Wearing Out My Welcome, Possibly

Tonight’s game was all kinds of crazy. The Yankees were down 1-0 when I had to leave the house for dinner with friends. I listened to the game on my phone during the drive over to their place, and it sounded like Lee was in total control. Vazquez, on the other hand, was pitching with a “dead arm” and it showed.
(Just curious. If you continue to pitch with a dead arm, doesn’t the arm get deader?)
By the time I arrived at the dinner party, the Yanks were down 6-1 and I turned my focus to the amazing meal our hostess had put together. She’s a professional chef who used to have her own cooking show in LA, so invitations from her are not taken lightly. Still, I had the nerve to ask, just as we were sitting down to eat, “Would anyone mind if I turned on the TV in the living room? The Yankees are on ESPN.” Being a good friend as well as an accommodating hostess, she said, “Sure. Go ahead,” but kind of rolled her eyes.
Dinner was amazing. So, apparently, were the Yankees. I heard Rick Sutcliffe say something like, “and Cliff Lee is out of the game.” I dropped my knife and fork and went running into the living room to see what was going on – and let out a scream when I saw that the Yanks were climbing back into the game.
That was it for dinner. I stood in front of the TV and watched the rest of the way. My God, what drama! It was exciting and heart attack-y and everything in between. When Mo gave up that triple to start the ninth, I nearly passed out. But he held on, and so did I. There was just one tiny problem: I had abandoned my friends. Will I ever be invited back? I really hope so.


  1. beckers46

    There was a lot of drama. I had to minimize the game on my computer and walk away. I came back occasionally to check on things. I couldn’t deal with the cramps the game was giving me. So happy they were able to come from behind last night. I really want Cliff Lee in Yankee pinstripes. I thought about that the whole game. Even Michael Kay kept bringing up how the Yanks almost had him. Hopefully, something can happen this offseason.
    Before the game, my family and I went out to dinner. The restaurant had ESPN on. There was an interview with Nick Swisher. My sister and I were straining our necks to see the special on him. Our waiter was very kind to turn the volume up for us. When Joe Girardi became Yankees manager, my mom and I were out for lunch during his press conference. The restaurant we went to had it on one of their tvs. My mother, with her South Bronx accent, convinced our waiter to put it on the big screen tv for us to watch. We tip our waiters well for hooking us up! πŸ˜€ Safe travels tomorrow, Jane. Enjoy your trip to the East Coast. Have a great day fans! – Becky

  2. ooaooa

    When you’re good, thats great. When you’re lucky, thats good.

    When you’re good and lucky, thats great Yankee baseball!
    FYI, there have been mysterious holes on the beach the last couple of mornings. I investigated early this morning and it appears a number of Red Sox fans who were buried deep have begun to reimerge. Maybe I can still have some fun!

  3. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    I wish there were some kind of machine that measured the amount of surprise in the atmosphere, because the east coast will be filled with it this morning!

    I went to bed with the Yanks losing, read for a while, then turned the radio on and it was 6-5. Fell asleep, but woke up for the 9th. Since my husband was sleeping, I had to do some silent cheering and fist pumping.

    But after Mo gave up that lead off triple, then a fly ball, my heart was pumping. Even though they won, it took me a long time to settle down and get to sleep.

    Wonderful come back against one of the best pitchers in the game. And Berkman and Thames had RBIs. Thames had a great game and I take back all the bad stuff I’ve thought about him this season.


  4. yankeepaul

    Oh Jane, you’re so right, what the game!
    It was 4am here in italy when we were down 4-1….that was the moment when I turned off my laptop, cause I wasn’t able to keep my eyes open and because Lee was on the mound, afterall.
    So you can imagine my joy when I got that mail from mlb.com: Yanks won!! New let’s sweep the Royals, we need it!

  5. yankeesfan27

    What a game. I got updates from people through the first 6, but finally tuned in right when Jeet scored on the WP. What a comeback! Even without Tex! What will happen today, when we face the sucky Chen…. with Tex! Today my lineup prediction…
    SS Jeet
    RF Swish
    1B Teixeira
    3B Arod
    2B Cano
    DH Thames
    LF Kearns
    CF Grandy
    C Cervelli
    LHP CC Sabathia

  6. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Thanx…I needed that. THEY needed that…we ALL did!!
    Yes, it’s just a midweek road game with 49 yet to play, but it sure did feel like a whole lot more. Like many of us, it got ugly early so I tuned out, just KNOWING it was over. Now, what was it you were saying about “…why I love baseball?” Exactly that!
    …they still call him MISTER Thames, eh what? Maybe it’s because (hope I got this right) he’s wearing a Yankee uniform number that’s near & dear to my heart…once upon a time, it was worn by another of our great guys off the bench…the late great Johnny Blanchard (#38, that is). OK, so the number’s been thru bad times because of Old Bloody Sock…but now Mister Thames is restoring it to glory!!
    Apologies to Mister Kearns too, who I’ve been throwing under the bus since the day we got him…he really WAS a good player with the Reds, but was a HUGE disappointment in Washington (well, so when is THAT news…for anybody in this town?!?) — and I really had no optimism for Mr. K- Wood…but now…!
    There was, is, and hopefully always will be something extra-special about putting on our pinstripes (often imitated…notice how many teams wear ’em today?…even RED pinstrips in Philly??)…but never really duplicated) that brings out the best…from ancient days with Johnny Mize and Enos Slaughter (NL greats who helped add to our trophies in the ’50s) to Johnny D and Swish and our Kast of Karacters today…
    And as for you, She-Fan…luv your actions & reactions at The Dinner Party…how MANY times have I & my amigos snuck off from the main room of some hoity-toity affair, found the local Tube God and caught the score…if they’re friends, you’ll be invited back…and often!!

  7. scofid

    Friends? What friends? Who needs stinkin’ friends when you have Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Mariano Rivera, CC Sabathia, and last night, Marcus Thames! πŸ˜‰ Now, if only Marcus could show Curtis Granderson how to hit lefties. Hopefully, the team can build on last night’s win with a great showing in KC. Welcome back, Mark Teixeira!

  8. Jane Heller

    Becky, it’s good to know I’m not the only one who gets distracted by the Yankees at dinner parties and/or restaurants! Yes, did I ever have stomach cramps during that game. I love Cliff Lee’s ability to throw strikes and wish we’d snagged him before the trade deadline, given Vasquez’s dead arm and Phil Hughes’ innings limit, but we’ll see what happens this off season. Meanwhile, thanks for the safe sendoff. Will be leaving bright and early tomorrow but checking in from various airports!

    Good AND lucky, John. We needed both last night. I have no doubt that the Red Sox fans surrounding you have emerged. Their team is playing great. Your challenge awaits.

    I don’t know if I could have shown such restraint, Melissa. I probably would have screamed and woke my husband up. LOL. Yes, Marcus Thames has made us take back what we’ve said about him. He’s been great in his role as part-time DH. I still don’t want to see him in the outfield, but his bat really saved us last night. I’m still on the fence about Berkman.

    I was horrified when Mo gave up that leadoff triple, Jeff. I yelled, “Oh, no. Here we go again! He must be hurt! What’s wrong with him?” Total over-reaction, since he proved yet again why he’s the greatest. What a contrast to K-Rod on the other side of town.

    Yankeepaul, watching at 4 am is impressive. You’re a true fan all right. I don’t blame you for falling asleep when it looked like the Yanks were going down. So glad you woke up to a wonderful surprise!

    I wonder if the Yankees will have a bit of a letdown tonight in KC, yankeesfan27. After that emotional come-from-behind win, it wouldn’t be hard to understand. On the other hand, maybe they’ll be all pumped up. We’ll see.

    I thought of you regarding Kearns, Dave, after he made that incredible catch to save Mo’s bacon. I remembered you said how bad he was. And while he’s not a superstar by any means, he’s been a very pleasant surprise. And Thames? Who knew? He’s really taken to his part time role. I guess we’ve all had those occasions where we’ve had to excuse ourselves from a shindig to check on the Yanks. It’s just in our DNA.

  9. PAUL

    I was at a wedding the night of game 3 of the Mets-Giants 2000 NLDS; it was a home wedding. Me and another guest kept calling people and checking our phones to get scores and eventually, they turned on the TV so we could watch. It was informal and no one minded. What’s the big deal?
    (Benny Agbayani homered to win the game as I was driving through the toll booth at the Goethals Bridge. I was fist pumping like on Jersey Shore.)

  10. Jane Heller

    HAHAHA, Scott. You’re right – who needs friends when we have our favorite guys in pinstripes? I really hope this experiment with Granderson’s swing works out in time for him to help the team this season. Kevin Long has worked wonders with Cano and Swisher, so fingers crossed. And yes, welcome back Tex!

    They were full of fight, Virginia, and it was a beautiful thing. It was as if they said, “OK, last night was one thing, but we’re not losing again tonight.” Loved it.

    Those are great moments, Paul. Weddings and dinner parties are fun, but we can’t neglect our teams. No sir.

    You’re so right about Thames, Sarah. He’s been very clutch, which must be hard when you don’t play every day. And Mo? What more can we say? He told the media that after he gave up the triple, he was determined not to lose the game – and he didn’t. So cool and calm under tremendous pressure. I wish I had that quality.

    Don’t beat yourself up, Audrey. It’s a long season for us fans too, and sometimes it’s only natural to throw in the towel and say, “I can’t watch them lose tonight.” I’m glad you understand my dinner party dilemma too. Safe travels to you on the 20th, but I’m sure we’ll be “talking” before that. The weather’s been weird in SoCal this summer with foggy mornings and cooler temps, but the pattern is changing and I bet it’ll be gorgeous by the time you get to Malibu. Go to Geoffrey’s restaurant for brunch if you can. Amazing view.

  11. yankeefansarah

    I think we can never say anything bad about Thames again. You know why? Because that guy has been nothing but clutch for us this season. Whenever it mattered, he got the big hit. What a game he had last night, although I will be more than excited when I see Tex back in the lineup!
    And Mo… this is why we love Mo. Got the loss yesterday, gives up a leadoff triple- none of that affects him. He just pitches. Everytime I listen to his interviews I wonder how he can be so modest. Does he know he’s the best? Anyway, I’m proud of the Yankees for coming all the way back and winning. The feeling you get after a game like that is why we watch the game. πŸ™‚

  12. nyyfaninvt

    Well, I was sure we had lost when I went to my room to read. I couldn’t take another one – it seems whenever the Yankees are on TV lately they lose, so that’s all I seem to watch. I was complaining about how we should have swept the Red Sox, then won Tuesday night’s game – just grumbling and fuming in general. My husband came in and reported the Yanks were getting killed and I just turned my heart off for the night.

    Well, my heart has been turned back on but now it aches with self-recrimination! I am ashamed of myself, my lack of loyalty, my lack of faith! It shouldn’t have mattered that the Yanks have been leaving men on base lately and making bonehead pitching moves from time to time – they are still my boys and I owe them the whole nine innings. I swear I will never desert my boys mid-game again.

    As for the dinner party thing – completely understandable. I mean, really, who amongst us hasn’t deserted our friends for a few minutes to watch our boys?

    Have a good trip east, Jane – we head to California on the 20th. We’ll be in the Malibu area, dropping my youngest at Pepperdine. Can’t wait to see that beautiful area!


  13. cabman2@mac.com

    How great was it to see Nolan Ryan looking like he was about to blow a fuse as the Yanks staged their come back. After seeing the Texas pen i am less concerned with them then I was before these two games.


  14. crzblue2

    Is always fun to read your adventures. The things we do or go thru for the love of the game. Looking forward to your trip’s adventure.
    Audrey mentioning Pepperdine reminded me of the Steve Garvey softball game I went to see there last month. Is all beautiful around there.

  15. Jane Heller

    I’ll be missing tomorrow night’s game, yankeesfan27, unless my plane lands in time to catch some of it. Not to worry about the Yankees. They’ll be fine!

  16. cabman2@mac.com

    How great was it to see Nolan Ryan looking like he was about to blow a fuse as the Yanks staged their come back. After seeing the Texas pen i am less concerned with them then I was before these two games.


  17. Jane Heller

    Cabman, I noticed that after the last out Nolan took a big swig of his drink. I bet it was a scotch! Good point about the Texas pen. It wasn’t as impressive as I expected.

    We’re fans, Emma. We’ll always have crazy adventures, right?

  18. devilabrit

    yeah yeah the Yankees came back blah blah blah… but what the hell did the eye rolling hostess make for dinner??? πŸ™‚ was it a real cooked deal or just something she threw together… I know how these chef’s are, the simplist of things can taste really amazing…


    Phillies Outside

  19. Jane Heller

    The dinner was delish, Peter. Lots of appetizers, cheeses, wine, then grilled steak, potatoes, salad, asparagus, chocolate dessert. I was in heaven!

  20. rrrt

    Mmm, the dinner sounds yummy! Hopefully your hostess is understanding of your Yankee affliction, and will invite you back in the future.
    I’ve definitely been M.I.A. this summer – too busy trying to keep my kids from inflicting bodily harm upon each other. Counting down the days until Sept. 7 (first day of school, of course)!!
    Are you doing something fun and/or baseball related on your trip east?
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts
    (but don’t bother checking, I still haven’t posted anything since early June)

  21. Jane Heller

    Sue! I’ve missed you on the blogosphere! Glad all is well though and the kids will be in school soon. My hostess forgave me for last night and even said today, “We thought you were very entertaining.” lol. Looking foward to my trip, seeing my family and friends and hopefully getting in a Yankee game or two.

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