A-Rod Knocked Down By Extremely Hairy Berkman

Now that the x-rays were negative and A-Rod is listed as day-to-day, I can’t help but joke about the incident. I mean poor Fat Elvis. He hasn’t done much to endear himself to Yankee fans, and the mishap during BP didn’t help. But the best line belonged to Jeter when the writers asked him if A-Rod would be okay after writhing on the ground in pain. “He’ll be all right,” said the Captain. “He always looks like that when he gets hit.” Was Jeet inferring that his teammate was a drama queen?
Onto to the game. CC scared me early, giving up those two runs, but he settled right down and got to work, shutting the door on the Red Sox and making it look pretty effortless. He had offensive help from Granderson and Pena (who’s been the most unlikely RBI machine!), as well as some great defense behind him. Mo pitched a perfect ninth to secure the “W.” But the Yanks were also aided and abetted by Victor Martinez, who made me realize how lucky we are to have Posada, even if he’s 100 years old. Martinez simply cannot throw runners out, much to Lackey’s dismay.
Anyhow, I’m still feeling the “rivalry” isn’t as intense as it used to be, but maybe with Beckett on the mound tomorrow I’ll feel more fired up. He does bring out the worst in me.


  1. ooaooa

    Didn’t appear on the beach today. I’m in the starting lineup Sunday at 9am eastern. Resident Sox fans were looking for me today but I needed to “unpack”. Forcast is for plenty of sunshine and gloating on Sunday.

  2. Jane Heller

    Don’t gloat just yet, John. I’m too superstitious for that. And the game is on ESPN so it doesn’t start until dark there – after you’re on the beach!

  3. lenn23

    Can’t be too confident with A.J. on the mound later today. But I know he has it in him to pitch a good game. I think it was about a year ago where he had the scoreless game against Beckett. Please be good A.J.!

  4. mhugill@verizon.net

    Jane, maybe you’d feel differently if they(sox) were in 1st place instead of just being a spoiler to us.

  5. mhugill@verizon.net

    Jane, maybe you’d feel differently if they(sox) were in 1st place instead of just being a spoiler to us.

  6. yankeefansarah

    I was laughing about the whole Berkman/A-Rod thing too after I found that he was just going to be day-to-day. He’s just not having the best luck. He’s hit a couple of balls hard, but people have made the plays and they’ve turned into outs. I’m sure it doesn’t help that he’s being showered with boos! And what Jeter said was hilarious… because it is true! I’m glad that it’s nothing serious.

  7. Jane Heller

    I think the year anniversary of that Beckett-A.J. game was yesterday, Len. Or maybe it’s today. In any case, I really hope we have the same outcome – without the drama. That game was such a heart attack.

    Peg, that’s really not it. I never count the Red Sox out, so I don’t think of them as spoilers. Too early for that. It’s just different for me without Pedroia, Youkilis and Varitek, in particular. I have no “history” with Beltre, Scutero et all. Just not the same.

    Poor Berkman, Paul. Of all the guys to hit A-Rod during BP. I hope the fans will give him a break. It’s only been a week and I’m sure it’s hard to make the adjustment. Booing him isn’t going to make him perform better.

    I think the bad tone with Berkman was set when Girardi made the strange move of starting him at first, Sarah. He made a few bonehead plays that day and, combined with his lack of hits, he hasn’t endeared himself to people. If A-Rod had broken a bone in his leg I can’t even imagine what the reaction to him would have been!

    I liked his comments too, Scott. He seems to be taking it all in stride, which is encouraging. As for A.J., it couldn’t get any worse, right?

  8. raysrenegade

    When I first read about the BP event, I thought they were filming an episode of a “CSI-New York”-type program with A Rod going down at the hand of a quiet teammate escalating into something sinister and quasi-violent.
    But also we all know that these things happen with any team,not just the Yankees. But it was a bit curious that “Fat Elvis” took out “A-Rod”. Maybe someone didn’t make Bergman his fried peanut butter and banana sandwich with a side of applewood bacon?
    But then again, the video did look like A Rod was trying to win a Razzie of his own….just like his ex-galpal Madonna.

    Rays Renegade


  9. Jane Heller

    Apparently, these BP incidents do happen all the time, Renegade. I was just unaware of them. And I think you’re right: the whole thing came about because nobody fed Fat Elvis his sammich. LOL. I just hope A-Rod gets back in the lineup because the Yankees need him to help fight off your Rays!

  10. thomasox

    Hi Jane,
    Any projections about tonight? I can’t do much of anything today except wait for the game. It seems that Pete Abraham at the Globe agrees with you. “So far, this has been a fairly uneventful Sox-Yankees series, hasn’t it? No walk-offs, brush-backs or angry words, just two normal games. But we do have two games left for that to change.
    Josh Beckett and A.J. Burnett tomorrow. Plenty of heat there. ”
    Let’s see what the evening brings.

  11. Jane Heller

    No projections, Thomas. One thing I’ve learned about Yankees-Red Sox games is that there’s no predicting what will happen! So Pete Abraham agrees with me. Interesting. Will be watching tonight, of course.

  12. yankeesfan27

    AJ has been scratched for soreness in his back. Moseley is starting.
    Lineup is Jeet, Swish, Tex, Alex, Robbie, JoPo, Elvis, Grandy, Gardy.

  13. Jane Heller

    Thanks for the heads up, yankeesfan27. I just read the news and it doesn’t sound like much of a problem since A.J has been pushed back to Tuesday. Now we just have to hope Moseley knows what he’s doing out there.

  14. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Thanks for jarring that little tib-bit of info loose for me. I remember how Josh Beckett makes you want to break something. Vic Martinez couldn’t throw out a tree sloth.
    Tonight seems to be going well for the Bombers. Didn’t look like Beckett was too thrilled with Cano standing into that pitch tonight. A little Geritol and fiber and Posada can play another 50 years.

  15. Jane Heller

    Didn’t look like Beckett was too thrilled with anything, Mike. His defense wasn’t very good, and the Yankees seem to have his number these days.

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