Ugh In Texas. Just Ugh.

It’s not fun to lose ever, but it’s really not fun to lose when:
* Their guys made three errors and your guys still couldn’t get the job done.
* Your guys were 3-for-11 with runners in scoring position.
* Your hot-hitting first baseman was on maternity leave.
* Your hot-hitting second baseman should have been in bed with Nyquil.
* Your manager was stuck with a makeshift lineup.
* Your starting pitcher held the other guys to a respectable three runs over seven innings.
* Your cleanup hitter knocked in a game-tying homer for naught.
* Your guys pushed the game into extras, only to go quickly in the 10th.
* Your god of closers decided to be human and give up a walkoff single.
* Your guys were at the other guys’ ballpark and you had to watch their fans celebrating.
* You were forced to listen to the MLB Network’s commenters say, like 16 times, that this game was a preview of the playoffs.
* You looked in your freezer and realized you were out of the best thing you’ve ever tasted.
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  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Mo is entitled to one once in a while. Better he gets them out of his system in the dog days. Playoff preview? Perhaps. Five game series’ can be perilous but let’s get there first. They just might be accumulating wins in a weak division but it didn’t seem that way tonight. They are a good team…if the August heat doesn’t drain them first.

  2. nyyfaninvt

    It was late and I was drifting in and out of consciousness so I went to bed before the bottom of the ninth. I had a bad feeling about what was coming and didn’t want to sleep on a loss. Looks like I made the right decision.

  3. yankeesfan27

    That wasn’t fun. Staying up till midnite to watch a loss sucks. Oh well. Lets play ‘Who can guess tonights lineup!’
    SS Jeet
    RF Swish
    DH Thames
    3B Alex
    2B Cano (or maybe dh since he has a cold)
    LF Kearns
    1B Berkman
    C Cervelli
    CF Grandy


    UGH, indeed. And now, LEE. Put them together, they spell: oh, never mind…
    You know, it’s a loong season, and players need breaks, I get that. But as the fan, let me play the cranky old ex-Marine (which I’m not, at least not the Marine part) like you see in those silly Geico commercials. Here goes:
    HAS OUR TEAM GONE OFF TO NAMBY-PAMBY LAND? HERE, CANO…YA NEED A KLEENEX?? CATCH!! Whatever became of guys that played with raging fevers, Montezuma’s Revenge (or the like)…and he’s out with A COLD?!? The Mick played with hangovers that would fell a moose, and probably caught colds left, right, & sideways…!
    And now, to P.O. all the lady bloggers…yes, it’s so important to have Your Man there…and so extra-important if it’s Your First One (or if there’s any medical complications at all)…but may I say, very insensitivey, that if neither is true (and I don’t know) — if all goes smoothly, it ain’t the same the next time (yes, I’ve been there, done that), so –WHADDYA DOIN’, TEX? HOLD HER HAND…KISS THE KID…AND GET YER BUTT OUT TO K.C. ON THE DOUBLE, SON!!
    There…I’ve surely insulted somebody, but it feels so much better now…

  5. yankeesfan27

    Mark is doing the right thing. Family always comes before anything else… even if you are paid millions.

  6. Jane Heller

    The Rangers are a very good team, Mike, and Wilson is a good pitcher. But they made three errors and the Yanks should have capitalized. And now they’re throwing Cliff Lee at us tonight. Gulp.

    You did make the right decision, Audrey. It’s never pretty to watch Mo give one up, but the way things were going it was easy to predict.

    You watched the game, Jeff? With all the excitement in that Cardinals-Reds game? Nice brawl.

    Your lineup looks very probable, yankeesfan27, given Jorge’s “cranky shoulder.” We need all the right handers we can get tonight, even if they’re not Mark Teixeira.

    I never said those crabs were the best thing I ever ate, Paul. I just said they were fun!

  7. Jane Heller

    Dave, you raise a very interesting – if un-PC – topic. Should players be more “old school” and be in the lineup regardless of illness and family issues? In Cano’s case, it looked like more than a cold and I don’t know why Girardi used him at all. He had a fever and, as some on Twitter remarked, even his gorgeous cocoa skin looked pasty white. As for Tex, I had the same thought as you did. Isn’t one day with the new baby enough? I’m glad he and his wife welcomed a healthy child into the world, but he’s not nursing (sorry, couldn’t resist) and now that he knows everything’s OK with the baby maybe he could have hopped on a plane to Texas? But times have changed in the workplace, even in baseball’s workplace, so we’ll just have to do without him until KC.

    Yankeesfan27, see above. When Dave and I were growing up and watching baseball, players didn’t leave the team no matter what. It’s a different world now.

    Nyybeast, go to the YouTube video you want to use, copy the EMBED code of the video and then paste it into the blog. Good luck!

  8. yankeesfan27

    I agree with Tex being back for todays game. I understand him missing yesterday. Everything considered, we did well yesterday despite no Tex, and 1/2 a game without Cano. AJ was good too.

  9. yankeefansarah

    The Yankees and the Rangers could meet in the playoffs… however, if they did then Teixeira would not be by his wife’s side waiting for her to give birth and Cano will not be feeling sick. While this loss was “just ugh” as you described it, I know Mo’s mentality is just to move on and get ready for the next game, so we have to do the same.

  10. Jane Heller

    AJ was very good, yankeesfan27 – an encouraging game for him.

    Mo does have that mentality, Sarah, which is why he’s such a great closer. He accepts responsibility and then turns the page. I hope he gets the chance to close tonight.

    Can’t help you more than the suggestion I already gave, nyybeast. That’s all I know to do. Sorry.

  11. Jane Heller

    Peggy, you read my mind. LOL. I’d tell Mrs. Tex the exact same thing! Like Dave, I think we’re old school on these matters. I hope you’re right about Javy versus Lee. As we saw the other day with Moseley versus Beckett, what looks like a mismatch on paper isn’t always how it goes.

    Love that Mick story, Dave! And I don’t think you were boorish at all. I think it’s reasonable to compare the way players are used (and excused) today with how it used to be. Just different times.

  12. peggy3

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans…

    That was certainly a tough loss but it certainly won’t be the last …it even happens to Mo …the God of Baseball. Unfortunately or fortunately for me ..depending on how you want to look at it …I couldn’t see the game because the hotel cable doesn’t get channel 9 in NY or MLB. Thankfully
    I do get the YES channel so I don’t miss out on most of the games. If it’s a Friday night game I go to my daughter’s to watch it. I did listen to the game on the computer. John
    Sterling is a nice guy but if I had to listen to him all the time
    I’d go crazy. Thank goodness it’s only in very small doses.

    As for Tex …if I was Mrs. Tex I’d tell him to pack those bags while I made his plane reservation. I’d tell him..”the team needs you …get going !!!” Of course ..I don’t know if she loves the Yankees as much as I do … :o).

    Hopefully Javy can do a good job tonight while the Yankees knock Lee out…stranger things have happened. I let the game play on the field ..not by the numbers in the book.

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!


    Well, excuse me. I knew I’d step in it. My Better Half would surely slay me if she read what I said…so all apologies…
    Thank you, She-Fan, for ‘splainin’ my old-school ways to the modern mind…I’ve read too many stories about The Babe, or putting Hack Wilson (a Cub) in a tub, of ice, so he could sober up enough to stand out there the next afternoon at Wrigley and knock in a few more runs (which he did, more often that not)…he also died young…
    As long as I’m off on this tangent…how about making up for my boorishness with “Storytime.” It was Very Late in The Mick’s career. The Yanks were in Bal’mer, both teams out of it (esp. NY, sadly), and Hank Bauer was managing the O’s. He saw that Mick wasn’t in the lineup that afternoon, and he knew why…the two of ’em were out howling the nite before! Mick sat on the bench and “slept it off” ’til the 9th inning. And then…with men on, the game on the line…he was sent in to pinch-hit!
    Bauer laughed to himself…Mickey can barely stand up!! So he told the pitcher “just throw strikes” — sure enough, Mick missed the first 2 pitches by miles and nearly fell over. So, the pitcher threw another one in there — and Mickey hit it almost outa Memorial Stadium for the game-winning HR. As he rounded 3rd, he winked at Bauer, who went NUTS! But only The Mick could do that…

  14. Jane Heller

    Wow. Melissa. Tell us how you really feel! I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree on the subject of ballplayers and their babies and, as you say, unite in support of our Yanks tonight!


    Ah yes, let us return to those days of yesteryear, when men were really MEN and didn’t spend time with their kids unless it was to beat them after their wives said “Wait until your father gets home!” When a paycheck was the most important thing and drinking and being with your buddies was what mattered most. Women? Bah, those weak, silly, brainless creatures should be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen. And if they MUST work, they can be a nurse, secretary, or a teacher, because they just are unable to do any other jobs, bless their silly little hearts.

    And people, we love our Yankees to pieces but really, it’s baseball! Teixiera wasn’t missing life-saving heart surgery. (Well, maybe his absence gave some fans heart attacks!)

    I don’t think it’s fair to act like Cano took his day off so lightly. We have no idea how many times he’s played sick or in pain.

    As for the Mick, well, I loved him dearly and to those of us growing up in that era he always will hold a very special place in our hearts. But in his final years, he spoke many times of how he wished he’d lived his life differently. He was only 64 when he died. I feel like weeping when I write that.

    And yes, back in the day, players played hurt. They also had much shorter careers because of it.

    Yankeesfan27, I agree with you. I think we did really well considering what we were expecting when the line up was announced and how AJ has been pitching as of late.

    But let us all now unite in our love for this crazy game and this amazing team. Let’s hope for a good win tonight!!!!! Tampa Bay already lost (hate to put that dagger in your heart Renegade).



    Yes, can you tell I have very strong feelings on the subject of childbirth and how our male-dominated culture has devalued it? I’ll stop talking about it now!

    But, I did think to myself that perhaps the timing of the births could have been planned a little better (like during the off season!) Then it struck me that both Tex and CC must have done some post World Series celebrating since the Yankees won the World Series exactly 9 months ago! ; – )


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