag Cliff Lee for 6 runs. Go figure.

  11. Jane Heller

    Interesting phenomenon, isn’t it, charm? I honestly don’t know what to make of it. I understand being somewhat baffled by a new pitcher once or twice through the order, but for the whole game?

  12. Jane Heller

    At least, Paul. Your guys definitely have a bigger problem right now. K-Rod is making Kevin Brown look like a choirboy.

  13. crzblue2

    Hi Jane!
    I still got to see your mom’s video. I keep forgetting that is a no-no at work. I could still picture her from the last video. I am heading to the Ravine in a couple hours. Hopefully the Dodgers find a way to win for a change.

  14. Jane Heller

    Glad you got to see Mom’s video, Emma. Here’s hoping the Dodgers pick it up and you see a good game tonight.

  15. Jane Heller

    I hear you, YankeeCase. It’s always fun to go to the Stadium. But your experience would have been way better if they’d played well. When I went to see them last year, they played the Nats and lost. It was sooo depressing.

    Seeing Damon is fun, seindsfeld. And while Cashman probably does wish there had been a way to hang on to him, I doubt very much if he’s pining for Melky.

  16. YankeeCase

    Well of course I had fun. I always love going to Yankee Stadium, and always love seeing my team play. It’s always a great experience, being there live. I just wish we would’ve had that win… That’s where the disappointment lies.


    Seeing Damon sure was fun. Especially when the Tigers beat the Yankees and Cashman squirmed in his chair thinking “What have I done? Berkman? Johnson? Vasqueeze? Kearns? Really? Man… sure glad what’s his face isn’t here to rip me a new one…” Okay, not sure if he said that but its still a fun thought. Know what else is fun? Melky, the 9th inning wonder, did it again yesterday… walk off style. Maybe at the same time Jeter hit into his DP? Just a thought.

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