The Original She-Fan Discusses A-Rod’s Spitting Versus Mo’s Spitting, Among Other Things

Checking in from New York after watching the Yankees homer their way to victory tonight. What a great game. Pitcher’s duels are exciting, but there’s nothing like a bunch of taters – especially loooong ones – to get me cheering. Before the game, I sat my 93-year-old mother down for another She-Fan Cam chat, which I split into two parts. Note that her comments about A-Rod in Part 1 changed after he went deep four times. LOL.



    Hey Jane! I’ve been pretty busy, plus my computer doesn’t work right now. I’ve missed a few games, but this one was insane. Just as I was saying the season is over, they’ll lose 1-0 to the Royals Arod comes out and hits three (3) homers! You’re mom is so cool! Thanks for the videos. My mom feels the same way about Arod, he’s kind of a egotistical dork, but he tries. I hope you missed me XD

  2. yankeefansarah

    Thanks for the video clips. Your Mom is adorable, and she knows a lot about baseball! My Dad can’t stand A-Rod. I try to tell him that he seems to have changed over the past few years, but he won’t buy it.
    Anyway, I laughed so hard when your Mom said Mo’s spit is different… like it’s the spit of a God! 🙂

  3. angelsgirl012

    She’s adorable! What an eloquent lady 🙂 I think this is one of my favorite interviews so far! She seems very knowledgeable of the game and such a big fan of baseball! That’s so great! We can really see where your passion and fandom comes from!

    I loved the Arod spitting v Mo spitting and the little spat you two had about Mo! Haha! Running off to Panama. Very funny.

  4. bklyntrolleyblogger

    93?! Bless her Yankee soul! You’re a rotten “desirous daughter” for even thinking about beating up your Mom. Don’t you know Mom’s know best as evidenced by her opinions about ARod? The story about her Pop, Sunday games and cigar smoke was truly a trip back in time. Thank her for me! I think I…I..Lo I bet she has amazing stories to tell! All hail the original She-Fan.

  5. beckers46

    Jane, thank you so much for sharing your interview with your mother. I loved it! Yankeefansarah, I too loved the part about Mo’s ‘holy’ spit, lol! I’m glad we won last night. It was touch and go though. Especially when Phil had bases loaded. I loved all the base stealing. I especially loved when Gardner got a base hit and in a blink of an eye he was on 2nd base! A-rod and all those home runs. It took him FOREVER and a day to hit #600. Last night he hit them effortlessy. KLong definitely deserves a raise. I like the improvements I’m seeing lately. Attached is a video of my abuela Carmen. She moved to the Bronx from Puerto Rico when she was a teen. Watch as she reminisces about seeing the George Washington Bridge and Yankee Stadium for the first time. I get goose bumps hearing her she-fan stories, as well as stories from other incredible she-fans. Have a great day fans! – Becky :0)
    P.S. Do I really sound like that?! Lol! I sound silly interviewing my abuela.

  6. ooaooa

    Hello to the SheMomFan!

    Met a Rhode Island Yankee fan at the grocery store this morning. Nice guy but not dedicated to the degree we are. I intend to seek out and distroy today. I’ve got 6 more days and I need to make some people miserable.

  7. raysrenegade

    You are certainly cut from the same cloth as your momther.
    It is a great compliment to see that she passed the SheFan gene onto you and that you both embrace your pinstripe pride.
    Kudos to Mom for telling it like it is…..

    Rays Renegade


    I was hoping you’d post a video of your mom during this visit! Tell her “hi” and that she is beautiful! She doesn’t look a day over 70.

    Loved her crush on Mo and how his spit is different. It is. It’s classy. ; – )

    I share her feelings about ARod but hearing Michael Young, Curtis Granderson, and others speak about him as a team mate made me soften towards him a little.


  9. Jane Heller

    Yes, seindsfeld, I did miss you. 🙂 How about that crazy game last night! Ioved A-Rod’s homers but Grandy’s was great too because he’s been working so hard on his swing. Glad you liked my mom’s videos.

    The spit of God. Lol, Sarah! That’s perfect. If there’s a dignifed way to spit, Mo does it. My mom does know a lot about baseball, and what she doesn’t know or understand she asks about. Like last night with O’Sullivan pitching, she kept asking about his changeup!

    Mimi, my mom used to be a teacher and she still loves words. She’s also a stickler for grammar and gets mad when people mess up!

    I will thank my mom for you, Mike. I love listening to her talk about Ruth and Gehrig. She may not always remember what happened two days ago but she has great recall about years long past.

    Becky, I can’t wait to hear your interview and will click on the link as soon as I’m off the blog. As for Kevin Long, Alex said he was a genius in the post game interview with Kim Jones and I guess Granderson must agree. Of course when guys go into a slump, we’ll all start knocking him again. lol

    Six more days, John? Plenty of time for you to wreak havoc and notch some converts! Get busy!

    I will surely tell my mom about your comment, Melissa. She’ll giggle when I mention the “not a day over 70” part. She’s already calling herself 94 even though her birthday isn’t until January. I agree about Alex and his teammates’ reactions to him. And it’s interesting how he always mentions them in his interviews. Very team-player mentality now, it seems.

  10. mikeeff

    delicious! it was alm ost as if she was waiting for you to ask about A-Rod- i went back and watched that section like 5 times. you say “A-Rod hit his 600th home run this week” the expression on her face as she is saying “yes” is priceless and a tiny wince with a resigned smile as she closes her eyes…
    anyway such a delight. i particularly loved hearing about her watching as a child… thanks so much for sharing and send her love…



    Computer is broke at home, so I just stopped by the office to check on you and the outside world.

    Great work by your Mom, poised and elegant. Thanks for sharing her.

  12. theheirloom

    Talk about honesty! She yields Mo to you and is not a fan of A-Rod…wow. She doesn’t hold back either!

    If my mom was still alive – they should meet! Of course, my mom would talk about Lasorda and Garvey until the cows come home…

  13. Jane Heller

    We are cut from the same cloth, Renegade. I hope I’m still able to talk about baseball and remember the players’ names when I’m 93!

    I wish you could have been there for our “interview,” Mike, but you described my mother’s expression and initial reaction to the question to a tee. She tries to be polite even when she has something negative to say, and sadly I didn’t inherit that trait. 🙂

    ‘Nuff said is right, Ellen. Mo’s spit is entirely different! LOL.

    Great idea, Paul. Just one problem: she doesn’t have a computer. She’d have plenty to write about though.

    Sorry about your computer, jojovanb. I’ve been having technical problems all day, so I feel your pain. Glad you enjoyed Mom.

    She doesn’t hold back, Randy, but as I said above she has a way of taking the high road when I wouldn’t necessarily do the same!

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