Never Mind What I Said Yesterday

Today’s game reminded me why baseball can be so frustrating. Way too many if only’s. Way too many missed opportunities. Way too many of these.
Huuuughes was great after a shaky start, but Lester was better. Still, the Yankees were in it until the bitter end and could have/should have launched a come-from-behind victory.
In the “if only” category:
Marcus Thames’ ball that almost went over the wall for a homer.
Austin Kearns’ screamer that went foul.
Gardner’s failure to steal after being inserted as a pinch runner for A-Rod.
In the “missed opportunities” category:
Granderson’s K with bases loaded.
Swisher’s three Ks.
Berkman’s pop-up as a pinch hitter. (Back came the boos.)
An overall 0-for-9 with RISP.
In the just-plain “suckitude” category:
Posada’s throws to second base. Can he please not catch three games in a row?
Was there good news today? Sure. The pitching was stellar, even if Joba did get slider happy in the ninth. And Swisher and Kearns made terrific catches. But mostly, I turned off the TV and felt like cleaning the house, just to blow off steam.
Speaking of blowing off steam, did everyone read about the Jet Blue flight attendant who flipped out at JFK?
I’m flying Jet Blue into Kennedy on Friday night for the start of my vacation back east. If that guy had been on my flight, I would have whipped out the She-Fan Cam, gotten him on video and posted it here. But not to worry. I’ll be bringing the Cam with me, just in case.



    Why, why, why? That was my first thought at the end of today’s game. How could we LOSE that game to Boston? We had so many chances, and as I drove around, doing errands, I had a bad feeling in my gut. You are right about Posada – I love him dearly but he is just not good at throwing out at 2nd anymore. When Posada got the hit in the 8th/9th(?) I kept yelling at the radio, “Put Cervelli in to pinch run!”. Joe didn’t listen to me! I don’t understand how we strand so many runners. Boston should have been ours today!
    I read about the Jet Blue attendant from your link! Don’t we fantasize about things like that at times? LOL!

  2. southernbelle

    Jane: OMG I was so mad after this game. Hughes was great, I feel bad that he didn’t get the W to show for it. And Jorge…wow…people were complaining about Cervelli, and look what Jorge did today. Wow. But the offense was baaaaad today. Granderson is getting on my nerves…

  3. Jane Heller

    We did have a lot of chances, Kathleen. That was the maddening part. Lester pitched great, but once he got tired the offense should have pounced. I agree about pinch running for Posada. If anyone else had been on base, a run would have scored. And yes, I think we all fantasize about what the flight attendant did, just saying: “That’s enough! I’ve had it!”

    Not a good game for Jorge, Virginia. Granderson came up in big situations and couldn’t produce, but he had plenty of company. It was painful watching all those strikeouts.

  4. yankeefansarah

    Today was a dissapointing loss, because of how many opportunites the Yankees wasted. The good thing for us is, we just took four games off our schedule. We’re still in first and Boston is still 6 back. Things could be a lot worse. Plus… I’m thinking back to that video you made of everything that could have gone wrong. None of that happened, so that’s a plus, right?
    On a serious note, people seem to be getting more fed up with Granderson every day. I hope he figures himself out, because I really, really like the guy. He seems like one of the nicest, most genuine players out there. He’s one of those guys who you just want to do well!

  5. scofid

    I have been so bummed today. This was a game that we should have taken in the latter innings. Not exactly the way I wanted the team to head to Texas. Hopefully, they’ll turn it up a notch as they head for Fat Elvis’s home state…

  6. Jane Heller

    Thank goodness none of the worst case scenarios in the video came true, Sarah, or I’d have to shut down this blog! I’m with you on Granderson. I like him so much and would love to see him do well. It just may take him longer to adjust to NY.

    Wasn’t that Jet Blue story hilarious, Mike? I can’t imagine what the passengers must have thought. I sure would have videotaped it all if I’d been there.

    I was bummed too, Scott. I wanted the Yanks to head for Texas on a positive note because we’ll be facing a very tough team. But a lot of the guys have hit well in Arlington, so maybe they’ll come through again.

  7. usfraysfan

    I’m a Rays fan, I want the Yankees to burn those Red Sux into the ground, they are the scum of the earth.

  8. devilabrit

    Now things may have been diferent had you got out the ‘Swiffer’ instead of the mop… love the ‘If Only’ have a lot of those with the Phillies….

    have fun back East on your vacation…


    Phillies Outside

  9. ooaooa

    Sat next to an arrigent boistrous Sox fan having dinner watching the 9th inning yesterday. Don’t you just hate people who take baseball so seriously!:) I wanted a walk off so bad. Granderson is a one year wonder for sure. Crawford will be a nice upgrade. Colin curtis is more reliable.
    Jonathan Abs gave up a run yesterday but got the win. Montero is ready.

  10. ladyjane303

    Yes, frustrating game yesterday. Bases loaded, no out and we don’t score – shame on you (us)! The Jet Blue flight attendant is becoming some kind of folk hero here – it will be interesting to see how this plays out. More important – what games are you going to next week? I’ll be there on Tuesday – would love to see you again.


    Frustrating game? Yes. But also wonderful in its own way. Thames missing that home run to tie by mere inches! It’s why we love this game. That and the fact that one swing in the bottom of the ninth would have made a different result.

    BUT . . . if I were managing, I would have put Cervelli in to pinch run and I don’t think I would have taken ARod out. But for some reason, Girardi didn’t call me to ask my opinion.

    I will give lots of credit to Lester. His location and use of the whole plate really made him almost unhittable.

    I’m satisfied with the series – not happy, but satisfied. Just wish Tampa had lost yesterday.


  12. yankeesfan27

    Great news. Teixeira is going to be staying in NY to see his wife give birth. It is up in the air whether he will be back for tonight. I imagine if Tex is gone, they will either keep Grandy in the lineup, and play Swish at first and Kearns in right. Choice 2 is playing jopo at first, swish in right and kearns in left.

  13. thomasox

    Dearest Jane,
    I thank the Yankees, by way of you, for not destroying our season. A split means we Sox fans can hold onto the small piece of hope, which resembles the hearty snack we know and love as Slim Jim. When I ran through a Quick Chek last night for ice cream, I noticed there are many varieties of flavor and style with ole Jim, yet each and every one is still pretty damn thin. Some taller, like our hopes, but still thin, like our chances.
    More importantly, safe travels back east. I hope you don’t mind if some of us stalk you for a few days.
    Lots of love, with many confessions,

    PS. Only kidding about the stalking thing. You know that.


    A very disappointing loss, Jane – glad I couldn’t watch it but I followed along. Swish is striking out way too much these days – is it that he’s trying to go long and missing or is his timing just off? I can’t tell.

    And Posada playing a day game after a night game?!! That never happens. I know Cervelli hasn’t been hitting of late but they can let Posada run out of whatever gas he has left. Huges was fabulous as usual.

    So the split series is like it never happened and The Rays only had one win (what does Dave Price have that no one else has?) during so we’re still 2 games ahead heading off to Texas. GO YANKEES!!!


    Ugh. Unfortunately, I remember what I said yesterday about what could happen, and you agreed. So I’ll shut up now and let events just play themselves out.
    You just KNOW that Jersey Bob was eager to call me this morning, first thing, and ask if I saw who was catching. No need to go there or say more…it’s already been done.
    Any time a team pins their hopes on Austin Kearns and the replacement for Nick Johnson…well…it sounds awfully Nats-like, and not a place you wanna go…
    But forget all that. Let’s hope to do a Texas Two-Step on the Rangers, Cliff Lee be damned (at least he’s pitching THERE and not in da Bronx), and see what happens…

  16. peggy3

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans…

    I’ve been so busy really haven’t had much time to post but I do read every day. I always love to hear what Jane and my fellow baseball fans have to say.

    I know this is hard to admit but sometimes you have to give the pitcher credit when the offense doesn’t come through. We all raved how well Moseley did the other night …maybe ..just maybe… it was Lester who shut the offense in the game. I know we had our chances but a good pitcher stops the other team from taking advantage of those chances and Lester did just that. Of course …I REALLY would have loved to “sox” it to Paps but it wasn’t to be…even with the top of the lineup. I would have loved if the Yanks took 3 but the split is ok Now they have to lasso those Rangers …a winning road trip would be just the thing.

    With regard to the flight attendant …I saw his pic and I swear he was the attendant on one of my flights to Florida.
    He’d never have a problem with me because I’m just too sweet .. :o).

    Jane …Are you going to any games when you are here? I have games on the 16th & 17th against Detroit. I’ll get to see Johnny’s return to the Stadium and it’s the start of Hope Week …one of the best things the Yankees have ever done.
    I’m excited to see who they are going to honor & help this week.

    Last but not least …I hope the new little Teixiera makes his/her way into the world asap so that Tex can get back to the team and hit a game winning homer for his new little bambino just like CC won the game for his new little cc.

    Have a great day all….

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  17. yankeesfan27

    What do you guys think of this lineup for tonite assuming tex is not there?

    Jeet SS
    Swish RF
    Rodriguez 3B
    Cano 2B
    Posada 1B
    Thames DH
    Kearns LF
    Gardner CF
    Cervelli C …
    I would put Berkman in, but he is terrible against LHP.

  18. peggy3

    After three straight days of catching I don’t think he is going to put Georgie in but you never know. I think he will still go with Berkman at lst. I also think he is going to play Granderson in CF. Gardner in LF …but…who knows except .JOE !!!

    We shall see Yankeefan….you just might have it right too.. :o)

    Go Yankees 2010!!!

  19. Jane Heller

    Sounds like your guys did their part yesterday, usfraysfan. You picked up a game on the Yanks. You have to be happy about that!

    The “if only’s” are a big part of baseball, Peter. How many times have we missed scoring opportunities because of a few inches here or there? So frustrating.

    HAHA, John. Imagine taking baseball so seriously. I wanted a walkoff too – badly. But it was not to be. I’m not giving up on Granderson. Maybe he’ll shine next season if not this one. He’s too good a player to underperform forever. I do love Colin Curtis, but having a little more seasoning down on the farm isn’t a bad thing for him right now.

    I can’t believe how the Jet Blue thing has exploded all over the media, ladyjane. I read this morning that he’s become a cult hero and people are already casting the movie version! LOL. I hope I have really nice, friendly flight attendants on my flight on Friday. 🙂 I won’t be going to any games next week but I will absolutely take a look at the schedule and figure out some dates to go. Would love to see you too.

    Funny thing, Melissa, but Girardi didn’t call me either. The nerve! I, too, would have sent Cervelli in to pinch run in that situation and not taken A-Rod out and MADE Gardner steal. But yes, credit Lester for getting out of that late jam and no-hitting us up to Kearns’ hit (of all people).

    Tex won’t be playing tonight, yankeesfan27? Hm. I wish his wife well, but I also want his bat! I like your lineup, if he’s not in Texas, except that I might lead off with Gardner and move everybody down (I like A-Rod batting cleanup, not third). I have a feeling we’ll see Berkman at first, despite the offensive numbers. Just a hunch.

    You’re welcome for the small piece of hope, Thomas. LOL. And you won’t need to stalk me, as once I get settled back on your coast I’ll be posting with regularity.

    Posada did look like he was out of gas, Diane. Good thing you didn’t see it. I’m sure Hughes wouldn’t have objected to Cervelli catching him for one game. Sheesh. I’m not worried about Swisher at the plate. I think Lester made a lot of them look lame yesterday.

    Austin Kearns was actually pretty good, Dave. He got the first hit off Lester – finally – and he almost drove in a huge run except that it landed in foul territory and a fan caught it. Maybe he’s not that bad after all.

    Yes, tip of the cap to Lester, Pegggy. He did pitch well. I just thought we had too many missed opportunities. So you think you flew with that flight attendant? Guess he didn’t curse at you. LOL. As I wrote to ladyjane, I’m hoping to go to a few games, but I’ll know more once I get there. Would love to be at one of the Detroit games. Will certainly post here once I figure it all out. Good thoughts for Leigh and Tex and the soon-to-be Little Tex.

    That ball Thames hit was so tantalizing, Paul. It was just waiting to go over the wall and be a homer, but no. Groan.

  20. peggy3

    Hey LadyJane …

    I’ll be there on Tuesday too …I’m in the Grandstand 411.
    If you are nearby ..maybe we can say hi. If Jane gets tickets that would be great too. (Unlike Dodger Stadium at Yankee Stadium you can enter ANY level…just not sit in the seats).

    I’m looking forward to seeing Johnny back in the place…

    Go Yankees 2010 !!

  21. Jane Heller

    I wish I could join you and ladyjane, Peggy. But I will have just arrived and will need a few days to settle in. As soon as I catch my breath, I’ll look at the schedule and see when the Yankees are home, and hopefully we can all meet up.

    I know, Audrey. What WERE they thinking? Doesn’t he realize he’s finally on a hot streak and we need his homers? Oh well. I send best wishes to the baby and hope Dad gets to Arlington fast.

  22. yankeesfan27

    Jane — in response to the lineup thing, if joe bats alex 4, who bats 3? swish? ick. not that i couldn’t live with that for 2 days though. Cano has to bat behind arod too. As much as i would like jopo to start at first ( or swish, then dh jopo and put thames in right…) I do imagine Berkman would get the call. Unfortunate we have to face 2 LHP, one of which is probably THE best LHP in the league. Wilson is no pushover either. Decisions, decisions.

  23. peggy3

    yankeesfan …here’s the lineup and all I can say is …HOLY MOLY !!!!!

    Derek Jeter SS
    Nick Swisher RF
    Marcus Thames DH
    Alex Rodriguez 3B
    Austin Kearns LF
    Lance Berkman 1B
    Francisco Cervelli C
    Brett Gardner CF
    Ramiro Pena 2B

    Jane …just let me know when you are going and I will try to get to that game. The Yankees are in town 8/16-8/22 ..first Detroit then Seattle.

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  24. Jane Heller

    Yankeesfan27 and Peggy, when I read on LoHud that Cano wasn’t in the lineup as well as Tex, I was like Aaaah! Texas is a tough team and we’re throwing Kearns, Berkman and Pena at them? Not happy. Peggy, I’ll absolutely let you know what games I’m going to. Just too much going on at the moment to figure it out.

  25. raysrenegade

    It is just weird that some of the basics of baseball seem to get lost within the ears of these guys during this last 50-game gamble of 2010.
    Guys seem to be leaning the wrong way and getting caught off First. Forget how to put one foot in front of the other without stumbling or even attempting to make a agressive base move.
    But the one that gets me is the increased strikeouts due to just plainbad guessing. You would think with 112 games in the books the hitter would be just about even with the pitcher’s in regard to guessing on their pitches.
    But alas, the pitcher still have the edge, the uncanny advantage this late in the season….Maybe it truly is the Year of the Pitcher.

    Rays Renegade

  26. yankeesfan27

    Joe is picking the wrong day to give Robbie off. Robbie has played 161 games regurarly each year. If he REALLY needed one, couldnt it wait 2 more days? Tex is gone for both games now. Ouch.

  27. yankeesfan27

    OK… so Robbie is sick. New rumor is that Tex will arrive at some point today. He is listed as a bench player and is listed in the BP groups.

  28. Jane Heller

    Cano is sick? OK, then his not being in the lineup is just something we have to deal with, yankeesfan27. Others will have to step up. That is all.

  29. yankeesfan27

    Sick Cano or healthy, I prefer him in the 5 hole over Kearns. No offense to Kearns, but A-Rod will probably be pitched around. I would have either liked to see Gardy lead off and Jeet and Swish to move down one, OR have Thames bat 5 and Kearns 3, just because Thames is more of a threat in my opinion. Of course, they could always have Alex bat 3, Thames 4, Kearns 5, etc…

  30. peggy3

    Congrats to Leigh & Tex …it’s a boy…William Charles, Tex
    expected back in KC….God Bless All…

    Go Yankees 2010 !!

  31. Jane Heller

    It might just be the year of the pitcher, Renegade. It could also be the dog days of August. I would imagine there comes a period during the season when intensity can flag and fundamentals go out the window. September is when everybody needs to turn it up a few notches.

    I would have gone with Gardner leading off, yankeesfan27, and moved everybody down, but let’s hope Joe knows what he’s doing – and most importantly that Cano’s cold gets better in a hurry.

  32. Jane Heller

    Very happy for the Teixeira family, Peggy and Melissa. And I hope Cano not only gets better soon but doesn’t spread his germs to his teammates!

    I missed that piece on Swisher, Matt, and I really wish I’d seen it. I had my doubts about him when he first came over to the Yanks, but he’s won me over big time.


    We’ll miss Tex’s bat and fielding. He would probably be extremely distracted though! How wonderful! Another new Yankee baby! His wife, and that baby, will sacrifice a lot of time with him for the team, so I gladly wish them all well.

    And I’d rather Robinson sat a day out than got sicker and had to miss more time. Let’s just hope our bench shows us what they got!


  34. mattpeas

    If Swisher’s struggling and not having a good time I’m sure no Yankee did. I loved the e:60 segment on nick. he catapaulted into one of my favorite players. his outlook on life, how he honors his grandmother, his west virginia ties, his beautiful caring girlfriend and all around fun loving attitude. he is just awesome

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