So Let Me Get This Straight…

I took a day off from baseball and it turns out the Yankees took one too?????
Yeah, I know. They actually showed up at Kauffman Stadium, but apparently AJ was the only one with a pulse.
I mean, the guy pitched a gem and nobody hit? Against a pitcher who, granted, was a new face, but so what? Yesterday Kevin Long was a genius and today the bats were silent? I always say that any team can beat any other team on any given day, but the Yankees need to win series, not split them.
splitting log.JPG
I plan to watch tomorrow night’s game against Detroit, so I’d really appreciate it if we beat the Tigers, like, 20-2.


  1. beckers46

    What the hell?! I spent the day in Richmond with friends. When I found out they lost, I was ticked. I didn’t show up either! I will make sure to tune in for the entire Detroit series. – Becky :0/

  2. lenn23

    The most puzzling aspect of this team in recent years is in its seeming inability to hit against starters that they’ve never faced before. It must be because it is a team made up of mostly veterans that are more set in their ways. I don’t know. But, Bryan F’ing Bullington?!

  3. beckers46

    It’s Hope Week! I loved reading the stories last year. Looking forward to all the events this week. Just saw A-Rod, Swish, and CC on the Today Show. They gave Ann Curry a t-shirt and now they’re handing out memorabilia to the fans. Man!!! I wish I had known this in advance. I would have drove up to NYC just to stand in the crowd and shake their hands, etc. Jane, did you get up super early to stand in line at NBC news? 😀 Have a great day fans! – Becky :0)


    The Book…where’s The Book?…uh-oh, THEY’VE got it…
    Sadly, lenn23 can’t be more right. At this point, the Un-Bombers CAN’T win a game without a book on a pitcher… and every team can now dismiss their scouts in the event our team makes the postseason (don’t count on it yet!). Who needs to scout Los Janquis when all you gotta do is (a) bring up three fresh young arms from the minors, or (b) start three pitchers who’ve NEVER faced the Yanks before, and…presto…bring out the brooms! They have The Book on us if we have No Book on them…and that’s just sad.
    In another vain effort to reverse the mojo…I’m home today (doing my 2nd posting as usual, as the 1st one blew up as usual)…cleaning up and cleaning out things…and stumbled onto two action figures of Our Boyz that were bought but put away as gifts forgotten and never given to Son #2. Now that he’s too old for such things (but his Childish Father is not)…Jorge Posada now adorns our Yankee Wall in the basement, while the Fathead of The Captain now has a fresh little Jeet figure next to it to keep it company…let’s hope there’s two new talismans to turn things back around for She-Fan!!

  5. Jane Heller

    Becky, I’m so mad I missed the boys on the Today show this morning! Maybe they’ll show a clip on YES or Hulu or the Today web site. Will take a look later.

    Ugh, Scott. What a horrible result, especially since the Rays won. There was no excuse for their lackadaisical play, and I can understand why Girardi was mad after the game.

    Very puzzling, Len. I’ve never understood it and I still don’t. They talked about how he threw first pitch strikes. So what? A couple of times through the order and they couldn’t figure him out? They can only beat the Becketts and Halladays of the sport, but not the new kids? Pathetic.

    I read that he was a 1st round draft pick, Jeff, so I’m sure he’s got a lot of talent. But I don’t think he’d won a major league game before yesterday. Leave it to the Yankees to hand him one.

    There doesn’t seem to be a book on unknown pitchers, Dave. But you’re right – teams certainly have a book on us. Just throw someone who’s never pitched before and we’re sure to be baffled. Opposing teams should just let fans pitch to us at this point.

  6. blithescribe

    Hello. I found your blog this season and have really been enjoying your posts. I am an Angels fan but also a huge a baseball fan in general and it’s nice to see so many people from different fan-doms just talking baseball together in one place.

    I hear your frustration with the game last night – heck you know what our season has been like. Angels fans know frustration. It’s really surprised me the last few years to see how hard a time the Yankees have with pitchers they haven’t seen before, like the game where we pitched Sean O’Sullivan. The kid pitched a decent game but he was hardly lights out and, indeed, when he returned to Yankee stadium in a Royals uniform the next week your guys had no problem with him. But this is a very small thing. I am sure you will have a lot to cheer about in the coming games and just hope my guys can rally and give us something more to cheer about too.

  7. Jane Heller

    He must be pretty good, Paul. The Yankees seemed impressed with him. But they just can’t pull the trigger against guys they haven’t face and it’s weird.

  8. peggy3

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans…

    Jane …Here’s a link to the Today Show segment with the

    I’m forgetting all about the road trip and now with Hope Week hope springs eternal. Last year the Yankees won all 5 games during Hope Week …so here’s to another week of wins but most importantly….happiness, cheer & encouragement to the recipients of this special week.

    I’ll be at the game tonight to help open Home Week and to welcome back Johnny D. Can’t wait …

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  9. peggy3

    Oh …I wanted to say …I JUST LOVE YOUR SHE-FAN MOM !!!
    I want to be just like her when I grow up… :o)

    Please give her my best …even if she doesn’t know me

    Go Yankees 2010

  10. Jane Heller

    Peggy, a million thanks for posting the link to the Today show. I loved it! Of course if it were up to me, they would have spent a whole hour with A-Rod, Swish and CC, but I’ll take what I can get. Very exciting that you’ll be there tonight for the start of HOPE week. And I will give my mom your best wishes. She’s always amazed when I explain that people saw her on the blog and enjoyed what she had to say.

  11. peggy3

    I’m with you Jane on the WHOLE hour but I must say the guys looked great and did us proud. CC & Alex made Swish and Matt look small tho’

    Your Mom is the best (although I’m a big fan of Alex so
    don’t tell her that ..haha). Where Mo is concerned ….no
    words can ever express …love that man…..

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  12. Jane Heller

    A whole hour – oh why not two hours! lol – would have been great, Peggy. I’m a fan of Alex’s too, which is why I always try to convert my mother. She’s kind of coming around – a little.

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